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Found 3 results

  1. While in the New World all was hurry and commotion, it was in the Old, that plans were now being decided which would guide the fate of nations - and that of a great deal of treasure, which, naturally, was more important. In the East Trade-Wind Company's headquarters in Terreli "Excellent, de Chauncourtois, excellent. If we cannot with that outmaneuver and outwit any pirates daring or foolish enough, it will be a wonder indeed." "I'll say, Sire," replied Wilkinson with a mischievous smile, "if anything goes wrong it shall undoubtedly be only the fault of that cousin of yours in Granoleon." King Fernando looked around for a nightcap to throw - he still hadn't gotten over that whole thing - but finding nothing, he only responded with a half-amused grimace, and looked back at the map. Guy K. Wyndzon had been rather quiet up until this point (the idea of treasure had clearly suggested its opposite of debt, which naturally brought his uncle to mind, which obviously made him half wonder who was hanging from a palm tree now and made him hope that worthy wasn't planning on dropping in until this talk was over, at least). "We ought to loop over here though on the way back though," he interjected, pointing at the map, "as the MCTC has a thriving business going on there as well." de Chauncourtois and the King leaned over the map. "True, true," remarked the latter, with a laugh, "but I hope you see to it that we don't pick up your uncle there as well, or every man of the crew will be hanging by their toes from the yard-arms by the time they drop anchor in Terreli!" Guy looked up at the swinging chandelier with a little silent whistle. "I'm afraid that if you want to be certain of that the only way is to make sure he's busy hanging somebody else in some other place," he rejoined. "Well, then, he may be busy hanging you for your pains!" returned Fernando with another laugh. "But as to the route, that will do very well. And in anything to do with treasure, you know," he winked, "Eslandolans may be sure to get it all right!" The Room: And a closeup with E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois: More to come soon! I've went with kabel's cutaway style for his build in Terreli as this is situated in the same place, and am quite happy with how it turned out. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. Another morning in Terreli, Royal Palacae, East Wing - Balcony of the Non Public Royal Bed Room: King Fernando Augusto VII was in a foul mood this morning. Once again the trade run had turned out devestating, this time making even less profit than Oleon. Eslandola only ranking third, what a desaster to the proud nation that so far had valued trade over war so much! But that was not the only source of comtempt for the King. Despite their losses, the trade companies were getting more and more powerful making him feel like the sidekick in a game whose rules were getting out of his control. Not a very pleasent feeling to an absolute monarch! And what about Renato Filamento? Hadn't he promised to keep control over at least the royal colony on Nelissa? So why install a mayor in Nova Terreli where the crown ought to rule instead? The King wondered, maybe he should have given his only daughter to Filamento who now, after having been told the latest news, had gone out exploring those new islands instead of ruling over Nelissa in his stead. Things could definetely not continue like this and it was time to bring the crown back into the game! And what a game had been presented to him by the gods: the game of Thrones! His mother had actually been the older sister of King Stephane's father! And despite her being a female and therefore excluded from the line of succesion, this gave him the opportunity to claim the Oleander throne for himself! He would have to think of a story why all of the sudden he, King Fernando Augusto VII, should inherit the Oleander throne. Not that he believed in all the Oleander religious nonsense himself, but this was the opportunity to weaken Corrington at a moment at which they were starting to tip over this carefully crafted balance between the nations! To openly challenge Corrington would of course be completey out of the question, but uniting Oleon and Eslandola under his leadership would actually give him the edge over Corrington that was nessecary in order to keep those arrogant newcomers in in their designated place! The time for action had come!!!
  3. Elysabeth was nervous. And not a little bit. Today, she would have her first meeting with Eslandolan ruling class, and maybe even with the king! The Great Hall was full of people, likely IMPORTANT people. When se entered, she was at a loss. She really didn't know where to start. Attacking a battalion Oleanders, who just got a message from their gods to kill you, on your own with a spoon was funnier then this! The guardsmen (thankfully a helpfull Eslandolan) seemed to recognize her: "You're Elysabeth of Drondil, aren't you? I've seen you riding this morning. Megablocks, how you did that! It looked like you were born on horseback." Elysabeth only nodded. "At a lose, are you? Well, let me introduce you!" "Altough the king won't visit today (he's busy with the Viceroy, something about newly discovered lands), there are lot of other interesting peo^ple here..." "We have a lot of outlanders here: there, on the balconry, you can see the ambassador of Corrington. He's a judge, of all people! Probably never seen a swor in his whole live!" In spite of everything, Elysabeth had to laugh. "There you've got the stupid Oleanders. Just evade them, and don't laugh with their gods. Altough these are quite funny." "And over there, we've finally arrived at the good Eslandolans. The one with the bicorne is Lord Maximilian Damaximus, lord of the city of Stedor. A very good fellow!" "Hi, Lord Maximilian! Here's someone you've got to meet!" -"It's me a pleasure, mylord. I'm Elysabeth of Drondil." -"The pleasure is all mine, mylady. I'm Lord Maximilan Damaximus, of Stedor. You may call me Maxim." "And this is Mattheus Tomvaximus, Master of MAESTRO, the third, but future first trade company of Eslandola..." But Elysabeth didn't hear anymore. She was at a loss in the eyes of lord Matteus. --------------------- I'm getting in form!!! Hope you like the hall. For one reason or another, I seem to have forgotten the flags. Check out the first picture for that please, and I hope you guys like it!!!