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Found 13 results

  1. 25 January 617 A.E. Wedding of the Owner of WETEC! What will the blissfully married couple do next with the WETEC expanding throughout the known world? Exclusive photo here at this paper! The marriage of Micah of Wolfhaven and Elizabeth Griffin was a success. It turned out flawlessly as one would expect when the marriage is between two large trading companies in Corrington. It was attended by the bride and groom's families, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, their youngest daughter, Charlotte, Mrs. Sarah of Wolfhaven, her son, Alexander II, and daughter and son-in-law, Rebekah and Simon. Also in attendance were representatives of trading partners from Eslandola, Oleon, and of course key figures from Corrington. There was music of both the harp and the flute to be enjoyed while tasting apples, bananas, and chocolate danishes. It was a lovely day for the couple who it is rumored will be taking a boat ride to the eastern islands for their honeymoon. I haven't linked to it lately but HERE can be found a complete list of builds that were completed for BOBS and progress this storyline.
  2. A couple of years ago I was asked to build a couple of wedding cake toppers in Legoland scale (1:20). Here are the LDD building instructions in case you want to build your own: Instructions for the bride: Instructions for the groom: (Yay for 10 years at Eurobricks :) )
  3. Hey there! My girlfriend hat a wonderful idea for a friends Wedding: Make a cake out of cake-slices made out of cardboard. Then put some homemade and some bought presents in it, reserve the other half for money presents. And to get a nice finish, you need a decoration on top of that cardboard-wedding-cake for sure, that's where I came into play (and for that one cake-slice with the angry Scotsman, too). As groom and bride are dedicated to medieval reenactment, Game of Thrones and Black / Goth Metal, the setting was quite clear. Well, see for yourself how this worked out:
  4. littlemissbabs

    Lego loving bride to be

    Hey everyone, I am Babs and I have been a fan of Lego since I was a child but love it a lot more now I am older than I did as a child. I am currently planning my wedding for June. I am looking to incorporate as much Lego as possible in to the day. I am very open to any suggestions/tips/tricks/ideas that anyone may have to offer.
  5. Hello, I picked up the new Minifigure Wedding Favour Set (40165) in my local Lego Store in Hamburg yesterday. A very fine set - way better than the last one. And please always remember: Don't panic! Have a nice weekend Andres
  6. BobThePom


    (Piper Playing Highland Cathedral) Overall Vig. Bob
  7. -Carson Haupt-

    A Marriage for the History Books

    Before his death in the Mystic Isles, Cassius's advisor, Alfred, had taken on the duties of a father and had begun looking for a suitable match for his young duke. His death, however, hindered him from ever finishing his search. When Alfred's body was retrieved from the swamplands to receive a proper burial, there was also found in the tower several sheafs of paper, one of which had a list of potential suitors inscribed on it. Acting on this list, Cassius began to search for a woman to marry. After pursuing many leads that led to unsuitable (sometimes bearded in the case of the northern neighbors) people, he eventually met the one for him in a small, yet politically important Kaliphlinian city. Her name was Kathryn, of the House of Belloc. After being engaged for some time, the two were finally joined in matrimony in the Great Cathedral in Burnby. And thus begins a new chapter of the history of Burnby, now under the rule of not just a Duke, but now also a Duchess. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow, it been a while since I've posted something here! This has actually been built since, like, March maybe, but I've just now gotten around to posting it. Sorry for the hiatus, but I should be back regularly now!
  8. woofmcmoose

    A slightly LEGO wedding

    Last month my girlfriend and I got married which, apart from being incredibly awesome in its own right , now means I can share some of the fun LEGO related things we worked into the whole process. We got engaged whilst on holiday last summer and almost immediately she suggested we use mini-figures as wedding favours/place settings.In fact we visited 5 LEGO stores during the holiday in a quest for useful bits from the pick-a-brick wall and build a minifigure bins. Coupled with good few ebay job-lots and some of my existing sets we ended up with a personalised figure for every one of our guests (here laid out on the actual table-plan): For some of our guests this was easier than others; there was quite a bit of Facebook profile checking to figure out the best features to work in to capture some aspect of each guest. Over the 7 months of prep we also had a good number of headgear (and head) swaps as various friends' beards and hairstyles came and went: I am so glad we did this as all the guests seemed to love their figures; for the next 5 days my facebook news feed was almost entirely filled with friends changing their profile pictures to pics of their figs. After searching a while for a venue we found a Medieval Hall which then of course led to an excuse for me to buy some Castle sets and produce this vignette for the save the date cards: With the Medieval Hall booked you could perhaps forgive us thinking it was fate when we spotted a 3ft tall 1980's Black Falcon promo statue on ebay nearby. Shortly after he was living in our lounge (and being hidden away every time a relative or friend came to visit). Of course we had to give him a job to do on the day so we made him a banner and stood him outside the venue: He also appeared in the venue on our Ceremony booklet: (His normal minifig self was hidden in several places throughout our invites too). The invites had a vignette for each page of information; for example the menu: There was also a liberal splattering of Pratchett-esque olde tyme rightinge throughout to fit the medieval theme. The reception was actually at another venue a 10 min walk away and we had one of our friends lead a procession between the two with the banner and another carrying the knight on a sack truck. With Becky leading on the production of minifig favours, I set about creating a not-so-mini-figure table plan. Each of the 10 tables had a Lego minifig torch or alarm clock to identify it (excluding the top table which got the giant black falcon), for example here is the 'fire' table: The figs were also given the jobs of holding a set of 'instructions' detailing who on that table had ordered what food. The front side of the instructions were stolen straight from the LEGO movie: Finally to find their seats the guests had to find their name under a list of themes then cross reference it to a minifig scale map of the hall featuring the relevant characters (by the way, the 234 pcs is a reference to the total number of dishes being served, not the number of guests): Ably assisted by the overstaffed LEGO police department: And of course no wedding would be complete without cake (made by my parents): ...or indeed without fancy wedding shoes for the bride : Becky and I got some real enjoyment out of the whole planning side of things and the day itself was just superb; I think we managed to put plenty of 'us' into the wedding whilst keeping it fun for everyone. Hopefully you have enjoyed seeing the LEGO related bits! P.S. My brother in his best man speech also noted we must be perfect for each other as she let me do this (http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=95715) to our spare room.
  9. skcheung

    Korean Bride & Groom

    This is a wedding gift for my friend! There is no better gift than a unique LEGO MOC! This is not my only wedding gift to my friends. However, it is extraordinary in the sense that the bride and groom are wearing Korean costume (but we are all Chinese). ^^ I am given only one photo which shows their front view, without any knowledge of what they look like from behind. Therefore, their backs are rather plain...
  10. Hi, For a website which will be launched officially in 2 weeks, we made a lego movie :) Enjoy! is a platform in Flanders (Belgium) where organisations, schools, groups, ... can put their opendoors / opendays so visitors can find those events :)
  11. happer

    Zombie Wedding

    When I finished this vintage limo i placed a zombie minifig driver to check it, which was simply the closest minifig to me, and the next second I came to this Idea about Zombie wedding. It made me laugh and I want to share it with you. I also add it to Lego.Ideas, so if you like it pls vote here
  12. Hello I'm a new user of forum. For my wedding I built the "tableau mariage" with LEGO. Each table has a different theme LEGO. Hope you like it.
  13. Peppermint_M

    MOC: A Very Special Build

    Here is the castle ring holder I built for my sister and her (now!) Husband. The king and queen had the rings hanging off the sword and cup, Batman and the Fairy are to represent my sister and her hubbie. There are a number of little added animals that they are both fond of. It has an extra little chunk under the plate of the base so my brother could carry it safely without covering/damaging any feaures. The officials at the registry office were very impressed with the model, the officiator of the ceremony said it made her day! (And then told every member of the family how much she liked it!) To set the tone, I must add that they walked down the aisle to the March from Superman and used her favourite arrangement of Aerith's theme while they signed everything. They cut the castle shaped cake with a replica of a LotR Elven sword... Yeah...