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Found 1 result

  1. Leaving the comfort of the hall, the five chosen heroes headed for the Ziegfried Manor in the early morning, for a seemingly simple mission. Those five heroes were: The Party: Alexander Vandangant (Wedge09) Level 10 Ranger Power: 15 Defense: 2 Health: 17/17 Gold: 28 Equipment: Fauxthril Crossbow (WP: 5, darkness-elemental), Chevalier of Charis Armor (Artifact, bodywear, maximum health +2, SP: 2) Inventory: Bedroll, Shovel, Potion, 2 Venoms, Smoke Bomb, Dirt Bomb, 2 Ice Bombs, Holy Bomb, Fire Bomb, First Aid Kit (Consumable) Lord Lawrence Boomingham (Zepher) Level 21 Paladin *Immune to Fragile* Power: 35 Defense: 12 Health: 43/43 Ether: 21/21 Gold: 5 (Owe 50 to Docken, 79 to Arthur) Equipment: Scupperer (Great Sword, WP: 10, Darkness- Fire- Elemental, causes Bleeding Effect for 5 Damage until remedied or healed to full health) Round Metal Shield (SP: 7), Counterstrike Gloves (On Free Hits, Deals damage to enemy equal to Boomingham's level), Heavy Armor (SP: 5, Immunity to Fragile), Tome of Affluence (Generates 10 Gold if equipped for the entirety of a battle, accessory) Inventory: Frozen Saber (Great Sword, WP: 9, Light- Ice- Elemental, stunned effect), Bedroll, 4 Bones, 5 Meads, Nostrum, Mulled Wine, Fire Brandy (Encouraged, Immunity to Ice), Emerald Lamp of Summoning, Marksman's Monocle, Scroll of Recklessness (Encouraged and Fragile for rest of battle, 5 ether, 50/50 chance), Garnet, 2 Potions, 1 Grand Potion, Military Grade Fire Bomb, Hood of Belthazar Bluehood (+4 to Power, -6 to Ether) Nagure (Costy) *Party Leader!* Level 14 Barbarian *Immune to Ice* *Counterstriking* Power: 28 Defense: 12 Health: 21/21 Gold: 304 Equipment: Stone Hammer (WP: 14, Earth-elemental, suitable for barbarians, clerics and alchemists), Yeti Fur Coat ((Artefact) - SP:12, immunity to ice; suitable for yetis only; bodywear), Counterstrike Gloves ((Artefact)After the wearer is struck by a Free Hit, he counters with strength equal to his Level; handwear) Inventory: Ruby, Pickaxe, Axe of the Croise(WP: 10), Helmet (SP:1), Phoenix Essence x2, Mead x2, Potion x2, Remedy, Smoke Bomb x2 Sorrow (Endgame) Level 17.5 Assassin Power: 37 Defense: 1 Health: 28/28 Gold: 656 Equipment: Steel fan (WP:20, Ice-elemental), Sticky Gloves, Armor of the Croise Inventory: Longsword (WP: 5), Bedroll, Tonic, Venom, Phoenix Essence x3, Archer's Hat (Artifact, headwear, Power +1, suitable for Rangers and their Advanced Classes), Ether Core, Mead x10, Smelling Salts x10, Nostrum x10 Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-) Level 13 Mage Power: 18 Defense: 1 Health: 17/17 Ether: 17/17 Gold: 110 Equipment: Scepter of Divine Afinity (WP: 5, has a 1/6 chance to deal the "Cursed" effect on successful spells, and a 1/6 chance to deal the "Blessed" effect on successful healing), Cloack of Espionage (Artefact, backwear, Allows the wearer to examine enemy stats before a battle), Leather Cap (SP:1) Inventory: Ruby (Fire), Opal (Ice), Health Core, Grand Tonic, Remedy, Dirt Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, 3 Potions ~~~ The five heroes arrive to the Ziegfried Manor. They find that the peculiar butler, Schuester, is waiting for them outside of the front door. He puts a gloved finger up to his mouth as if he was indicating that they should be quiet. "Ssshheeroossshhh... ghhhooo quiiiethleeeh thoo nurssheereeehh. Morrrrghannn eeeshh weeethenggh foooorr yoooohhh." How will the party respond? OOC: Hey guys! Welcome to the quest Please check that your stats are fine!