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Found 6 results

  1. Salah ad-Din felt honored when he was chosen to represent the Desert King alongside other warriors at the Lonely Mountain Rumble. Growing up in the nearby town of Dompei-un'Erezhi, he longed to return and show off his status as a warrior in the Desert King's army. For ad-Din, the Desert King had been a savior. He had squandered his youth as a brawler and simple laborer, hardly able to provide for his wife and two children. When they were killed by the volcanic explosion, he vowed to find a purpose in his life. He blamed Ulandus for the Great Disturbance, and the High Council for its vacillation in the days after. Ad-Din saw the Desert King as the only legitimate choice, not just for vengeance but also to return Kaliphlin to its days of glory. His strength became famous among the ranks of the Desert King, and it was no surprise when his name was announced to attend the Lonely Mountain Rumble. At this feat of strength, ad-Din is determined to demonstrate what mighty power lies in all who worship the Desert King.
  2. Robin Creations

    [WZ4: H9 Ulandus] A Cruel Game

    Fiether was a simple elf from Avalonia. They chose him because he was a good fighter; weren't all elves? He hated this, he hated that rich Kalphlinian. Just like all the others, all he cared about was money. Not the well being of others. Of course not. He regretted killing others. It was too easy to do. But he had to do it... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Figless: This was a really fun, yet simple build. As always, C&C welcome And if I win, I choose L9.
  3. A Ulandian soldier ambushes a Desert King herald, who is cleaning his staff in the lava flow. Unfortunately he isn't quiet. Soldier: Die Mummy scum! Herald: Too bad! You will soon join the head of your companion in the lava flow. C&C appreciated! There was supposed to be light inside, but my light brick was too dim.
  4. Hereby my entry to WZ4 for the high council. Sorry about the short post - I am posting from my phone. WZ 4 by Beorthan, on Flickr In the midst of the general melee some enterprising business man has opened what is left of the old arena and is selling tickets and drinks for anyone interested in seeing the fight first hand. Right now, a wolfman, from a tribe in firm support of the High Council, is about to, quite literally, bring the hammer down on a Desert King Zombie Knight, undoubtedly smashing his helmet and all its contents... The people love the show... // Next WZ: Queenscross
  5. Fighting on the Ashes Warzone 4: "The Lonely Mountain Rumble", H9 Lutalo is a fierce warrior from the Spice Islands and a veteran from many battles including the Battle of Castle Zar in the Revolword war. He is fighting in the melee on the slopes of the volcano known as Erexhi (or "The Lonely Mountain") in Kaliphlin. As the mountain has recently erupted, the volcanic rocks and sand have been covered with a layer of pumice and ash. Lutalo's quick and advanced disarming moves have forced this Ulandian soldier into a very unfavorable fighting position... My entry to Warzone 4: The Lone Mountain Rumble in the Kaliphlin civil war. If I get a say in the matter by this build, I'd like D3 to be the next war zone.
  6. {Cue: Thomas Bergensen Music} CRUNCH! The sound of bones snapping beneath his mace gave Nasr a sense of grim satisfaction bordering upon delight. The sniveling Ulandan's arm seemed to snap downward as Nasr's mace hit it's shoulder and it opened it's mouth to cry out in pain only to have it's head smashed in from the side as Nasr brought his mace back in an underhand blow, sending the Ulandan flying several yards before he hit the ground with a delightful snapping sound that could only be it's spine. That's what it was anyway, an It. These Ulandan scum, traitorous backstabbers that they were, should not be addressed as human beings. Their place was in Sheol. And that was why Nasr was here, to kill the lot of them and send the cowardly “High Council” soldiers whining back to their crumbling cities of sand, in the name of the Desert King. There was a shout from his right and Nasr turned to see a Barqaian knight charging toward him. A smirk spread over his masked face and he raised his mace, swinging a diagonal blow, the hardest to dodge, at the man's torso. The man surprised him by leaping back nimbly, just out of reach of Nasr's mace, and then leaping back in again, landing a thrust right under Nasr's arm-guards. Not a fatal wound, but painful none-the-less. Nasr swung at the man again, forcing him to leap back out of range, and giving Nasr a slight rest-bit. Nasr studied the man just as he knew the man was studying. Clearly he was a prize fighter, and a good swordsman. But it was his athletic ability that worried Nasr the most. Nasr's own armor would only hinder him in a fight like this, so apparently the only way to defeat him was to somehow catch him off guard, get him within range and keeping him there the seconds it would require for Nasr to swing his mace in the fatal stroke. Nasr lowered his shield slightly, as if weary from battle. In reality his muscles were taught, in preparation for the move the knight was bound to take. He took it. Leaping forward, the knight sliced at Nasr's exposed neck. Nasr sidestepped ever so slightly and brought his shield up just enough to deflect the knight's sword toward the ground, throwing him off balance. Nasr's mace was already in motion. The knight saw his mistake immediately and also saw that it was too late. Unable to change his position fast enough, the knight raised his sword and sliced toward Nasr's exposed neck, trying to bring his enemy down with him. Nasr merely changed the direction of his blow to compensate for the blow. The blow struck. The knights armor snapped and cracked beneath Nasr's mace like so many nut-shells, and Nasr felt more then heard the knights bones crack beneath his armor. Without so much as a death cry the knight fell. He was dead before he even hit the ground. Nasr roared out his wordless battle-cry of victory, raising his bloodied mace above his head. Around him knights and foot-soldiers alike quailed, their faces white as they saw his huge black form over the bloodstained form of their hero. A blood-red film started to cover Nasr's vision as the blood-lust began to take hold of him. This was the day the Desert King would win the Erexhi! And he would be a leading force behind the conquest! Suddenly Nasr felt an bolt of pain from his left leg which, without warning, gave way beneath him. There was an echoing thud as he hit the ground. The red film before his eyes turned to red mists of pain as his leg twisted beneath him. He let out a howl that fairly shook the ground around him and shook leaves off of the tree above him. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a Barqaian archer hastily retreating from where she had shot from, a smug expression spread across her face. Anger rippled through Nasr and he angrily ripped the barbed shaft from his leg. Immediately a pool of blood started to form underneath him. As he stared at it Nasr's brain started to clear, partly do to the pain. If he didn't get this bound soon then he would most assuredly bleed to death ad then what use would he be to the Desert King? But on the other hand, who would respect him if he returned wounded defeated? By a crossbow-man no less! A new shot of pain came from his leg and instinct immediately took effect in Nasr's brain, subjugating all of his honor to it's will. Nasr rose to his feet and started a limping run toward the boundary-lines, ignoring all other warriors, even as they parted before him like the sea before the prow of a ship. Even as he ran he could see the outcome of the battle. The Council's men had taken advantage of the momentary distraction and were pushing back the disheartened Desert King soldiers and the few Ulandans left on the field. The battle had been lost to the High Council. The build. I tried to make it look barren, like rock formed of molten lava, and a layer of sand over that. The rockwork is a variation of the type you saw in my Character Intro, along with the tree. Strangely, this is my first attempt at this style of base, and I think it turned out pretty well! As for it's elliptic shape... let's just say I consolidated all of the limited overhang on two ends. Would this qualify for desert landscaping in UoP points? If so, I'll apply for that... Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! Snap. Forgot to add the H9 to my title.