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Found 2 results

  1. Prelude: Prelude 1: Chapter II of the Quest for the Alleenridders Prelude 2: Evacuation in Mpya Stedor Prelude 3: Changing Clothes Prelude 4: March to Mpya Stedor (by Niku) Prelude 5: The Battle of Mpya Stedor - 4 O'Clock in the morning (the old title can be found in the spoiler) => Queen Valsharess with her bodyguards, given by Victor Revolword. On their way to Mpya Stedor, they held a small competition to kill as many peasants as possible. You may all guess who lost the competition and what the consequences was for him => Defending the Gate The Battle Of Mpya Stedor - 5.55 O'clock in the morning The Battle Of Mpya Stedor - 6 O'Clock in the Morning - The Blinding Moment => Counter Attack of the army of Mpya Stedor => Arrival of Lord Damaximus in the South => Unexpected help from King Dragonius XXV, King of Drakrydar, on his legendary Golden Dragon! Aftermath There are around 40 pictures of this event on my Flickr!!! All waiting for you!! Check it out here: Thanks for viewing (and reading!) C&C ofcourse welcome!
  2. Prelude: Chapter I After Chapter I, the Alleenridders dismounted from their horses when they arrived at the Rakath Mountains, to continue their quest by foot. The scouts of the I.A.M.S. marked the path so they could easily find the entrance, which let to the deepest places of Historica. From here on off, the Alleenridders had to be carefull, as the smallest mistake could mean the end of the quest… Somewhere where Lord Damaximus was sure nobody could watch it, he revealed to Lord Max Samu and Sir Emehci Ssdowa his plans to kill Lloth for eternity. To ensure the success of the plan, the other Alleenridders were left clueless. Chapter II of the Quest of the Alleenridders to eliminate Lloth and Valsharess After weeks of wandering deep inside the Rakath Mountains, hundreds of meters below the sea-level, the Alleenridders finally arrived at the place from where Lloth rules the underground and the undead people living there. Luckily for our heroes, the place was lit by a gigantic stream of lava traversing the enormous cave. The only way to reach the other side were some small cobblestones in the river of fire. Looking around, they could figure out that there was a kind of a fortress integrated into the cave, with a big entrance guarded by 2 heavy armoured skeletons. There were also some ghosts flying around, giving the whole place a very creepy atmosphere… Suddenly, a loud, female voice breaks the silence: “Hahahaha Damaximus, I couldn’t believe my ears when my spies told me that you were coming!!! I always found you a fool, but I never could imagine that you were stupid enough to face me a second time! How did you found me in this labyrinth?” (Lord Damaximus) “First of all Lloth, it’s still Lord Damaximus, as long as I still live. Second: thanks to Sir Abdu who is a Drow, so he has their special gift to navigate under the ground. And at last: Hi! ” Lloth looked around for a minute, still smiling (or something that supposed to be smiling) “Allright Lord Damaximus then, maybe the last time you’ll ever hear that! I see some other faces I have seen the last time we met. Are they all reckoning for revenge as well for the lost of their buddies? What a shame, they will all die together with you. Max Samu, or do I have to call you Lord Samu as well, I know you’re a clever guy, how could you have forgotten that I can’t be killed by an human being???” (Lord Samu): “Oh crap, I knew we forgot something Lord Damaximus! Well that’s that let’s go home…” (Lord Damaximus): “Wait… Where is Valsharess?” Lloth started to laugh hysterically. After some long minutes… “I am just an army dealer for her… Or better was, because she is gone. She left the Rakath Mountains with a huge army the moment you entered them… Now she is plundering every village south of Qarkyr on her way to Mpya Stedor.” (Lord Damaximus): “Hold on! She is going to Mpya Stedor???” (Lloth) “Oh yeah… And every day her forces are growing bigger and bigger and the places she has conquered are now all having the Banner of King Revolword the First! It’s just a matter of time before she will conquer one of the most invincible cities of Historica. The moment that city has been raized and destroyed, all other cities will be smart enough to surrender to Valsharess, who will marry King Revolword and become once again a Queen!” (Sir Ereh Ahn Roblaw): “Mpya Stedor will never fall! No human being can conquer it as its strongest defence is the desert and the bay!” (Lord Damaximus): “That’s indeed true and that’s why Valsharess came to here. For undead beings the desert is just the same as grass, snow, swamps, forests, everything else… They can walk through it and can carry the siege-machinery that humans can’t transport through the desert. I fear we have no time to lose if we want to rescue our city!” (Lloth) “You keep surprising me Lord Damaximus, but this time in a good way! As a show of my gratitude, I will let you and your knights die in an honourfull battle! And you have the honour to be my victim!” (Lord Damaximus) “Very well!! Sir Ssdowa, let’s switch weapons!” And so the battle started, being outnumbered, the Alleenridders had their hands full with skeletons and ghosts… But fear was not yet introduced to them, so they fought like lions… Lloth was striking magic missiles after magic missiles, but somehow they were always absorbed by the shield that the guy who was representing Lord Damaximus was holding. Indeed, the guy who was representing Lord Damaximus… Because suddenly he jumped aside, piercing his Ximian Spear into Lloth… (Lloth) “How is this possible, I feel pain! How can you hurt me!! Tell me!!” The undeads looked stunned before they flew into the darkness. Sir Ssdowa opened the helmet of Lord Damaximus he was wearing… (Sir Ssdowa) “Because I am not completely an human! I am Emehci Ssdowa, son of your ex-husband, the demon Doliziss of Amenor and the human lady once called Vahn Ssdowa” Lord Damaximus (in the black armour of Sir Ssdowa) came closer and continued where Sir Ssdowa stopped: “You remember Vahn Ssdowa, don’t you Lloth? She was the reason we first met, already 16 years ago. You were furious when you heard your husband had betrayed you with an human being. And I was indeed a young man back then and our try to save her and the village she was living in was the greatest lost we ever would have. It was a disaster. We lost numerous brave knights. But without you noticed it, we had one small victory. We saved the child of Lady Vahn and teached him to become a famous gladiator so he could kill you slowly. Only Lord Max Samu and me knew who he really was… And we waited patiently for 16 long years to take revenge on you!” (Lloth) “And I just thought you were a fool….” (Lord Damaximus) “I’ll take your Golden Shield with me, I think I gonna need it in the upcoming battle to rescue my city! Knights, let’s get the hell out of here!” (Lord Kalores) “Lord Damaximus, on our way to here I saw a lot of interesting sculptures and wall paintings of mythically almost forgotten beasts and races. I want to stay some longer in here in the hope to discover more about them.” (Lord Damaximus) “Is no problem Lord Kalores, you are an Alleenridder now, so I have to give you this magic stone. Thanks to this, you can communicate with every other Alleenridder, where-ever you are! Please accept also 4 I.A.M.S.-members to accompany you and defend you in your search. Good luck!” (Lord Kalores) “Thank you! I hope to see you back in the future, so good luck with the rescue of your city!” (Lord Max Samu) “I hereby officially declare that Lord Mikel Kalores is the new master of Glax, Fleh, Zhax & Steefth Amenorslahv, now called Kaloreslahv. They will obey only you, fight for you and die for you as long as you live. If you die before them, they will belong to the House of Kalores till the end of their days. I also can tell you that honour and duty are the biggest achievements in their lives, so they will never try to betray you and you would disrespect them by offering them freedom. Good luck with them, they are one of the best members the I.A.M.S. has!” And so ended Chapter II of this Quest… To be continued with the final Chapter III – The battle of Mpya Stedor, also the prelude of Challenge VI – The End Notes: - Click here to see all the pictures that are left out, also 2 pictures of the MOC with only one minifig on it: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=509908 - You can also see the names of the heroes in that map - And for those who really looked to the folder and wonder how it comes that some of the knights are missing in the scene, that's because I worked with the minifigs I first found. If I put them all in it, it would become overly crowded - For more information about the Alleenridders (and that magical stone for example, check the GoH Wikia: C&C much welcome!