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Found 1 result

  1. Anybody may post here! Gollum, Mercutio, and Fluffy greet the guests in full Roman attire. "Congratulations, everybody! Balthasar Jameson (Kristel), was the final monster... err...goon. It is now safe to take off your disguises". Everybody lets out a sigh of relief, knowing that they have no more villainous scum to worry about. "Perfect." Mercutio says calmly. "Though I'm surprised nobody expected me to do anything bad, considering I brought a damn monster with me! Ah, very well, it will be fun killing you all." Mercutio Robertson takes off his disguise, revealing himself to be none other than Sevastiano Ugliano. "Yes, 'tis me. I can't believe you thought I was dead! Nope, not dead, just a mafia lord! Now, those of you who have not helped the town at night, you have 1 minute to vacate the area while Fluffy and Gollum do their thing." Ronald Montague/Surgeon (DarthPotato), has her head ripped off by Fluffy, who is very much hungry for death.... .... Followed shortly by Danyelle DeFalco/Heroic Knight (Adam)... who gets a taste of his own medicine. Meanwhile, the bodies of Janice Capulet/Detective (Zakura), and Tybalt Pearson (Waterbrick Down) fall down, frozen in their current state. "Ah, it seems you liked the wine last night." Sebastiano cackles. "ARGGHHFHHDSJDJDJJ" Fluffy agrees. Four of those who slept through nights huddle downstairs, backed up into a corner. The group shoves the DJ as the offering to Fluffy.... .... Who quickly tears Benvolio Roni/DJ (jamesn) in half, only to run downstairs. Gollum is quick to follow, holding a sword, and the group pushes the Computer Programmer forward. Gollum very quickly slices up Rocky Sniffles/Computer Programmer (Captain Nemo), and awaits his next victim. Romeo Barnaby/ Baseball Player (Esurient) collapses, clearly having had some of the wine as well. The Skater gives Gollum a swift kick to the face and rushes downstairs to meet with the others. The group meets outside, but little do they know, Sebastiano is there as well. Eric Escalus/ Skater (Dannylonglegs), is the first to die, being smothered by Sebastiano's Roman cape. ... Followed shortly by Melanie Detruccio/Decorater (mostlytechnic), who takes a spear straight through the stomach. Next up is Amanda Lazaro/Butcher (PsyKater), Who takes a nice baseball bat to the face, as Sebastiano cackles off, trying to find his final victim. Rosie Fetuccini/ Sea Captain (Peanuts), is the final victim, being burned to death. Sebastiano and his gang begin to walk off. "Well done, boys." Sebastiano cheers. "GRAMDGBLNMDFLBNAGGHHH!" Fluffy yells in excitement. "Yes Fluffy. We'll get some frozen yogurt. Now come along, Paris." Town Wins! Congratulations! Thanks for playing! I'll have more to come (Player analysis, day notes, etc.) to follow soon. The Gang (3) Mercutio Robertson/Sebatiano Ugliano, Host, played by TrumpetKing- NPC Fluffy, Host, Played by Hinckley- NPC Gollum/Paris, Played by TrumpetKing - NPC The Dead (20): Brittney Alfredo, Preppy Mom, Played by Piratedave84 - Lynched/Fell off of the balcony Day One -Council Cheerleader (Vanilla) Laurence Adams, City Boy, Played by Purpearljellyblob - Squished Night One - Council Grandma Visitor (Vanilla) Paris Shawty, Drag Queen, Played by Tamamono - Lynched/Choked on a Sausage Day Two - Monster Cyclops (Blocker) Alicia Pines, Twins with Margret, Played by LegoDad - Shot Night Two - Council Trendsetter (Vanilla) Carlisa Masinelli, The "Hip" Mom, Played by Endgame - Sliced Night Two - Monster Medusa (Godfather/Mother) Abraham Petruzzi, Hippie, Played by Fred Daniel Yam - Squished Day Three - Monster Evil Knight (Goon, inherited Tamamono's block) Margret Pines, Twins with Alicia, Played by Capt. Redblade - Harpoon'd Night Three - Council Surfer (Vanilla) Juliet Williamson, Friendly Dwarf, Played by CallMePie - Beheaded Night Three - Council Flamenco Dancer (Vanilla) Balthasar Jameson, Storytime Reader, Played by Kristel - Lynched/Eaten Day 4 - Monster Gangster (Goon, inherited kill and later block) Ronald Montague, Farmboy, Played by DarthPotato - Torn Apart on Conclusion - Council Surgeon (Doctor) Danyelle DeFalco, Skin-diseased, Played by Adam - Torn Apart on Conclusion - Council Heroic Knight (Vigilante) Janice Capulet, Tough Girl, Played by Zakura - Poisoned on Conclusion - Council Detective (Cop) Tybalt Pearson, Burly Man, Played by Waterbrick Down - Poisoned on Conclusion - Council Policeman (Blocker) Benvolio Roni, Homeless, Played by jamesn - Torn Apart on Conclusion - Council DJ (Vanilla) Rocky Sniffles, Redneck, Played by Captain Nemo - Beheaded on Conclusion - Council Computer Programmer (Vanilla) Romeo Barnaby, Adventurer, Played by Esurient - Poisoned on Conclusion - Council Baseball Player (Vanilla) Eric Escalus, Handsome Punk, Played by Dannylonglegs - Smothered on Conclusion - Council Skater (Vanilla) Melanie Detruccio, Musician, Played by mostlytechnic - Spear'd on Conclusion - Council Decorater (Vanilla) Amanda Lazaro, Quriky Girl, Played by PsyKater - Baseball Bat'd on Conclusion - Council Butcher (Vanilla) Rosie Fettucini, Obsessed with her hair, Played by Peanuts - Burnt on Conclusion - Council Sea Captain (Vanilla) Congratulations, Town! And a special mention to those who survived, at least to eliminate the scum! Benvolio Roni (Mencot/jamesn), Janice Capulet (Kadabra/Zakura), Romeo Barnaby (Esurient), Eric Escalus (Dannylonglegs), Amanda Lazaro (PsyKater), Rosie Fetuccini (Peanuts), Tybalt Pearson (Waterbrick Down), Rocky Sniffles (Captain Nemo), Melanie Detruccio (mostlytechnic), Danyelle DeFalco (Adam), and Ronald Montague (DarthPotato)! Congrats! Thanks for playing, everybody! I hope you had as much fun as I did! Extras Deadboard ~http://123.writeboar...yj4mgc4rt0qlvgt Password: ohnoiamded Day Notes~~~ Day One HOLY SHIT Esurient nailed 3 of the scum in his scumreads.Though it seems like he's going by confirmation posts as well -___-Esurient, that is not how you make your guesses! Especially when all that's happening is roleplay! Kristel is already starting to scumtell to me. She's playing the exact same way she did as both a scum and a PR. I want to see her play as she did in Aperture every time, and she'll be unstoppable. Kristel seems to be doing much better now, but Tammo looks like he could be in a little trouble, as with Kadabra. Please, please don't get lynched Kadabra. The town needs their detective. Kadabra's heat seems to have died, but Piratedave84 and mostlytechnic seem to be the two main lynch candidates, with Tamamono likely to follow soon based on Purpearljellyblob's case against him, which is definitely scaring the scum. With 20 hours left in the day, this town needs to decide on a lynch before they lose their chance. The day continued without much conversation, but when mostlytechnic suggested not lynching, it seems like the town reacted as if the world would end. After being well against it, they start looking like they'll be following her advice if they don't vote soon. A mostlytechnic case builds up slightly, and an apparently drunken Piratedave84 fluff posts majorly, seeming to surprise the other players and finding him scummy. A bandwagon soon piles up on Dave, who can't adequately defend himself. Tamamono also earns some votes from Purpearljellyblob and Esurient, due to his rather quick opinion change. In the end, Piratedave84 becomes the first member of the Council to die, and Brittney falls off the balcony. Overall, we saw a crazy day full of fluff and OMGUS NIGHT ONE Adam, the vig, chooses not to kill anyone, which isn't terrible, and rather smart. Kadabra chooses to investigate Tamamono, and I'm really interested to see hiw and when he'll bring it up. DarthPotato chooses to protect LegoDad, but is blocked by the scum. Waterbrick Down ends up blocking Tamamono. Endgame and his team have decided to send Kristel in to kill Purpearljellyblob. It will be interesting to see how Tamamono tries to escape a lynch after the town sees one of his lynch advocates die, and an investigation result proves him scum. Tamamono blocks DarthPotato, predicting he has a PR, which is correct as well. Overall, a very crazy and hectic night, leaving Day 2 with plenty of possibilities. Day Two The day starts with a few people talking about messages they got from Purpearljellyblob, which had three scum nailed. PsyKater is driving me crazy by insisting that there either is no vig, or the vig was killed (if I'm reading that correctly). DarthPotato slips onto knowing that the CMF's mean something, which Tamamono notices fairly early and tells his team in the writeboard. Tamamono is trying to form a case around LegoDad, who is tunneled on proving himself to Tamamono. It seems Kadabra has claimed to LegoDad, who relays the information in-thread, outing Tamamono as scum. Tamamono tries desperately to fight off the case, but the town won't listen to him, seeing how they have an investigation result so early. Mencot makes an insane post that is literally nothing but fluffy roleplaying, because nobody has posted after his previous post. Oh, and Tamamono claimed to be a framed tracker. Kadabra has apparently contacted another person. Who this person is, even I don't know. That will be something answered in the Conclusion, I guess. Voting opens, and Tamamono can really do nothing but be aggressive in hopes of convincing the others he's town. In the end, Tamamono is lynched, and chokes on a sausage. NIGHT TWO Adam kills Endgame, very luckily. Kadabra investigates mostlytechnic, finding he's town. DarthPotato protects mostlytechnic as well. Waterbrick Down blocks Endgame. Endgame sends Kristel in to kill LegoDad, when Tamamono urged them to kill DarthPotato or Kadabra. Fred Daniel Yam has inherited the block from Tamamono and uses it on LegoDad as well. :facepalm: :facepalm: Overall: Wow. Hectic day full of aggressive Tammo. Day Three Not a lot of discussion happens, but it's clear that PsyKater, Captain Nemo, and Fred Daniel Yam are at the top of many people's suspicions. Mostlytechnic asks everybody in private for their CMF identities, which one person (who??) says that breaks rule number 5. It doesn't, so mostlytechnic continues. If I were playing as town that would have made me thought he was a Godfather, though. Mostlytechnic, be careful, brave trooper! :wall: :wall: Fred tells mostlytechnic he's an alien. WHYYYYYYYYY?!!! That's even closer to a monster than the Gangster is (who was part of the scum for ironic/comedic effect)!!! But why claim Alien! There were so many more possibilities fo CMF's that you could've claimed, and if you chose one that was already taken, at least you would've called a townie one! The scum need a serious miracle right now. Mostlytechnic also says there's one that looks like an SK. Hey there, there aren't SK's this game. The rules say so. Anyways, it took me a while, but I think he's talking about PsyKater's Butcher role. Anyways, unactive Fred doesn't bother to defend himself, and says nothing other than a quick goodbye in the writeboard. He almost didn't even deserve a good death. Oh, and Mencot and Kadabra drop out, replaced by jamesn and Zakura respectively. NIGHT THREE Adam kills CallMePie Zakura investigates Dannylonglegs (which I found incredibly stupid). DarthPotato protects Zakura Waterbrick Down blocks PsyKater Kristel inherits the block and the kill, which she uses to block CallMePie and kill Capt. Redblade. Day Four Another rather quiet day. The town block ends up leading the lynch, where Kristel (to my surprise) becomes the top lynch candidate, for being not scummy or townie. Kristel does a decent job defending herself against something so vague, but she also struggles to say something other than "But I'm vanilla town!". She did her best, but it wasn't anough, and the town bandwagoned her. I asked for night actions anyways, even though the game was over. Here's how it went. Adam would have killed Psyater Zakura would have investigated Peanuts DarthPotato would have protected Zakura Waterbrick Down would have blocked Captain Nemo Player Analysis~~~ PsyKater: You seemed to play a rather quiet game, and it ended up getting you far, but you were in the middle of the road, and ended up being seen as scummy the further you went. I loved how you played as town in Police Infiltration and it would be great to see you play that way again. I'm a bit disappointed that you never went by your personality quirk though. Overall, you did a decent job. I would just be a bit more verbal next time, and don't be afraid to take risks and put yourself out there. Make yourself a threat. Peanuts: I loved your roleplay. :wub: You seemed to be a rather active part of the town, and I saw you as an early leader, however you seemed to quiet down more as the game progressed, and I was a little surprised to see that you didn't recieve that much suspicion despite quieting down drastically. You did a great job though, and town-read to me early, despite quieting down. Piratedave84: I was so sad to see you lynched so early. You were so enthusiastic to play, and that's a great thing to see as a host. I was also disappointed to see you go because I had written the characters up so that you, Adam, CallMePie, and PsyKater were all best friends, and I wanted to go into that a bit deeper. Your roleplay was great as well. You did tend to fluff a lot though, so that was what got you. Next time, try not to drunk yourself out of the game, and stay enthusiastic. Also be sure not to fluff too much on Day One, as that's a surefire way to get scrutiny. Esurient: Fantastic job. You nailed the scum on the heads, and seemed to be one of the leading vanillas in the game. In fact, I was shocked to see that you were never night-killed. You made yourself a threat, and you did a much better job than in Silver City, though you had a great strategy planned there. You definitely seem to have this game under control, probably even better than I do. I love how you played, and your stories were great too! Captain Nemo: Your roleplay was great at the beginning, and it's totally fine that you stopped later in the game. I'm happy that you made it far, as your design was one of my favorites. I also loved the irony of your Alter ego. Anyways, you seemed kind of there to me. Somewhat middle-of-the-road. You just didn't make yourself as stand-out as I hoped, but at least you didn't get lynched this time. Just be careful with what you say, as you're almost on your way to becoming a better player. Purpearljellyblob: Thank you soooooo much for playing. You are crazy good at this game, and I was shocked to hear you have no prior experiance outside of EB. You play much better as town, in my eyes, and I'm glad to have seen you make yourself a threat, and you were easily better than in Mafia School. Continue to play this way, and you'll remain one of the scariest and stronger players in EB Mafia. Tamamono: Tammo. You were easily the star of roleplaying, and even possibly the scum team, even if you got lynched. I feel like you did amazing, and you played as if you were town. However, your mistake was bringing yourself out too far, which got you investigated night one. I can't stress it enough how if you play this way as town, I can see you as a pretty big threat. You nailed some of the PR's, and it's a shame that your team didn't act on it. Just be a bit more cautious as scum next time. Endgame: I'm not sure what made you scummy. You looked like town to me, so I'm not sure what was your downfall. You seemed somewhat quiet during the day, and I feel like your death was the major downfall of the scum, and I wish you could have made it longer. I guess there's something you need to change about your gameplay, but I can't tell what. Perhaps Hinckley can shed sme light on this. LegoDad: I'm rather surprised that Kadabra claimed to you. I definitely didn't see you as the towniest, so I guess his logic was actually sensible. You definitely scared the scum, and you played a stronger, more verbal game than I've seen from you lately, so kudos to you there. I wish you would have survived and the scum would have gone for DarthPotato, though. Your incorporation of the investigation result into your Quirk was really great, too. Continue to play with this style, and with a few little tweaks, you can be a major threat, like in Aperture. Fred Daniel Yam: No participation, no feedback. Just no. Capt. Redblade: You aggravated me so much duringf confirmation when you never said anything for 36 hours! Bu tafter that, you made yourself an active player. You were a little scummy at some points, but you were nough for the scum to kill you. I would have loved to see you try and be a town leader though. Other than that, you played pretty decently. CallMePie: You didn't really speak that much, and that unfortunately made you rather scummy. I enjoyed picvking at you in the interludes, and your roleplay was great, though! I feel like you play a pretty good game already, but there's always room for improvement. I've said it to everybody, but really make yourself a threat. Make the scum feel like they need to get rid of you ASAP. Dannylonglegs: Great job. You didn't speak often, but when you did, you really offered everything you could in your analysis and you played how I feel like a great townie should. Ibelieve you were a part of the town block as well, which is great to hear. You were definitely a standout player. Kadabra: You weren't as active as I wished, but you definitely contributed. However, I feel like the only reason you survived was because the town knew you were the cop. Don't rely on your action to survive. Your performance was due to personal reasons, of course, but I also wonder if drawing scum the past two games might have affected that at all. Zakura: You also were incredibly quiet, and I basically ditto what I said to Kadabra, except the last sentence. Be active, and provide analysis. Don't just say one-liner posts, and you can really improve your game drastically. DarthPotato: Excellent job. You made yourself a major threat, and put yourself out in the open. Your only problem was slipping about knowing the CMF Correspondence. Fantastic job, and I hope to see you play, especially like this, in future games. Continue to provide analysis and fabulous pick-up lines. Adam: Hmm... The PR's seemed to be really strong this game. You weren't as active as you wanted to be, but when you talked, you provided as much as you could, which is all I can ask for. I didn't even notice you were gone! I believe this is one of the few times you've been a PR, and you really were agreat vigilante. It was smart to not kill on Night One, and you were dead-on. When you tried to kill Endgame, I almost gave him away by assking if you were sure you wanted to kill him. Continue to play like that. Waterbrick Down: Who? I don't remember you posting all that much. However, you really brought yourself far, and provided some deep analysis, though I half expected you to garner some votes on Day One. You played a decent townie game, and I definitely wouldn't mind you playing a game of mine again. Kristel: You were another great player as scm. You said it in the scumboard, but I'm surprised that you didn't receive any scrutiny for making it past Day Two. You were middle-of-the-road through the entire game, but it got you to the end as the last scum. I was actually a little surprised to see you become a lynch target as the only scummy thing from you was your inctivity. I want to see you play every game like you did in Aperture. Play that way and you'll either be seen as athreat to the scum, or be suspected to be a great townie as scum, which is a win-win situation for you. Mencot: You did an excellent job roleplaying, though I didn't actually notice that you were going by the 2 personalities often. I'm definitely seeing improvement in your performance, and you're well on your way to becoming a strong player. You contributed when you could, and it made sense for the most part. Great job. jamesn: I loved having you play just as much. You seemed to be cool and collected throughout the entire two days you were here, and you preformed the way a great townie should as vanilla. I hope to see you play again, especially if you play as a combination of this way and last time. Great job. mostlytechnic: You became a very string member of the town block, and you became very, very active. It's so interesting to see such a transformation in you compared to Silver City or Mafia Mafia. I hope to see you play this way in future games. You did a great job of making yourself a clear townie to my eyes, which is great. And try to keep your head up. I understand how frustrating it must be for you to want to draw a PR so badly. For me it was drawing scum, as I was a PR in my first two advanced games, but I only actually count the second. I wanted to draw scum so badly, and consecutive town for about 6 or 7 games was starting to irk me a little, but trust me, it will definitely worth the wait. Well, that was a rather long one, but there you go! Thanks again for playing everyone! If Hinckley wants to add any of his own feedback, he's more than welcome to.