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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody, I'd like to show you my lates little MOC, the reproduction in microscale of the big mobile crane TEREX DEMAG AC 1000: Here the real one: Any comment or suggestion is well accepted. Thanks Bye Teazza PS: sorry if I put links but I have problems uploading pictures...any suggestion ?
  2. According to a friend of my dad's, who works for Terex, the company will be coming out with a new, 2300 ton capacity mobile crane. This machine, dubbed the AC-2000, is to be revealed at the 2016 BAUMA exhibition in Germany. The AC-2000 has apparently been in the planning and testing phases for a while now, spurred by the reveal of the Zoomlion Qay-2000, from China. But, that's not the most interesting part. Far more interesting is the fact that Terex has commissioned Lego to create a scale model to commemorate the monumental machine. I have not seen much information on the set itself, aside from these things: The fact that it is a Technic set. This term has come up everywhere I have looked for it. The number, 42016, which I found out actually refers to the month/year of the next BAUMA exhibition (April 2016, 4/2016) The price. I've heard a couple of prices, one source saying $450, another saying $500. Regardless, it is a very large set. I've heard things about an S motor being used, which presumably means a small motor. So, what does this mean? I think it means that we finally have a UCS Technic set on our hands. Or, it could be fully remote control, with Power Functions. I'm not entirely sure what the S motor is, or what it will be used for, but is an interesting tidbit. So, what might this model look like? Well, that isn't quite known, as there are no photographs of the actual machine, but I have received some information about it. The carrier is apparently derived from the AC-1000, but has three additional axles at the rear, to carry the extra weight, and support the superstructure. At least two of the new additional axles are driven, via an electric motor connected to a generator run by the engine. The area around the outriggers and the slew ring is of heavier, bulkier construction than the standard crane, and the outriggers are larger as well, and telescope farther. The superstructure is completely new, with integrated winches, and an operator cab on a unique telescopic swing arm. I've also heard references to a so called "X-Tend" counterweight tray, which means that the counterweight can move based on the requirements of the lift. By the way, this is an I bleed DisneyTMTM!!brickmario loves DisneyTM! I'll post more information when and if it becomes available, so in the meantime, what do you guys think?
  3. This morning, I came across a press release from Terex regarding an apparent new modeling partnership with Lego. This release, which my dad got, had some very interesting information, especially for us Technic builders. April Fools! The above quote is quite interesting, as it would seem to imply that the models will be produced at both town and Technic scale. This is backed up by another part of the release, a brochure of the sets to be launched this year. The most relevant to us are the following: 31006, Terex AC-200 Price: 300 USD Part count: 3176 Note: the prices were converted from Euros, by me, so consider them approximate. Going by the price, this model is about the size of 42009, but with more panels and likely more Power Functions parts. In the pamphlet is a small picture, indicating that the model will not be in corporate livery, but in the colors of Wagenborg. 31007, AC 1000 Price: $700 Part count: 9238 Yikes! this is probably the range topper for the cranes, as indicated by the fact that it has much more of a description, indicating the development is farther along. Build the mightiest crane of the Terex stable! With full Power Functions control, and an impressive, 3 meter long main boom, the largest lifts seem small. Measures over 3 meters tall when fully erected. Fully Motorized functions, just like real Variable steering Realistic lights Other liveries and luffing jib to come. I've seen a picture of it in the brochure, it's so big it's in two boxes, and is in corporate livery, meaning it has lots of white parts. the boom seems to be a hybrid of new and regular studless panels, and the outriggers make extensive use of the new 3x11 panels. Finally, the boom raising cylinders appear to be new, modular linear actuators, as are the tires, which appear to be the same size as the old 24x43 tires, but for modern rims. I want this, so much. Both of the above sets are slated for an August 2014 release, and there is more planned, two models a month throughout the rest of 2014 and into 2015. Better start saving, because some of the future ones sound cool. ????? AK-912 GT I only saw a brief mention of this, and a few other things that do not correspond to anything in Terex's current product lineup, which indicates that they were not kidding about making the Gottwald stuff, as the AK-912 was a Gottwald product. It had a picture, but no set number, and it appears to have the full boom, and derrick, with both being studless lattice structures, apparently with a new part in them. Well, that's all I've got for now, I may upload some scans and more info in the future. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!