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Found 6 results

  1. On a wide flat plain, two miles southwest of Trador, a new stone circle was built. The altar in the center is dedicated to the Triuri. Tonight is the Winter Solstice, and the first of many ceremonies is going to be held here. As with many structures designed by the Truachesh neh Triuri, the stone circle is oriented precisely with magnetic north. The four stone tables outside the circle are oriented on a 45 degree bias. (full image) The inner ring, where the revelers gather, is filled with crushed limestone. (full image) The altar contains a carved representation of the three aspects of the Triuri, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. (The pillar portion is based on a Christmas ornament design by Chris McVeigh.) Waiting on the altar are an incense burner, a bottle of uisge with the rare mushroom atop it, and a well-preserved, bound copy of the ceremonial text for the Solstice ceremonies. Dearji is a little apprehensive this afternoon, because this will be the first major ceremony that she will be leading by herself. Dearji stands below the carved and painted representation of the Mother aspect of the Triuri. This faces true magnetic north. The Maiden aspect of the Triuri faces exactly 120 degrees east. The Crone aspect of the Triuri faces extactly 120 degrees west. Commodore Uthur McIvar, commander of the Golden Grasshopper, is admiring the stone masons' precise carving skill. All of his crew, even the non-believer Chief Xuan Lo, will be attending the ceremony. (full image) Look at it! With their cargo delivered, most of the crew of the Consort's Duty returned to Trador for their leave, but Captain Missa Drewsa, her long-time lover Callum Dunn, and young Natan deGrosh have stayed for the ceremony. Callum is admiring the Crone representation. He thinks it looks like his mother. Callum will be playing the ceremonial music, on a drum to be brought by one of the local militia. Casks of uisge, goblets to be filled with the drink (then topped by the ceremonial mushrooms), and scrolls printed with the ceremonial songs, if revelers want to sing along to the beat. (full image) Natan doesn't believe in anything really, but he has heard some wild stories about the experiences at these events. He has even offered to help set up for the evening. "Not now," Captain Drewsa tells Natan, "The mushrooms stay stored until the uisge is poured." (full image) Just a shot of another of the tables without anything in the way, to show off the precise lawn maintenance here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have a happy Solstice!
  2. In the Third Book of the Second Age, the Triuri tells us that there are numerous islands in the far eastern sea upon which can be found 'waters' that provide some measure of regeneration and age retarding effects. Many of these, the Triuri warns, have dangerous costs. At the time, that revelation spurred on adventurers to find these islands. Only a hand full of were ever found by these epic explorers. All had some danger to the drinking, but the worst was on an island they called Sgian Ghuin. This happened more than three thousand years ago. During the ensuing millennia, The Truachesh civilization faded from prominence, and eventually passed into obscurity. Some records were lost, and maps not added to the Holy Text were infrequently copied. The exact locations of these known fountains were forgotten. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ylsbeth the Starcatcher had studied long and hard to become the youngest High Priestess of the Crahaish neh Triuri. One of her focuses was on the great epics of the Truachesh High Period, and she had spent many nights using what historical records remained to plot her ancestors' travels onto modern charts. Because of the current major governments' expansion Ylsbeth has again taken to plotting the ancient epics on the new maps of Terraversa Sea. Recently the circulation of the story about Father Tholeau having found what he called the Fountain of Youth made High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher worried. She pushed the rest of the Crahaish neh Triuri to mount an expedition, to find and guard the most dangerous of the known 'fountains' from the Truachesh epics. So that is why the Island Rose was commissioned, and outfitted for a long voyage. And using the ancient accounts, the crew of Triuri faithful, and Ylsbeth herself, have found Sgian Ghuin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher stands below the ancient Truachesh built archway, which proclaims the dangers of drinking the 'water' found here. It reads, 'Man will die if he does not drink this from the mouth of a woman.' As Ylsbeth is the only woman on this voyage, any of the crew who wish to brave the water's effects, must drink it from her mouth. Here it can be seen that the Truachesh archway isn't the only embellishment this place has seen. Another culture, much older and long gone, marked this site as well. Also, it seems that later men have tried to drink without understanding the warning. Captain Hammish Grei has decided to brave drinking the water from Ylsbeth's mouth. Ylsbeth takes a small sip herself. Even though she is still quite young, her breasts firmed up from the bit of sag she has had in the past year, her skin softened, the wear on her teeth repaired, and even the mild upset stomach from some stale hardtack went away. Holding more of the water in her mouth, Ylsbeth steps down, setting the goblet aside. She motions Captain Grei to stand where she had, and absently wonders how much it would change a man twenty years her senior. Quickly Hammish steps up, and sips from her mouth, open in offering. As he drinks deeper, Ylsbeth kisses him teasingly, then steps back. The change is near immediate, and Captain Grei now looks to be a barely a man of twenty-five. Consort Taliesin the Lightbringer celebrates their success. How he got on that ledge, and why, are a tale for another time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are some empty overview shots. A good look at the 'water' flowing into the pool. And a better shot of the pool from above. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eight more detail images can be found in this Flickr album. What do you think?
  3. On a small bit of rock in the ocean, already claimed my Eslandola, stand three celebrants. Captain Prows couldn't remember the Corrie Lt. Commander's name. It had been too odd and complicated for him to try repeating. 'Tolan will remember it,' he thought. The Corrie officer had recently converted to the Triuri faith, and this was his first other worlds ritual (as best they could manage). They had been here for hours, and though it is slightly foggy, the full moon has given the three faithful plenty of light to see by. The uisge drunk through the mushroom was starting to take effect. Captain Prows was starting to see bright purple dragons being ridden by strange skinny people. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some overall shots, one empty of figs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Detail shots. Click to see larger.
  4. gedren_y

    Island Rose

    High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher has commissioned a ship built on behalf of the Crahiash neh Triuri. It was deemed that a fast explorer vessel was needed, so that those faithful to the Triuri could find and protect the Fountain of Youth. This is what the shipbuilders at New Terreli came up with. The flower motif was Ylsbeth's idea. She named her the Island Rose. Captained by Hammish Grei, and crewed only by worshipers of the Triuri, the Island Rose is now fully provisioned and ready to set sail tomorrow. Luca Damser, a recent convert to the Triuri faith, waits just below deck with his musket ready to fire at anyone who doesn't give the password. He pulled one of the short straws, and now must take first shift guarding the ship while the rest of the crew celebrate. The next two shifts have it worse, because they cannot drink at the celebration before coming on duty. When he is relieved, Luca intends to drink enough for all three of them at the celebration. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Story update) Ever since the event of his ransom, Tolan duBroise is now the captain of the Island Rose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lots of detail shots. Just click the thumbnails. Deck and bow: Stern and sails: Dock and water: Hull shots out of the water. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was an experiment in hull design. Some of the parts were old pieces in colors they never came in, so there's no building this in real bricks. Here's the LDD file, when brickshelf makes it public. The ship is something of a cross between an Italian lanteener, an Italian carrack, and an Arab dhow. She has no 'guns', and carries only provisions and crew.
  5. gedren_y


    Sailors can be a superstitious lot. Even though only a small percentage of them worship the Triuri, seeing that ships blessed in some way by the Crahaish neh Triuri have safer voyages can be convincing. Now one of the nine High Priestesses of the Crahaish neh Triuri. Ylsbeth the Starcatcher, is willing to bless outbound cargo, and the captains of many trade vessels are taking her up on the offer. Each has brought something bound for their final port of call. Ylsbeth makes her blessings on a small patio belonging to one of the more prominent shippers. Her Consort waits with a goblet of holy water, in case her throat becomes dry during the blessings. Each item gets blessed in turn. Captains and crew wait quietly at a distance, not wanting to interrupt the blessings, but ready to retrieve their cargo at a moment's notice. Ylsbeth is happy that so many are beginning to take an interest in the Triuri. She also notices a few of the captains and crew eying her with more physical interest. She doesn't discourage this, but will only be bedding her Consort tonight. Tomorrow, though, may find Ylsbeth dockside. ------------------------------------------------------ Just a quick vig I threw together yesterday.
  6. Down at the edge of the beach in Nova Terreli is a warehouse owned by MAESTRO. Stored there are rolls of sail canvas and large spools of hemp rope, for MAESTRO ship repairs. The warehouse was built upon a raised platform in such a way as to leave a ledge at the back (seaward) wall. The man in charge of accounting for, and dispensing, the supplies therein is Quartermaster Bastian Touw. Two years ago the playwright Tragian Altidore befriended Bastian. This permitted Tragian to use the ledge as a stage, after clearing a bit of brush to set up seating. Tragian used the space as a practice venue to try out new prose for an audience of select, trusted friends. Recently Tragian has converted to the Triuri faith, and has now invited Dearji the Windsong to sing and help his friends to understand the glory of the Triuri. ". . . i mewn neh tahweil chawr." Dearji finished the Song of Resting in the old tongue. (From left to right) Tragian Altidore in his bardic finery. Arsbeth Westerlond, Tragian's new 'lady friend', is a little unsure why she's here. Riy Kul is doing his best to learn about the other cultures of this world. (Left to right again) Riy Kul has a token he will offer to Dearji after her performance. Tolan duBroise is sipping a little local wine as he lets Dearji's soothing voice wash over him. Quartermaster Bastian Touw thought this was going to be some sober, holy address, like those Order of the Faith ceremonies that he got drug to by other friends. He decides to reach for the bottle of fine uisge that Dearji has furnished him with. ----------------------------------------------------------- Just some shots of the plants and the build empty to show the seating design. ---------------------------------------------------------- These are the first Lego images taken with my new cell. Hopefully, with practice, I will have some more quality pics from now on.