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Found 9 results

  1. jtooker

    Stables near Batuhan

    There are many small farms around Batuhan, in the northwest of Kaliphlin. At one, a farmer and his son put the livestock into the stables for the night.
  2. Abram Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Centuries before his more famous descendant, Abram Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, stalked the mountains of Transylvania looking for, Neferata, the vampire who killed his younger brother. Weeks of traveling and following rumors have brought him to this small castle in the mountains. Perhaps he will have is revenge tonight. This is the first actual castle I’ve built in quite some time. While not colossal, it is my entry into the Vampire Castle Category of the 2020 Colossal Castle Contest (CCC XVIII). Window Technique The hardest part of makin this MOC was getting the stained glass windows to line up. I needed to use some 3185 Fence 1 x 4 x 2 and some 3633 Fence 1 x 4 x 1 pieces as I didn’t have enough of either. Due to the size restrictions, the windows were 2 studs wide and spaced every two studs. The following images explain how I centered the ‘open’ part of the fense in the gaps. The horizontal transparent pieces are required to hold the center sections together. I am submitting this for The University of Petraeas' Doctorate of Historica program in the following subjects: Architecture → Roofing Style 3 (Sideway, Alternating Cheese Slopes) Architecture → Roof rakes Architecture → Advanced windows and window frames
  3. Hi all. I present my largest moc so far "Crocodile Customs" For some time Lord Bonebane has been growing an army... For what purpose is yet to be revealed. Whilst he and his mysterious mage are hard at work 'recruiting' troops, the more menial tasks such as equipping an army are outsourced to different tribes throughout Nocturnus. One such tribe is the crocodile tribe of His Toothiness Croc Quextilox. For many years he and his tribe were known bullies to the surrounding villages, but being a small tribe the powers that be have little time to deal with them. This made the tribe perfect for Bonebane to make use of. With help from the double crossing human known simply as Gorrick, the Croc were set up with a new trade - customs officers. Anyone passing along the coastal trading route was required to declare their wares and pay the going taxes. This cost was usually by confiscation of 25% of wares, sometimes far more if the wares were useful for army building. In return for sending war supplies and weapons to Bonebane, the Croc were licensed to keep 5% of non military wares for themselves and would be granted larger lands once the coming war was won. However... slowly the dowry paid to Bonebane became and less and less and rumours of the croc's riches began to spread. This needed checking out. Gorrick was dispatched with an armourer to find out what was going on. He arrived at the customs house posing as a trader, stepping into a scene of people unhappy at the huge and sometimes total cost of taxes. Upon entering the customs house he was confronted with more unhappy 'customers'. When handed his tax note he found out why- a tax of 100%!!!! This was strange - nowhere near this amount of 'taxes' was being received by Bonebane. He demanded to speak with the management. Upstairs he found Quextilox flanked by his treasures dining like a king. Quextilox was unconcerned by his anger and asked his guards to show Gorrick out. Outside Gorrick soon found a messenger and had a letter sent to Bonebane as fast as the horse could travel. Before long Bonebane arrived with a raiding force. Fighting soon broke out around the customs house as the crocs realised they were about to loose their luxurious lifestyle. Inside Bonebane and his mage soon found Quextilox and 'reminded' them of the original arrangement. To be continued....... Hope you like. C & c welcome. More photos of the build below. I really enjoyed this once I worked out what I could do with the part I had. I really like the modular and wanted to try something along those lines but don't currently have enough parts to make a fully fledged modular. I'd like to claim doh credits for the following: Anthropology - life in Nocturnus General Building - interior design Lance design - tree technique 2 Architecture - roofing 1 forgot to take a photo but in the pic above if you turn the barrel on the balcony it let's a trapdoor on the balcony fall over. A little play feature I thought would be a fun way to load a cart parked below.
  4. Covenant84

    moc - waterfall

    Hi all. A moc based a little way down stream from my last one ( ) I'd like to claim doh credit for: Hydrology - waterfall C & c welcome
  5. Greetings, Historicans I am working on putting my lands on the map, and in that process, I have built the farm presented below. I am quite happy with it, but as always, landscaping isn't my strongest side. I have tried photographing in the sun, which I think turned out reasonably well. I am still new here and eager to learn, so please let me know what you think. In the lands of the Trifork, in Avalonia, near the border to Kaliphlin and the heartlands of Historica surrounding Cedrica, even peace is unruly. Living outside the protective walls of the Trifork itself is risky at best, with Outlaws from several lands, mercenaries between hires, as well as all sorts of shady types roaming the lands, on their way by the busy roads that links so much of Historica. Consequently, the few who dares, and even fewer who succeeds, are bound to reap great benefits off the lush riverlands. One such man is Ser William Drake, recent heir of Drakeshome Manor, a fortified countryside mansion in the midst of some of the most fertile lands of Historica. The entrance to the manor is at the foot of the stone tower, through a heavy, iron hinged oak door under a strong stone arch. The small windows of the tower are barred with sturdy metal bars, and it is evident that only a determined and well-equipped enemy will be able to breach its way into the manor. From the battlements of the third floor of the tower, the defenders will be able to rain arrows and stones unto anyone daring to try, delaying the attackers for long enough for reinforcements to arrive from the Trifork. At the back, two residential wings rest upon the stone barns, in which the cattle and pigs are kept safe from the elements. Drakeshome is one of the main producers of beef, dairy, and pork in the area, selling their wares almost exclusively at the markets of the Trifork. But Drakeshome Manor delivers more than livestock, as its fields on the lush riverplains have some of the highest yields of corn, grain, and turnip. At harvest, volunteers in great numbers arrive from the Trifork and beyond, helping to bring the invaluable foodstuffs home. Below a few more pics: The build is modular, to allow access to the (sparse) interior. The tower also comes off. Here the base of the build with all modules removed. I would like to claim the following UoP Credits: Agriculture and Zoology three of: crop farming raising livestock Further, this should count as Agriculture - Grains and Produce and Agriculture - Livestock for the HSS task. C&C more than welcome.
  6. Thomas of Tortuga

    Character Intro- Kashifa ibn Mu'adh

    Kashifa bint Mu'adh is a treasure-hunter from Kaliphlin. She was kidnapped as an infant and sold into slavery, and was raised by a merchant from Sultan's Gate before escaping at the age of 13. Today, she earns a good living exploring both in ancient archives and throughout the wild lands, finding long-lost treasure hoards from the centuries before the great wars. Although her red hair obviously doesn't flow from Kaliphlin blood, her true ancestry is lost in a mist no explorer could pierce. In a long-forgotten tomb on Gorr, a vast treasure was once concealed. After careful research and searching, it has at last been rediscovered. Above, a hired worker waits for good news- of treasure, or of a return to civilization. It hardly matters to him anymore, after a week in the jungles. The entrance into the tomb. The title of this thread is actually the wrong character name- I just found out that "ibn" means "son of", and "bint" is the Arabic word for "daughter of." Whoops Thanks for reading, and constructive criticisms are greatly appreciated. Have a nice day! EDIT: University of Petraea credits: +1 Dense foliage landscaping +1 Lighting +1 Interior Design +1 Life in Kaliphlin
  7. -Carson Haupt-

    Task II and Task III

    Second Task Avalonians! Your Lords and Ladies (Sigfigs) have need to travel the realm. Who accompanies them on these journeys? What is their standard retinue? For the second task, you should provide a picture of your Lord/Lady and their entourage. They can be mounted or on foot, but it should be how you'd expect to see your sigfig about in the realm. Remember that you should be displaying flags in the guild colors (dark green and sand green) or incorporating these colors into your uniform or standards. Task II, Task III 001 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr When Cassius travels, he is almost always accompanied by his adviser, Alfred. He sometimes also brings various nobles and officers along with him. Task Three image by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Burnby is a county on the southern border of Avalonia, and a river (does that river have a name?) runs down the western border. The county is slightly less forested in the south, closer to Kaliphlin. Task II, Task III 020 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Subsistence farming is the most common occupation, but most farmers are registered in the militia, and many second born sons join the army. Caseus, Duke of Burnby 031 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr The Burnby family has ruled the county for many generations, and the current ruler is Cassius IV, fourth of his name. In the past, the county was a duchy in the time before the Guilds, and the rulers are still styled as Duke or Duchess. Task II, Task III 017 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Mother Morda, and Father Ramire In Burnby, the Duke and most of the commoners follow the faith of the Divine Family, an elvish faith from times long gone. The order of The Mother trains young girls to be good wives and mothers, and most noble-born girls are novices. Father Ramire is the current priest. MaC entry 022 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr A shrine to the Mother I'd lie to get UoP credit for the following: -trees (in the group shot)
  8. -Carson Haupt-


    In Burnby, the vast majority of peasants are farmers. Everything from apples to zilly-peppers are grown, and the vines produce wine known far and wide for its taste. Task II, Task III 020 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Task II, Task III 022 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Task II, Task III 023 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr The red-crested ground hen. Task II, Task III 025 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Task II, Task III 027 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Task II, Task III 033 by Carson Haupt, on Flickr ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'd like to get UoP credit for the following: -dense foliage -trees -crop farming More picture on Flickr.
  9. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ... Happy New Year!!! And so the students gave eachother a hug, the girls a kiss or 3, and they all toasted to the new upcomming year! They all knew Historica still wasn't a safe spot, that it still were dark times for everyone, but that night, they forgot all that. They celebrated like it was their last party ever... => The front => The Brownies are the students of the Mu Sigma House => Mitgardian Dwarf Student & Valyrian Student => The symbols Mu & Sigma => Avalonian Elf Student => The back (with Nocturnian Werewolf student on the stairs) => Close-up of the bookshelf and some other stuff The students of Mu Sigma (so these with the tan top) are all future lawyers, politicans, historicans, ... of the glorious city of Mpya Stedor and so their studies are paid by the city. Lord Damaximus is so pleased by the building at the University of Petraea Campus that he will replicate it in his city :D But, that was just a side note... The Mu Sigma House, Lord Damaximus, Mpya Stedor, the I.A.M.S. and all the Alleenridders wish you a very happy New Year, without any trouble and a lot of luck !!!! (that's for both you and your sigfigs!) C&C and wishes allways welcome! edit: well, this is already for the second semester of the University Challenge