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Found 8 results

  1. This weekend the swedish exhibition Klossfestivalen hade it's 5th run. The show Swedish AFOLs teamed up with MVL Designs to give you a tour of all the builds. For all of you that was not able to visit Sweden. Hope you enjoy it ?
  2. Last Wednesday, September 6th, I was kindly granted an early entrance to the LEGO House with a camera and here's the resulting video. Please keep in mind that the House will have more to offer when it officially opens on September 28th, and that there was still some work in progress on several exhibits. Special thanks to TLG's Jan and Trine for making it possible :)
  3. If this topic is not in the right section, can admin please remove it to the appropriate section. Is anyone from the forum going to one of the Lego Inside Tours next year? I was lucky enough to get the place on the first one, from May 5th to May 8th! Can't wait for it, this is going to be the longest 6 months wait in my life!
  4. (from the festival website) I had went to Port Washington, Wisconsin's Maritime Heritage Festival, and took a self-guided tour of the Tall Ship Peacemaker. I figured I would post pictures of my tour to provide inspiration for more realistic MOCs that we construct. The vessel is a Barquentine Rigged vessel, and its interior construction is apparently based upon the Cutty Shark. Below are specifications of this vessel provided by the website for this vessel. Specifications Sparred length 158 feet Length Overall (LOA) 124 feet Length at Waterline (LWL) 104 feet Rig Height 123 feet Beam 33 feet Draft 14 feet Hull Structure Ipe ("Ironwood") Displacement 400 T Registration Georgia (USA) Rig Barquentine Sail Area 10,600 Square Feet Builder Maccarini Shipyard Navegantes, SC, Brazil Keel Laid 1986 Launched 1989 Here are some overview pictures of the vessel docked at Port Washington: Some images of the lower quarter deck. My three year old was with me with her stuffed parrot, which she thought was a good idea to bring to a pirate ship. Here are some images of the upper quarter deck. Here are some pictures of the rigging and sails Here's the helm, which is found inside a structure on the upper quarter deck In the last thumbnail just above, my daughter was heading to the captain's quarters. It's accessed from the lower quarter deck and is located at the stern. It contains all modern furnishings. Here are some pictures of the bow. And here's a close up of the bell. It's located on the fore/main mast. Well sums up my tour of the vessel, and none of you have to pay $6 per person for admittance.
  5. The Fighting Pit of Mophet The oasis town of Mophet is situated along the oil road and is an important stop for travellers of all sorts between Petraea and Barqa. Its foremost attraction to visitors is the fighting pit, where fights against animals or even between gladiators take place. Betting is big business and after every fight substantial amounts change hands. Today, the fierce old Mitgardian bear Bruno fights a bestiarius who seems to have gotten himself into a tougher fight than he expected and have already added some of his own blood to the already bloody sand. Fights between gladiators also happen, but are a much rarer occasion. Today's highlight is a fight between a retiarius (lightly armored, but armed with a net and a long-reaching trident) and a secutor (heavily armored and with a sturdy shield and a sharp sword). Here, the retiarius has caught the secutor in his net and tries to take advantage of the situation. Whose blood will be next to color the arena sand? Mophet is situated along the oil road about half-way between Barqa and Petraea (not shown on this map): A painting of the pivotal point in the fight between Bruno and the bestiarius, who do you think won this fight? The previous days on the tour: Day 1 - The Withered Woods Day 2 - The Jungles of Gorr Day 3 - The Lone Mountain Day 4 - The Qar-Akhen Marshes Day 5 - The Dune Sea Day 6 - The Great Dragonboat Race Day 7 - Arkbri Falls Day 8 - Okatowan Gardens Day 9 - The Triumphal Arch of Petraea Day 10 - Amrakect Market Day 11 - One Year Party Day 12 - The Lion Dance
  6. Welcome good travelers! We are pleased to have you join us on this wonderful tour of the many wonders of Kaliphlin! Today is our first stop, and we are brought to the home of the elves in the Withered Woods. Remember to keep your arms and legs inside the trolley for the entire ride. The elves are known to be territorial, and only allow us through on special occasions. We also ask that you please do not feed the elves. Theirs is a strict diet of figs, berries, nuts and green vegetables. We hope you enjoy the tour, and remember to join us everyday for the rest of this month for the rest of the tour! Fellow Historicans, the tour of Kaliphlin has begun. We ask that you all enjoy the many wonders we have to offer over the next 2 weeks. As always, thank you for visiting your friends in the South!
  7. On the third day of the tour, we'll be taking you to the snowy solitude of the Lone Mountain - just to discover it's not so lonely after all! So please, buckle your seat-belts, set your trays in full upright and locked position, and get those ear muffs and mittens ready! Are you tired of the breezy winds of the Withered Wood and the tropical heat of the Jungles of Gorr? Then take a break at the Lone Mountain, where even the coldest snow lovers will feel at home again! Enjoy the bright and varied birds that make the mountain's echos ring again with their warbling songs! The Red Bellied Strutter, so named because of... well, it's red belly and a tendency to strut: The Black Billed Warbler, a blue and dark blue bird that is a native only of Kaliphlin: The Plimigen, one of the most common birds in all snowy areas, and found in flocks in the Lone Mountain and its environs: And that ends our tour for today! Stay tuned for tomorrow's visit to another landmark of Kaliphlin! If you've missed them, be sure to check out: Kayne's Inside Kaliphlin: Day 1 The Withered Woods Masa of Kaliphlin's Inside Kaliphin: Day 2 Jungles of Gorr And don't be late for the bus again! C&C are welcome! I hope one and all have been enjoying their trip through Kaliphlin so far!
  8. The Dune Sea Heading north on our journey from the waterlogged marshes in the Akhenaten delta, where the Qar-Akhen river meets the Southern Ocean, the landscape quickly turns arid. Here we find the Dune Sea, with its great sand dunes stretching for leagues. In some places among the dunes there are sources of water so the area is not completely uninhabited, but the ever-shifting sands mean that the settlements usually have to be abandoned when they are swallowed by the dunes. One such settlement in the western part of the Dune Sea is depicted in the postcard below. The beauty of the landscape is usually enough to attract the occasional tourist. A less known highlight is that the sand dunes also offers great possibilities to ride wooden boards down the slopes, something that the local people have used as a means of transportation for hundreds of years. While maybe not as fast as skiing down the slopes of the Rakath Mountains, this offers southern Kaliphlin’s best opportunities for the speed enthusiast! Another painting of just the ruins and sand dune: Previous stops on the tour of Kaliphlin: Day 1 - The Withered Woods Day 2 - The Jungles of Gorr Day 3 - The Lone Mountain Day 4 - The Qar-Akhen Marshes