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Found 2 results

  1. Previously: Part I - Striking The Deal Part II - The Captain's Boat Part III - The Hurricane Part IV - The Cartographer To my esteemed cousin, Henrique Navarrez, First Mate of the EMS Gallant Dear cousin, I write this with eyes sore and bleary from copying, and truly, I am tempted to envy you your free and active life on the high seas. I am here penned up in a tiny academy, learning the rudiments of the science of cartography, and in my spare time doing a bit of copyist work, in return for which I bed and board gratis. The life of an academician may be a secure one, but I dearly wish that my parents will one day repent themselves of their decision and allow me to join the army - else I shall be sorely tempted to follow your example and run off to Eslandola. If I could be sure of your luck, I would do it at once. But enough of that - I have enclosed a journal - a copy I myself have made - of the travels of a certain Father Tholeau, which I think may be of interest. See that you use it wisely however, for in fact I do not think sending it to you is quite what the academy master had in mind when he sent me with it to the copyists' room. Nevertheless, knowing your interest in anything that partakes of the marvelous, I have enclosed the copy and am sending it to you by a safe hand. May the winds always be in your sails, good cousin, and God bless you! Signed, Sebastian Navarrez.
  2. Previously: Part I - Striking The Deal Part II - The Captain's Boat Part III - The Hurricane Part IV - The Cartographer Part V - The Letter Unfortunately for First Mate Henrique Navarrez, his cousin's idea of a "safe hand" left somewhat to be desired. The messenger happened to run into an old acquaintance on his way through Salida Este in an effort to locate the Gallant, and, of course, a drink and a good meal were essentials. Meanwhile, the letter - and Father Tholeau's journal - lay forgotten on the table. After the trusty messenger had left, in walked a character with whom we are already slightly familiar. Rhys Thomson slid onto a bench, muttering as he did so, "Harder than my spouse's head, as my wife would surely say!" Then he called loudly for a roll and a glass. Presently he spotted the sealed missive lying on the far end of the table. "What have we here?" he ejaculated under his breath. Then he opened the packaging, and quickly spotted the heading, "Journal of Father Tholeau." "Hm-mm," the detective murmured. "Well, as my wife would say, finders keepers, losers weepers. I have a good friend in the printing business that will love this." Then he looked up from his reading and noticed a young man standing in front of him. "Can I do something for you?" "That depends. Are you the detective Rhys Thomson, of Salida Este?" "Yes, sir, I am Rhys Thomson, and I am detective of Salida Este - the detective of Salida Este, there being none other so enterprising. Tell me, sir, what brings you here this fine evening? At least, as my wife would say, this evening that will be fine, provided it ends in a good bed?” “I have a case for you.” “A case? You’ve come to the right man. Of what sort?” “A case of murder.” “Another one!” the detective thought to himself, but, never one to spill the beans, he did not say it aloud. “But, instead of finding the murderer, I want you to find the victim.” For once, Rhys Thomson was startled out of his usual poker face. “In my experience it is not customary for a detective to be – ah – necessary to find – dead people.” “Unless,” the young man replied mysteriously, “unless, they’re still alive.” Rhys pulled at his mustache. Here was a puzzler – as his wife would surely say. After a minute he added, “Well, young man, sit down! Sit down! Let’s talk business! First – your name?” To be continued... A few more pictures of the build: Credit to W. Navarre for that lantern design! In case this is slightly confusing, I've used this build to further two separate storylines - one featuring the detective, Rhys Thomson, which I will continue separately - the other one dealing with the Fountain of Youth, which will be continued as well. C&C welcome!