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Found 2 results

  1. AWproductions

    At-St (Movie Accurate)

    This is my ATST MOC. It has 597 pieces, is in mini-figure scale, and has every detail I could Pack in at this scale. While designing this I aimed for two things: show as little studs as possible, and full movie accuracy. I haven't seen any other mocs that meet both my goals as well as this one and I am very happy with how it turned out. The build is sturdy and well built for playability. It also has movable joints that can be adjusted for different poses. The head can rotate AND turn, something that I haven't seen in any other mocs. The hatch opens, and it comes with a full interior as well:The part where the head connects to the legs is one of my favorite parts because it was a challenge to design:The legs were also interesting to build because having them skinny and still movie accurate was hard.And the neck joint was probably the hardest to figure out because i had to make it rotate and turn, like shown :Here is an image of the bottom and right side:It also comes with a stand to help support it. The stand can rotate and turn to adjust to any angle you might pose it in: Here is a picture of the prototype i built. I dont have all the pieces needed at home, so it looks a little rough. But, some people requested to see it so here it is! This MOC is for sale. You can buy the instructions on:
  2. BEAVeR

    [MOC] AT-ST

    I've always had the ambition to make a model worthy of the iconic designs from the Star Wars saga. I don't know how I ended up building an AT-ST some months ago, but it might have something to do with my adoration of marshal banana's and Brickdoctor's masterpieces. I hope this MOC is a worthy tribute. This model is built entirely in Lego Digital Designer, and that has had its consequences. Firstly, I couldn't use illegal (or just complex) connections, which resulted in some strange decisions (I still think tiles would have been better for eyelids. For the same reason, I couldn't get a cockpit interior. The connections needed to achieve that would take a ridiculous amount of aligning pieces...). The second consequence is even more important: I couldn't test the stability of the creation. So I could have spent a lot of time thinking this or that connection would be stronger, but unfortunately I couldn't experiment. Therefor, I stopped trying to make it super stable and concentrated on different aspects. This doesn't mean I took care to avoid the connections that are obviously weak, but I can give no guarantees whatsoever the model will hold (I give it 10% max). I used that time to focus on detail and realism. I tried to follow the original model as accurately as I deemed possible, and took care to avoid studs and axle holes to give it a more realistic look. I guess this is the most studless AT-ST MOC ever made... Also, I tried to include the same amount of points of articulation as in the original model, except in the feet, that certainly wouldn't allow a freedom under such load. Finally, I didn't build this model with Bricklink's catalog next to me, giving me a lot of freedom. The result is that not all parts of this model are available though. I'm sorry that it will remain a digital model. My real objective was to make something like "the ultimate AT-ST MOC". Now I realise there is no such creation, but every creation has its flaws and its strengths. I hope you can still appreciate it. So here are the pictures [MOC] AT-ST by Bert.VR, on Flickr When I had finished the model, I couldn't resist adding a small scene very much in the spirit of marshal banana's creation. I hope you like my try at the Ewok glider. [MOC] AT-ST - from all angles by Bert.VR, on Flickr Here are some 'technical views' to give you an idea about the proportions. I really like how most shapes turned out, but in the end the 'butt' is sticking out a bit too much for my taste. Still, I think it looks great from every angle. [MOC] AT-ST - Join the Empire! by Bert.VR, on Flickr This shot ended up being way more dramatic than intended, but I really like it. It gives you a closer look at the head and shows the details I added on the underside. There aren't a whole lot of very greebly areas on the model, so most of them you can see here. There aren't really any extraordinary parts usages in there, but I tried to mimic the details as good as possible [MOC] AT-ST - glider perspective by Bert.VR, on Flickr Another limitation was that I couldn't use flexible parts. These railings could have benefited from it. The same goes for some piping on the back. But anyway, here you can see how the head comes together. I like how the seams are minimal (not an easy feat in LDD!). I'm also quite proud of the solution I found for the side cannon. You wouldn't believe how many iterations I went through to arrive at this! [MOC] AT-ST - the rear by Bert.VR, on Flickr I guess every model has that one area where the structural elements shine through, making it a bit more ugly from that perspective. This is that angle. I also had to do a lot of fishy connections to cover it all up, especially with the connections of those decorative panels. Shifting to the lower section, I'm really glad with those exhausts. I couldn't use cheese slope mosaics, but a very accidental click led me to these brancard wheel pieces, and they just snapped perfectly into place. [MOC] AT-ST - who needs stable legs? by Bert.VR, on Flickr I spent a lot of time just to get the curved section at the front of the legs. I got the shape right, but the Technic holes aren't pretty. Still, this was the best thing I could come up with. Same goes for the feet: very tricky. The original model has a nice curved shape, and the only part that can match it has to be one of the cockpit pieces. That one had impossible connection points though, so I stuck to this solution. This isn't supposed to be all complaining of course. I had a blast building this model, and I hope you see it. With my comments, I tried to give the model some more nuance for you. I'd love to hear what your comments are! __________________ LXF File available here