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Found 2 results

  1. droomangroup

    BrickRock Moab - Jeep Edition

    hey all, so another year another calendar. I've shown off a few of this years MOCs before, but here's the pics that made the cut. (you can see last years thread here... ) The cover shot to celebrate the Park Services 100th Anniversary (also the August pic). A Two Door JK and CJ5 in Island in the Sky Four Door JK's (one Expedition prepped) and some XJ's on Fins and Things A gnarly custom crawler Jeep and a spotter in a JK (he took the bypass), all geared up for Easter Jeep Safari A Setup JK (with LED bar and winch) and the Expedition JK hitting the washes. A old curmudgeon and his Navy issue Willys to celebrate Armed Forces Day on the 21st Although the willy grill was definitely inspired by others i have seen i did my best to make it my own and build it without directly relying on others. I think i made some nice moves with using the old dark grey and the flags for seat back as well as a neat trick where i used lightsabers and 1x1 bricks with 4 side studs to create smaller red side markers on the back corners. you can't see the markers in the previous pic, but you can see in this earlier rev here (before i changed the window frame)... A stock XJ overlooking the White Rim A classic CJ8 with a truck cab top and classic wood trim sides near Uranium Arch (my favorite Jeep of this project) A YJ and CJ5 on the trail. Both of these Jeeps were in last year's calendar, but the YJ got a facelift and I reworked the grill to give it a better YJ look. I'm especially proud of the SNOT cheese slope move on the front to give it a better looking front grill. A tricked out, no-door YJ Crawler making light of a little climb. This one I was going to build with a full on exo-cage, but it ended up being too much so I stripped it down for a cleaner look. A Girl Powered top down purple JK crawl under a LEGO scale arch. The purple was actually really hard and expensive to get parts for, originally there was six 1x1 plates in the design, but when I realized that part was only ever available in the Harry Potter Knight Bus set, I had to redesign it down to only needing 2 since it was impossible to even find someone with 6 of them. Santa's red CJ5 stuck in some snow in the La Sals....hopefully the elves can dig him out :) The back cover with a couple in their CJ5 with a UTV hot on their trail. Finally here's a shot of us out on the trail with our UTV with some a custom decal i made :)
  2. Here's another picture in my LEGO history book. Ok.. not really a book, but some sort of booklet it could be for sure. At year 2011 I already had quite decent white brick collection and I wanted to see - how curvy I can go. So I looked for one of the craziest and curviest rare supercars I could find. This British beauty turned up in the google image search - so, let's build it. The side intakes and the small increase to the rear turned out quite good, I think. Take a close look - it is not increase by one plate heigh. It is by half plate heigh. It's quite tricky, but have never failed me since then. Whenever I have enough room to make it for the slight window side line increase - I do it. I don't remember now, but I think this is more or less one of the first models I started to use blueprints and LEGO-grid to stick to the scale 1 : 15. If you want more info about that method - just let me know. Of course - apart from curvy exterior if features some funcion too. Doors open, trunk, hood - all three open too. Yea.. this one is middle engine supercar - therefore the engine cover is separate from the trunk lid which has a speak spoiler installed to. I'm really proud of the door-window frame and how strong the roof turned out. It could support it's own weight without any damage. As always - link to the flicker album: Hope you like it Cheers.