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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there! I'm going to be posting links to my new model: The Fireball, from Star Wars resistance, the racing ship which Kaz Xiono races in the colossus. It's not the final version of the model, because I want some feedback about it to change some parts and to try to make it better. Any comment will help in the process, so please give your opinion! Bricksafe link to some images of the ship: Feel free to modify the model in your own way!
  2. LegoStarWarsLDDShop

    [LDD][MOD] Kylo Ren's Upsilon-class Shuttle

    Huge fan of LEGO's model for Kylo Ren's Shuttle, 75104, but as many fans as well, I was very disappointed that the ship's wings did not fold out. I was also a little disappointed that the color did not completely reflect that of the ship as seen in The Force Awakens. So of course I decided to add the missing features and improve the color, as well as change some other attributes. Finally finished my LDD rendition. What do you all think? I also listed some other changes I made on MOCpages, if you want to check them out.
  3. Chapter 1-Going Underground There was a distinct musty odor to the room. That in itself was odd. Here in Kaliphlin, moisture is rare so a musty smell is not common. However, this far below the city Ras-El-Akhen which was located on the Akhenaten Delta and thus on the coast of The Great Southern Ocean, there was a definite mustiness to the air. Kha removed his breastplate and placed on the stand just beneath his helm. For a moment he just stared and admired the workings of the Kaliphlin Lion standard and the Red and Blue accents that denoted his loyalty to this great kingdom. With a great exhale, he turned around and readied himself to leave. “Sir, are you sure this is such a good idea?” asked Henrik. Henrik was Kha’s oldest advisor here in the city of Ras-El-Akhen. For the duration of Kha’s rule, Henrik had been there attending to even the most minute details that he felt would help Kha be a great leader for his city. “No….I am not sure this is a good idea. But, now that we have started the Resistance and with the uprising that Malek has caused, I am out of options.” “Yes sir, turning Malek from the Desert King has certainly changed the landscape throughout Kaliphlin. However, I am not sure that this undertaking of yours is absolutely necessary. I am certain that you are the leader your people need here when all of this comes to a head.” Henrik countered. “Henry, you know that the Desert King has put a mark on my head. And even though most of the citizens here are loyal to me and to Kaliphlin, there are movements in the shadows even here. I have seen them, and I have been lucky so far. With what the Desert King is unleashing now, I fear that I must take drastic measures to ensure the future of a free Kaliphlin. “We cannot stand against the might he has gathered, and the unnatural powers he has at hand. Masa and I have uncovered something that may change the tide of this war for good. An ancient knowledge, or power actually that can help us remove the tyrant from his seat of power.” Kha continued. “So, I must go not only for my safety, but for the future of our land.” “My Lord Kha, I understand, but must you go looking such a vagabond?”, despite his proper upbringing and positive outlook, Henrik wasn’t able to make that sound complementing. With a laugh, Kha responded, “This is the only way I can get out of the city without being recognized! And I am in for a rough and dusty road ahead.”, he paused and took on a serious look. “Henrik, I need you to keep an eye on things here in Ras-El-Akhen as I’m gone. No matter who takes over the palace and the city, you must not let on your loyalty. Be the most loyal servant to them you can be. I need an insider when I return. And when I return, it will be in force and the Desert King will tremble.” As Kha wove his way through the streets of the city, he paused to take in the sights, smells and sounds of the land he loved. Through it all though, he could sense an air of fear and tension that seemed to crackle just below the surface. It was the fear of a free people that knew liberty was at risk. As he passed through the great Akhenaten gate, Kha paused and turned one last time to look on his city. He silently vowed that no matter what it took, he would see the council restored in Kaliphlin and the sovereign states returned to prominence. And at the last, he had to chuckle as he saw a member of the A’shan Daes standing vigilant atop the gate. With a quick tribute, the A’shan raised her spear and departed. Now, it was up to Kha. He and Masa had uncovered some ancient tomes that referred to an ancient. Referred to only as the Elemendi, but with such a combination of fear and reverence as to imply great power… Just a couple more shots of the gate... So....The Resistance is taking shape now. To the Ax with the Tax was just the beginning. I have quite a bit planned here, and some interesting new elements to bring to Historica as the plot thickens in Kaliphlin's turmoil as well as the impending Nocturnus civil war. Hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned as I will try to continue this story in a grand fashion.
  4. Lord Vladivus

    Port Wrath

    A wretched hive of scum and villainy. A more apt description of Port Wrath had yet to be uttered, at least if you weren't Orcish. The Orc quarter was particularly wretched. Dark figures came and went, and in a land such as Nocturnus, where lawlessness was the norm, not the exception, these figures represented the most reprehensible outlaws. The orcs simply didn't care. If you wanted to shift body parts, or deal with the Drow then this was the place. Even the Black Spire stayed away. For the most part. The docks planted their feet in a sea of blood, the water cursed in ancient times. In these waters lurked horrors unspeakable. A ratman from Skavenport padded softly towards an orc and a gorilla tracker making an illicit deal in the Alley of Chains. An orc chieftain strides towards the tavern next to his storehouse; the Flayed Avalonian. Inside the tavern, a wolf and a witch converse. Mhyrra: "The skull firsssst pup. The staff comes after." The wolf swallowed. It wasn't often that he felt nervous. The past months had involved preparing for this moment. Hunting a rarity. Claiming the kill. Not an easy task. The staff was formerly owned by the eminent, but now dead, Necromancer of Shadowmere, Krell. The skull had to be worth it. He spoke, the soft menacing growl gliding across the table: "Fenrir Bloodcloak keeps his word. The skull is yours." He placed the grinning skull on the table. "Is the staff mine?" Mhyrra hissed, fingers stretching out. "Aye, the staff is yours." Her fingers brushed the jawline of the skull. "At last, My Lord." Her head rose; "Fenrir, you are forever an ally of the Symbeline Coven. I never thought I would hold his skull in my hand. But your hunt has given me the skull of Vladivus, Lord of Shadowmere." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A freebuild to further my story. Hope you enjoy the story! C+C welcome!