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Found 9 results

  1. Hey it's me, Pau Padrós, you may know me from my Ideas account: Anyway, I'd like you to be completely honest with what you think. Please don't hesitate to comment. La Sagrada Familia This is the recreation of the worldwide famous cathedral located in Barcelona. It is by far the most complex build I've ever done, and also the one which ended up looking the best. Unlike many other sets Lego does, this is a 360° display piece, which means that it can be viewed from all four sides and it still looks magnifiscent. The beautiful cathedral standing 57 cm (22"). This shows the cathedral on its Facade of Birth. Facts: 57 cm tall 9016 pieces 7699 tan pieces 856 tan tooth pieces 144 tan column pieces 120 tan "Lego Games" microfigures An extra shot: The Sagrada Familia as the centerpiece of a layout (along with some of my own modulars ) This is a never-seen-before creation, and I'm happy to show it to the wonderful people of Eurobricks, as the Ideas people rejected such creation. Well, they lose the chance, don't they?
  2. My greetings and felicitations to you all. I am Rinzler, the humble squire of Eurobricks I am here to show you all the Lego-ised tribute to one of my favourite TV series of all time: The Amazing Spider-Man Nicholas Hammond (The Sound Of Music) played the Wall-Crawler in the unfortunately short-lived show. So, straight the point. Here they are: Spider-Man: (with and without belt) "He can do anything a spider can - he can climb walls and spin webs and he's very, very strong" And a better face decal And what would Spider-Man be without Peter Parker? "Anybody who has attempted to build an atomic bomb, has succeded on the first try" More decals will be following in the future, such as Mr White What do you think? Leave a comment and give credit if used
  3. Saw this video today.... Just had to post. Simply amazing. Honestly, I post as a potential GBC in Lego jocularly. Not sure all elements in Lego can behave in such a manner as to make this possible. But what fun if it could! Would be another great group project.
  4. Hello all I couldn't hold in my delight when I came across a teaser trailer from osuharding1 for crowkillers new supercar. You must see it at once. Here is a link: As far as we know it is a police edition supercar, it boasts a v10 engine I think or it my be a flat 10. It might be motorized, but I can't tell. Instructions will be available soon from crowkillers, and a possible review from osuharding1. The design is so attractive, and crowkillers has captured that true mid engine look. If it is motorized, I'm sure it will be controlled via sbrick. Scale looks around 1:10 thereabouts, the car reminds me of a dtm car, eventhough dtm cars are front engine. One of the highlights of this truely awesome moc, is that it uses a 4 speed gearbox, actually planted in the rear of the car, so its realistic. But what sets this gearbox apart from his previous gearboxes, Is that he uses the new 2015 gears from the le mans 24 hour racecar set: The new gear selectors that are 3 studs long. More info will follow soon, but if you know any further info, feel free to share them, and express your thoughts on this striking supercar.
  5. Legoboy22

    4.5 volt trains

    Hello everyone, i just unearthed some old 4.5 vilt trains from storage. Now I am not so sure what to build with them so could you please show some of your creations with 4.5 volt trains? One more thing is do 4.5 volt trains run on pf track as well as 4.5 volt track? Thx.
  6. LegoGunInstructions

    Lego Gun Instructions

    Are you passionate about recreating weapons you saw from video games or movies? Than this video is for you! [link removed] by WhiteFang Examples:
  7. Hey guys, stumbled upon this today, really great work from this kid with an amazing creation, good on him.
  8. Jared

    "You fight me now?!"

    Hi everyone. I'm normally someone who uses flickr a lot, so if you want to check out my stuff, here's my flickr: This is the Rhino from the recent Spider-man trilogy re-boot, the amazing Spider-man 2.
  9. Piotrek839 recently posted pictures on brickshelf of a MASSIVE mobile crane, much bigger than this years official set, that's for sure. Wouldve been amazing for set of this size but probably WAY too expensive...Just feast your eyes on this masterpiece... Find the rest of the pics(size too large) here http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=520162