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Found 3 results

  1. AyliffeMakit

    Makava (MOC)

    MAKAVA. Makava is a very strange Toa. Not much is known about his origin, but according to him the first thing he remembers is a vision of an immaculate white boardroom, surrounded by 'set designers' talking about whether to release him as an 'exclusive set' or not, but in the end he was dropped, at which point he suddenly woke up in a cave with no memory of the rest of his life except for one crucial fact: that he was just a character in a popular toy range, and that he was axed at an early development stage for being 'too overpowered'. On that day he also gained a strange voice in his head, which only he could hear. This voice said he was a set designer for BIONICLE, and that only Makava could hear him because of a mental link between them for some reason. No-one really knows this Toa's element, but Makava himself claims he is "The Toa of fourth-wall breaking", but some Matoran believe he is actually "The Toa of Laziness" as he doesn't really do much other than relax and, in his own words "sit on his fat big behind all day", but occasionally he does help the other Toa protect Mata Nui, mainly to prove to the voice in his head that he is worth producing as a proper set someday. More pictures of Makava looking awesome here! Enjoy!
  2. Hello all! I would like to present to you with hopefully what will be the first in a series of original theme Sci-Fi MOC's from me. You might have already seen some of my constraction "CarBorgs" over in the Action Figures forum, but this is my first System scale MOC devoted to the vehicles of this original alternate universe, starting with the ground tank named in the title. But first of all, I should explain myself with a backstory: The CarBorgs are a kingdom of intelligent biomechanical cyborgs whose faces resemble that of the front ends of various human creations commonly known as cars, and can take almost any form imaginable, though they most typically take humanoid forms. These creatures are grouped according to the make of car their faces derive from. They originate from the planet Carerth, which at first appears superficially similar to Earth, except where all the life forms are these biomechanical creatures. One of the most powerful races on Carerth are the Veyronians (part of the rare Ettoréan super-race (those with faces based on Bugattis), often nicknamed "BugBorgs"), whose mix of skilled artisan craftsmen and powerful warriors means they produce some of the most powerful futuristic war machines, such as the Veyronian Rumbler Tank, dubbed "the world's fastest assault tank". The Rumbler is among the Veyronian leader's favourite vehicles to use. That should explain enough, now to present the MOC: LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 1 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The Rumbler is supposed to be an imposing and rather unusual looking vehicle, the front design is meant to be reminiscent of a Bugatti Veyron with facial features (think Chima, but with cars...). The treads sticking out design was inspired by the Ninjago set 9449 Ultra Sonic Raider. This makes the model over 40 studs wide. LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 2 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The front-on view shows you just how it would look if you were directly facing it. It seems to have a lot of character for a non-living vehicle. Note that all it's weapons face forward, essential for a frontal assault vehicle. LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 3 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr A side view. It has a surprisingly sleek profile for a tank... the silver blades rotate when the MOC is rolled along the ground. The tank tread covers are a bit gappy here, but maybe that was a weight saving feature? LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 4 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Not a lot going on at the back, but this is where Veyronian troops stored in the main body can enter and exit. For some reason, they paint all their opening hatches and doors white... LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 5 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr A view of the top. Not much to say here really. LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 6 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Here's the troop door again. When the doors open, a ramp flips down to aid the troop's exit (the figure is one of my customs). LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 7 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The top can be removed to access the commander's deck. Here the Veyronian leader and his assistants man the dual plasma guns and command the pilots in the bubble canopied cockpits below. LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 8 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Just what you can see in the commander's deck when the roof is on. LEGO MOC - Veyronian Rumbler Tank 9 by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The commander's deck can also be removed to reveal the troop bay. This can fit 10 minifigures and it also has a weapons rack (unfortunately it's out of view in this picture, it's on the side closest to the pilot cockpits. Don't ask why they've got Alien Conquest aliens to pilot the vehicle...) That's all for now. Hopefully the whole concept didn't sound too strange to you, and hope you enjoyed it!
  3. I've just completed and uploaded a short mock battle between brickfilms and CGI animations made using Blender. The concept was from my friend, and he supplied the Blender footage. I filmed the brickfilm contributions and edited it all together.