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Found 1 result

  1. Much of the year, this forum is a harmonious place where people can share MOCs, exchange ideas and give each other good feedback. But... underneath this level of politeness lives a world full of hatred and disgust for the opposite side of plastic human beings. We all know what I'm talking about: it's the epic war between Bluecoats and Redcoats that's been going on for years. Nobody knows how, when, or why it started, but it has become part of our nature. Sometimes, this anger needs a place to explode. That's why we are happy to present... The Third Redcoats vs. Bluecoats Tournament of Retribution! General purpose: The primary purpose of the Tournament is to have FUN at the expense of the opposing side (Redcoats vs. Bluecoats). The Tournament objective: Create a comic of up to 10 panels depicting the funniest, most brutal, outlandish stories of your side causing the most humiliating, physical, and/or emotional harm to the other side (as represented by their sides minifigures Red vs. Blue). Note: For the purpose of this competition Redcoats and Bluecoats represent no national origin so pick which minifigure you like best. Warning: If you are not charmed by our prizes, if you think trading is more important than fighting, if you faint the moment you change heads on a minifig, or if you are very easily offended, the Tournament of Retribution may not be for you! We suggest a cup of warm milk with a nice book of poems. If you have always wondered what exactly a minifigure's brains looks like, if you like bathroom jokes and Lego Pirates, and if you hate either the colour red or blue, then grab your cutlass and your eyepatch and enlist! How the Tournament will work this year: This year's Tournament will have two important new elements: The first is the use of ranks. There are certain ranks open for our members (see below). This is just for fun. Participants can give their avatar a rank in their comics. This can give them a title and the rank will also be included in the army list. The second is the use of themes. Every one of the rounds will be set in a certain theme. Participants will have to set their comics in these themes. The theme of the first round is "islanders". That of the second round will be "pirates". We're yet to decide on the theme of the third round. As long as you can put in a good defence as to why your MOC relates to the theme, we're okay with it. Competitors will have approximately 3 weeks to sign up in the official entry thread beginning November 17th, 2012. You will provide your user name and declare what side you are on (Redcoat or Bluecoat). READ ALL the RULES BEFORE YOU SIGN UP! Competitors will submit their entry by opening up a new topic in the Pirates MOC Forum. The topic should be entitled “ToR III:” and should have an appropriate title of their choosing. The first round of the Tournament will open on December 8th, 2012ish. Competitors will be given 4 weeks to submit their comic. The deadline is January 5th, 2013 at whatever time we feel like it so don’t wait until the last minute. Round two will be open on January 12th 2013. Competitors will be given 3 weeks to submit their second comic. The deadline for this round is the 2nd of February, 2013. February 8th a voting thread will be open to all Eurobricks members for one week. The best five of eacht faction will move on to the final round. Just for the record: everyone participates in the first and second round. Then, looking at both rounds, the best five of each faction will be invited (after voting) to participate in the final round. Round three will be open on February 23rd, 2013. Competitors will be given 3 weeks to submit their third and final comic. The deadline for this round is March 16th, 2013. March 22nd a voting thread will be open to all Eurobricks members (except those who joined after the 17th of November) for one week. Prizes will be awarded to the 6 top vote getters. The Rules: They’re more like Guidelines. No clone brands. Real LEGO, custom decals/stickers/string/sails, and aftermarket products (like Brickarms and Brickforge) only. Each entry may have up to 10 photographs or images in their comic strip depicting a sequence of events. Each "panel" is considered a single image or photograph whether it is a stand alone image or part of a comic strip spread. In other words, your entry may be just one image containing up to 10 separate panels or 10 individual photographs, or a mix of both (as long as it's no more than 10 panels). Regardless of you style, each posted image may be 800x600 maximum. Each panel should have text associated with it in most instances. The text can be dialog of the characters or a narrative description similar to what would be found in a comic strip or a combination there of. Each comic must contain at least one Redcoat & one Bluecoat soldier (from the Lego Pirates theme) (old or new figures are accepted, decals are OK as substitutes for Redcoat and Bluecoat soldiers as long as they look recognizable as the Lego version). Participants may use any other Lego factions, themes, minifigures etc. within their comic in support of their story. Note: The "new" dark blue governor torso will be accepted as either a Redcoat or a Blue Coat (does that make him a turn coat?). The red officers torso from PotC will be accepted as a redcoat and the dark blue officers torso from PotC will be accepted as a Bluecoat. Note: Each comic should be related to the theme of the round in some way. So the first round must somehow refer to islanders, and the second to pirates. The use of avatars in comics is encouraged and permitted but limited to the avatars of those who have entered the Tournament, Tournament Hosts and Classic-Pirates Crew Members. Eurobricks members who wish to allow the use of their avatar in the Tournament may do so by signing up in a special topic that will be opened. By joining the Tournament or authorizing the use of your avatar you are agreeing to have your avatar abused in whatever way competitors and Tournament Officials see fit to abuse them. This is a comic contest NOT a building contest. Competitors should attempt funny story telling through the use of Lego depicting senseless violence and other nonsensical behavior by Redcoats and Bluecoats toward Redcoats or Bluecoats, build as much or as little as you need to tell your story. In the Second Round, a CGI-comic is also allowed for Bluecoats, but not preferred. About Spectators: Spectators are asked to : Get into the rowdy spirit of the Tournament. Take the energy level of their posts and comments up a notch and focus on the story and not just the building techniques. Fans should have as much fun as possible…it really can be rewarding….to be an active spectator! But please don't spam too much! 1-3 comments per thread should be enough. Tournament Hosts: Captain Blackmoor for the Bluecoats and Captain Green Red Hair for the Redcoats will serve as this year’s Tournament hosts/commanders. They will be helped by their Generals: ZCerberus for the Redcoats and Admiral Croissant for the Bluecoats.The hosts will be responsible for settling any questions , disputes or other issues, interpreting and enforcing rules and deadlines, and presiding over all hangings, floggings, rum distribution and other social gatherings within the context of the Tournament including disqualification. In addition, as hosts, the contest gods have also granted us special powers….tune in to the Tournament to find out more! Ranks/positions AND ENTRIES: Bluecoat side: Commander - Captain Blackmoor General - Admiral Croissant Captain - Sebeus I#2 #3 Commodore - the Inventor #2 #3 Quartermaster - Colonel - HJ Media Studios #2 Lieutenant - Brig. Brick #2 #3 Sergeant - Tomcat RIO Soldier - Esurient #2 #3, Mazin, Deathdog Midshipman - Yawgmoth Navigator - Ecclesiastes #2 Cooper - PrivateGoat Gunner - JanSued Blacksmith - Blacksmith Surgeon - SkaForHire Cook - Grimmbeard#2 #3 Carpenter - kabel Ropemaker -Moschino Cartographer - Frank Brick Wright #2 #3 Sailmaker - Un1ted2 Sailor - Styrbjorn Powder Monkey - Axis600 Helmsman - Comrade Commander Barkeeper - Antonio #2 Deck Scrubber - Cara #2 ----- Redcoat side: Commander - Commander Red Hat General - ZCerberus #2 Captain - Captain Becker Commodore - captain donkey Quartermaster - MstrOfPppts #2 #3 Colonel - Brickington #2 Sergeant - Soundwave Lieutenant - Efullner #2 Soldier - Blackar #2 #3 Midshipman - Scorpiox Navigator - TheLegoNinja Cooper -Purpearljellyblob #2 #3 Gunner - Kurigan #2 Blacksmith - Legonardo Surgeon - VolcanicPanik Cook - Skalldyr#2 #3 Carpenter - Morthen #2 Ropemaker - dr_spock #2 #3 Cartographer - Mr Spielbrick Sailmaker - Con_Artist Sailor - legoandhistoryisawsome Powder Monkey - Capt. Stabbin #2 Helmsman - PMJ Deck Scrubber - Duck #2 ----- Any questions concerning the rules? Ask them here! IMPORTANT Tournament Threads The Rules (this thread) Official Sign Ups Avatar Authorization Prize Pool