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Found 3 results

  1. LucasLaughing

    [O - I06] All Fired Up

    Location: I06 - Yetornius Tags: Octan, civil, spaceship Hi Sir, it's Kevin! From HR! Well, yes sir, of course I've heard of caller ID! No, no problems here sir. I think Yetornius is an excellent location for our auxiliary human resources compound. The Feng Shui here is amazing ! Well, sir, I'm afraid progress on that particular issue has been slow. Danny - I mean, Dr. Long, says psychic phenomena are extremely difficult to research. Of course, sir. I completely agree! Dr Long suggests that progress might be quicker if she could simply dissect his brain. That's right, sir. She says it would be extremely easy to make his death look like an accident, and she's thought out a lot of scenarios that would prove fatal to him, while keeping his brain intact for study. She forwarded me eighteen pages of suggestions, which I'd be delighted to pass on to you for review. Ah. I see. No, sir, I don't disagree, it's just... Well, sir, his unconventional attitude seems to be spreading to some of the other employees. No, sir, not just the dress code violations. Well, sir, just a few days ago several employees were caught trying to find pornographic images of whales! When I brought them into the office, they claimed they were just helping him with research. No, sir, I can't imagine there was a legitimate scientific reason for it! Yes, sir, I understand, it's - Yes, sir. Very good, sir. Of course, sir, I'll keep you informed. I hope you have a great - Oops, I guess he accidently hung up! Hmmm... Hey CLAPPIE? Greetings, Kevin! CLAPPIE, I have a job for you, but ... it needs to be secret, okay? Just between you and me? I love secrets! -----------
  2. Tags: Spaceship, Exploration Octan explorer Jedadiah Douglass, on I06, Yetornius: Planet proved to be almost completely covered in lava fields, out of which spout occasional fiery geysers, must be extremely careful flying at lower altitudes. The top can be opened to study the atmosphere... or anything curious in that direction My first build for Andromeda' Gates and my favorite spaceship I've built yet - also my first one... Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. Location: I06 - Yetornius Tags: Exploration --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- I was sent by Lord Business to explore Yetornius, and spent a few days skimming the tortured volcanic surface with my jetpack. Octan Corp's intelligence apparatus suggested a moderate alien presence, but until day 6 when I stopped at a supply drop (I’ll have to thank the logistics team, the Octan flag was a welcoming and highly visible indicator!) to refuel the jetpack's awesomnium tanks that I saw any life whatsoever. Luckily I had just finished topping off the tanks when the lava wyrm exploded out of a relatively cool magma pipe. It seems the life forms of this planet avoid the lava seas living instead among the cooler zones where there is more stable ground. I'll have to report this to our science teams. Both Dr. Long and Comrade Commander will be interested to look into how this gigantic creature survives on this hostile world. --End of Log Entry-- Some builder's notes: I found I was woefully unprepared to do a build with lighting from below. I've got nowhere near enough trans orange, yellow and red pieces! I tried to compensate by going with a more "solid" landscape rather than the large expanses of lava a lot of the rest of us have built. I've had the ice cream pieces for quite some time for uses just like this, but I was surprised at just how fragile the connections are between them. It's almost as if TLG is toying with us by giving us a connection that almost, just barely, functions until you look at it wrong! Photography here is pretty "meh" too, I need to get some other colors of poster board--I think an orange would have been good here. A couple more on Flickr. C&C appreciated!