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Found 4 results

  1. Previous Chapter: The Aegis Council --- Next Chapter: The Burnt Roads (Warning, this chapter is LONG) Ansriff had met Voraal at the tavern and led him deep into the forest. "Yes, she's deep within the woods. Apparently, i've met her before." Ansriff said. "What? Where?" Voraal inquired. "It was back on one of my patrols, Avdar and i were on lookout for drows, but what we found was much worse. A pyromancer had been torturing a little girl, searing her skin with fire. Avdar snook up behind the maniac and sheathed his sword right in the pyro's throat. I then went to wrap up the injured girl in my cloak, and we brought her back to Vanhorn to heal her. But before we left the area, the pyromancer's staff sent some weird red aura into the girl. I spoke naught of it to Avdar, for i feared for the girl." Ansriff explained. "What's her name?" Voraal asked. "Temari, she called herself." Voraal nodded to Ansriff. "Thank you, here's your silver." he handed a heavy sack of coins to Ansriff. He refused. "No thank you. Take as a favor from a friend. Besides, i never got you a birth day present in the last ten years." Ansriff said. Voraal smirked, and walked up to a small paved area with a thin dark figure standing in the middle, chanting what sounded to Voraal gibberish. He coughed politely, and Temari jerked herself to turn to Voraal. "H...hello." Voraal said nervously. Temari brushed her hair away from her face. "What are you doing here?" "I came to find you." Voraal said. Temari narrowed her eyes. "Who sent you?" she asked. "Myself." Voraal replied, with a glint in his eye. "Why did you come to find me?" Voraal stood idle for a moment. "Because, i found beauty in you, despite your dark magic. "I am a pyromancer, not a sorceress. But, i thank you for your loving thought." she said. "I know how you received your flame." Voraal said. "How?!" Temari exclaimed. "One of my Ranger friends found you, after being tortured by a pyromancer, and they took you back to the city." Voraal said. "Oh, Ansriff. He was like a father to me, until i ran away out of anxiety. I learned to live with my curse, the curse of the flame." she said. "Together, i can help you heal this curse." Voraal stepped closer. "Would you? After you saw that i served Axtrous? He killed the tribal elf." Temari remarked. "Yes. I have no care for those elves." Voraal replied. Temari stepped a bit closer, and held Voraal's right hand with her left. The road was long to Kaliphlin, but Voraal and Temari made a great distance. Temari's home was in the Siccus Badlands. She lived in a large cave where she practiced her pyro magic. Together they would live in peace in Kaliphlin. --- Hey guys, sorry if any of you thought this was a long chapter. I just wanted to push Voraal out of Aeldric's story as fast as possible, as Aeldric will be recruiting new rangers in the following months. C & C welcome.
  2. Previous Chapter: The Chambers of the Nightlord --- Next Chapter: The Aegis Council Aeldric and Voraal dropped themselves off in the tavern in Vanhorn. Aeldric ordered a quart of ale, and Voraal mingled with some guests. "Ah, Ansriff." Voraal said to a man in the corner. "Voraal? It's been so long!" Voraal and Ansriff had been friends for seventeen years. "Yes, it has. I understand you earn your profit from accepting tasks from the citizens?" Voraal asked. "Yes, indeed. Do you need me to perform a task for you?" Ansriff asked. "Yes, in fact, i need you to find a woman, black robes, long wavy, black hair. I heard she'd been seen in the forests just outside of town, and with your former ranger skills, i think you'd be able to find her." Voraal requested. "Oh, so it's a love story?" Ansriff joked. "Well, your not exactly wrong... I'll pay you five pounds of silver." Voraal offered. "Deal." they shook hands. "When i find her, i'll report back here." Ansriff said. "Thank you. It was nice seeing you." "You to, Voraal." Voraal strode over to the bar beside Aeldric, who'd drank five bottles of ale. "Who was that queer looking fellow you were talking-" he hick upped "with?" "Ansriff, one of our former rangers." Voraal replied. "Ah, i remember him." the two went on talking. Hey guys, sorry there wasn't a larger picture of the build. Still kinda mainly story here, but i did include a bit more detail than the first Avdar's Office. C & C welcome.
  3. Previous Chapter: Beyond Vanhorn --- Next Chapter: Rest in the Tavern Before the sun dipped behind the horizon, Aurthal stopped Aeldric for a word before they headed off to the Nocturnian chamber. "Aeldric, I have seen your interest in Ashura. I can see that you are interested in no other female. After this task, i will consider your relationship with her." Aeldric was stunned. "I.... I never said i was interested in her." Aurthal gazed deeply into Aeldric's eyes. "No, but i can see it in the way to look at her. Your eyes glint when you glance at her." Aeldric paused for a moment, then broke his silence. "We musn't dwell on this. Let us head into the chamber." Aeldric strode over to the entrance to the underground chamber where Voraal, Ashura, and Anursa were waiting. Aurthal was slow to head there, but once he reached the entrance he began a plan of action. "Okay, we will sneak in through the tunnels, and when we reach the throne room, i will do the speaking. While i talk to the evil lord, Anursa, Ashura and Voraal will sneak into the dungeons in the back and free my friend. Any questions?" everyone shook their heads. "Good, let's head in." The chamber halls were dark, but light filtered in from the throne room. Once they reached the door way, an undead guard pointed the tip of his halberd at Aeldric. The pale looking, dark armored man sitting on the throne in the back of the room spoke up. "What are you doing in my sacred hall?! How did you find it?" he exclaimed. "I was lead here by this elf," Aeldric said, stepping aside Aurthal. "Aurthal?! I thought my guards killed you!" the lord boomed. "So you thought, but it was i, who defeated your guard." Aurthal returned. "Guard, attack him!" by the lord's side stood a dark looking woman, who caught the particular eyes of Voraal. His interest in her nearly removed concentration on sneaking past the guard. Aeldric leaped forward at the necrotic guard, while Aurthal began casting destructive spells at the evil lord. "Your vampirism has made you weak to my fire!" Aurthal remarked. "Yes, but," said the vampire lord, standing up out of his throne. "It also makes me stronger than most." he said, picking up his spear to his right. He charged at Aurthal with a deadly fury. Meanwhile, in the back dungeons... Voraal, Ashura and Anursa infiltrated the dungeon halls, and slew every guard in the vicinity. "Hurry now, before more guards come, unlock the cell door!" Voraal exclaimed. "Alright, give me patience, this takes concentration." Ashura held her staff in front of her, and the green jewel on the tip of her staff began to glow, and the cell door clicked, and swung open. "Taunus, awake!" Ashura said, pulling a sleepy old man out of the cell. "What! Who's there?! Wait, Ashura? Is that you, my, you've grown. I remember you since you were a little toddler!" "Yes, yes, Taunus, skip the memories, we must go!" Ashura commanded. "Alright, it's about time i smelled the fresh air again." Back in the throne room... Aurthal lay on the floor, severely wounded. Axtrous, the vampire lord and Temari the sorceress had fled. Aeldric finished off the last necro-guard, before heading over to Aurthal. Aurthal caughed up a bit of blood. Aeldric pulled the black tip of Actrous' spear out of Aurthal's stomach. ".....Aeldric, you must hunt Axtrous down.....*cough* and..... defeat him. Taunus will help you find Dar, but please, for my sake, kill Axtrous with all your might. He....... was.... one of the..... Necromancers..... who killed..... your family...." Aeldric's eyes widened. "If you complete this quest, i then i give you permission... to marry my sister...." and with that, Aurthal died in Aeldric's arms. ---- Alright guys, so, i tried a different way of story telling this time. Let me know what you think. Also, this is a fairly old build, and was built before the Avdar's Office remake. Constructive Criticism is welcome.
  4. (Sorry that i've been a bit inactive. I've been really busy with school, and it's been hard ot find a time to put this up. More builds on the way, enjoy!) Previous Chapter: Avdar's Office (Remake) --- Next Chapter: Chambers of the Nightlord (And now, Beyond Vanhorn) The forest smelled fresh with the breath of the old trees. A soothing breeze swept through the leaves. Aeldric and Voraal were on their secret patrol through the forest for the elves. They came up to a small ruin. All was quiet, until a duo of female elves leaped out of the thick brush. They held their staves against Aeldric and Voraal. Ashura: "Who are you?" Anursa: "Why are you in our forest?" Aeldric took a moment to gather his thoughts. He glanced at Ashura with eyes of interest. Aeldric: "My friend and I gathered detail about you, a special group of elves, and we came to look for you for answers about Dar Askelohn." Anursa remained quiet. She was rather shy. Ashura glanced at her. Then back to Aeldric. Ashura: "What about Dar?" Aeldric: "We found a tomb with his name engraved upon it. I thought he went missing in the mountains just beyond the border of Mitgardia." Ashura: (left) pondered this. "Our older brother may have some answers to this." Ashura led Aeldric and Voraal deeper into the ruins, and before them sat a male elf on a birch throne, with a green jewel of temperance above it. Ashura: "Bow to him, man." Ashura commanded Aeldric. Aeldric stepped forward, and gave the elf a light bow. He noticed that the throne was wrapped in vines, and overgrown with lush nature. Aurthal: "What do you wish to know about my friend?" the elderly elf asked. Aeldric: "I would wish to know of his whereabouts. We found a tomb in the forest with his name upon it, and i thought he went missing in the north. Aurthal: "He did. There are many false graves of the knowledge master. He does live now, and i can show you to him, but only if you do a favor for me." Aeldric: "What would that be?" he asked, glancing once again at Ashura. She gave him a light nod. Aurthal: "I have been having troubles with a group of necrotic Nocturnians in the forest. They have built a secret underground structure housing another of my friends. He may be able to help you find Dar. You must help us rescue him, and defeat the leader of this group." Aeldric ran his fingers through his hair. He'd never dealt with a group of evil power. He considered it deeply. Aeldric: "Voraal and i will help you defeat this group, in return for knowledge of Dar's whereabouts." Aurthal: "Very well. You will meet us at the entrance tomorrow at dusk. Might i ask why, you need to find Dar?" Aeldric: "I lost my parents a long time ago, to a group of black-hearted necromancers. I know that Dar could help me find this group, and put my revenge upon them." Alright guys, this build was before the remake of Avdar's Office, so those tips didn't apply here. Also, i know there's no base or frame for the build. I just couldn't find a good look for it. Anyways, leave your thoughts!