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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone. I am back in GOH with a new little build for Avalonia Task 2 (after a while passed in Brethren of the Brick Seas...) I am continuing the story of Faladrin and his wife Walaheria showing their attempts to rebuild the Principality of Falahuas after a Drow raid left the land in ruins. If you missed the past chapters, here are some links : - The Restauration of Falahuas ch 1 - The Restauration of Falahuas ch 2 - The Restauration of Falahuas ch 3 - The Restauration of Falahuas ch 4 This is chapter 5 and it's occuring after Faladrin and his team met and defeated some Algus in the Last Outpost. The Rangers of Avalonia The last outpost Faladrin used to defend Falahuas against the Algus seemed better that he would expected. So, instead of leaving it at its fate, Lord Faladrin decided to used it as a training and recruiting camp. His old friend Aeldric from Vanhorn, when he re-opened the road between Falahuas and Vanhorn, offered him to recruit some Rangers of Avalonia to help Falahuas defenses. Faladrin thought it could be a good help but was not sure about hiring new men... Though, hearing about war at the Guild's doors involving The Trifork and Drond's Feelds and the rumours of civil war grounding in Nocturnus hasted Faladrin's decision. And he decided to use the back of the outpost, totally in ruins, to create a training camp for some Rangers of Avalonia. The men were training when a strange druid came to Faladrin and offered him his help. - But you're not a bow expert ! I clearly said that I especially want sharpshooters ! Clamed Faladrin to the old man. - You're mistaking, Mylord. Answered the druid. I am expert at throwing potions. And I can ensure you that potions of my creation are strongly poisonous or can deal some kind of (funny, did I say funny...) damages to an ennemy army ! - Ah ! Great ! I did not thought it like this ! Of course, you're very welcome in the first batalion of the Rangers of Avalonia, Ser... Sorry I missed your name... - Ser Nobelius, Mylord. My name is Nobelius. - Nice to meet you, Nobelius ! And welcome ! But during the hiring of the druid, nobody seemed to notice the strange shadowy winged creature spying behind the tree... To be continued... And here is the batalion of the Rangers of Avalonia : This batalion is meant to be my hero retinue as stated in Avalonia Task 2 rules, so I will post a photo of it in the Avalonia thread too. I hope you like the build and the story. C&Cs are welcome.
  2. Here are the previous episodes of the story : The Restauration of Falahuas Ch 1 The Restauration of Falahuas Ch 2 After his visit to Erthain and his inspection of the food supplies level, Lord Faladrin discovered the roads to exit the Principality of Falahuas were cut. Faladrin thought it was really the badest news he could have ! The port was severly hit by the Drows' attack as they came through rocky caves by the sea shore. The city center was badly damaged and the Market place, the city hall, the forum and the residence of the Princes are still in ruins too. It is difficult without the roads merchant trafic to be able to rebuild the city. How cuold the workers will build up some repairs without material supplies ? He definitively have to form a 'Road Repair Team' made of workers and of warriors to repair the roads and to secure them as well. As he arrived at the 'Wharf Delight', the old tavern alongside the quays of the Falahuawin river behind the fishery, near the port, Faladrin made his decision, he will supervise the roads repairs and lead the team himself. The Tavern and Inn is of good standards and had not suffered too much from the attack, so Faladrin and his wife, the Princess Walaheria, decided to move their residence here until the Princes' Residence is rebuilt. The Princess Walaheria was just finishing preparing herself when Faladrin arrived. Rest Falahuas 09 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Some street musicians band and acrobats were setting a show just in front of the tavern. Probably some of these traveling groups that were stucked in the city when the port was destroyed, Faladrin thought. Rest Falahuas 07 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Rest Falahuas 10 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr The old Barney, owner of the 'Wharf Delight', welcomed Faladrin : - Good morning My Lord ! Welcome ! - Good morning Barney. Is Walaheria here ? - Yes, Sure, she is upstairs. - Thank you, could you keep me a table and make an announce that I will organise a meeting after lunch where I will hire some valiant workers who are not afraid of going on the forest to make the roads repairs they need ! - Yes Mylord, as you wish. And Faladrin joined his wife to explain her his plan. Rest Falahuas 12 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr - Hello my love ! Good trip ? How are the food supplies ? Will the citizens starve ? Asked Walaheria. - Hello ! No, that's fine, the food suppplies are just enough to feed everybody but there is an other problem : The roads have been cut by the Drows when they retreat through the woods. - Oh ! I see... And without a functional port... - Yes ! You are guessing well, We are cut from the world, from our allies. But I have a plan : I will lead a little group of workers and warriors to make the repairs and I would like to you to lead the repairs of the port. Are you agree ? - Yes of course ! It is my duty as a leading Princess. - Ok ! Great ! I organized a meeting for this afternoon where I'll hire the team. In the tavern, the meeting begins : Rest Falahuas 15 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Rest Falahuas 11 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr - Alright, thank you all for coming at this meeting ! I see some of the fishers, great ! And some of the merchants, ok ! But you too ? The artists ? you want to work hard on the roads ? Said Faladrin when he saw the leader of the band he saw in front of the tavern the morning. - Yes of course Mylord ! Said the lady leader of the performing troupe. We are stucked in the city. Don't take offense, but it is not our way of life, we want to travel and perform our show elsewhere. So, what is the best for us to help and repair those roads ! - Alright ! Every help is welcome ! I am hiring you too. Ok ! Now the team is complete ! Lets get to work ! And Faladrin organised the roles of everyone, the plans of the bridge, the positions to reinforced by building new surveillance towers and the many details needed for such endeavor. With this build I am claiming Some of the Task 4 building for the city of Falahuas, Capital of the Principality of the same name. I'd like to claim : - Hospitality -Food and Beverage : Tavern (first flour) : Rest Falahuas 13 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr - Hospitality - Lodging : Inn (second flour) : Rest Falahuas 14 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Entertainers : Performing troupe : Rest Falahuas 16 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Thank you for reading my story. I know it is a bit long but the building was inspiring me when I built it so I felt I had to make more. So I added a removable second flour to add the Inn part of the building. The performing troupe made its own way when I prepared the minifigs to illustrate the front of the Tavern/Inn of the Wharf Delight. Hoping you like it. Thank you for C&C.
  3. With this build I am claiming the Task 4 : Laborers : Road workers category for my city of Falahuas. I made this little chapter also to announce that my trade roads by land are partially re-opened, mainly for Avalonians first. I am making Falahuas open to the Avalonians who want to create some trade roads with it. To do so : PM me and, when the road is accepted, make a build in the Falahuas market place. This will allow spreading some brands of trade from the 6th task ! And with it I am saying that I will participate more in the active political life and major lore of Avalonia and GoH ! This is the 4th chapter of my story The Restauration of Falahuas. Here are the previous chapters : - The Restauration of Falahuas Ch1 - The Restauration of Falahuas Ch2 - The Restauration of Falahuas Ch3 After joining Erthain at First Fall Point, the western borough of the city of Falahuas, and helping him to finish the bridge repairs, the 'Road Repair Team' lead by Lord Faladrin himself worked hard through the Enchanted Forest. They rebuilt each mile of the western road first in order to join Vanhorn and be able to contact some Avalonians. Lord Faladrin was on duty by escorting the workers through this part of the forest well known to be lush and opulent. The workers saw by seeing the flowers and the vegetation near the road, that is usually well kept, this will be a hard job to repair the road ! And Faladrin knew it was a dangerous pass. It was near there, some years ago, he was hit by a poisonned arrow that nearly killed him. Without the help of Walaheria, who healed him, he would be dead. Firstly, the team had to dig and remove the remnants of the older road. Then they had to spread sand and flatten the road bed. And finally put the pavement on. The stone cutters had to prepare and bring many loads of stones and pavement ! With all this activity around, nobody seemed to see this strange winged shadow passing through the bushes of flowers... To be continued...
  4. Here is the next Episode of my story of Faladrin and how he rebuilt Falahuas : The restauration of Falahuas Chapter 2. Faladrin was just leaving his crops inspection when Erthain stopped him : - But Mylord ... - Yes my friend. Rest Falahuas 04 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr - Erthain : We have a bigger problem than the food. - Faladrin : Ah ! What it could be ? The level of food supplies are clearly the main problem ! - Look at the road ! And look at the bridge ! Erthain made Faladrin follow the remnants of the poor road left after the war. He passed the ruins of some kind of storehouse. And Faladrin saw the problem : The bridge had been broken and the road cut. Impossible to reach Circadia nor Vanhorn. Falahuas without its port, destroyed by the Drows, and without a road is isolated by now ! Rest Falahuas 02 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Rest Falahuas 03 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr - Faladrin : Allright Erthain, do you think you could start repairing this bridge and I'll find some people to settle a "road repair team" so we could reach our neighbors rapidly. We will need to re open the trade roads by every means ! - Erthain : Yes mylord, the crops will give us just enough, so I think it is time to do some repairs. And Erthain began the repairs on the bridge. Rest Falahuas 05 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Let's hope the road repairs will go on rapidly, Falahuas should not stay isolated ! We will see that on the next episode. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I made the build in 2 times. I first build the side with the crops and the river without the fall and the other side, the rocky one. This crop made me think of the first part of the Story so when I finished my first chapter, I built the other part of the build. Btw, I wanted to make a small waterfall (I have to practice it because I plan to make one for the city itself) Here is a bonus picture of the entire build figless. Rest Falahuas 06 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Enjoy, and see you on next Episode !
  5. Free build for Avalonia 4th task : The restauration of Falahuas Chapter 1 Here is my first participation for the 4th task of Avalonia : I would claim the agricultural build for my capital Falahuas. It is also the first chapter of the story of the Restauration of Falahuas. Hope you'll enjoy it. After the Drows' attack on Falahuas, the fields near the city of Falahuas, the capital, had to be regrown rapidly so the citizens don't starve. Old Erthain, one of Faladrin faithfull friends, restarted some crops just at the western exit of the capital, at an ancient roadcrossing called First Fall Point, near the first falls of the river Falahuawin. Rest Falahuas 01b by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr Faladrin himself went to salute his old friend and inspect the crops. Rest Falahuas 01 by Thomas LOUYOT, sur Flickr - Faladrin : Hi my friend ! How are you ? - Erthain : Fine mylord, it's a pleasure to see you. - Are the crops ok for feeding the people now ? We're going very short in food supplies by now. - Yes, mylord, there will be enough to feed everybody. But we will need more men to harvest. - Ok, then you shall have men. - Thank you mylord. - You're welcome my old friend. - But mylord... To be continued...