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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I present to you my second review here on EB! I want to apologize in advance for the poor quality of certain photos in this review and for the lack of play feature shots. Other than that, I won't be very elaborate in my writing, the pictures will partly do the talk anyway. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the review! Name: 70590 Airjitzu Battle Grounds Theme: LEGO Ninjago Piece count: 666 Minifigs: 5 Year released: 2016 Retail price: USA $59.99 UK £49.99 GER €59.99 The box Contents Included are five numbered bags, two instruction manuals, and two loose ripcords and Airjitzu flyer propellers. No sticker sheet, only prints! Unfortunately, my instruction booklets were both wrinkled. Bag contents From left to right: top row are piles of bags 1, 2 and the parts that came loose in the box, bottom row are bags 3,4 and 5. Especially the amount of brown and tan surprised me here. There are hardly any bricks to see here with a colour that does not fit the colour scheme of the final build, which is really nice! Interesting parts All of the parts above only come in four sets or less, the exclusive ones for this set being the Dark Azure propeller and the printed 2x2 tiles with Lloyd's and Nya's symbol. I left out the exclusive minifigure parts, but we will get to these in just a moment. Spares & brick separator I'm taking some liberty here to express my utmost gratitude to the designer(s) of the brick separator, it works fantastic and has saved both my bricks and my fingers many times! Minifigures The good guy side gets Lloyd and Nya, both in their Airjitzu robes and exclusive to this set. Lloyd's outfit features bright and dark green energy patterns, golden emblems on front and back and golden sparks on his face. Nya's Airjitzu version is quite unique, as she has a beautiful water phoenix on the front in dark blue, shiny metallic azure and white, against a dark red base colour (whereas all the others get a black one. Her signature symbol on the front and her eyes too are golden. Her dark red 2012 ninja hood is exclusive. Neither of the two figures comes with a secondary face and neither has a weapon. Overall, I am very pleased to add this version of Nya to my collection and Lloyd fits in well with the others. A minor issue that I have is that Lloyds face here does not quite resemble his regular face, something that isn't the case for any of the other ninja's Airjitzu variants, in my opinion. Now, let's bring in the bad guys! Three antagonists are include here, from left to right are Martin, Sensei Yang and Chris. Martin and Chris are in fact identical, only their weapons are different. They wear old school ninja hoods, which are recoloured in Light Bluish Grey here, exclusive to this set. I like the statue details on the face and the torso, featuring cracks and thorns. It's a nice figure that I don't mind getting two of. Yang is a great figure as well. The other set he comes in is the Ultra Stealth Raider, which is much more expensive, but in return he does not come with his lantern in this set. His white robes are very elegant and on the back of the torso is a combination of two symbols that have been previously associated with Sensei Wu, interestingly enough. The completed model I found the build enjoyable, although it was a tad repetitive at some points, most notably the flyer launchers. The end result looks good on display and can be easily broken apart and rearranged, the individual modules are fine individually, in my opinion. My favorite part of the scenery has got to be the blue and tan house, I love the 'ghost town' air that it has, as well as the weapons on the rack. The amount of specialized parts is minimal and even the pieces hidden away in the construction have colours that fit the colour scheme. Where I expected bright yellow, blue or green, I found grey, brown and tan instead, something I hope to encounter more often in the future! Play features Admittedly I haven't taken enough pictures of the play features, but the box art shows them off very clearly. Both features that can knock your figures off the roofs work well and I had some fun with them, the 'stairs slide' (don't really know how I'm supposed to call that) is another neatly integrated function that works does a good job as what it's intended to do. As you can see on the picture above, You can take out the pillars and use them as regular hand-held Airjitzu flyer launchers. However, I am not really sure if I like the side launchers. I couldn't try launching both at the same time, but with one it does not always go as it should. Sometimes it maintains it's angle after the slide (which is neat, by the way) and hits the ground, after which it spins out of control. Nevertheless, even if this does not go smoothly most of the time, the other play features are good alternatives. My verdict Compared to other structure-based Ninjago sets, this one may not be spectacular, but I'd say it's somewhere between 'good' and 'great'. A nice looking model, a desirable selection of minifigs, a very useful assortment of parts and some fun play features are enough reason for me to recommend this set to other Ninjago fans and fans of the more traditional ninja theme as well. Thank you for reading my review, feel free to share your thoughts about it and the set below! Have a nice day!
  2. So my next purchase is coming up and I have it down to two sets; either the detective's office or the temple of airjitzu. I have 4 modular sets and a few ninjago sets. I really can't decide! I would like to ask anyone who has both the detective's office and the temple of airjitzu their opinion. Can anyone help me please? opinions would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. samurai-turtle

    Rip Cord Flatting

    After finally getting some Airjitzu sets, I notice that the "rip cord" was curved. I was wondering if their is any advice / tips to flatting them out. I would guess putting them in a big heavy book could work. Plus I have a Speedorz "rip cord" that has a bend in it. And I would like to fix it at some point also. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello guys. This is my first review (perhaps and new post) in this forum, so I bit nervous about am I doing all things right, also I worrying about my English skills :) Ok, never mind. As I have writing reviews on this set in several others languages I found there is no any information about these series yet neither on BrickSet or Bricklink, so I nervous of being pathfinder - it's not my role :D But on another hand I'm very exited because no one have reviewed this one (may be is, but didn't seen). Ok, now we start: Set#: 70739 Name: Airjitzu Kai Flyer Theme: Ninjago Year: 2015 Pieces: 47 (counted all except minifigure and his mask) Minifigs: 1 MSP: € 9,99 Take a look of this awesome flying model. At first glance it doesn't look so cool, but when you test it, your opinion will change, this stuff is really fun, especially when you're playing in team (: Packaging is very similar to Legends of Chima Speedorz theme (those which are more newer). Also there is some similar functions including that belt. From another side there is some pictures on how to construct this model, how to rip it and fly :) There is also pictured Kai (red ninja) minifigure, some weapons and two golden shuriken. Also advert of all Airjitzu sets in this line yet. Instructions - there is no any file for now in Lego Service web, but perhaps they will ad soon. Also inside the booklet there is some kind of link to the web page, where should be some of Airjitzu hints, from how to till watch how I can :) But still nothing. Now I'm thinking, may be it's a bug, that we have these sets in our local stores already, when all the world is awaiting for it's release? :D This is that belt I mentioned before. Looks not very strong? Trust me it is :) As these sets were designed to kids, who uses bricks not very carefully (not all but a majority) so some parts should be made very strong, and with friend from our LUG we have tested it well :) Ok, lets see how looks our new styled ninja Kai. As I don't like Ninjago a lot, so all minifigures seems to me the same - not interesting, but not this time. This one restyled minifigure looks pretty cool from both sides, even mask looks more detailed than ever (maybe be shown). There is enough cool prints form front and back. In face side we see any kind of hieroglyph (anyone knows the meaning?) and from back we can see something reminding to lion (or tiger) face. Also like that flame pattern. As you can see this guy also has red skin head - perhaps hands and arms are showing red skin too. But from face mimic it looks frightening, is he really good guy? This is how looks almost whole set (excluding extra parts, weapons and rip belt). As shown on the box, minifigure can be placed in the glass cabin, but its funny, because there is no studs on the floor so minifigure could stand fixated. Besides this air spinner flying better without figure. There is no chance cabin will open in the air, because it fits well in sockets. Lever is designed well - its very comfortable to handle it, but it could be bigger a bit (don't forget it designed to children). What we got here? I think its one of the coolest sorts of weapons. Golden shuriken and single sword are a bit flexible. Some extra parts. Frequently extra parts in these sets come from weapons, some time from lever. And this is how it looks in comparison - see any big differences? All sets are almost the same, change only a color, and you'll get another handle. Also there is different icons with hieroglyphs. Spin it carefully, don't point it on your face, don't spin it strong at home - there is some consequences :D Thanks for your time and I'm waiting for comments :) The bigger photos you can find on our LitLug Flickr acc.
  5. And the title and prize of the best airjitz- Cyclondo, you mean! Jay, will you cut that out already! As I was saying, the title and prize for the best airjitzu-er goes to... Malefesium? Kapau, shh! Goes to Zane! Mostly because I don't have nearly this many trans pieces in any other color, haha! Built for LEGO's Airjitzu Trophy contest. Here it is the pic I used to actually enter the contest, as I figured it would have a better chance than one with a nice and clean background! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!