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Found 2 results

  1. With a map from the library, the heroes go for their first foray around Eubric on the job for the very first time. Navigating through the winding trails of the bustling city, they watch as the sky turns from a blue to a dim gray... The pair of amatuer heroes soon see their destination in sight. Those two heroes were... Darksten (Comrade Commander) 35 year old Male Human Ranger Level 1 Power: 4 Health: 6/6 Gold: 5 Equipment: Crossbow (WP: 3) Inventory: Potion, Smoke bomb, Bedroll Hoang Anh (hoanganhbeo) 20 years old Male Human Knight Level 1 Power: 4 Defense: 2 Health: 10/10 Gold: 5 Equipment: Sword (WP: 3); Shield (SP: 2) Inventory: Potion, Bedroll The ranger and the knight, not sensing any confrontation ahead, head towards the toweing Hovels wall. From what little they know of the city, this recently-erected monument was the one thing seperating the poor from the rest of the city... A guard stands vigil in front of the wall, brandishing a spear. He looks at the motley pair, tipping his spear in their direction. "Halt. What is your business here?" How will the party respond? QM Note: Comrade Commander and Hoanganhbeo, welcome to Heroica! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask: I just request that each of you post in this thread within the next 24 hours.
  2. ~This Quest is for chosen heroes only. If you would like to learn how to join, please refer to the Rules & FAQ topics.~ Three heroes, chosen by their eccentric employer, follow the directions on the posted quest sheet. Shuffling through crowds of people as they go through Eubric, they watch the sun rise above the horizon. Even in the morning, the city was bustling; Eubric truly was The City that Never Sleeps. Before long, the three heroes reach Storefront avenue, searching for their slightly deranged employer. Those three heroes were... Skrall (Waterbrick Down) 80 year old Male Ogre Hunter Level 31.5 *Favors Ancient and Rock enemies* *Immune to Fragile, Blinded, and Confused* *Gains 3x experience* Power Bonus: +2 WP Defense: 8 Health: 45/45 Gold: 38 Equipment: Hunter's Crossbow (WP:12/24 vs. Beasts, fire, ice, wind, and darkness-elemental), Hunter's Quiver (Bows and Crossbows +2WP, allows Hunters to favor two types of enemies, back wear), Tricorne (SP: 3, head wear), Heavy Armor (SP: 5, wearer is immune to fragile, blind, and confused effects, body wear), Medal of Glory (Wearer gains 3x experience from fights, accessory) Inventory: Composite Bow (WP:12, ignores SP, light, lightning, water, wood, and earth-elemental; bow), Wooden Shield (SP:5), Lucky Doubloon (Grants "Special Guard"), 9x Smoke Bomb, 2 Dirt Bombs, Fire Bomb, 5 Water Bombs, Lightning Bomb, Minimizing Dust, 4x Bone, 6x Venoms, 2x Deadly Venoms, Potion, 2 Grand Potions, Phoenix Essence, 6 Phoenix Incenses, Smelling Salts, 5x Meads, 2 Nostrums, 2x Titan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), 1 Deluxe Skeleton Karie Alderflask Level 19 Witch Power: 30 Defense: 2 Health: 33/33 Ether: 25/25 Gold: 22 Equipment: Oculoid Palm (WP: 11, Whip, successful hits lowers the target's level. Coils around the user's arm and mimics a tattoo outside of battle.) by 1. Ethereal Cloak (SP +2, Max. Ether +4),Catsuit (Wearer has 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits; suitable to women only; bodywear) Inventory: Mead (1),Nostrum (1), Remedies (3), Venom (7), Smoke bomb (1), Pixie Dust (1),Telescope (1), Bedroll (1), Grand Tonic (4), Potion (1), Military Grade Light Bomb (1), Military Grade Darkness Bomb (1), Pumpkin Bomb (2) (causes stunned, poisoned, asleep, blinded, sealed, and confused to all opponents when used.) Quest Items: Entry 11, Map of Brendenton (1), Spider Coin (worth 1 gp), Forest Journal Aretefacts/Weapons: Heirloom Dagger (WP: 3), Scroll of Newtity (costs 10 ether)(usable by ex-Amphibians only), Scroll of Frailty (Costs 1 ether, causes fragile effect to target for three rounds), Scroll of Blindness (cost 1 ether, target is blinded for three rounds) Lover's Locket (Accessory, Protects from enamouredeffect), Trickster's Mask of the Elf (Accessory, changes user's appearance into an Elf) Sexy (WP: 8, Rapier, Disregards SP, usable by Knights and Rogues), Paper Doll (Accesory, prevents Hexing), Rusty Dagger (WP:2 - Deals the Badly Poisoned Effect, Breaks After 3 Uses) Gemstones: (None at this time) (Cryos) ?? year old Male Human Barbarian Level 1 Power: 4 Health: 8/8 Gold: 5 Equipment: Starter Halberd WP:3 Inventory: Bottle of Mead, Potion x2 The trio's gaze darts around, looking for their employers distinctive garbs. They look around the street, looking up and down the rows of stores - before finally spotting him. He lingers in front of a gurgling fountain, a large corseque in hand... Although the party swears he wasn't there a minute prior. Octavyn locks eyes with the party, waving them over. The party walks towards him, the Syndicate Admin sitting down casually at the edge of the fountain, leaning back on the shield-bearing statue. He speaks in a freindly tone, as happy as ever. "Hello there, folks! Looks like you guys were a few minutes earlier here then I was, heh." QM Note: Hello there, and welcome to Quest 86! You all have 24 hours to confirm.