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Found 7 results

  1. It seems like all of my MOCs are being finished during the month of March. I present a Large Scale version of the Kalmar 180-9 forklift. I started this MOC last July, and after completing a number of other distractions, it's done. I'm please with the result. All pictures may be found on Flickr. The MOC features: Dual Stage Lift, PF L Forklift Tilt, PF M Steering, PF Servo Drive, PF XL Opening Doors Removable bodywork The lift is able to move three AA PF battery boxes (~600grams) to the height of 39 studs. Much more at Photo Photo 2 Lift Chassis Open Enjoy, and happy building.
  2. It's been a busy start of the year in Thirdwiggville, with the two and a half TC9 builds, the 911, and now this, and it's only the first week of March. Granted, this has been on The Queue for a couple of months, but either way the productions is making me feel pretty good. This is a small scale MOC of the K-Tec 1233 Scraper. More can be found about the machine here, and where I learned about the machine here. Features: Steering 6x6 drive 2 cylinder fake engine full suspension lifting scraper opening dirt gate moving extractor plate Enjoy Front Suspension Trailer
  3. It has been a little quiet in Thirdwiggville for the past couple of months, but some projects are finally being completed. I present my next MOC the CAT 586C Site Prep Tractor. More information can be found at The MOC features: Four wheel Drive Steering Rear Pendular Suspension I3 Fake Motor Cooling Fans Working Mulcher Drum Mulcher Lift and Tilt Mulcher Guide Bar Mulcher Entry Gate Rear Winch Opening Engine Hatches Opening Driver Doors See video .The driveline is here. And a view of that rump. Two more MOC coming in July stay tuned.
  4. After spending a lot of time on the Cadillac ATS, it was time to make something a little more simple. Here is a John Deere Windrower. Much more at Features: Steering I-3 Motor Portal Axles Working Mowing Implement Implement Lifting arm Green Enjoy.
  5. So it took me a while but the Cadillac ATS is finally done. Much more at Here are some pictures: Features: opening hood opening trunk four opening doors opening glove box working rear center armrest 6 Speed manual transmission with single pivot point limited slip differential rear independent suspension with increasing negative camber front independent suspension with increasing negative camber, kingpin inclination, and ackerman geometry a full size spare tire three interchangeable engine options to meet your needs or budget Video is . Enjoy.
  6. I've started on a chassis that will eventually be used to build a supercar with, as per the unofficial Technic rite-of-passage: Notable features include a floating differential setup that's borrowed from Thirdwigg's 8081 RT MOC (found here: The always necessary underside shot: The right and left sides, respectively: The back end: And a shot from the top: A lot of this is placeholder; the entire front steered suspension setup is also borrowed from Thirdwigg's MOC and as such is held on with the power of Grayskull wishful thinking. In addition, the chassis is about as short as it will get due to the fact that the drivetrain is artificially long to avoid issues with the half-width offset generated by the floating differential, and the servo motor is set directly end-to-end with the L-motor. Finally, I think the chassis overall is a little too tall for a supercar, and I would like to lower that somewhat. Basically, I'm looking for what I can improve to make this a bit more compact (and yet still have room for a battery, something essential I forgot to put into this) and what I can do to make it stronger. This project is derived from the thread I made recently about developing a compact suspension ( - as you can see, I ended up using Thirdwigg's solution as it was going to be much better than anything I could come up with in a reasonable amount of time. Let's finish off this post with some nice pictures of the rear drivetrain, with and without the various supporting elements!
  7. I present my entry to the Eurobricks Technic Triple challenge. We are off to the sod farm. Ever wondered how they grew such nice grass on your local golf course or the town square? They probably ordered sod and used machines just like these. The MAN TGS has working doors, steering, and a three part crane. The JCB 150t has working tracks, lifting and tilting forks. The Brouwer 1576 has a working 2 cylinder motor and working steering. The harvesting arm features a high speed cutting blade, and a timed blade that cuts the sod pieces to length, and a conveyor to move the sod up to the back pallet. Finally, the pallet holder can be dropped to let the full sod pallet off the back. Read much more at <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>