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Found 1 result

  1. I've been working on Brickwright's Y-Wing for awhile now. (Thread here) The intent is to (someday) make a 3-ship division swooping into the trench. I've got one pretty much complete as pictured here. I'm not 100% satisfied with the pipes but I'm not sure I ever will be. DSC01836 by Scott Roys, on Flickr The build was straight-forward and brickwrights PDF instructions were easy to follow. Big thanks for that! I made several changes to improve weak points and add detail/color much like dmaclego's version of the Y-wing. One thing I didn't like was the after burner section so set about making improvements. The basic design is still brickwright's. I used a bunch of "illegal" techniques to make my version and thought others my find the information useful. Purist, please don't yell at me for cutting pieces! 1. I began with the cross section. Insert one LBG 4L Lightsaber bar (#30374) through two holes of a studs-on-4 sides 1x1 brick (#4733). DSC01860 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 2. A 4L bar is 3MM in diameter. Cut 3MM of the end of a 4L bar. Cut the remain piece in 1/2. Each piece should be about 14mm long. Insert those pieces into the other 2 holes of the 1x1 brick. DSC01861 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 3. Put 1 Bar holder w/clip (#11090) on the end of each of the "spokes". 4. Get 4 of part #44676, 2x2 Flag trapezoid. Cut the clip off that is below the trapezoid edge. Set aside these parts for now. DSC01863 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 5. Making the ring. Start with part #75c20. It is 158MM long. Trim it to 152 mm. 6. Slide three of part #4081b onto the trimmed hose. It's best if you get these centered up before you attempt to join the end and make a circle. The exact distance as as follows. - 34mm from hose end to edge of clip ring of first #4081b. - 31 mm between the two clip ring edges. - (The clip ring is 7mm wide) Complete equation 34+7+31+7+31+7+34=152mm DSC01871 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 7. Slide a 4th #4081b on one end of the 3mm hose. It will have to be slid over the seem once the ends are joined. 8. Find about ten inches of 12 gauge copper wire. Strip off the insulation if needed. Wrap copper wire around a 40mm cylinder. My wife's hair mousse can work perfectly. DSC01865 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 9. Cut the copper wire into about 30 mm lengths. Exact length not important. DSC01866 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 10. Insert 1/2 of the wire section into one end of the 3mm tube. It will fit perfectly. DSC01868 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 11. Clip the cross-section onto the 3mm tube as shown below. Make sure the 1x1 top stud is pointing opposite of the way the #4081b's are pointed. DSC01875 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 12. Gently bend the 3mm tube around and insert the copper wire into the other end. Make sure the the studs of the #4081b's are facing outward. DSC01874 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 13. Work the ends of the tube together to form the ring. Once together, slide the remaining 4081b over the joint. DSC01873 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 14. Collect 16 LBG 1x1plate with horizontal clip (#6019 or #61252) and 16 1x2 curved slope (#114770). I used Flat silver but LBG or DGB color would work. Clip together and install them on the ring at 2 per section. Install 2x2 trapezoid flags. DSC1876 by Scott Roys, on Flickr DSC01864 by Scott Roys, on Flickr 15 Install on your Y-Wing MOC! DSC01840 by Scott Roys, on Flickr