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Found 4 results

  1. Hello again! Here is my third build for the Warlords of Nocturnus challenge! A little about this MOC, I originally intended this to be a large battle scene but after some consideration I thought it looked much better with an empty, desolate vibe to it. With this build I really wanted to depict how I envisaged the Nocturnus landscape, and dozens of guys battling it out kinda took away from that. In any case, time and ambition really got the better of me on this one. I added the two towers (greatly inspired by Derfel Cadarn's) when I realized I didn't have the time to build the mountain and caves I had originally planned. I'll be the first to admit, it's not the most exciting scene (my wife, who has a way with words, said it's boring) but I just hope you guys at least note a Nocty vibe to this MOC! Ok, enough explaining, here's the MOC! Although Anfauglir has powerful forces in his disposal, he is not above going it alone to explore and survey the uncharted Darklands. He is commonly seen leaving his fortress on horseback - with only his sword and some supplies - to seek out powerful artifacts and allies. This day Anfauglir is searching one of the long forgotten passes that dot the Rakarth Mountains. Two ruined towers, decrepit and ancient, guard the pass as a testament to better times for Nocturnus. Where the pass leads Anfauglir does not know, but he is desperate to find new power for his armies. Rumors have reached Senurhem's Crater of a possible fracture in the Black Spire leadership, and no one knows how much further Nocturnus will descend into the ongoing turmoil... ruins8 by MassEditor, on Flickr (please don't mind the technic bricks, I have plans to add to this scene at some point ) Hope you enjoy!
  2. With the information gleaned from the would be Zugal Assassin, Vladivus is able to launch an assault on Strangeholt Tower, a stronghold of the Black Spire. Encamped before the walls is a force of Black Falcons, and defending the tower itself are many strange, warped warriors, werewolves, vulture-people, and other more miscellaneous things. Lord Vladivus is resplendent in his armour, and astride a mighty barded warhorse, he strikes at the mightiest knights the Black Falcons can throw at him. Around him, the Shadowmere Guard and the Knights of the Inner Keep fight with implacable, zombie resolve, whilst Krell, the Necromancer, keeps raising them up to fight again. General Fenrir Bloodcloak, closest ally of Vladivus joins the fight on his horse, leading his werewolf warriors against the Falcons. He bears the red and gold standard of Nocturnus, and it flutters defiantly in the breeze. Fenrir's growls are audible even above the din of battle, such is his anger. Lurking inside, Zurias, the Raven emissary of Ravaage relishes the coming fight. He prepares to meet Vladivus in battle, to end Nocturnian resitance once and for all. Phase 3 Warlords build- tried out a new technique for the walls. I imagine this to just be a small buttress of the tower, ive not got enough bricks for a giant one sadly. Also wanted to try a swamp surrounded by land, which I hadn't done previously. I'm quite pleased with my falcons- I wanted a more modern version of them. Threw in parts from one of the new Chima vultures on the tower defenders- the torso and legs are great, not sure on the head though! C+C welcome!
  3. Shadowmere, citadel of the mighty Lord Vladivus is a dangerous place, even to the initiated. It is not a place to visit unless you have permission from the Council of Shadowmere itself. The zombified Shadowmere Guard are a familiar sight, but less so, the Knights of the Inner Keep, heavily armed and armoured zombie soldiers tasked with guarding the nobility of Shadowmere. The oppressive open squares are watched over by statues of warriors long since dead, these golems awaiting simply an enemy assault on the citadel to spring back into action and crush their opponents under their mighty stone bulk. The narrow winding alleyways are a haunt of the criminal underworld, and even the zombie guards, unkillable though they are, avoid this area, some primal instinct of fear permeating their rotting brains from their former lives. Despite this, market stalls spring up wherever there is space, and a vibrant trade in various usually illicit goods attracts all kinds of Nocturnians, from humans and orcs to swamp people and ghosts, and all manner of life and unlife inbetween. Today, however, Lord Vladivus and his Shadowmere Guard chase a fugitive would-be assassin through the streets and squares. Despite his position as the Master of Shadowmere, and his standing as a mighty Warlord of Nocturnus, Vladivus has never forgotten the value of getting your own hands dirty- a rallying cry to the denizens of his citadel; "Though we may be oppressed and the Spire aims to conquer, I, Vladivus, shall fight for Nocturnus' freedom!" The grinning visage of Lord Vladivus on the chase. Not something you wish to encounter, for his armour is strong, and his blade keen, and a barely satiable thirst for blood lurks just below the surface. Rumours abound of vast lakes of boiling blood beneath Shadowmere, taken from defeated opponents. Certainly it is true that his many zombie servants have nary a trace of blood in their crumbling, rotting bodies. Lo, the assassin, a raven warrior of the Zugal Tribe no less, strikes at Vladivus, though his blade is no match for the Lord of Shadowmere. A wealth of secrets this creature may have. In utter disregard for the events around them, so common are they, other citIizens of Nocturnus go about their daily business. A Dragon Master, exile of Avalonia heads to a street vendor to look for lapping powder for his armour. The green skin, and wide, staring eyes belie this creature as a member of the Swamp People, despite his more normal dress. He sells many items, utilising the resources of his Moruth Swamp homelands. This particular square is a favourite haunt of Scarecroicus, the local drunkard. A strange creature, he is rumoured to have had many fantastical adventures in his youth, and he will tell questing adventurers of a path the colour of the midday sun, a walking suit of armour, a cowardly lion, and a girl with a blue dress, red shoes, and a small black dog. My Phase 2 Warlords build- obviously not the full 32x32 but I liked this idea. My Phase 3 was originally my Phase 2 but I bought a bunch of tiles and this kinda evolved out of it. C+C welcome!
  4. Lord Vladivus is a mighty Warlord, participating in the Revolword War and in the schisms that wrack Nocturnus. He rules Shadowmere, a great citadel on the outskirts of the Moruth Swamps. He is a half-vampire, as his mother was Avalonian, whilst his father a nomadic, ancient Vampire. Upon his birth, Vladivus' mother was forced to flee and died entering Nocturnus. Now Vladivus resides in the realm that took him in, and is staunchly loyal to Nocturnus, but is displeased and peturbed by the current events. Seen here, he is visiting a watchtower in the depths of the swamp. He wears a suit of black and steel armour, crafted by the Dwarf Artisans of Nocturnus, and upon his head rests the Dragon Helm of Dor-Lomin, an ancient vampiric artefact that predates the formation of Historica. He also wields Gurthanol, the Black Sword. His shield is a common one, borne by his troops. More pictures on my Flickr. C+C welcome!