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Found 2 results

  1. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: Outside of Belson... Next: Running guns to Rassilion |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 15 March 616 "Takashii Village" - 10 miles up "The Lifeflow" river, Nest of Thieves (8.5 land miles from Bastion "as the crow flies") {Large Education - "Way of the Blade" School / Red Dragon Shrine} {Settlement: Takashii Village} Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer Kurosawa-san: "I came here with my father from 42 years ago, I was only 5 then...and barely remember crossing the sea." We are sailing up "The Lifeflow" with our new-found friends...apparently due to the rocky, volcanic nature of this end of the river, our ships, even the larger ones, can travel some 12 miles up river before reaching an escarpment of waterfalls that feeds the lower river. Le Dindon on The Lifeflow.... on Flickr Kurosawa-san's group made their home here in a bend of the river, 10 miles upstream from Bastion, that stills the waters to a glassy, lake-like consistency.... Brotherhood of the Red Dragon Dojo on Flickr "My father and his men disassembled and brought this entire structure from our homeland...and rebuilt it here..." said Kurosawa-san, "Fine craftsmanship, especially in metal-crafts and wood-working is prized among our people." Brotherhood of the Red Dragon on Flickr helping a friend on Flickr "Our students come from all over....Garvey, Tellvok, Namere, Pan, Carna and Salleek. We've even had graduates from the 'Allied States' of the Mokolei Empire and beyond." Musketeer seeking training on Flickr arrival at the Dojo on Flickr "We train them in life skills and mental discipline...." Fishing at the Dojo on Flickr " well as swordplay...." Guru training initiates on Flickr "...and the use of our traditional armour, which is made of laquered wood and paper, among other things...." Master warriors on the pier.... on Flickr "But, the heart of the Dojo....and our spiritual lives, is our beloved shrine to the Red Dragon." Red Dragon Shrine (with offerings) on Flickr "We hope to establish an alliance with Bastion and the 'Sea Rats,' as you call yourselves. In exchange for transport and regular shipments of goods, we will train your people in our crafts, and our graduates can help fill out the ranks in your crews...." Red Dragon Dojo on Flickr Captain Rhys: "That sounds like a fine plan! I will make arrangements in Bastion upon our return...." arrival on Flickr ====================================================== Thanks for visiting!
  2. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: A new arrival in Bastion... Next: "Le Dindon" |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer Bastion, Day 134 License type: Artisan (small) Despite my suspicions to the contrary, old man Plantagenet made good on his promise...17 days after we arrived in Bastion, the supplies he promised, and more, arrived. Brit and I found an abandoned set of walls that made for a great workshop...It appears the structure may have burned at some time in the past...but the walls are stone and masonry...and as sturdy as an ox. After another few weeks of scrounging and bartering with our new neighbors, The Sail Company opened her doors.... Moonraker Sail Company Repaint by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr Lady Marcia has hired a few talented locals to assist in the cutting room... Moonraker Sail Company workshop on Flickr The Plantagenets' personal carpenters made, for us, a superb cutting table of the finest quality. We surely will have much work out here upon the great sea, I worry what favors will be asked of us by the family down the road.... Planning the cut - Cutting Table - Moonraker Sail Company on Flickr The shop has become somewhat of a "place to be seen" for the local ladies....(of the night, that is....) Ladies of the night about town on Flickr As a matter of fact, this guy has been here for days...... Lazing on a Sunday afternoon by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr ============================== Thanks for visiting!