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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! After a few months of hiatus, some updates from my town :) Here we are the latest update of my construction site, with a more realistic tower crane, partially insipired by set #7905. Enjoy the pictures and I hope you'll like!
  2. I am doing something I have never done before. A few days ago I started the 42042 A model again, but from a new set I had stashed. I built bags 1 and 2 and started bag 3. That means I had the driving base and gearbox completely built. Long story short, I decided (don't ask why) to build the B model instead. I took apart the gearbox and any bag 3 additions, but left the driving base alone, assuming that the driving base is the same for the A and B models. i have carefully gone through the instructions and the driving base appears to be identical for both the A and B models, so I sorted bags 4 with bags 2 and 3 and will start the assembly of the tower. My question is.... is the driving base actually the same for the A and B model? Or will I have to make changes to it? i have a few days of assembly on the tower base before I need to join the tower to the driving base and I would appreciate it if someone can confirm or deny that the driving bade is the same. Any response will be much appreciated. Andy D
  3. I just wanted to show you the status of my project for the TC8 contest. So I opted for a Fast Erecting Crane after watching from Cranes Etc on YouTube, being fascinated with the unfolding action of it, and wanting to build something different from what I've done before. It is loosely based on the Liebherr 81K, at least in regards to functions, but the looks are a bit more difficult to get right. First and foremost, this is not very Technical in terms of gears and stuff, but rather a study in truss construction (fundamental in most engineering disciplines), and using pulleys and cables (ropes) to achieve the desired functions. The main jib is close to a meter long when unfolded, but due to the truss construction and guy lines, it is pretty much perfectly straight/level, even if it's hinged only in one point. :thumbup: Like I mentioned in aminich's topic, I've had some problems to take pictures of it as it is very large when erected, but I'll try to take some tomorrow. I have a couple of pics of it in folded configuration. First, here it is on its dollies (I'll probably throw together a quick truck to go with it), all folded and ready for transport. The key function I wanted in this MOC is to have the actual foldability modeled reasonably accurate, so it will be able to go from this state to fully erected and ready for action in a manner similar to the real life counterpart. And next it is sat on its independently adjustable outriggers in the grass, waiting to be extended/unfolded: The outriggers seem to do their job.. There are four of them, in an X-configuration. I haven't done the counterweight assebly yet, but I hope five AA battery boxes will do the trick if placed correctly, as I don't have any more The main tower (yellow) has room for the inner tower (black) that is 5x5 in cross section. It extends to roughly twice the height it is in the picture. The jib consists of three parts; the black one (innermost) and two yellow ones (middle and outermost). The LBG parts are part of the guying system. I know it looks a bit messy, but trust me, it looks a lot more impressive when fully erected/extended Unfortunately, due to not having done the counterweight system yet, it would topple over if I tried to get a picture of it now. Anyway, still some issues to figure out, mostly in regards to the counterweights, but also a good solution for the hoist rope, and the trolley. Hope to have some more progress done by tomorrow!
  4. LegoMonkeyMan

    [WIP] Tower Crane

    I have been working on a mostly rc tower crane for a few weeks (I don't have much time to build). And I wanted to show some progress. Because I couldn't shrink the size of my pictures I have them visible on my website. Hope you like it.
  5. desert752

    Tower Crane Mk II

    Hello all!!! I want to show my funny MOC - Tower Crane Mk II (the first Tower Crane is a history now :) It has four RC functions (four M-motors) and it is telescopic! Its normal height is 145 cm. But it can rise himself up to 210 cm! For the counterweight i used three battery boxes with batteries Video: Thanks for watching!!!