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Found 3 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* CFS pilots engage Pyerce forces over Kril'dor. "Remember boys, no points for second place" Dogfight over Kril' dor "Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash" Dogfight over Kril' dor Modified Z-95 - "I feel the need... The need for Speed!" Micro Z-95 (Modified) Pyerce's Modified TIE Fighters - "You can be my wingman anytime" Micro Modified TIE Fighters Some quick notes: These guys were made relatively quickly before the episode deadline thus the lack of anything other than a few micro fighters.
  2. GuyDudeMan27

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    Hi guys! Today I have my latest Moc, the Z-95 Headhunter. I think that this is one of the coolest starfighters, seeing as they've seen service before the X-WIng, and alongside it. There are a few versions of the Z-95, but I chose the one I liked best (and had nice renders for). Seeing as the Z-95 has one incarnation (albeit a clone version) and is very similar to the X-wing, I used some parts/techniques from 75004 and 9493. Overall, I'm quite pleased with how this Moc turned out. My only concerns are stability of the wings/body. The paint job is just meh, but I guess that's easily changeable. If you want to read up on the Z-95, you can do so here. Comments and criticisms are welcome, as always. I'd love to post the LFX, but I'm not really sure how to do so just yet And now, onto the pics. All pics are on my flickr. Thanks for looking Z-95 2 by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Z-95 2 Back by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Z-95 2 Engine by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Z-95 2 Cockpit 1 by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Z-95 2 Cockpit 2 by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr Lastly, here's the reference pic: Z-95 Reference by GuyDudeMan27, on Flickr
  3. Here is my first review, this is one of 2013th best sets's, the Z-95 Headhunter's review. The first time when we got the rumored list about the 1st wave of this year I knew this set will be nice, popular and very good for army builders because it won't be very expensive. when we heard about Pong Krell, everybody want to see he and spoken about those minifigure. Name: Z-95 Headhunter Set Number: 75004 Pieces: 373 Price: US$49.99, €49.99, GBPL39.99 Ages: 8-14 Minifigs: 3 Theme: Star Wars Subtheme: The Clone Wars Year of Release: 2013 S@H description: BOX: On the front of the box are the fighter, the set informations, and a nice little green box with the figures and the names and it show that each are new. The box has the new green art with Yoda, LEGO and STAR WARS logo of course. The back is very nice with a lot of green color and pictures . The biggest one showed to us the back of the open fighter and its functions on smaller box. The other are battle scenes and down plan and side view of the fighter.There is small picture about the Yoda Chronicles. A good point, the box is not oversized, just right the bags have enough space and only a little air. Contents: Inside the set are 4 numbered bags, stickers and the instructions. The instuctions is bigger than the half of the box, almost big as the box. The first page of the book showed how should we use teh Brick Separator and the numbered bags. The second page tell us the contents of the bags and some warning: "IMPORTANT: Never modify the elements or use projectiles than provided with this toy." On the page 7,27,33,35,53,55 we get the same Yoda art. On the end are the parts list, a Yoda Chronicles page with a code (s4yh3y) and pictures about the sets of the wave. Bag 1: Here are the Clone Pilot, the Brick Separator, Rubber and some technic parts. From this bag can we build the main body of the ship with the rocket launcher. Bag 2: This is the "nose" of the starfighter and the warp of the body. In this bag aren't any minifigure. Bag 3: The new 501st Clone Trooper and the engines are in this bag. Bag 4: Finally!Here ara Pong Krell and the wings with cannons. The Finished Set: The Headhunter is perfect, it's realy looks like the original in the Clone Wars series, here is the ship's back as on the box. The cocpit looks nice and the pilot can be removed easily because there aren't any studs. We can open the back and here can put wepaons. The landing gear works very good and the rocket launcher too. For the fireing you must pull the little black technic piece and the launcher turn down and shoot. It is perfect for destroying ground units because it fires a little bit down.And there isn't any flick fire missiles. The minifigures: I love all of them. The biggest attraction of this wave is the Pong Krell minifig. It is very detailed and it has painting everywhere, it look s wonderful. The second figure is the 501st Clone Pilot which has a new helmet, it has good painting too.(On my one's helmet has a little printing fail) The last one is the 501st Clone Trooper,same as in the AT-RT set. It has new phase 2 helmet nice blue printings. this is amazing and it can be one of the best (or the best) clone trooper minifigures. Each minifig has back and leg printings. Ratings: Playability: 9/10 This isn't a largest set but it has a lot of functions whiches work good and easy. It can fight with enemy's starfighters and ground units too. But you didn't get enemies. Design: 10/10 It's looks like tho original fighter, the size perfect, not biger,not smaller. Price: 8/10 It's not the most expensive set but it could be a little bit cheaper. Minifigures: 9/10 It's OK but it would the best when we get one more new one like Fives or a named 501st clone trooper. Parts: 9/10 There aren't so much new part, and they should give printed parts instead of stickers. Total: 45/50 I think the set hasn't any big problem or deficiency. This is one of the best sets of this wave . I recommend it to everyone who want to build an army or only like LEGO STAR WARS and if you have separatist the playing would be enjoyable with this set. Finally a comparison with the ARC-170: More and bigger pics: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=520516