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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys!Since I loved the idea of Superhero month and havn't exercised my drawing hand properly for a while I decided to add my own little contribution to the proceedings! Every couple of days for the rest of Superhero month I intend to doodle a DC hero or villain in Lego style on Photoshop with some modifications to costumes if needed!I have a few ideas of my own, but if there is any particular DC hero/villain you want drawn, just mention it in this thread and I might well have a go at it and hopefully by the end of the month we'll have a delightful collection of images! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm going to start off with Supergirl as she is one of my favourite characters with regards to colour and personality. (In some versions at least ) As much as I liked the version in Lego Batman 2, I wasn't very happy with the re-use of Supermans belt so I decided to draw a little inspiration from the 1984 movie version. I'm pretty pleased with how bright and airy this turned out and the change of belt makes her a little more unique from Superman! As a little giggle I also decided to throw in Streaky the Supercat! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Next up is Star Sapphire. This is a character I would love to see in Lego, as with most of the other Lanterns of course! Being one of Green Lanterns oldest foes and his main love interest I figured she could be next on the list. I decided to give a little mixture of old and new to the costume as the original I found a little dated and the new one was just a teeny bit too sexy for a toy . Note the Wonderwoman hairpiece and new ring piece in Dark Violet! In the background is the Star Sapphires home planet of Zamaron. (The first one to MOC Zamaron wins a cookie!) (Note, have removed the belt as I felt this version looked better!) Edit: I think a little credit has to go to Superficial Username for using the WW headpiece on his design! I'm pretty sure I saw it and that's what got stuck in my head! Thanks! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ahhh Hush. Of course, as requested I borrowed Lego's version and slapped a jacket on him! I decided to add one or two little extra details to spide it up a bit and I also found drawing a jacket on a Lego figure takes a lot of fiddling about! Anywho, I thought I best make this one a little darker given the subject matter and decided to set it in a foggy trainyard, though I may have spent a little too long on the background . Anywho, Hush! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Black Lantern Firestorm/ Deathstorm. For those of you not in the know, Blackest Night was a fairly recent story which spanned the entire DC universe. The basic premise was that Black Lantern rings spread across the universe raising the dead to feed on the emotions of the living and then end all life. Deathstorm was one of the more prominent Lanterns and the first to return after Blackest Night. I found this one quite tricky actually. A pain to pose and then get the costume right while maintaining a Lego-ish feel! Hopefully its not too dark __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 'Battle Damaged' Clark Kent was an interesting one to do! I decided to go with the official Clark kent look from the video game as I do quite like that. The only trouble was that his suit is the same colour as his Supersuit! I had to think of a couple of ways to seperate up the colour a little and think I did ok. My favourite part about this though is the pose, with the famous push up of the glasses! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hawk and Dove are the avatars for War and Peace respectively. Though I havn't read much about them, what I have read I liked and from a design standpoint I really like how they look. I also enjoy the contrast in both colours and personality! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lobo, self proclaimed Main Man. I thought I'd try something a little different this time and hdd his bike in too since it's such an important part of the character. Though I'm reasonably happy with the result, something irks me! Edit : On reflection, I don't like this at all. I might have to go back to it at some point :P __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Atrocitus! Leader of the Red lanterns and his faithful feline, Dex-Starr. I took about 3 cracks at this before I got a pose I was happy with. Hopefully the Rage comes across nicely. I also figured Streaky could use a furry companion! Updated : Scarier face! Huzzah! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jay, Lark and Raven. The Penguins henchgirls! Posing was a bit of a pain on these ones, plus fitting them all onto my special square! :D Turned out quite nice though, and that's the Iceberg Lounge in the background by the way. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After looking at the various incarnations of Green Arrow, I decided to settle on the classic look. He is a great character and I have very muched enjoyed Arrow while doodling! I'm quite pleased with the pose and the face, and I also prefer how the hood looks compared to the traditional hat. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Steel vs Metallo was a nice fun one to draw. Its tricky trying to get two characters who are in combat to look in the same direction, which is what I am trying to with these. And the Steel Mill helped me maintain the different background looks I'm also going for! All different colours! Huzzah. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, the jokers of the League. Or at least they were till Blue Beetle was shot. I've loved Booster Gold ever since I first saw him but only really started looking into Blue Beetle recently and am extremely happy with what I have found! They're great fun individually and even better as a pair! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ahh Batgirl. Always wanted but never given. I was happy with Stephanie Brown being requested as I've grown to have quite a liking for the character and I love the little hints of purple. Now I know underarm printing isn't really available but I felt it just added a little more to the picture. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Being a huge fan of the Flash I figured I may as well have a go at his colourful Rogues! The versions I went for were the main rogues from Geoff Johns Flash run which followed Wally West. We have: Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Captain Cold, Heatwave and The Trickster! I decided to make a couple of the headpieces similar to the design the Flash had in the videogame to make things more consistent! Quite pleased with these! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've always liked Huntress as a character. She just seemed that little bit too flawed to be truly accepted but still kicked a lot of megablocks. I decided to go for a less sexy and more practical version of the outfit, as befits a toy! I also used the same idea for the helmet as I did with Batgirl. Having the mask be attached to the hair and the chin/cheeks be part of the printing as I never really liked the whole helmet thing on the female characters. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Probably a bit of cheat, but I thought I'd throw my own DC hero into the mix here (If only). Had a bit of a redesign of the costume and threw her in with a villain of mah favourite heroes! Might be some recognisable places in the background too! Anywho, Speedcat! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In Brickest Day... In Blockest Night.. No Clone brand shall escape my sight... Ahhh, the Lanterns (Click on the image to see the full version!). I wanted to do something bigger with these guys and finally got round to it! A few little flaws here and there but overall happy :) I decided we know what Lego Hal looks like so had him being overwhelmed by the delightful Parallax once again, and it certainly would be a nice figure with that shoulder armour. Lego Kilowog was a different beast, I'd seen minifigure versions before and felt they just didnt work as he should be bigger. With that in mind I developed a midi figure to sit between Hulk size and Minifigure size ;) Ch'p is the friends Squirrel with a new paint job and the rest of them are pretty self explanatory! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Supergirl as she may appear in Nolans universe. This is based upon an image circulating the internet created by Josh of Fan Art Exhibit for an IGN employee named Alexis. There's also a couple of little pieces of Legos 'Icy' past in there. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After a few months without a PC and a crisis of confidence I found it pretty hard to pick this up again, but I thought I'd give my dearest Flash a good old go. And since I'm reading the New 52 Flash (which isn't half bad for those interested) I thought I'd put him and his enemy, Reverse Flash, into my piccies! I spent a bit more time making this one a scene, though it wasn't intended to be at first. The Rogues were added halfway and it just made the picture that much more interesting! See if you can spot them all! Mirror Master, Captain Cold, Golden Glider and Weather Wizard! There's also a little homage to The Lego Movie in there too! ^^ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A few people asked for Jaime over in the superheroes thread and since I do like the character and his very distinct appearance I thought I'd give it a shot! I threw in some OMACs and Brother Eye to make the spacey background a little more interesting and hopefully it worked! Funnily enough it does seem to be the backgrounds that give me hassle most of the time. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lego Zatanna! Mistress of Magic! Trying to do some more dynamic stuff with my pictures and this one took a little longer because I'm working a little super team of my own! :D There's representations of a few of DC's magic characters on the cards, see if you can name them all! :) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Swamp Thing and John Constantine! I started doing these guys when I read the Alan Moore swamp thing run last year, which was awesome. I never got round to finishing them till now, but happy I did. I really liked the idea of doing a Chewbacca style piece for swamp thing as it could increase his height and help with the distinctive face shape. The background was a little rushed, but it works. Might go back and fix that later ^^ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, here we go. At last. It was supposed to be for Batmans 75th but I got a got a depressed and such so it couldn't be :( But in honour of the caped crusader I thought I'd put together an image of many different versions of them and I found out that I really, really, really don't like drawing caves. :D Click the image for a larger version. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wonder Woman against Ares, The God of War. Ares is a character I've not really taken a huge interest in before but recently have found his design to be pretty striking. So I thought I'd put him to digital pen and see what I could come up with!