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Found 4 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* Imperial Communique 639184.88e—CLASSIFIED Code: Endless Sun Report No: O10-029 Ambria [LSM-036] to [LSM-663] and [GA-004] High Command Regarding Project: Eclipse & LUXUM As stated in my last report: We found some remarkable crystals near Lake Natth. The Locals call them LUXUM. Powerful crystals, much stronger than we first thought. The results of first experiments look very promising. It seems they are created by immense pressure, lasting for up to hundred years. In accordance with your orders: we've occupied the affected area. Lake Naath and its surrounding land is now under Imperial Jurisdiction. Imperial Code 94364. The "redistribution" of its residents and the establishment of labor camps are in full swing. Camp 1 and 3 to 5 are set up and ready for use. Camp 2 and 6 should be ready by the next rotation. But I have to tell you, Ambria is far more hostile than we first tought. More and more troopers lose their lives to the dangerous fauna. And there is something else. The workers are talking about a strange feeling they get, when they are near Lake Natth. Like if something is watching them. Some evem refuse to continue working. I ordered immediate action against such behavior. I don't know if and how this reduce the efficient of operation. We have already lost precious time. But I assure you, sir, we will be successful. This operation is far too important to fail. Long live the Triumvirate. Rufus Calahan Captain [LSM-036] end of Report No: O10-029 Minifigless: Minigures: Greeting MAC
  2. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: With the ISD Crescendo already stationed in Ambria’s orbit, it made little sense for me to interfere with the Ambria mission. Bravura squad had done a fine job assisting in establishing an imperial outpost on the planet. However, Cpt. Markland had heard rumors of an old imperial installation hidden below the surface of Ambria. Sure enough, hidden in the jagged canyons, a few hundred klicks south of Bravura’s location, Cpt. Markland found an old Imperial mining installation. Her assessment was that the mine holds valuable minerals worth salvaging, and the mine itself could prove valuable if brought back to full operating capacity. In any case, this installation may serve future projects as a base of operation. Lt. Pavall overseeing equipment being offloaded and valuable minerals being removed from the old Imperial Installation. Lt. Pavall: Get a move on, but be careful with the Rhydonium. Worker LS-3444: Be careful, but hurry up! I've heard rumors that these canyons are crawling with monstrous insectoids! Lt. Pavall: Get the Rhydonium inside! We don't want another Jorai Station incident! --- My take on an OC-0GR Imperial Repulsor Sled, inspired by o0ger over on Flickr. /// Working in multiple planes allows for some interesting techniques... Check out some behind the scenes shots below... Let me know what you guys think!
  3. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: Something’s not adding up. I knew that the Emperor had an interest in the occult, but learning that Pyerce is looking for artifacts holding similar secrets does not sit right with me. We’ve learned of one of the locations they might be seeking out, and we’re trying to beat his forces there. I’ve sent one of my most trusted. Cdr. Bannon’s log - continued: Cpt. Markland reported back to me that they found a cave that seemed to have been the hiding place of a Jedi. By the looks of it, someone trying to hide from order 66. She’s bringing back his belongings, among them some old scrolls with coordinates across the galaxy... /// Some more pictures below...
  4. *Your entry has earned 7XP* Mission Log from Sr. Lieutenant Vascal: Hokey religions and ancient weapons has always been a passion in my family. So much so that the Remnant high command has put me in charge of a reconnaissance mission following a lead on a forgotten Jedi shrine. The lead has brought me to the harsh backwater world Ambria. Day 1 - I arrived in of the only settlements on the planet called Natthami Outpost. Settlement is a big word for what is basically a few dilapidated sheds and tents huddled together. Shortly after my arrival I was approached by a hooded figure known amongst the locals as one of the “Natthas Ee’k”. The waste pilgrims. This mysterious wanderer seemed to know the lands well enough and agreed to be my guide against a fair contribution to him and his brethren. … Day 16 - I’ve learned the name of the wanderer is Bur Eth’n. He’s lead me to what seems like an entrance to an old imperial facility. This is highly irregular since our records show no signs of imperial activity on Ambria. I am not even sure the Empire knew of its existence. I will report my findings before I proceed inside... /// I'm trying out some new techniques - at least they are new to me (; - and I'm happy with this small build. I've tried to capture the toxic/harsh landscape of an alien world, as well as experimenting with snot and angled/tilted walls... I hope you like it... As always, here's a few sneak peaks behind the scenes...