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Found 23 results

  1. The WETEC has been expanding into the new islands. Part of the plan was to place offices and stables in strategic locations in order to expedite the delivery of horses to the new settlements. Elizabethville has begun to be the supplier of the horses in the new islands, but some are still being shipped from Belson and Arlinsport. The newest "office" the WETEC has been founded in Mooreton Bay. Though presently the "office" is simply a room in the residence of the manager, Mr. James Palmer. He and his wife are settling into their new home and responsibilities. They already have orders for 5 farm horses that they will soon be sending to Arlinsport for. They hope to receive more so they can get ahead of the needs on the island. This is intended to be a small residence in Mooreton Bay.
  2. "Johnny, why are you still working here in the office? You should be outside with everyone else watching the parade!" scolded James Hendricks. "If you don't leave these books for later, and go out right now I am going to have to fire you." James smiled as Johnny Martin, his young clerk, immediately vacated the office to grab his pennant in the storage room, before scrambling out the front door to see the parade that was already passing by. James is the business manager of the WETEC office in Elizabethville. The Elizabethville office is second only to the Arlinsport office in volume of work and sales. Though he is a shrewd business man who requires detailed and perfect work out of all his employees, James is not one to deprive a young man from the joy of the holidays. The New Year is just beginning and Elizabethville has decided to put on a parade that will travel down the length of its main street, all the way down to Fort di Legno near the docks. Many different people have joined the parade, and most of the rest of the town is crowding the walkways watching. First, came the marines, marching in their perfect order. They were stationed on the boat Octavia that is anchored in the bay. Following behind them are the bagpipes of the Corrish highlands playing their sweet but haunting tunes. Following them on horseback are several of the WETEC Light Cavalry. Following the cavalry, is a most peculiar site. A very tall man is walking by juggling balls. All the kids are in awe of his height, though whispers among the adults about a gadget called stilts has intrigued several who heard the whispers. Following the juggler is an equally peculiar site. A small cart being pulled by a yoke of... pigs! The driver must be skilled indeed to handle pigs so well. Oh, it is a monkey not a man driving the pigs. What a bizarre site to behold. So bizarre in fact that most people missed the man walking behind the pig-monkey cart as if he was in charge of it. The parade goes on with all sorts of fun and peculiar sites. People have moved from all over the old world to settle in this new colony. Many who have settled here, like the bagpipers of the highlands, have brought their own customs and traditions that they continue to follow. Together, all these customs and traditions are mixing into one town and colony that creates exciting holidays indeed.
  3. SilentWolf

    SilentWolf Index

    Sir Micah of Wolfhaven, Knight of the Order of the Compass Rose, and primary founder of the WETEC Elizabeth, Micah's wife Captain George Knight, a former gentleman mercenary, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the HMS El Bellos Captain William Chase, deceased. One of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the Corrington warship HMS Whisper which was sent to Davy Jones Locker in December 2017. Arthur Kellogg, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and in charge of all the WETEC's trade ships (Needs better photo) Caleb, one of the four cofounders of the WETEC and captain of the Flying Colt Charles, the rancher who manages all the horse trading for the WETEC out of Arlinsport (Need better photo) Hansa and his wife, Onondaga couple from Lacryma who have helped Micah in the past and have joined his expedition Hannah, also known as the lady in black, part of Micah's expedition due to acquaintance with Elizabeth, but not much else is known about why she has assassin skills List of Ships Owned: 35 ship lvlsThe Ant - Class 1 R M F C $ H 1 4 0 0 4 0 Mint Parrot - Class 1 R M F C $ H 1 4 1 0 3 0 Flying Colt - Class 3 R M F C $ H 3 2 2 1 4 3Alexander - Class 3 R M F C $ H 3 4 1 1 4 2Pinto Filly - Class 4 R M F C $ H 4 4 1 1 5 3Filly Winds - Class 5 R M F C $ H 5 4 1 2 6 3Octavia - Class 5 R M F C $ H 5 4 3 2 5 2Soupfish - Class 4 (unmocced)Nightmare - Class 2 (unmocced) Sub-Character is mayor of Elizabethville, on Lacryma
  4. Micah is out with Hanska and his friend, Deganawidah, hunting in the plains of Lacryma. The island primarily has open plains with scattered trees that have the highest density near rivers and creeks. Today, they are hunting for the deer that roam on the island, but it takes a smart hunter to get close to them, as the deer have keen eyes and a sharp nose. They have been following a deer and hog trail right up to one of the creek crossings. They hope to spot the deer on the other side of the creek. Hanska explained to Micah that the hogs that have populated the island like to live in bramble patches where it is hard to get to them. It is unwise to go in after them, and the primary method of hunting the hogs has been to waylay them in the moonlight with spears. Though the Corrington rifles have proven more effective against their thick skin than the Onondaga's bows and arrows and this has drawn the attention of the Onondaga. Notes: This build was a concept since last Christmas, and I have had the deer built and waiting for the forest ever since. I finally got around to building the forest around Thanksgiving and just finished it recently. The build is 72x64 studs which is my largest physical build to date. The trees kept falling over on me, and they also got attacked by the toddler between photography sessions, so they were my least favorite part of the whole build. I borrowed the birch trees from @Kai NRG's great build. I intend to license this in Elizabethville as a medium plantation. Additional photos behind the spoiler.
  5. Micah and Elizabeth are dining this evening at Tom Mercer's house in Elizabethville. As Mayor of the settlement, by popular vote, he has overseen everything non-military in the colony for the last year and a half. Now that Micah has been residing on the island, Mayor Mercer and Micah are able to coordinate better for the future of the settlement. The WETEC is still actively working to encourage more settlers to come settle on the island, as is evidenced by the various new faces that have been showing up. This evening while the supper is being set out Sir Micah and Mayor Mercer are talking over the stories that have been coming out of Mooreton Bay and the charges of piracy laid upon a Corrington captain. Though the WTC has not acquired the best reputation, this news seems quite surreal. Micah informed Tom Mercer that he would be sailing to Mooreton Bay upon the Soupfish within the next couple days to find out the situation there, as well as stop in to visit Mr. James Palmer at the WETEC office in Mooreton Bay.
  6. Elizabethville has grown considerably in the year and a half since it was officially founded. Though its position on an island made up primarily of plains has created a diverse growth of the island. Some people have build clapboard buildings, others have used stone or brick, while some are building log cabins for themselves and their families. Malcolm and Serena Otis are one such couple. They lived in the slums of Belson before they heard about the opportunity to settle in a new colony. They scrimped and saved every last penny, and eventually set sail for Elizabethville aboard the Soupfish. Now that they are here, they have claimed a farm and have built a log cabin from the trees they have cleared from the land. As the crops haven't come up yet, they are living off of the land. It isn't an easy life, but it is a better life than they had in Belson. Malcolm is off to try and get enough meat for the week, as Serena takes care of their one month old baby and collects herbs from the countryside. Note: I was in need of more residences in Elizabethville, and wanted to try my hand again at a log cabin. This one is much more stable than the last one, though it really wouldn't take a lot of handling well. Mesabi, I had planned an interior but in the end beams were attached inside that prevented a look at anything inside. Here is another angle:
  7. Micah is in his office in Elizabethville, where he has been residing since his expedition to Cascadia. Recently, he received a letter from Rear Admiral Fletcher regarding some news personally affecting Micah. Micah felt it necessitated a reply. To her Royal Majesty, Queen Annetta, Sovereign of Corrington, Balondia, and Her Majesty's Colonies, and to Rear-admiral S. Fletcher in her majesty's service. My father, Lord Alexander, was granted his rank and lands from the crown due to his heroic actions and valiant service to the crown during the 49 Years War. I have longed desired and strived to serve my country with as much vigilance and honor as he had. I am profoundly humbled that her Majesty and her officials think so highly of the services I have thus far rendered to the crown by bestowing the title of Knight of the Order of the Compass Rose. I intend to not falter in my efforts to serve her Majesty, and look forward to many years of faithful service should I be granted them. Long live the Queen, Sir Micah of Wolfhaven Owner of Wolf's Equine, Trade, and Expedition Company He also was writing a letter to his business partner Arthur Kellogg in Arlinsport. Dear Mr. Kellogg, I hope this letter finds you well and business continuing to improve. Based on the extensive amount of work to be done here in Elizabethville, and the massive amounts of new land to be explored to the East, including Cascadia, Celestia, and the surrounding isles, I will not be returning to Arlinsport for quite a few months. As I know you have extensive oversight of all our shipping, I feel my presence will not be detrimental to the company. You do have Charles there to aid you in any matter regarding the raising and pricing of the steeds sold from Arlinsport. I do want to remind you to put pressure on the shipwrights to finish refitting our three ships we have in dock plus the ship we committed to fund for the crown. Though I know that they have many ships to make and repair, I feel they are taking entirely too long to put our ships under sail. I hear that there will be a massive push in the upcoming months to trade between the various ports now that war has subsided in the eastern seas. We must press to have all our resources available to profit from this opportunity. I encourage you to make a visit to the headquarters of the East Terran Trade Company, which my estate is a member of, and ask for their help in pressuring any shipwrights who are uncooperative at refitting the ships we have in repair. Speak to the manager at the ETTC headquarters, Mr. Bartholomew Antonius. Greet your wife and children for myself and Elizabeth. Hansa and his lovely bride, Kahente, also wish to say hello and often ask about you, as is their manner. Yours truly, Sir Micah of Wolfhaven OOC: This build is serving the two fold purpose of in-character acknowledging my promotion in Corrington, and to increase my ship level maximum. It also leads into my next build posted here. An additional picture of just the furniture:
  8. The western nations were not the only people sending teams to the Trador Soccer Tournament. The Onondaga people of Lacryma have played a foot and ball game for centuries. The rules may be a bit different from the soccer games the WETEC has known, but once they understood that they didn't get to keep the losing team, the learning curve shortened significantly. (Though they seemed saddened about that fact.) Their ball also tended to weigh more than the ones in use in Trador. However, the WETEC felt that it would go far toward national relations if all nations had the opportunity to be represented at the tournament. Thus they graciously gave the Onondaga transportation with the WETEC soldiers upon the Alexander. There was some difficulty once in Trador in convincing the Onondaga players to sleep on the beds. They seemed to prefer their blankets on the floor. Though the youngest did find the bed a novelty to sit upon. Note: I wanted to bring the Onondaga to the tournament, but was short on time to do so. The extension gave me a chance to combine that with my desire to try out some new furniture improvements. The blankets were just a fun addition at the very end.
  9. Arthur Kellogg has put together some of the WETEC's best soccer players to enter into the New Terra Soccer Cup. Granted there are not a lot of soccer players among the WETEC as a new sport is taking hold, but there are still several. Thus he feels that he has put together a good enough team to make the WETEC proud. As they wait for the games to start, Arthur and several of the players decided to go see one of Trador's schools as all good Corrington minifigs would love to do. Education after all is the most paramount issue. Upon following the directions they received from the perplexed innkeeper, they have arrived at the school building at the end of a street of buildings. They were a little surprised to see the one of the pupils on recess busy selling candy for a profit. As the captain of the team noted, "The Eslandola spirit must be born into them. They do indeed start young." A little different angle: Note: This is licensed as a small education building. I attempted to mimic the style presented on the Merchant's Quay, which is why I left the roof studs exposed and only why one side of the building is visible. (The other side would be connected to an adjoining building.)
  10. Micah and Elizabeth have arrived safely on Lacryma thanks to Hannah and her work. There is much to be seen by them since Elizabethville (named of course after Micah's one love) has grown a lot while Micah was away. 2nd Lieutenant Anthony Bolton and Mayor Tom Mercer have worked hard at keeping the settlement orderly and growing. The new settlers arriving from other parts of the Brick Seas have quickly settled in to make their own way in this land. The relationships with the natives have proven to be very amicable and trade with Chief Otetiani and the Onondaga people has continued. There are rumors that some of the other tribes are upset over the Onondaga's success but as of today those rumors do not seem founded. On this mid-morning, Ensign David and Hanska were leading Micah and Elizabeth to an Onondaga village for a meal and trade discussions. They are accompanied by one of the light cavalry and Hanska's bride of less than two months (moons). Micah always suspected the two of them would get together. As they rode along, the party passed a windmill which Ensign David told them had been constructed by the Ruysch brothers. They had settled on the island from Varcoast. Hubert had brought along his wife and daughter and the four of them ran the only grist mill on the island. It was a very busy business but lucrative. Here are some close ups and different angles of the build. Builder's Note: I have found that a baby crawling around has hindered my time available to build with my bricks. Thus the several projects I was working on in bricks have stalled out. I decided to instead do some LDD builds as I had the time for that and I didn't have to worry about the baby eating a brick or two. This is the result of my attempt at the first factory in Elizabethville. The outer dimensions of the build are 91x94. The windmill sits on 16x16 with some overhang of the blades and guide. The warehouse is about 20x40. I am licensing it as a medium factory since the footprint of the buildings take up 1056 studs. C&C welcome. P.S. The windmill is modeled after this one, even though it is not a grist mill. I am sure in BoBS it doesn't matter.
  11. 25 January 617 A.E. Wedding of the Owner of WETEC! What will the blissfully married couple do next with the WETEC expanding throughout the known world? Exclusive photo here at this paper! The marriage of Micah of Wolfhaven and Elizabeth Griffin was a success. It turned out flawlessly as one would expect when the marriage is between two large trading companies in Corrington. It was attended by the bride and groom's families, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, their youngest daughter, Charlotte, Mrs. Sarah of Wolfhaven, her son, Alexander II, and daughter and son-in-law, Rebekah and Simon. Also in attendance were representatives of trading partners from Eslandola, Oleon, and of course key figures from Corrington. There was music of both the harp and the flute to be enjoyed while tasting apples, bananas, and chocolate danishes. It was a lovely day for the couple who it is rumored will be taking a boat ride to the eastern islands for their honeymoon. I haven't linked to it lately but HERE can be found a complete list of builds that were completed for BOBS and progress this storyline.
  12. It should be recalled that Alex, Henry, and Jimmy were "prospecting" and found what they believed to be gold. Despite their beliefs, it was determined that actually they had found quicksilver. Once they were told, they went around and informed everyone that they had discovered the largest mine of silver in the history of forever. Their fathers on the other hand, contacted the WETEC in regard to the discovery, and soon a mine was opened. The red cinnabar ore that contained the quicksilver was removed from an underground shaft, and carted to the surface. Here we see a wagon load being pulled by draft horses to the new factory on the outskirts of town. Inside the mine, they are about ready to push a new cartload out to the next wagon waiting to be loaded. Lanterns provide light for the workers. Here is an overview of the build.
  13. This challenge entry will have a lot of photos and text, so you are forewarned. There is a livery stable in Arlinsport on North Street. It was run by Henry the livery master, and his son Harry. Its ownership was held by the WETEC, though it was being transferred to Henry at a rate of 10% ownership per year that he oversaw the business. Today the trot of horse hooves on cobblestone stopped in front of the livery. It brought Henry to the door. Micah was informed by Henry that Elizabeth had arrived. He came out to meet her. Henry: "Harry get back to sweeping and quit trying to eavesdrop on the young lovers." Harry: "Father, the sawdust can wait..." But he was cut off by a stern look from his father. Micah: "It is great to see you, Elizabeth. You are as lovely as a filly in the spring." Elizabeth: "Thank you, Micah. You always do say the strangest and sweetest things. I have come to expect to hear some magnificent horse reference from you." Micah: "I could always stop if you wish me too." Elizabeth: "Not at all. Please carry on." Micah: "I definitely shall. What brings you down to the livery today?" Elizabeth: "I came to invite you to supper. We have many things to discuss in regard to our wedding in two months, and mother suggested if you came over we could spend the evening finalizing plans." Micah: "That sounds like a good idea. Let us go for a short walk down to the bakery." Right as they reached the edge of the livery, Micah slowed up. His left hand reached for his sword, starting it from its scabbard. Elizabeth: "What is wrong, Micah?" Micah: "I smell a rat." Stranger in the alley: "Greetings, sir. and fair woman. You wouldn't happen to be the one they call Silent Wolf and his fancy fiancee?" Stranger: "Let me introduce myself. I am Philippe the Intelligent." As he bowed deeply. "I hail from the fun town of Pontelli in the wealthy empire of Eslandola. I wish to give you something." Micah had drawn his saber, in uncertainty over this man's contradictions and uncertain motives. For though he was dressed as a gentleman, he spoke like a man who was not used to polite speech. Philippe as he advanced toward them: "I have a business proposition for you. It involves a great treasure that I know of that is sailing soon. It can be yours for a price." Micah: "Elizabeth, would you please go back to the carriage. I would like to speak to Philippe alone. I shall be there shortly." Philippe: "I know of a treasure fleet that is sailing under silence from the new islands back to the Old World. For a fee of 200 doubloons and a share of the end of the profits, I can tell you all I know including where the fleet will be travelling. All you have to do is intercept it and take the treasure for yourself. Imagine us being the richest friends in all of world." Micah always the analytical, skeptical, and thoughtful person, stayed silent. Philippe: "I can assure you my information is valid. I heard it directly from Major Woward Holowitz in Pontelli." Micah: "So it is an Eslandolian treasure?" Philippe gleefully: "Yes, yes it is." Micah: "I see. Well, let me send my fiancee off, then I will get you your payment inside." Micah: "Elizabeth, please tell your mother that I will be there at supper. I am sorry we cannot spend more time, but I have to take care of this business right now." Elizabeth: "I do not trust him." Micah: "Nor do I..." As soon as Elizabeth left, Micah and Philippe entered the stable. A saber swept from Micah's scabbard and planted itself against Philippe's throat. Micah: "Who are you really and what traitorous deeds have you committed? If you mean to do me harm by implicating me among the cutthroats that would start a war for money, I shall kill you where you stand." Philippe with a plaster smile: "I don't know what you are speaking about." Micah: "I know of Major Holowitz. As an officer in the Eslandolean army, he would not betray such secret information to someone who would sell it for profit. Even more if you were a man of honor, you would not stoop to such levels of selling out your own nation. No matter how well you dress I can tell you are not a gentleman." Philippe: "I will not tell you anything. How dare you challenge me, a wealthy man? Besides what does it matter to you. There are many others who paid the prices I set for such information and they will be very upset if I am injured in any way." Micah: "You are indeed not a man of honor. Henry and Harry, tie this man up in one of the empty stalls. We will find out what he knows. Any man who would sell out his own nation has evil plans afoot." Turning to Philippe, "You may have expected to make easy money today. However, there is one thing I cannot stand above all and that is a man of dishonor. No matter your station in life, you should carry yourself with integrity, honesty, and honor. You, sir, with your traitorous schemes have done everything that I would deplore.Even more I am a business man who trades throughout the world. Did you think I would cross Eslandola and risk putting my trade with them at risk? " After a while of questioning, Micah was able to get out of Philippe that he had indeed sold this information to others. Yet he would not reveal who he had sold it too, nor what their plans were. Philippe was convinced that they would let him go very shortly, in fear that these mysterious powerful friends would be too dangerous. Micah was not one to fear, especially in contrast to principle. Micah decided to let Henry have a try with the bullwhip. Philippe may be a criminal, but he is not a true spy. His tongue loosed very quickly when the whip began to play. Henry: "So it appears that he found out by overhearing Major Howitz being told about it. They were talking overtly loud and it became easy to eavesdrop. He followed the Major and was able to acquire more information using his particular set of skills, cat burglary." Micah: "Who has he sold this information too? Do they know the exact route?" Henry: "He said the fleet was supposed to be leaving Nelissa enroute to Terelli. They are supposed to sail past An Holli then meet additional escorts for the time they sail near the larger ports and shipping lanes. He has sold the information to the Order of Oleon, the kingdom of Mardier, and the factions within Garvey. Apparently Garvey intends to send a large vessel to intercept the fleet. It is presently stationed at their settlement on Alicentia." Micah: "Tie up our 'friend' and hand him over to the Eslandolean ambassador. Eslandola shall treat this traitor the way he truly deserves. Plus, they may find he has more information that is useful. Tell the ambassador everything we have found out so far. I will head to the docks and attempt to find a fast vessel heading east that can alert our settlements in Mooreton Bay, or King's Harbor. Maybe they can mount a defense against Garvey's vessel. I will also command the Soupfish to resupply and set sail as soon as possible. Perhaps it can reach our Eslandolean friends and warn them to alter their route. Then I have to get to supper to discuss wedding plans." Edit: Fixed some of the text, and added a photo I missed. To refresh on previous parts of the story, here is a link to all the builds I have done.
  14. A new artisan has opened in Elizabethville, and it has been the rave of the town. The WETEC has not allowed a tavern to be set up so far, in order to prevent drunkenness among the soldiers. Though there is no prohibition, they wanted to avoid the soldiers being able to spend their entire paychecks drinking each month. This new establishment has helped ease the tensions over the lack of a tavern. We had formerly seen the propietors, Joe and Josephine Black voting for the new mayor of Elizabethville, and since then they have been working hard to get the building finished and opened. Joe and Josephine Black decided to open an establishment that specialized in the delicacies from Cocovia. Here the residents can buy cocoa bars and coffee. It also provides a great location to meet and spend time with friends during the evening hours. The place is so popular that they are considering opening up the roof for additional seating in good weather. On rainy days, the shutters are dropped and the inside is the only available seating. They have also already hired a young lady to help serve. There is a new cocoa bar that is available that is processed with milk. It makes a lighter and sweeter tasting delicacy. Though it so far hasn't overtaken the cocoa bars in popularity. (Some rumors claim it was developed in Oleon, but every true Corrington citizen knows that it was developed by Corrington scientists on Cocovia.) Some even drink chocolate and claim it tastes wonderful, though coffee seems to be the preferred drink. Among the women, there is a tendency to add cream to the coffee makes it a tan color rather than its original black. Without further ado, here is the Bittersweet Mug. Bittersweet Mug An extra picture capturing the flat roof
  15. Elizabethville has been growing in leaps and bounds. The efforts of the WETEC in enticing new settlers to the settlement has been paying off. They have seen an influx of people which has necessitated various industries and services. As any good Corrie would know, education was the key to progressing in the world. With this in mind, Micah had convinced Aaron Jenkins to settle in Elizabethville, and found its very first school. Due to the work needed to be done to settle the land, the class time is in the evenings. Schoolmaster Jenkins has set up a small classroom in the front of his house. During the day time, he has taken up his favorite hobby the most important discipline of recording the happenings of the present so that history will be preserved for the future. He has been several works in progress, including a history of the Corrington Empire. However, his newest work is tentatively titled A History of the Corrington Settlement on the Untamed Island of Lacryma in the Sea of Thieves and the Relations with the Natives There. (He is after all a true historian who would never use few words when more would suffice.) He intends to use this book in five years to teach the younger children. Today, he has been writing about the agriculture that has been taking place on the island. Feel free to open the pages of the history of Lacryma. Notes: This is going to be licensed as a large education build. The book was built as an entry to the Texas State Fair. The books measures 57x38 studs (just under 18x12 inches) with a height of 12 inches. This is by far my largest physical build. The log cabin was the second version attempted which proved far stabler than the one used in Those Smelly Pig Farmers... Oh Bacon! Here is an overview shot of the book. As always, complements, criticism, and suggestions for improvement are welcome.
  16. To review previous builds, check out this link, or to specifically follow Elizabethville, read here. The core of the WETEC is their extensive horse ranches and the sales of the best steeds anywhere. Lacryma has become the new headquarters with the wide open plains suitable for large herds of horses to be raised and trained. Though Micah owns the horse business, with the other four holding a share of the company, it was his father's vision that made their ventures profitable. Alexander of Wolfhaven, rest his soul, was an avid horsemen who bought and bred the best horses he could find. In his honor, Micah had commissioned a marble statue from Belson. Upon its completion, Micah had it loaded upon the companies newest ship, the captured war brig Soupfish. They sailed straight from Belson to Elizabethville. There the statue was placed upon the pedestal built for it. The dedication ceremony consisted of a military parade of all the troops who are being trained on Lacryma, as well as the 12 marines from the Soupfish. The cavalry are expected to be deployed soon to Prio to help end the stalemate that has taken place over the last several months. The divisions are mounted and ready for combat when called.
  17. Alex, Henry, and Jimmy's families each moved to Elizabethville from different parts of Corrington. Being around the same age they have quickly become fast friends. Recently, they have been out exploring around there new homes. Alex at 7 years old, heard some of the older boys talking about gold. He has decided they will find it. Borrowing a couple shovels and pick ax from their parents, they have found the perfect location to dig. Henry: My hands are getting sore. Are you sure the gold is down here? Alex: Of course this is where the gold is. Jimmy: I am super sore also. Do you want to take a turn shoveling all this dirt? Henry: I can't shovel, because I am watching for the gold nuggets. Jimmy: I could look for some gold nuggets. Alex: What do gold nuggets even look like? Henry: You guys are only 6, and I am 7. I know all about gold. I have to keep watching for the nuggets. We should be seeing one soon. Alex: I am almost 7! Then I can take a turn looking for the nuggets. Scrape, scrape, oof. Alex: What is this shiny rock? Henry: Let me see! He inspects it for a few moments, tapping it on the pick ax and holding it up to the sunlight. Henry: We have found the gold! We are rich! Jimmy: I can buy a toy soldier! Alex: I can buy a pony! Throw down the ladder. I want to come up and see our gold! I could pay someone to do my chores! Bouncing around excitedly, they continued to discuss what they were going to spend their gold on. Note: This is a prospecting build near Elizabethville. In a month, we will find out how knowledgeable Henry REALLY is about his gold nugget. Check out this link for previous builds regarding Elizabethville and the WETEC.
  18. Previously... New buildings and enterprises are going up in Elizabethville quite often these days. New settlers need to get to Lacryma and get established before the winter season sets in. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Townsend had arrived with the group of settlers that landed on May 20th. They had been working to build a house and a business for themselves since then. SAM_7499 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7502 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Mrs. Townsend had brought some unique equipment and supplies to the colony. She had realized that in a new settlement like this food could be a scarcity as the growing season comes to a close. As a lady with a green thumb, she brings knowledge of preservation of food. The common technique that she has worked with back in Eastern Halos. However, she had discovered a technique where she could preserve food without pickling. She placed vegetables or meat in a glass jar with a salt brine. The jars then have a rubber ring placed on it then a metal lid lightly screwed down. She then places the jars in a boiling pot of water. This creates a vacuum inside the glass jars creating a seal that keeps the food from going bad. She had attempted to promote this idea in Eastern Halos but the companies that already provided food for the masses didn't want to change the methods they had used for so long. Here in the frontier settlements, the need for food outweighed technique. She also has been experimenting with a sealed pot that put the jars under pressure. It had not yet been perfected but showed great promise. Mrs. Townsend had hired one of the native women to help her in learning about the edible foods on the island and the natives methods of food preservation. Together they with the occasional help of Mr. Townsend were preserving and storing various foods for the good of the settlement. The cellar was just starting to fill up. SAM_7503 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7505 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7507 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7518 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7511 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr A close up of some of the furniture pieces. SAM_7522 (2) by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr
  19. Lord Alexander Prio had sent out a call for mercenaries to come and aid him in fighting a native uprising on the island. The WETEC decided to dispatch The Alexander with extra troops to aid Lord Prio. The mercenaries were paid for their work, and the WETEC received a plot of land upon which they could construct a residence. The Lord Prio soon after declared independence from his king and set up his own nation, The Grand Duchy of Prio. The WETEC decided to stay on the island and aid in the battle for independence as long as they were paid for their services. It also gave them an opportunity to test and refine the troops they were training on the island of Lacryma. Though they did not expect that the war would enter such a stalemate. The WETEC's commanders on the island are discussing options to hurry the war, as now two of the company's ships are tied up on the island and the Flying Colt is leaving soon. Commander Henry Austin, has called together the his commanders of the infantry, cavalry, and scouts to discuss future plans. The cavalry commander is just now arriving, and the other two are already in the secure Green Room. Prio Residence M by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Prio Residence M3 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Prio Residence M4 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Edit: I realized I had doubled one photo so I have replaced it with the correct photo.
  20. Corrington, being the orderly country that it is, does not let its citizens go unrewarded for the services rendered to the crown. The need for more ships in the Sea of Storms had caused the Crown to call for companies and individuals to refit captured ships to prepare them to defend the nations shipping and settlements. Wolf's Equine, Trading, and Expedition Company had refitted four of these captured ships over the last several months including the HMS Hunter and HMS Bagg of Bolton. In gratitude for WETEC's services, the crown had granted them right's to two of the warships that had been captured in May. The first of these is setting sail. I introduce to you, the Don Obello. Formerly owned by a pirate who apparently had a desire for his ship to be extraordinarily fancy. Even with its flashy looks, the Don Obello was a very fast craft that should easily run down the average pirate. Boasting 16 cannons it would give even the larger ships in the Sea of Storms a sturdy battle. (If only the pirate had worked as hard at preparing his men for battle as he did at making his ship fancy it would have seized several merchant vessels rather than being seized.) Don Obello by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Don Obello4 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Don Obello5 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Don Obello3 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Don Obello2 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Edit: I am too tired to be posting apparently. The Don Obello is a 5LA as it is a warship.
  21. Elizabethville is holding its very first mayoral election today. The WETEC decided that Sergeant 2nd Lieutenant Bolton would not long be able to manage both the military and civilian aspects of this quickly growing settlement. In order to encourage continued cooperation and participation in the village, the company has allowed them to vote for someone from among their number to lead them for the next year. The people have brought various foods to share with each other while the votes are being tallied. The meal is looking quite delicious. Surprisingly, but with good reasoning due to the low numbers of settlers so far, the standard process of one vote per household has been replaced with a vote by each adult man and woman. The town had been working to create a cobblestone path through the settlement. So far it has only reached the end of the warehouse that Bolton added behind the dockmaster's house which was formerly the barracks. The warehouse holds all the important supplies that the settlement might need, as well as the trade goods that are being shipped from Lacryma to the old world. Ensign David has been smitten by the lovely Alexandra, and he has been practicing his bow and hat sweep all week. She is smiling so that is a good sign. Some of the kids received peppermints from Arlinsport. Maybe Nathaniel should pay attention to his little brother on where he should be fishing. This is not starting out as a good day for Gabriel Sudworth. In his attempt to impress the single girls, he stepped in the mud and helped his sister and sister-in-law around it via the narrow section of firm dirt between the ruts and the mud puddle. Apparently the center of the mud puddle was a little deeper than he expected!
  22. Second Lieutenant Bolton (for he was recently promoted due to his tremendous success at training the new Dragoons on Lacryma) has been working hard to make sure the newly established Elizabethville is properly defended and sustained. As the highest ranking military officer, he has the duty to erect a fortress of sorts for the defense of the city. He used the trees that were being cleared from the new home sites that were under construction. The wooden fort would not be able to sustain a siege by a well armed vessel, but it would provide a sufficient defense against any smaller sailing craft who attempted to do harm. Armed with a 24 pounder cannon and a 9 pounder, it could command all the waters approaching the bay. Second Lieutenant Bolton had already requested to receive infantry at the island as the Dragoons' training was not in stockade warfare. When in their dress uniform, the officers of the Dragoons were noted to be very flamboyant in their dress. Particularly in regard to the decorations on their hats. This morning they are preparing for the local election of the first Mayor of Elizabethville.
  23. Backstory During the three months that Sergeant Anthony Bolton and his platoon of militia have been on the island they have been working on preparing the land for a new settlement. The WETEC partners had chosen a good location to found the new settlement and promised to send some settlers and more supplies to the area. Sergeant Bolton and his men were responsible for building some residences in the area as well as a dock for small boats. Since there are no great harbors on the island, all the ships have to anchor out and tender supplies and people in. Thus the dock needed was suitable for small vessels and rowboats. Today, May 20, 616, the Alexander has pulled into harbor with the first true settlers to the island straight from Wolfhaven. The Flying Colt was believed to be only a few days behind with more settlers from Belson. Among the ones arriving today was the family of Oliver Sudworth who is a widower. He formerly raised cattle on land he was renting in Wolfhaven. He has come to this new settlement so that he might have his own land for his own cattle. He is accompanied by his children. The eldest, Craig, is married to a redhead named Bridget. The second born is his daughter, Laurel. The youngest son is named Gabriel. Along with the settlers and supplies, the Alexander also brings word that Her Majesty has given an official charter to WETEC to found a settlement on this island that shall henceforth be called Lacryma. The WETEC has written up a charter for the settlement including rules of government and naming it, Elizabethville. (The company had settled on this name since two of the partners had the name among there heritage, and Micah of course finds it the best name for everything.)