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Found 5 results

  1. Col. Brik

    [K-D10] Serious Office Work

    Mission. Serious Office Work Tags. The Hamilton Belt, D10. Spaceship. Building Sidetracked by new 2016 sets our fearless Pilot Col. Brik sits in his office and builds a new spaceship. He has been in there all week, eating pizza and watching the news while he builds Lego. What he did not realize was he had work to do. "Sir!!! It's Sunday and you haven't sent your TPS reports to Agent Raven! How do you expect to get paid if you don't at least put something on a plate!" "Why do you have a bowl in your hand, Redshirt 9?" "Sir, it is a plate, you know..."Minifig on a plate" will qualify." "It looks like a bowl...but figure something out for me, I need to finish this set. I finally got set BR549." "Sir, I finished our project for the week. It is a hoverboard. Fully operational and capable of zipping you around the hangar with ease." "Very good work, I also finished my spaceship set. I really enjoyed the build. Have you tested the new hover board?" "No sir, I thought I would do it here so you can see how it goes." "Ok, just be careful." WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSH.........CRASH!!!! "Nooooooo!, it took me all day to assemble that set Redshirt 9 and now you smashed it. Oh.... are you OK Redshirt 9?" "Redshirt 9......." "Dang it...."
  2. Col. Brik

    [K-D10] Back At It

    Mission : K-D10 The Hamilton Belt Trying to get back to work after a long hiatus I have enlisted some new employees to help with supplies. They work harder than the red shirts I have and don't seem to die all the time. Easily identifiable as not Octan or MANTIS, these orange and white uniforms should confuse everyone. They are clumsy at times though.... I don't know what is in the rocks, but I've been told it is worth something to someone I sure hope the corporation is ok with my little extended vacation I went on.
  3. Big Sal

    [M - D10] Experiment D6D10

    Location: D10 Tags: Science, Vehicle, Land Vehicle Well, it wasn’t me who forgot to charge the batteries! Yes it was! I specifically remember you saying “I’m going to charge the batteries”. What?! I definitely remember telling you to charge them! You don’t get to tell me to do anything! Ah, so you admit that I did tell you to do it! No, I’m just saying… Will you two please shut up. We're stuck here until they rescue us, so just be quiet. … … … … This is all your fault. Is not. Is too! Shut up! … … … … Well, this whole experiment was a waste of time anyway. We drilled for hours and didn’t find any awesomnium. Might have found some if someone had charged the batteries. Someone like you? When they find us, you two are both walking back. But we’re on an asteroid… Yes. … … Just a quick one this week! Thanks for reading, C&C welcome
  4. Commander Beltar

    [K - D10] Going Deeper

    Location: D10, Hamilton Belt Tag: Exploration (I feel like there should be a tag for mining...) =================================================================================================================================================== Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part: 002: “Finally got word back from Headquarters…one week later… It read something along the lines of ‘Agent Beltar, We will be sending a team to extract the Awesomnium, in the meantime, explore the cave with the fresh supplies we have sent. ~HQ, Section A Alpha’ This is one boring week, on the bright side, I finally convinced PauL to stay on the ship! No more nuisance when I record myself here… Okay, time to dig in! Mother of Awesomnium! There’s loads down here! Computer, send transmission to base, Scramble Set lIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl: I've just made it through the cave. Looks liquid down here for sure. There appears to be a small canal and computer set down here, I’m beginning to think that whoever was here sealed the entrance up to come back here at a later date. Who knows when? End Transmission, Send. Computer: Incoming Transmission from APauLo: Sir, I've just conducted a sonar scan of the asteroid we are currently located on, and it appears that there is a vast cave system of awesomnium inside. Also, watch your step, if you even touch that liquid awesomnium, it may give you fourth degree burn. Also a new mission awaits after this. PauL out. Hmmmm….I’ll deal with that new mission later, right now I've got to prep this area for the incoming team. Computer: Sir, why do you record yourself again? Ah shut up. First PauL wonders, now you? Great, well it helps me, well, um, hmmm…cope?... with myself after my incident…and my ‘repairs’ too, now just shut up for now.” Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 002 =================================================================================================================================================== More pics in the spoiler! I actually used part of my first week build for this, because it is basically a continuation of that area/story. That’s all for this week! C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Fixed a grammar error..
  5. Purpearljellyblob

    [K - D10] Exploring Hamilton

    :: Diamond MK-I to HQ: Approaching D10. Permission to land. :: :: HQ to DMK-I: Permission granted, dense asteroid field ahead, approach with caution. Objective: Locate coordinates of Awesomnium. Godspeed. :: :: DMK-I to HQ: Roger. :: Beep. Beep. :: Attention Agent PPJB, high levels of Awesomnium detected, coordinates... ... :: "Coordinates locked, landing sequence initiated." "Landing sequence complete. No signs of life detected. Oxygen levels critically low, five minutes maximum on surface without oxygen supply. No signs of Awesomnium observed on asteroid's rock surface. Scanning immediate area for subterranean Awesomnium." :: Attention Agent PPJB: Awesomium levels within fifty metre radius - High. :: "Initiate DMK-I automated explorers for immediate extraction." "Commencing extraction. ETC: Six hours." After five hours... :: Attention Agent PPJB: Storage tank full. :: "DMK-I to HQ: DMK-I storage tank filled with Awesomnium. Preparing for return sequence." :: HQ to DMK-I: Return sequence approved. :: "One minute to take off..." :: Warning: Latch disarmed. :: Agent PPJB disengages DMK-I and obtains a last minute rock sample. "Apologies DMK-I, toys for our hard working Scientists, for them to play with. Return sequence ready, ready to take off." ... ... DMK-I Build Enjoy!