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Found 13 results

  1. [NTSC] Ténotclaxcan training Not every quay at Trador are strait to the sea and it's possible to find some nice sandy parts just next to the port. It is at such sandy place that the Ténotclaxcan Hunters, the great soccer team sent by King Azuma, decided to begin the training. They divided the team in half and launch a small friendly match on the beach. It is the best training they found, as it is known that running on the sand is really harder than running on the grass ! But another team seemed to have the same idea and while the leader of the Terraversa Rebels, the only team of the new Terraversa young Nation, tryed to negociate with the tavern tenant (a really too good Eslandolan Merchant...) his daughter, and co player, raged to the Ténotclaxcans who, according to her, have stolen their training beach. The teams : The Ténotclaxcan Hunters The Terraversa Rebels So the Quay can be licenced as a Large Commerce and allows me to bring 2 Soccer teams in the Challenge If I clearly understood the rules. I am leaving the right to @Maxim I to licence the build for him or for MAESTRO.
  2. The Golden Apple Chase, Part I, Chapter 3 : A new map to understand If you missed the previous episodes : Introduction : Where Felipe de la Manzana is learning the existence of the Golden Apple. Part I Chapter 1 : Where Felipe is studying the Ténotclaxcans to learn more of the Apple. Part I Chapter 2 : Where Felipe is finding an incomplete map that could help him find the Apple. Strong of his new map and ready to search for the Golden Apple, Felipe de la Manzana used all its ressources to send in every corner of the Brick Sea an exploration team. He even used the new scientific progress the recent Phlogisphere opened and sent an adventurer alone on board of one of this magnificent (but costly...) balloon ! The young man on board seemed enchanted to fly on his device but, unfortunately, even with the map carefully read, he didn't succeed in finding the location of the island where the Golden Apple could be... Every ship Felipe could afford him, being his new Frigate, the Brickwall, or being this new little sloop, the Crowned Pigglet, he bought near Turtuga to some turtle eggs smugglers, never found the damn location so strongly desired... It appeared he missed something... Something that could be the key... "Hey ! The Key ! Yes ! The Golden Priest said that ! It's only a half map ! I need the second half !" realised Felipe. But Who is in possession of this half map ? This is something we will discover on the Second Part of the story ! With this Chapter I am closing my first part of the Golden Apple chase to be synchronized with the new change of rules and begin my second part of the story with the new "Era". I hope it was not too chaotic to follow as I changed a little bit my writing while progressing in the game. Some comments on the builds I've made : The Phlogisphere was a build I made for FanaBriques in Strasbourg, France to stick to the theme of the Event : "Flying vehicles". And the little ship, the Crowned Pigglet, is obviously not my best, but It's entirely made from exclusively the pieces of the Angry Bird set 75825 Piggy Pirate Ship which I reworked to fit in a more conventional sloop aspect, only the minifigs are out of this set, the sails, and even the rope are from the original set ! I hope you'll like it ! Thank you for reading and, of course, every C&Cs are welcome !
  3. Challenge V Cat E : The El Dorado ritual The Doctor Gellibrand, who is studying the Ténotclaxcans, reported to Felipe de la Manzana a strange story the Tribe told him : It is said the Ténotclaxcans were rich It is said the Ténotclaxcans are not alone. It is said the Ténotclaxcans are from the far east. . What The Doctor understood from that is the tribe is probably issued from a more distant land far east with many treasures ! The analysis of The Doctor went further away when Pinya (the shaman's daughter, always ready to help Felipe and his loyal first officer Basil) described him a ritual called the El Dorado ritual which is now forbidden in the tribe : It is said their ancestors, in order to calm the fire god, had to throw gold directly to his mouth ! The ritual consisted in wearing gold, being tainted in gold and throwing an amount of gold into the rock in fusion of a volcano. If the god was satisfied, he would not erupt, otherwise, he would destroy the entire island. It is said some advised navigators of the tribe decided to flee away, out of range of this cruel volcano god to stop worshipping him. They could have been the first Ténotclaxcans ! Well, according to The Doctor's analysis, the Ténotclaxcans are clearly issued from this eastern tribe, and this tribe is possibly still existing, and can have a huge stock of gold ! Pinya confirmed to Felipe that the Golden tribe is probably real, and she is adding that their Golden Priest, the one who is doing the El Dorado ritual, could bring to Felipe some precious informations on the Golden Apple he is searching ! After months of recon and many scouting teams sent out to the sea to encounter those golden natives, it appeared the Bumbel Tuna Company from Mardier knew where to find a gold city, full of golden people ready to "finance" their project of death on all Eslandola... The Ténotclaxcans scouts managed to discover the tribe position through the Mardier Company in Maldria, one of the New Haven Sea major islands. What they saw was amazing and alarming at the same time ! First, the El Dorado ritual is still common for the Doratclaxcans, as they want to be named : But the Ténotclaxcans scouts saw that Mardier and the Bumbel Tuna Company were ready to take over the gold by any means ! They saw the yellow soldiers attack the Golden Priest and his suite to catch him alive just to exchange his life against a good amount of gold from the Doratclaxcans ! Of course, the Ténotclaxcans identified the Mardieran camp position, near the wall of the Golden City, and it was rapidly decided to send to the Priest a rescue team ! It was obviously Felipe and Basil who lead the operation on the island of the Doratclaxcans. They attacked by surprise the little mardieran oupost built upon the cave the Priest was imprisoned. The battle was quick and the Mardieran soldiers surrender at the death of their commander. Felipe freed the Golden Priest and to thank the Eslandian and their Ténotclaxcans allied he offered more than a good golden treasure ! He told an essential information to Felipe about how to find the Golden Apple : - The map is the key ! Like this, it is incomplete ! You must find the second half ! The maps are the keys ! These were the words of the Golden Priest of the Doratclaxcans. Will Felipe and Basil find that second half of map and who's got it ? who can tell... At least Mardier has lost a treasure and is broke, a good news for the Eslandolan Crown ! Thank you for reading ! C&Cs are welcome !
  4. Amazing part one by Sir Stig Part two: After the discoveries in Breshaun, Jan Zwartbaard went asap to Trador. Lord Maximilian Damaximus was easily convinced to sent at least an exploration party. Jan Zwartbaad could use the AQAR to sail to New Haven. The 50 gun vessel would be a safe head quarter for exploration. Once arrived at the beach, they set up a small camp ashore, manned by 40 soldiers. 50 soldiers stayed in the AQAR and 10 soldiers went exploring the jungle together with Jan Zwartbaard and a few Tenotclaxcan warriors. Zwartbaard hoped those natives would be helpfull when encountering new tribes. The jungle itself kept surprising Zwartbaard. So many wonderfull colours and animals. Luckily he was not a Corringtonlander or he would have been distracted all the time figuring out the newly discovered fauna and flora. Sometimes, he looked around him as he was sure they were being watched, but he could not see other humans. Part three: If the calculations were right, they would be in the middle of the island now. They would discover a lake soonish. And indeed, a few minutes later, they arrived at a complete new world. What they saw was not a flourishing village, but a destroyed and razed settlement. Upon arriving, he could not find a single living soul. Jan Zwartbaard ordered his soldiers to search for any clue they could find. It was at this point his Tenotclaxcan friends were helpfull as their well-trained ears heard some silent noise under one of the burnt houses. They quickly headed to what used to be the biggest building, discovering a small entrance to a hide-out. The natives they saw inside the hide-out were frightened and refused to come out. Jan Zwartbaard understood that they were too late. Mardier already arrived first and burned down the village in their struggle to find the treasure. Jan Zwartbaard ordered to give food to the survivors. Accepting his losses and not looking forward to report his defeat, he decided to stay a bit longer here and ordered his men to start building a campment in the village. 2 Soldiers went back to the shore to get 20 more soldiers and some supplies and materials. The more food they gave to the natives, the more they came out of their hide-outs and out of the jungle. Due to the actions of Jan Zwartbaard, the natives became friendly and with the help of the Tenotclaxcans, some sort of communication started. It was a surprise when the Tenotclaxcans understood the words of the natives and vice versa. It appears that the village they discovered is the capital of the Azclaxcans Tribes and they are relatives of the Tenotclaxcans. It were indeed orange wearing people who raided the village when they found out there was no huge amount of gold stored in the houses. They probably went to the next village, so the natives fear that their neighbours will have had the same destiny. After hearing what horrible deeds Mardier did, Jan Zwartbaard announced they had to go back to the known world to ask for back up and more resources. He appointed one of his sergeants in charge of 20 soldiers who would stay on the island to help rebuilding the other villages together with the Azclaxcans and some of the younger Tenotclaxcans who have no wife at home who would be angry because they would be really really late for dinner. Just when they said goodbye, the prince of the Azclaxcans, Prince AzTe Hek, asked permission to his father, King AzTe Nek, to accompany Jan Zwartbaard. The King not only gave permission, but also handed out a golden bracelet filled with precious diamonds to Jan Zwartbaard. That’s why Mardier burned the village down, they didn’t find anything as it was hidden as well! With the deepest bow he ever could do, Zwartbaard thanked the chief and started his journey back home together with prince AzTe Hek and a small MAESTRO party. Deep in thoughts, he figured how MAESTRO could secure the future of those natives. It would be a matter of time before other factions will visit the natives. He took a last glimp over his shoulder to see the Azclaxcan King waving goodbye. Some more overview pictures Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! Congratz to everyone who participated in this challenge and the other challenges! It was a wonderfull Book 1 and I am looking forward to Book 2! I have to thank the Eslandolan members for their activity through book 1. I am very happy I choosed Eslandola as faction as we were an united faction, even when divided in multiple trade companies. Go MAESTRO! Go Eslandola!
  5. The Ténotclaxcans scouts : Thanks to the Doctor Gellibrand, Felipe de la Manzana managed to persuade King Azuma to send him his best jungle scouts. The team is lead by a masked chieftain, helped in his task by 2 priests, here a man and a woman. The team is now equiped by swords from Elysabethtown armory but the natives kept their spears too. The throwing weapons are still the silencious bow and the poisonous dart blower. The Ténotclaxcans found them so effective they did not accept bearing flintlock pistols. I am developping the lore of the Ténotclaxcans by creating some troops. Hope you'll enjoy this build.
  6. The MAESTRO Quest Hall ! or The MAESTRO Adventure Parties (MAP) Hello to everyone ! Felipe de la Manzana and MAESTRO are proud to launch this new idea : The MAESTRO Adventure Parties ! or MAP if you prefer. This idea is the way the MAESTRO trade Company will explore the New World ! Our scientists, helped by The Doctor, from Corrington, and with the assistance of the Ténotclaxcans, developed a way to chartered new areas uknown until now ! With those new maps, MAESTRO is opening to all the players of any Faction a new in-Land action. This action will be known as the MAESTRO Adventure Party (MAP). One Party will be launch for a time determined by the Party leader (by now, just MAESTRO members) and be parted in 3 Acts (like in theater plays). Every player who wants to try the adventure has to conform to some rules : - A Party is something near a build-off or a mini challenge. The players will have to build a MOC for each Act. Each Act is scenarised by the Party Leader, for now, only MAESTRO members can be Party Leaders (Please, PM me if you want to try) - Every participant has to suscribe to a determined Party. He can do this by PM me or just suscribe in this thread. - A Party is a competitive action and each contestant needs to suscribe to a specific Party before participating. There are no possibility for team action for now. - Suscribing to a Party engage to spend Dbs to win a clue to solve the story. The amount and the clues are Party leader decision. Players should be awared that Parties can be lost and will lead to a loss of Dbs ! - Once you suscribed to a Party you're suppose to go to the end. - MAP is only engaging MAESTRO and is not a new official action. It's not a MRCA action. The first party will be open in the 15th of July. It will be lead by myself and be about the Ténotclaxcans pearl divers. So every player who want to try the adventure is free to PM me or suscribe in this thread. Thank you !
  7. The Kingdom of Ténotclaxca Nickname : The Kingdom of King Azuma Colours: Red and Yellow Quick explanations : This is the official page of the Ténotclaxcan tribe, the main tribe of the island of Berelli. It is a story purpose topic, approved by SkaForHire. Please don't use it to BUMP old builds from more than a month ago. It's not a settlement, nor a new faction ! So no membership will be allowed. Everyone who is building in the realm ruled by king Azuma of Ténotclaxca is invited to post a link of their build in this topic, in order to follow what is built in the natives villages. This topic is made in order to develop the story around the tribe of the Ténotclaxcans, the tribe that, according to them, rules the island of Berelli, recently discovered both by Corrington and Eslandola. All the informations you will see here are from MAESTRO Eslandolan trade company and Corrington scientists observations. Quick glance : The main tribe of Berelli is named the Ténotclaxcans, this name come from the name the natives gave to the island of Berelli : Ténotclaxca. They are open minded natives with proud traditions. That's not preventing them to be great traders too. Their main activities are oriented towards agricultural development, with great bananas plantations and towards fishing. They are naturaly pacifists but their warriors are well trained jungle scouts and are very dangerous in jungles and mangroves. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Leadership King Azuma : The young new king of the Ténotclaxcans. He add access to the throne a bit to soon, at the trgic death of his father by the hand of Oleon soldiers during the first encounter the tribe had with them. He is thinking he rules the entire island, but, although he has the religious support, some Ténotclaxcans, grouped in the south of the island are not recognizing him as the king. And the far north east of the island is so dense in vegetation that the Ténotclaxcans are going very rarely in this area, except some shamans for ritual purposes. It is said by the Ténotclaxcans themselves that the jungle is special in this area, the forest could have some conscience, and could plan very intelligent traps to kill who ever would try to threatened it... Zumo de Kapayas : She is the high priestess of the tribe, rank easily seen thanks to her ritual double parrot hat, one of the specialty of the Ténotclaxcans is their magnifiscent hats. Every member of the tribe has strange headgears to show their rank or their job in the society. She is the protective aspect of the religion of the tribe. She is leading the tribe spiritually when the king is leading the tribe on the island. She gave her support to the new king and have organised the main diplomatic encounters with the "men of the west", the new arrived colonial forces of both Eslandola and Corrington. The Oleon forces are not welcome since their first encounter with the Ténotclaxcans ended in a battle where Oleon men where thrown at sea and where the tribe lost his previous king. Pinya : She is Zumo de Kapayas' daughter. She is the most enthousiast friend of the MAESTRO men in Berelli. She is ready to help them develop the land for the new welcome settlers and she is ready to share her views of the Ténotclaxcan religion. She is promised to a shaman career and will succeed to her mother in this job. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Landscape : Here is the map of Berelli showing only the Ténotclaxcans positions : The Island is mainly covered with jungle and mangroves. The realm of King Azuma is mainly centered aroud the 4 main rivers of the island. The far north east is made of very dense forest and mangrove, it is very dangerous to go there without been well prepared. The south is normally good agrarian land, but since the tensions between King partisans and King protesters, the land is no more ruled with wisdom and care. This situation made the welcome of the Corlander explorers a bit cooler than the one Eslandians settlers received. A view of the jungle of Berelli, by SkaForHire A meeting in the Berelli jungle, by Elostirion One of the Kings' grave near Portal Cove, by Faladrin Ténotclaxcans in a ritual to the Mother Sea in Portal Cove, by Faladrin _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. The Army : Ténotclaxcans have not regular army in the same way of the main western coutries. Here, every citizen, male or female, is able to handle axes, spears or dart blowers. In case of an attack, all the tribe is at war lead by the king himself ! A boarding team used in small rapid raids, by Faladrin The "navy" force of the tribe is quite limited. They have few pirogues, dangerous for river attacks, or mangrove ambushes, but a part from little catamarans, used for fishing, the ships available for the Ténotclaxcans are not much. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. History and Culture : The Ténotclaxcans worship a main god of the creation, also nicknamed the Monkey God, due to his monkey appearance. They have an animist vision of the nature mixed to that religion, and every spirit of natural manifestations are subject for rituals and offers. The power of the society is held by both the King and the High priestess. The Ténotclaxcans are pacifists; so the main decisions are mostly centered around what to plant and where to go fishing... But since the arrivals of men from the west, the society is changing. It has been said that the strangers were here to accomplish an old prophecy, it has also been said that they were nothing, just good enough to be thrown to the fish. The Ténotclaxcans are divided and some tensions between King partisans, thinking that the "men of the west" are the prophetic men they were waiting for, and King haters, thinking those men are dangerous and should be sent to their boat are becoming threatening the peaceful tribe. It appears some villages have local traditions that others Ténotclaxcans are not following. There is more a diverse mix of local traditions all linked by the religeous power that always find a way to justify why some are doing like this and others like that. Many old traditions are more old techniques passed generation to another. For example, some fishing techniques are unique to some villages. Pearldiver in trouble, by Elostirion Hot Coals ritual, by BrickOn The continuing of the story will be unveilled in the future _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Diplomacy : Since the arrival of men from the west, the Ténotclaxcans have to build some diplomatic position, something new for them. Zumo de Kapayas and her daughter Pinya are the main leaders of the Diplomatic encounter, by now. Intern troubles : Due to his access to power too soon, the young King Azuma is facing dangerous foes inside his own kingdom. He had to act strongly against some other tribes he is maintening under his rules. But another sorcerer is trying to make secession and is leading some of the natives to a way of human sacrifices and to war. Hopefully, Corrington and Eslandola are here now to help the King to make good order in his kingdom ! An Andequota woman is asking Corrington help, by Skaforhire The Torturer of Berelli, by Skaforhire Ténotclaxcans relationship with : - Corrington : Friendly - Eslandola : Friendly - Oleon : Unfriendly - Sea rats : Indifferent Saved
  8. A Shipyard and a payment : While the Doctor is preparing his expedition, Felipe de la Manzana received some news from his Ténotclaxcan friend Pinya. She taught Felipe the Ténotclaxcans managed to catch an Oleon ship when they repeled them at sea... The ship was not in good status but was still seaworthy and with some repairs could be a good warship. The ship name was "La Vaillante" So Pinya gave the ship in order to pay Felipe the service he is offering to the tribe by sending them the doctor. Felipe was surprised and managed to build rapidly a shipyard for Elysabethtown to make the repairs on "La Vaillante". Felipe visited the new shipyard at work just when the men, helped by some natives, began to work. So much work to do ! The mast had to be rebuilt; the sails were totally lost, and that awful yellow paint has to go ! thought Felipe when he saw the vessel remnants. Some men were not so found at work than others and prefered to enjoy good apples... The new paint had to be green ! According to Felipe : a bright green ! Once the masts rebuilt and the new rigging and sails are ready, Felipe returned with Pinya admire the work. Once again, it seemed that a man (the same ??) prefered to play with a monkey instead of working... I hope you will like this shipyard. C&C's are always welcome. The ship will be seen in a dedicated topic when ready (soon !)
  9. Here is the continuation of the story we started with Tomsche. The previous episodes are : Visiting a friend The house of knowledge Setting out to Elysabethtown Meeting the Doctor and his companions : The Doctor Gellibrand and his two companions Donna and Clara took land on Elysabethtown and tryed to find Felipe's new house. Seeing a guard near a small apparently brand new house, the Doctor asked him : - Tell me my dear, is it the new residence of el senor Felipe de la Manzana ? The guard stood right and answered : - Yes sir ! I am guarding the house. We heard by our Corries neighbours about some troubles from dissident natives so I have to protect el senor de la Manzana now. He is awaiting you inside. You can pass. - Well, well ! Thank you, young lad. Felipe de la Manzana was at his desk preparing his next trade run while Basil was at the kitchen preparing some refreshments for the incomers. Felipe rushed to the door when he heard the conversation outside. - Ah ! welcome to my new residence in Elysabethtown my dear Doctor... erh.. Doctor who ? Felipe missed the name of the leader of the scientist group... - Doctor Gellibrand, senor, and here are my two young companions : miss Donna and miss Clara. They will help us in our endeavor. - Nice to meet you ! - I have a letter from Lord Smaugton for you. He insured us that we have full rights to study the Ténotclaxcans in Berelli but we will need Eslandian agreement too, so if you were pleased to sign it. - Of course I will do that. Said Felipe while taking the letter. Basil passed through the Patio (courtyard) of the property to look at those corleanders scientists. "What strange idea to hire women on such a team" he thought. One of them seemed to be reading in his mind and sent him her best angry face. Basil thought he should stay at good distance from that girl. "She doesn't seem to be so friendly..." he mutered. To be continued... Here are some overviews of the house : The roofs are removeable in order to have access to the inside. A view from behind with the roof : And without the roof : The house is licensed as a small residence in Elysabethtown. Hope you like it, C&C are welcome !
  10. Sending Oleon soldiers back to the mother country ! When first Oleanders landed on Berelli, the Ténotclaxcans welcomed them friendly. But when the leader of the clerics tryed to change the faith of the natives, the high priestess Zumo de Kapayas declared Oleon men dangerous for the Ténotclaxcans. So the king had to lead a war against those invaders. During the fights the main act lead by the king himself was the boarding of the oleon cutter "La vaillante" ! In this action the natives showed the oleon soldiers how determined they were, and the clerics ordered a strategic retreat after that act of war. It is during the departure of the Oleon fleet of Berelli that the former king of the Ténotclaxcans was killed by an aft cannon shot fired in order to protect the retreat of Oleon ships. The boarding of "La vaillante" : Battle on the deck of the Oleon cutter : The Oleon ship and its crew : The Ténotclaxcans :
  11. After leaving Arlinsport Sir James journeyed east to Port Raileigh, Berrelli. Once anchored, his first stop was The Flask and Flagon, a favourite watering hole of the port where he met with Lieutenant Watton. Out of all his men, the Lieutenant was most familiar with the island, for he had accompanied Sir James on his previous trip island where they first encountered the Ténotclaxcans. The next day they would be attending an annual ritual, held in honour of their sun god (not the main Monkey God, but a lesser god with great importance for farming). They trekked a little outside of Port Raleigh to the ritual site, where a strange event was taking place. The members of the tribe were taking it in turns to walk across hot coals to honour the sun god. At first Sir James was a little uptight about getting involved the celebrations taking place, he didn't hold with most superstitious nonsense, as he called it, and the headgear of the tribe was just plain odd. But they had a purpose for being here, he hoped to engage the help of one of the tribesmen, a cousin to the young King Azuma, by the name of Akatu, for the purpose of strengthening Corrington's farming in the region. The Ténotclaxcans were experts at farming these lands and Sir James was keen to learn more from their techniques and hoped to employ Akatu to oversee the construction of his plantations. But as the evening got underway (and Sir James downed more of the strange pink liquor produced by the Ténotclaxcan) he started to loosen up and even donned some local headgear. This is my third freebuild of the month, so if you are not from Corrington then approvals are much appreciated and as always, c&c are always appreciated.
  12. This build is made in order to sceal the peace treaty between Corrington, Eslandola and the Berelli natives called the Ténotclaxcans. It is a Banana plantation built in Berelli by the Ténotclaxcans, and earned by Felipe de la Manzana in the Corrington Territory of Port Raleigh. The Peace treaty proposition is here : Diplomatic Meeting. Bananas for peace : In the near vicinity of Port Raleigh, Pinya and some Ténotclaxcans men are developping a little banana exploitation. While some men are carying the flowers upon the trees, and some are collecting bananas, Pinya is drying the fruits and cutting the floral edge in order to prevent the bananas from spoiling. In this tropical atmosphere, everything is spoiling so fast ! She had recently made an agreement with those strange men from the west and it was decided to share a Banana plantation, her Banana plantation... So it was her mother decision, Pinya had to agreed, but she asked new men to help from MAESTRO and she had them ! Finally, they were not so stupid sailors... Some of them were really capable of working the land ! Basil, escorted by a guard, arrived with a gift... - Hi Pinya ! Why don't you drop these stone vasks and try our best barrels ? - Barrels ? Asked Pinya ? Those wooden round thing you always use ? - Yes ! I brought one to you. Try it... - Ok, Yes why not... - Hey that's not bad ! Said surprised Pinya. I will use yours barrels then... They are great invention ! Give me more of them ! - Ok ! Answered Basil, I will have to open an artisan barrel maker shop in Elysabethtown... Suddenly, someone arrived, well escorted, from Port Raleigh. - Ah ! Nice to see the Banana plantation is ready to send some fruits ! said Lord Erie Flynn. Our Queen will be satisfied ! She is said in great need of this fruit, well, according to the newspaper, and you know they are sometimes good lyers ! Anyway, continued Lord Flynn, we will take care of the fruits by now, we will transfer them to our trading ship ! Make the peace between our great nations be fruitfull !
  13. Felipe sent a letter to Lord Flynn before his departure to his dreadly trade run : Letter to Lord Erie Flynn, Lord of Port Raleigh, Governor of the Corrington territories of Annetta (a.k.a. Berelli) from El Senor Felipe de la Manzana, citizen of Eslandola, member of MAESTRO, Ambassador for the eslandian affairs in Berelli, and from Lady Zumo de Kapayas, High priestess of the Ténotclaxcans, representant of the chief Azuma. Copy for the archives for Eslandola High Archives and for Her Majesty of Corrington's Archives. Mylord, It appeared you have founded a new settlement you named Port Raleigh along the River Queens in Berelli/Annetta. Our two great Nations are in peace and are even more linked with the help of some trading agreements we signed from both sides. Your position in Berelli is welcome if it is made in peace. The natives of Berelli, the Ténotclaxcans are peaceful people, our Nation is linked to them by the MAESTRO company. Although some Ténotclaxcans attacked Corlanders who were bringing weapons in foraging party, our will, for both Eslandola and the Natives, is to bring you a message of peace. We are asking you to join in a Diplomatic Meeting Lady Zumo de Kapayas and Lord Basil de Eslandola, representant of El Senor Felipe de la Manzana. We hope the Meeting will be the first step in a fruitfull cooperation between Corrington, Eslandola and the Ténotclaxacans. Yours, Lord Felipe de la Manzana. And so, Lord Erie Flynn sent a Corlander official representant at the meeting : - Welcome Mylord, Said Basil and Zumo de Kapayas. - We are here in the village of Zum'heria in order to clarify the situation that is threatening peace in Berelli, or Annetta if you prefer. Continued Basil. - The situation is against MAESTRO's interests, and it's against our Nations interests. We do not want to fight against the natives here since they are peaceful peasants and fishermen. We, MAESTRO, have made an agreement with the Ténotclaxcan tribe, main tribe of the island, that all MAESTRO member and all Eslandian citizen will not bring fire weapons in the territories ruled by the tribe. We are just asking to you, from your side, to do the same : to make that every Corrington citizen will not bring fire weapons in the territories the tribe of the Ténotclaxcans is ruling. Finally, Basil read the text prepared by Felipe : - In order to seal such an agreement, Eslandola Trade Company MAESTRO, by the way of Senor Felipe de la Manzana and the Ténotclaxcans, by the way of Lady Pinya, daughter of Lady Zumo de Kapayas, are offering to Port Raleigh to build a Banana plantation for the Queen who is said pregnant and in great need of this golden fruit. In exchange of what Corrington is agreed to not armed Port Raleigh and to join MAESTRO in a global Privateering force of defense of Berelli/Annetta made of volonteers and made of Native warriors. Made the 7th of February, 616 Hope you like ! I tryed a forced perspective build in order to render the meeting less borring... By this build I am also asking to Ska if : - First : is it OK for you if I build a Banana Plantation for your settlement ? - Secondly :Is it possible to put the Ténotclaxcans officially in the map ? - Third : are you ok to build in partnership with MAESTRO some military/privateer builds ruled by the 2 factions here ? - Finally : is there a way to share between nations the fees of the common builds or the cost of the privateers ? Don't hesitate to PM me if this leading to a problem.