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Found 5 results

  1. Previously: Trouble in Eltina It had been a perilous journey back west to his homeland in Pan, and all along the way someone had been trying to sabotage his progress. Unfortunately, the assassins had been unable to offer any clarification, even at swordpoint, but Al'Sayeed had pressed on. After the attempt on Eltina, several privateers had been stalking his vessel, although all attempts had been avoided. During his quick stopover in Kings Port, he had found something most disconcerting - someone had set out a significant prize on his head, which would explain the risks taken by assassins and privateers attempting at his life. Since then, he had taken great care to travel in the proverbial shadows, and had finally made it safely to Pan, there to seek out old "friends" to gain clues to his predicament. Little was known about Al'Sayeed's past and origins, but it was clearly fraught with the shadier sides of Panian society, and his contacts were many. By now, his investigations were starting to bear fruit. Personal diary, 29th of August, 619AE Eureka! Perhaps such a word is too optimistic for my situation, but I have now discovered my enemy - my stepbrother! As my father remarried, I was graced with the pleasure of a new fraternal acquaintance. I never took much note of it at the time, as he was but a large boy, but these last 20 years he seems to have put to good use! He has usurped the "organisation" for his own means, discarding generations of strict adherence to the codex, and expanded into ventures unthinkable in my fathers time. I see now that the faults I saw in Muhktaar as a boy, his arrogance and egoism, in full measure, and must react. I hope that I still have friends within, and shall make my way to the port. Rumour has it three vessels of the organisation are currently moored there, and their captains imprisoned for refusing his nefarious schemes. I shall test their loyalty, and perhaps... Perhaps we can deal a blow Muhktaar will rue to his end..." ___________________________________--- Another modest installment in Al'Sayeed's storyline. Since I have three arabic style vessels nearing completion (and have had for a long time...), I thought I would try to build a little story for Al'Sayeed (and how they will come about to be in Corlander hands), who has always been a bit of an enigma for me. C&C welcome, as always.
  2. Al'Sayeed had made his way further west. His meeting at the Cherry Blossom Tea House had been most... enlightening. Now he had arrived in Eltina, there to meet with some contacts on his way to Pan. Personal diary, 21st of September, 618 AE. Someone have been following me ever since I landed in port. Assassins, I believe, although they have not yet made a move to attack me. I have made no efforts to lose them, although a few tricks did keep them on their toes. I believe they are spying to me, and will kill me once they find who I am here to meet, or what I am here to do. I cannot let them learn my secrets, but must find out who sent them. /al'Sayeed Trouble in Eltina Personal diary, 22nd of September, 618 AE. Today they picked up the pace and closed in. It will be necessary to end it and get some answers. I shall take a stand. /al'Sayeed Personal diary, 23rd of September, 618 AE. It was quick work. One was dispatched, and the other was only too happy to talk. Unfortunately, he knew nothing, and I let him slip. I shall slip upon my vessel and be out of here before the local authorities drag me into a long and fruitless investigation. They will find nothing on the dead man. And even less from the one who fled. /al'Sayeed Another little installment in al'Sayeed's storyline. His story continues westward. At some point.
  3. Ibn al'Sayeed was heading west. There were business he needed to attend to in the old world. In Pan to be exact. Personal business. But he was not in such a hurry that he could not make a stop underway to meet an old friend. Very old, in fact. Zhen Chao was one of the few, and one of the first, Lotii to have made it to the Halosian colonies. Very few knew why he had left home, or what his story was, but everyone in Port Raleigh, at least, knew of the Cherry Blossom Tea House, run by Chao. It was a very popular establishment, and served some of the finest tea in Terra Nova. Many people met there, as the quiet atmosphere and discrete location made it suitable for private conversation. The guests included naval and army officers, government officials, merchants, politicians and others of note. The tea house took its name from the ever blossoming Lotii cherry trees planted outside and presented an exotic and beautiful garden draped in colours rarely seen in the tropical heat of the colonies. "Al'Sayeed, my old friend!" Chao exclaimed with a smile, hobbling closer. "Come share a cup of tea and tell me all of your recent exploits." Discreetly handing over a sealed folder of documents and a small pouch of gold. "And perhaps you have something to share with me, about the Lotii/Carnian conflict in New Haven? Or perhaps... other business?" ______________________________________ I started building something for Port Raleigh, and it ended up looking rather oriental, so I thought, why not? :) I needed Ibn al'Sayeed going west, and Port Raleigh could use the love. C&C welcome.
  4. Ibn al'Sayeed had met with the Papadopoulos brothers at a small warehouse in King's Harbour. Here he would instruct them to go and recruit additional crew for the ships of the Montoya Estate. Luckily, King's Harbour, being a naval base, has a large number of sailors passing through, many of which would be interested in the favourable conditions the Montoya Estate could offer. Just a small build for me to increase my ship limits. It will be licensed as a small commerce in King's Harbour.
  5. Rumours throughout Corrish New Terra and beyond of a mysterious organisation consisting of some of the richest and most powerful notabilities of Corrington are spreading fast. Not much is known of its purposes and and plans, but hear-say suggests that it is growing more and more influental. Fueling such rumours is the opening of yet another warehouse, this time in King's Harbour on Cocovia. This island is home to some very exotic goods and demand for these in the old world is growing rapidly. Further, the new colonies need manufactured goods and supplies to support their growth and to handle these flows of goods, organisations and infrastructure is rapidly building up. One such is the newly established warehouse in King's Harbour, licensed by the mysterious ETTC. Located on a line of new stone quays inside the cove, it is already bustling with activity, and the store rooms swiftly filling up, creating the need for an extra outhouse for further goods. Barrels of cocoa for the old world, salted pork for the Royal Navy, and gunpowder for its guns are stored and ready for loading onto the next vessel in need. The presence of Ibn al'Sayeed in the upstairs office and store room might suggest Montoyesque involvement in the ETTC. It sure seems like al'Sayeed is the one in charge of this branch, as he conducts all dealings regarding the goods of the warehouse. Further, his crew appears to be handling much of the logistics of the warehouse. Rumours aside, this warehouse is one of the first to open on the harbourfront of King's Harbour, and its imposing facade sets the bar for buildings in this new settlement. The activity is bound to grow over time, and this is surely not the last warehouse to open its doors in New Terra. _________________________ A warehouse for the ETTC, which will be licensed as a medium commerce. C&C welcome.