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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everyone! Watch out LEGO heroes and citizens, Shapeshifter has arrived to infultrate your collections! One of two new custom minifigures available, Shapeshifter will feature front head, torso, and leg printing (with high quality professional pad printing), as well as back head and torso prints. And if here shapeshifting wasn't dangerous enough for the LEGO heroes in your collection, she also comes packing a BrickArms 1911 v2 pistol, perfect for quick lethal strikes. One aspect that is most unique for this figure is here new red hair piece. This piece was dyed to perfection by our custom community's own customBRICKS, so the quality is very good. Check out the figure's page to see an actual pic of the piece as it will look on the final figure (click the link for our site on our signature below). What is great about dyeing the piece is that it binds to the plastic and helps retain that smooth LEGO feel. None of that paint feel or peeling. Thanks again to HJ Media for producing this great render! What do you guys think? Shapeshifter Render by HJ Media Studios Figure designed by Phoenix Customs
  2. Donnie Bricko

    [MOC] X-men vs. The Sentinels

    Hey all, Please enjoy my MOC "X-Men vs. The Sentinels" that I had on display at Denver Comic Con last weekend. The Sentinels: More images can be viewed on my Flickr page. Thanks for looking! -D
  3. Darkrattyop

    X-Men Team up [Moc]

    Something I threw together with my Sentinel It had to be snakes For those interested, here is a video on how to make my Sentinel
  4. So... I like the Lanterns and their power rings. I am also a Marvel fan, in particular, the Xmen and Spiderman. Now, my question to you: What Corps would you place our Marvel Heroes into? Red - Rage Orange - Greed Yellow - Fear Green - Will Blue - Hope Indigo - Compassion Violet - Love For instance: The Hulk - Red power ring. Captain America - Blue power ring. Daredevil - Yellow power ring. Wolverine - Torn here between Red and Yellow... So that is the start, now, what would you guys suggest to continue? Also, I want to see possible customs for this... Green and Yellow are generally easy at present because we already have those bodies... the others can be more awkward, but I think that we do have enough red and blue minifigs that we can make something happen!
  5. car_mp

    Minion Wolverine

    My wife asked me for a Wolverine, maybe thinking about Hugh Jackman. I was thinking in something completely different. The first step in a new collection to celebrate the new Minion Movie.
  6. frog4gators

    LEGO Ideas...

    Does anyone have any information on the latest LEGO Ideas group that is in review? There are a number of sets that I would love to see go into production. It should be any day that a decision is made. I thought I read somewhere that LEGO would announce their decision in January. My vote... 1) Ghostbuster Firehouse 2) Xavier Mansion 3) Wayne Manor
  7. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Xmen

    Ive found some spare lego figs and Ive brought the 2 xmen sets out at the moment, but over them you only get a hand full of mutants. I know I can buy custom ones via online auctions places, but they are abit pricey so Ive decided to make my own figures of characters I dont think they will bring out. Im doing; Harada Mariko Yukio Silver Samurai Warpath Blink Viper Also brought a Lex Luthor fig so that can be Prof X. using an invisi block and a grey chair. Anyone got any tips for using paint on lego? I might put pics up if im able to, but, im not an expert painter and Id say im quite bad so. So they may suck. Ive done Yukio's sword (Basing the fig from the wolverine) which im almost happy with. If anyones interested, drop a message in :)
  8. What can I use for Sabretooths claws? Any ideas? Got an idea for the hair, if I base him on the movie or Xmen Evolution. Also any Ideas for Mystique? ref or pictures for parts please. thanks sorry spelling mistakes ;/
  9. ANy ideas on body hair etc? Want to base him on the film version, and not full ice mode. Any ideas with pictures would be great thanks
  10. TristanLoganLoki

    My X-Men custom figures

    Over the next few weeks Ill be upload finished customized lego figures. These will be from the X-men universe, either film or comic book, or a mixture of both if I cant get the parts. Here is a link to who im working on and will be updating that as parts get finished http://www.eurobrick...83#entry1900993 Here is Yukio from The Wolverine What do you think? Also can anyone recommend a good paint sealant to buy from the UK thanks.
  11. TristanLoganLoki

    Custom Silver Samurai

    Hello This is my custom Silver Samurai figure. It is made with all lego parts What do you think? picture 2
  12. ACPin

    Silver Samurai

    Unfortunately the katana doesn't come in chrome silver... AC
  13. ACPin

    [MOC] Professor X

    Sometimes a build just happens with a key piece... AC
  14. More Xmen inspired by Victors tempest and Lazerbeam I've put together some of my own faves. Original idea for lazerbeam shot was from a pal of mine cmorgenweck. Left to Right Nightcrawler Beast Storm Wolverine Cyclops