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Found 7 results

  1. Simon_S

    HSS: Belynia

    Hey guys I haven't posted any builds for some time, but that doesn't mean that I am dead ;-). I just was busy... with building! Last weekend, I was at my first LEGO convention, the SteinCHenwelt 2014. I had a great time there and I even won a Orthanc set (not because I was the best builder, just because of luck). So now, I'm proud to present you the second part of my diorama I built for this exhibition (Belynia Castle, first module): Belynia Village I built 5 more HSS buildings in this: 1. HSS Laborers: Stone mine 2. HSS Nautical: Harbor Interior 3. HSS Craftsmen (General Goods): Carpenter Interior 4. HSS Agriculture (Livestock): Horse Farm Interior 5. HSS Hospitality: Tavern Interior Also here is a convention shot: And then, this... Thank you for looking and have a great day! Simon Schweyer
  2. Chapter 1: The Little Vagabond Tavern Chapter 2: The Discovery of Nalderic Chapter 3: A Warm Welcome Challenge 1 (A): A Bad Nocty! Challenge 1 ©: The Genius Malignus After Simon of Nalderic found the Herba Absynthii, the holy cabbage, he rescued his friends from Remigias and the other elves, nobody stood in the way to become king... Simon: "Kneel down, folks! I have something to tell you. As our new king, the first thing I'm going to do is to build a castle! If we want to be a strong and autonomous nation, we'll have to defend ourselfs." Farmer: "Why do we need to be independent? I don't care who my king is, as long it's not such a fool as you!" Simon: "Do you want to pay taxes to some rich Lords on the mainland so they even get richer? No. So we have to be autonomous and that also means that I want my castle... Now! Get to work!" And so, after a short time Simon of Nalderic finally had his own fortress from where he ruled the small isle. To be continued... __________________________________________________________________________________ More pics you can find in this Flickr set. I will exhibit the whole diorama on the SteinCHenwelt (I hope to get done all REQ until then). Thanks for checking out and have a nice day! Simon
  3. Chapter 1: The Little Vagabond Tavern Chapter 2: The Discovery of Nalderic Chapter 3: A Warm Welcome Challenge 1 (A): A Bad Nocty! So Simon passed the ring of fire and now arrived at the castle of the Genius Malignus. First it looked like nobody was there... Abruptly, a genie stood in front of him. Humius: "Hello, I'm Humius. What's your name and where are you from?" Simon: "I'm Simon and I come from... Nocturnus." Humius: "Of course you're from Nocturnus, but where in Nocturnus?" Simon: "Eeeh... it's a small village near the ring of fire..." Humius: "Very nice to meet you! You should get know my friends. Voltarius and Cartesius come to me! Here's an Avalonian!" Voltarius: "Welcome Simon of Nalderic. Nice to meet you!" Cartesius: "Welcome to the Castle of Lies. I'm the leader of the Genius Malignus. You must be very stupid or very strong that you've come here alone. So, what do you want here?" Simon: "Why did you know that I'm from Avalonia? I mean, I'm dressed like a Nocty, I wear a nocty armor and I carry a nocty weapon. I thought it would be impossible that someone recognizes me. Voltarius: "We're the Genius Malignus, didn't you know? A birdbrained man, called René, once did thought experiment. He imagined, that there would be a ghost from which comes all knowledge that the humans have. The only aim of this ghost is, to fool the humans. That's why he called us "malignus". But then René did something even more stupid. From our possible living he concluded our inevitable existence. And so he created us and now we're damned to live in oil lamps, wear purple shirts and have long hair. To say it short: We're ghosts, we know anything." Simon: "Wow, that sounds pretty crazy. An Elf called Remigias sent me to you. I'm looking for the Herba Absynthii. They captured my friends and if I don't bring him this herb, he'll keep them as prisoneers forever. Can you help me to get it?" Cartesius: "You seem pretty confident and we like that. But you have to know that we don't like Remigias at all. So what will we do now?" Simon: "Just help me to get my friends back, please!" Humius: "You convinced me. Let's go." Voltarius and Cartesius: "Wait for us, we'll accompany you. This cabbage only grows on one place, which still is controlled by the old regime." Simon: "I already killed a bad Nocty on the way here, so I have no problems doing that again. I will fight against Lord Ssilyrrlith. Will you help me?" All 3 genies: "Yes." Simon: "Look there, is this white one a Herba Absynthii?" Cartesius: "Yes it is, but there are two guards we need to get rid of. Voltarius: "They aren't humans, so we can't spook them. And killing would ethically viewed be totally incorrect. So there must be another way." Simon: "What about distracting them?" Humius: "Yes, that's a good idea. Look now, this will be awesome." Cartesius: "That was clever, my friend. Giving them some food and we already have our Herba Absynthii. But Simon, I forbid you to bring it to Remigias. Do you know what power this cabbage has? With it, you can easily free your friends and take the lead over Nalderic..." Voltarius: "So you're free to leave. We have to stay here and keep fighting against Lord Ssilyrrlith. I wish you best of luck!" To be continued...
  4. Chapter 1: The Little Vagabond Tavern Chapter 2: The Discovery of Nalderic So after our five heroes discovered Nalderic and found out, that it's not inhabitated at all, they finally found a place to land... Thomas: "I think we should tell them that we take lead of the isle." Simon: "I'm sure you meaned that I take lead of it." Thomas: "Of course, of course." Franzisco: "So don't stand around and do nothing, Simon. Go now and tell them! I can also assist your first appearance before those barbarians with a song..." Sara: "No, please spare us!" Steven: "They don't look too happy that we are here... shall I kill them for you?" Simon: "That's not how a good king would do it. Now I will go to those uncultivated people and take lead over Nalderic. I will introduce new rules and new taxes! I will change everything how I want it! I finally will be king!" He went to the people... Farmer: "Yellow hands Straw for sale! Straw for sale!" Simon: "Listen folks! I, Simon of Nalderic, will from now be your new king..." BONG! BONG! BONG! BONG! BONG! Suddenly Simon and his friends got knocked down from the behind. Simon: "Where am I? What's going on here?" Remigias: "I am Remigias. I rule Nalderic. We don't want little parasitic bugs like you on this isle." Simon: "Where are my friends? You killed them! I will avenge their death!" Remigias: "Calm down, they're still alive. We captured them that you have a little incentive." Simon: "An incentive for what?" Remigias: "You want to become king, right? I'm already old and in 15 years, I won't be able to rule this isle for any longer. So I'm looking for a worthy follower of the throne. If you want to be king one day, you will have to bring me the Herba Absynthii. It's a cabbage that grows in the marshes in Nocturnus. To find it, you will need to meet the Genius Malignus, the most despiteful ghosts I know. Oh, and to get to them, you'll have to pass the ring of fire. When you succeed and return with the cabbage, we'll let your friend go. Good luck." Elf guard: "The Genius Malignus won't be happy to see an Avalonian in their dominion. Here are some other clothes, an other weapon and a new armor, so that they won't recognize you as a stranger. Good luck." To be continued... Challenge 1 (A): A Bad Nocty! Challenge 1 ©: The Genius Malignus
  5. Chapter 1: The Little Vagabond Tavern So our 5 adventurers started their journey to discover and settle Nalderic... Simon: "I think we're almost here. It seems like we brought a little bit too much food with us." Franzisco: "Yeah, this must be it. Shall I sing a little song for a warm welcome in our new home?" Thomas: "You want to give yourself a warm welcome? If you're going to sing I will..." Franzisco: "Ok, ok. Take it easy man, I just wanted to brighten this party a bit." Steven: "Do you think this is it?" Sara (whispers): "No, I doesn't look like a secret isle that nobody discovered before us." Simon: "I heard that! Are you in doubt about my leading quality? I'm sure that this must be the right isle." Franzisco: "Of couse it is. Look at the map: It's the only one we haven't visited yet..." Simon: "So first, let's get to the ground..." Thomas: "And how should that work? Look at the cliffs, there's no place where we can dock our boats." Sara: "We won't land here. Look on that cliff there, a house. This is definitely not an inhabitated isle where we can start our new lifes." Steven: "But now we're already here. I propose that we just go to the régime, take them as our slaves and take control of this isle. Then we can do what we want with it. Sounds good, eh?" Simon: "I like the idea of taking the lead, but we won't harm them. There must be another way to become king of this place." To be continued... Chapter 3: A Warm Welcome Challenge 1 (A): A Bad Nocty! Challenge 1 ©: The Genius Malignus
  6. Chapter 1: The Little Vagabond Tavern Chapter 2: The Discovery of Nalderic Chapter 3: A Warm Welcome So on the way to the Genius Malignus he had to pass the mystical fire ring, which still was controlled by the old regime. But there were only a few ways through it, and there wasn't even one where no guards of Nocturnus were attendant. So he looked for the smallest and most hidden one. He found an old, almost burned bridge where only one guard stayed at. It was... A bad Nocty! So the fight begun... ...and it ended with a burned Nocty. The End To be continued... Challenge 1 ©: The Genius Malignus
  7. Simon, a ranger in the deep forests of the mighty Avalonia was straying around on the Mystic Isles, the heart of the Kingdom. Everywhere was just forest and when he thought he finally found a way, it ended soon and he stood on a cliff where he couldn't pass. It was a hard adventurous life as a ranger and one day, he was sick to death of it. He wanted to start a new life at a new place... and so the story begins: He headed to the Little Vagabond Tavern, where he wanted to stay for one night, as it was one the cheapest and confident place to sleep on the isle. In his bedroom, he lied down... rshlrsshhl. Something rustled. He had to bend over the whole bed to try to see it. And WUMMS! He fell down. But now he saw it. It was some kind of ancient pergament. He rolled it up. It was an old map of the Mystic Isles. "But wait", he thought, "there's an isle that doesn't exist on the other maps I've seen until now". I'm sure this must be some secret place, which is surely unoccupied. There I will start my new life, I just need some fellows to go there." On the other morning, he went to the waitress... Simon: "Good morning, maid." Waitress: "Good morning sir. Did you sleep well?" Simon: "Not really, but considering the price I paid for my room, it was ok. Oh, and I have a Question: Do you have any guests who stay here for a pretty long time and who don't have anything to do? I need some mates to go to an adventure." Waitress: "I thought you would be fed up with the adventurous life, but there are some lads outside in the garden who are bored. Maybe you can convince them, but I'm not sure." Simon: "Thanks, I will have a look." Meanwhile in the garden... There were four people having a big banquet. Not much talking, but a lot of eating noisily. There was one Knight, in full armor with almost shiny blonde hair. Sir Steven. He once was a Lord of a small area, but the people revolted and exiled him to the Mystic Isles. Now he's here and doesn't know what to do. Next to it there sat his loyal soldier and also good friend, Thomas. His home was destroyed by Elementals long ago, he flied to the isles, where they didn't follow him. Then, there was a young pretty lady, wearing a chainmail made by elfes, but she was a human and was called Sara. She looked like she would be easy to convince to come on an adventure. They all were happy, most probably because of the jokes and songs of Franzisco, the bard. His mother came from Varlyrio and his father from the southern part of Avalonia. He travelled around the whole world and earned his daily bread by singing, dancing and making jokes about prominent persons. Simon:"Hey guys! ... Some hours later, Simon walked out of the Little Vagabond Tavern with three mates, going to explore a secret isle. Franzisco was the only one who didn't join the crew. But, thirty minutes after they left... So now they were complete and could start with their trip. To be continued... Chapter 2: The Discovery of Nalderic Chapter 3: A Warm Welcome Challenge 1 (A): A Bad Nocty! Challenge 1 ©: The Genius Malignus