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Found 9 results

  1. It has been a while since Sir Uridius Dratiphe has been around in Mitgardia - however, that is (partly) because he has been occupied in fixing a huge shield with his coat of arms upon his castle's walls. The heraldic symbols on the Dratiphe coat of arms consist of: Gauntlet - strong and prepared Scales - justice Anvil - honor Arrows - readiness for war Motto - Omnia Praesignis Est (if you want to know what it means, look it up for yourself!) Further, there's all the color stuff and the cornered shield, but I won't bother you with what all that means right now! You see, I actually did put a lot more work into this than it looks like! This is my entry to the Coat of Arms category on MOCathalon, and when I started it, I figured I could make it so that it would work here as well as Uridius' coat of arms. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. There's no place like home! Especially when you live in a huge Mitgardian castle, haha! The bed: It's about time I did something in Mitgardia again, I was getting a bit homesick over in AG! I'm planning on also entering it into the Medieval Manor category of CCCXIII, which happened to be an opportune category, as the build had been started a while back. Thanks for looking, C&C are welcome!
  3. The moon shone brightly as we rode into the courtyard. Only a couple of hours before Sir Uridius Dratiphe had received a troubling message from the Eastern Guild of Avalonia. Consequently I was setting out for that guild as soon as possible. By midnight the order "To Horse!" had been issued to the few men at arms that were to accompany me to the border, Sir Uridius himself also coming with me for a little ways. Apparently the men at arms had been chosen so that they could have a bit more experience riding their horses. As I set out upon this perilous journey, I wonder what sort of adventures the guild of isles and forest, of elves and treehugging tightwearers, has in store for me. - Sir Douglass Winzer Here is pic of the courtyard without the horses: I would like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture - advanced windows and window frames Military Science - fortifications and Anthropology - life in Mitgardia C&C are welcome
  4. I eventually got time to finish a Phase II build; it appears that I will probably only get the stables done in time though Uridius often leaves his horse in this small stable/cabin outside Valholl on his visits to the capital, going to see it often to make sure it is well fed and taken care of. An overview shot: I would like to receive UoP credits for the following subject: Architecture: wall techniques - wooden walls C&C are welcome
  5. Finally, Barracks Phase I: Taking special care that his soldiers are well trained, Uridius often spars with them, showing them their strong and weak points. It is also important that the soldiers remain active (so they stay warm and don't buy so much kaliphlinian oil ). And figless: I would like to recieve UoP credits for: Landscape Design - flowers and dense foliage landscaping C&C are welcome
  6. I had originally planned to make this an AoM phase one for Barracks (sparring), but it turned out as just a freebuild Anyways after finishing his keep, Uridius is spending his time strengthening Mitgardia's military force: Marching on ice is a good way to learn to keep your balance, and it doesn't appear unenjoyable either, Uridius rides with his men: C&C are welcome
  7. After many years of searching, Mitgardia's main river, the Adeler's main source has been found! This is my entry for the Mitgardian Community Build, since it is more on the west side of Mitgardia, I went ahead and tried making it pretty green Uridius Dratiphe tasting some of the water: Here's a pic without the water coming out of the border: C&C are welcome, more pics at my photostream.
  8. Ok, I've finally finished what is probably my first totally unprovoked freebuild for GoH: An ancient viking game, Hnefatal (pronounced Nefatal), or King's Table has been played in Mitgardia for centuries. On his visit, Lord DaMaximus played Uridius Dratiphe a few times in the guild room (The other two walls of the room have the other Guild flags, or at least they would if they existed ). The game is similar to chess, the Red wins if it surrounds the king (the bigger piece) on all four sides (you can not move diagonally), and the Black wins if the King can get to one of the white squares on the corners of the board. The Game set-up. Playing around ! C&C are welcome!
  9. Ok, so here is my challenge entry: "Let me pass, let me pass, I have an important letter for Uridius Dratiphe!" Looking up from his work, Uridius saw a middle aged messenger, apparently from Valholl, detained by a few of his retainers. "Let him come," he said. "Sir," said the messenger, "I have this letter from Elon Chorian. He ordered me to deliver it with all speed." Uridius eyed him questioningly. Having cut open the seal, he read: Elon Chorian, to Uridius Dratiphe, Royal Architect and soldier of Mitgardia, April 5th Today I have received news of the taking of Cedrica by Victor. The time has come. We must act quickly to prevent his marching on Valholl. Bring any number of soldiers you can and meet me at Cedrica's lake on the Adeler River. We must take on Victor in his den. Sincerely yours, Elon Chorian Scribbling a short reply, Uridius quickly finished his work. Only a few days later, his entire contingent, swelled by his brother and his retainers as well, marched to the banks of the Adeler, eager to assist in recapturing Cedrica and dethroning Victor. The fate of Historica was in the balance. The night was pitch dark as the army encamped in front of Cedrica, whose impregnable towers stared down at them mockingly. With it's gigantic walls, under which flowed the waters of the Adeler, it seemed as though the city could hold out for years. As the morning dawned, other Mitgardian armies came into view, among which Steen Larsson's and Glorfindel's stood out conspicuously. That evening, the army commanders joined to decide what the next step should be. Uridius' brother, although usually pessimistic, was a cunning planner, and suggested a strategy that might work. And so for days the army labored, always in the strictest secrecy, digging a vast trench, designed to change the river's course and, if all went well, enter into Cedrica under the very noses of the guards! Finally the time came. The night was moonless, the army stood ready as the last barrier was cut, and the river, long pent up in its course into Cedrica began to empty as it flowed into the lake the army had dug. Under cover of darkness they marched quietly under the walls, taking the hand by surprise, as they flowed into Cedrica. Quickly taking a portion of the men, Uridius Dratiphe and his brother marched in silence to Victor's banquet hall, where he was known to be holding a feast with his most trusted commanders. Crash! Crash! And yet again, Crash! The sound of breaking glass filled the room as Victor and his accomplices sprang up in alarm. Through the windows and doors Uridius' soldiers came pouring in, quickly overwhelming Victor's few guards. Kaïn, who had been present at the banquet, engaged Uridius by throwing all kinds of food at him, but the Mitgardians did not slow down! Victor, seeing that the day was against him, raised his staff to call more troops, or perhaps an elemental - no one really knows, because before he could do more, a dark cloaked figure slid up, plunging a dagger into his back. Whether the assassin was one of Victor's guests or not has not been discovered, however, availing himself of the momentary confusion, Kaïn slipped out, and escaped the city. Nonetheless, Cedrica has been taken, and the threat of the hand of corruption was gone! Historica was free! If possible (could ZC or someone help me on this point) I would like to edit this topic tommorrow to add more pics and possibly change the story a little bit. However, if it is not possible,it does not matter to much. Anyways, I loved building for this challenge! More pics at my photostream: C&C are welcome as always.