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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, My friend and I are working together on a project. He sent me a studio project file which I wish to open in LDD. I didn't manage to find an .lxf option in's export menu. Could anyone help?
  2. Hi, I am working in Studio 2.0, and almost done with my design. But when I do the instruction, I notice that I misuse part 4459(pin with friction with central slot) for part 2780(pin with friction without central slot). So the question is, is there a easy way to replace part of one type to another type in studio? Thanks.
  3. When you want to create instructions for your models how do you do that? Is there any better alternatives then generating them in LDD? I tried Studio, but it seems to be a lot of work for more complex models.
  4. As Studio is gradually getting new parts added with some updates from time to time, it's time for you to post details about the new parts and show them to us as they become available. Thanks.
  5. Hello guys , I desperately need a expert's help : I am doing builds for Star Wars factions using LDD and and I've stumbled upon some roadblocks in my use of Namely : 1) I cannot find any way to make parts that are supposed to be dual-molded be two different colors. For example I want a minifig's legs to be tan in their upper area , with dark bluish grey as the "boots"/lower part. Another example is a doctor who sonic screwdriver - I want the "body" to be pearl grey but the "light bulb" on top to be a trans green or trans blue . Is there any way , direct or indirect , to achieve that ? 2) What I also looked for , but could not find , was a way to use my own custom decals on , say a minifig torso . Is there any way of accessing the decoration/decal database of the programm and adding my own / replacing an existing one with my own ? If this has been answered / covered elsewhere , feel free to lock / delete the topic and point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to help.
  6. ShadowWolfHount

    [MOCs] Studio Fan Concept Sets

    These MOCs are fan concepts of my idea of what sets of a School subtheme for LEGO City would look like. In 2018 LEGO City went back to things they already done before, which being Police Forest, Mining and Arctic. Least 2019 is going to the combine of Airport and Police, along with there being mix of other city related things. But with all these Movie Maker being part of these 3 LEGO Movies, LEGO has yet to bring back Studio as a City Subtheme. So this is my concept idea for sets of a Studio Subtheme for city, and for the fun of it, it's making a big reference to Jack Stone. Minifigure: The director would have the look based on the director from the old Studio theme, I think to save a bit of money on new printing, the face could reuse the old man from the outdoor people pack. Workers would have new torso printing of having name tags, or leg printing of having name tag on the left or right leg instead while the torso could be any civilian cloth. The robbers and Jack Stone would obviously be heavy based on the original along with two of the robbers (no prisoner uniform hidden behind, but I’m pretty sure a guy in a red suit and messy cloth would be obvious already) and I think Han Solo hair would be the most fitting for Jack’s hair. MOCs Golf Cart Target price: $5 Pieces: 60 Minifig: Any fig related to Studio Sticker: 0-1 (hood with Studio logo) I try to target under $10 when making this. While this is to only have 1 minifigure, I try to make it where at least a 2nd minifigure could be put on the back, however that failed so I made a place to put the camera and other stuff in. But there is a mixel joint to make something for the cart to drag along. Accessory would be a camera. Robber Get Away and JackMobile Robber Get Away Target Price $10 Pieces: 73 Minifig: Robber Though this would be more to the police, this one could be tie together with that and the Studio subtheme of being one of the robber actor but with a prisoner uniform. Thinking of what vehicle I wanted to make for the Robber, a Hot Rod come to mind, and red was a no brainer (cop vs. robber, blue vs. red). Thankfully it was easy to add the open doors to this compare to Jack’s Sports car, I even added a book cover for the windscreen. And for a small thing on the side is a fence and chicken. The Jackmobile Target price $10 Pieces: 106 Minifig: Jack Stone I went with a sports car for Jack’s vehicle and decided to use the Speech Champions wheels along with the add-on, also thinking that the book cover piece sense they make great windscreen with no studs on it. I try to make this look like it have 2 seats even though it only holds one minifigure, this is just so I could add doors on the side Cycle Chase Scene / Camera Car This one have two concept version, one with two bikes and one with a single bike but a roof camera attachment. With the car I added a book piece for the front and a snowboard for the back, just to give people some recolor of those pieces. Camera Car: Target price: $15-$20 Minifigure: robber, two studio worker Pieces: 127 Sticker: 0-3 (Studio logo on car door, number 2 on motorcycle) Cycle Chase Scene: Target price: $20 or less Pieces: 106 Minifig: Jack Stone, Robber, Studio worker Stickr: 0-6 (Both side of car door, Jack’s bike, robber’s bike). Cycle Chase Scene target price is around $20, as it have 2 motorcycle and car like two police set that were at the same price (60042 & 60137). Helicopter Rescue Pieces: 237 Target Price: $25-$35 Sticker: 5 - 6 (Studio logo on drone, helicopter with Jack’s logo on front, side and tail) Minifigure: Studio Worker, Jack Stone, civilian I wanted to have the propellers to use to contraction blades in a city just to add something different, along with not having the piece count lower by a lot because of a multiple large pieces. I was thinking of either adding another small Helicopter or a drone, and I choose the latter; so I look at the sets with drone to see what I could do differently with mine. I went with using 3 pieces to make a 2 blade propeller instead of 3 and use a camera piece for its eye. To add some side stuff I went with a dolphin (meant to be fake shark) and a rope latter that can be attach on to the copter. Bank Heist Scene Target Price: $60 - $100 Minifigure: 2 Studio worker, Director, Bank Worker, Jack Stone, 2 Robber Pieces: 584 (565 without the extra pillar) Sticker: 1- 6 (bank sign, bikes, picture, carpet) Though the amount of studio related stuff in this is small, I try to think of what would be the big thing for this sub-theme, I went with a bank heist, along with the first floor window can easily be pushed out, instead of the whole building exploding like the original Studio set ‘1352 Explosion Studio’. The window are blue as blue screen that are used in filming, it also leave the excuse to not put anything behind the window of the front part of the building. (there’s two pin holes on the side to be place side by side with modular buildings With color scheme it was hard to choose from white or tan with dark green or blue, but decided on tan and dark green, also adding some plants and a clock for detail. I choose to have the inside to be separate to have the volt for the robbers to try and break in. Also have a office for a 2nd floor so if people have extra window screen in trans-blue/black/clear, it can be change to a normal bank.
  7. thenightman89

    Mustafar Skyline MOC

    Hello everyone! First post on Eurobricks, though a longtime lurker. I created a Mustafar "Skyline" in Studio in the style of the Architecture skyline series. The skyline features the Klegger Corp Mining Facility, Darth Vader's castle (with a couple Easter eggs in the back), and an active volcano. My instagram page: @benbuildslego Lego Star Wars - Mustafar Skyline MOC by Jamin Ross, on Flickr Lego Star Wars - Mustafar Skyline MOC (Back) by Jamin Ross, on Flickr Lego Star Wars - Mustafar Skyline MOC (Top View) by Jamin Ross, on Flickr
  8. I have started a quick tutorial showing how to use LDCad to generate flexible parts compatible with Studio. See it on LDraw forum.
  9. I am trying to get an overview of the features, irregularities and oddities of the 2.0 export to LDraw. (File -> Export as -> Export a LDraw) It is for the upload functionality of since many of the submissions are made this way. This is the list I have compiled so far: The extension will be ".ldr" even though the content seems like that of an ".mpd" file. Is this an error or a feature? Right now I'm treating it as an error and will make a "Change to .ldr"-functionality if submodels are detected. Proper use of "0 NOFILE". It seems like uses "0 NOFILE" lines instead of "0" lines. Does anyone know the proper use of these lines? Should I make a function to replace "0 NOFILE" with "0"? Decimal precision. uses six decimals on all positions and matrix coordinates, so instead of "0" it will output "0.000000". This would not have been much of a problem if it were not for some precision issues. Right now I see a lot of lines in the order of "0.000080" and "0.001234" where "0" is expected. I will make a function to fix this in BrickHub. Suffixes in submodels. From MLCad I expect that submodels have ".ldr" or ".dat" as suffixes in both "0 FILE xxx.ldr" and "0 Name: xxx.ldr" lines. This only happens in if you remember to add ".ldr" to the names of the submodels. I will have to update BrickHub so it also considers submodels without this suffix as "top level sub models". Additional spacing in "0 Name:" lines. For some reason inserts two spaces after colon on these lines. I expect this to be a minor bug. Missing authors. adds "0 Author:" lines without authors. This is unless you import the model from LDraw - then the author is remembered, but additional spacing is present after the colon. "0 NumOfBricks: xxx" lines right before content lines is added. It seems to compute the number properly, although there also here is an additional space. Missing "ROTSTEP". seems to not only miss rotation steps, but also strip rotation steps from imported models. To add functionality to create rotation steps in BrickHub might be a big task. Would anyone be interested in using it? Additional "0 STEP" lines. If you import an LDraw file with "0 STEP" as the last line of a submodel, then an additional "0 STEP" will be added. It seems like simply adds "0 STEP" lines without checking for existing lines first. Any thoughts, comments, or other features?
  10. SteampunkDoc

    NX-01 Enterprise

    The NX-01 was the first NX-class starship, launched by the United Earth Starfleet in 2151. She was equipped with humanity's first Warp 5 engine. Commanded by Jonathan Archer, he served as her captain for ten years before the ship was retired and placed in a museum. She was featured in Star Trek: Enterprise. (2001-2005) She was 225 meters long, but this model is 8.6" long, 4.7" wide, and 2.4" tall. (That's roughly 1:1030 scale, looking only at the length.) She's got 310 parts, with a Bricklink price of roughly $40-$45 USD. (I intend on polishing the design, then buying the parts for a physical version.) Other than a few tiny aesthetic details, I'm ready to call her complete. Been working on her for about 2 1/5 weeks in Bricklink's Studio 2.0. Lego NX-01 Enterprise (Final model) by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr Here are some more angles of the final version: See here for WIP pictures.
  11. Hey all, I organised an LDD contest on my youtube channel and I've received some designs in LDD and format. The ones from LDD (*.LXF) can be opened in, but not the other way around. The winning design is a file. I've uploaded it to a Bricklink Baseplate but I can't find anywhere how to generate a building guide. I can click "step view", but it doesn't do anything (the desing appears to have 2 steps with all the changes in the first step). Is this where the building guide should be?? 1. Is there a way to generate a building guide in, if so how? 2. If I can convert the file into an LDD file, I could open it in LDD and use the Buidling Guide view mode but it seems this is not possible? Do you have encountered this problem? I really need a solution, since the design has over 1500 parts I hope you can help me out!
  12. As SvenF shared his awesome entires to the ReBrick Modular Contest, I thought I'd do the same! Remember, maximum is 16x16, yellow-faced minifigures only and must add to any of the existing modulars. Having said that, let's begin with.... Donatello's Art Studio: An old-style art studio, with all sorts of details and painings. Talking of which, there are three of them reminiscent of real ones: A map of Europe on the back wall, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer and The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Donatello is the blonde guy's nickname, honouring Donatello the Renaissance Italian painter, the other two bearded minifigs are the judges; they'll decide whether Donatello's work is worth an exhibition or it's just a mere copy of old work... . Would be located on the 1st floor of Pet Shop's brown building. Right now it is at 5th position of the most liked entries, with over 350 views! Jean's Bakery: A modern, sleek bakery, with a vintage touch! White bricks, chequered floor, palet tables are jst some of my favorite details in this one. Jean, as you can imagine, owns this bakery in the south of France, there would be a crêpe-o-maker, but there was no space availabe for that. What there was space for, though, was Jean's second favourite thing: music, and not any sort of music, but classical music. That's why he has the today unused machines there were to play it: a grampohone and a record player. Would be located on Assembly Square's blue building ground floor, instead of that rather boring café. Jean's Bakery is clocking 31 likes with only 300 views, and at 3rd position! Thanks for bearing with me and my long speech, leave comments if you liked it!
  13. This '8x8 Vingnette' concept is based on the #40120 Valentine's Day Dinner and #40121 Painting Easter Eggs. It's a great way to display minifigures and show different scenes. This model is based on Stephen's iconic studio from 'The Brick Show.' It features all the main details such as the minifigure wall, brown desk with a LEGO Apple, table with a PC monitor, spinning chair, LEGO City boxes on the floor, white storage unit with a UCS Sandcrawler and two Brick Show stickers. The Stephen minifigure needs printing of 'The Brick Show' logo as well as on the two 'Flat Tile 1x2.' It's not necessary but I feel the computer monitor should have a sticker to show the screen and the LEGO City box. Any other graphics will take away the charm of this '8x8 Vingnette' concept. Would you purchase this kit and realistically how much would you pay if the torso printed and the stickers? I would say it would cost £15-£20 without the figures and stickers; if those are included I would increase the price to £20-£25. Let me know and if it get's enough requests at those prices I may join with 'The Brick Show' once again and sell them as kits :) I really hope you enjoyed this in MOC; feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  14. This model is based on Jason's studio from 'The Brick Show.' It features all the main details such as the the lime green and blue walls, white desk with a Sopwith Camel set and an IPad stand, white stool, three LEGO City boxes on the floor, brown storage unit with a Volkswagen T1 Camper Van, Two shelves with two baseballs, LEGO apple, 'Buzz and Woody To The Rescue' set, Minecraft Micro World and one Brick Show sticker. The Jason minifigure needs printing of 'The Brick Show' logo as well as on the two 'Flat Tile 1x2.' It's not necessary but I feel the IPad should have a sticker to show the screen and the LEGO City and Toy Story boxes. Any other graphics will take away the charm of this '8x8 Vingnette' concept. I really hope you enjoyed this in MOC; feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Check out Stephen's Studio: 8x8 Vignette Series: Adeel
  15. This '8x8 Vingnette' concept started with 'The Dark Knight - Interrogation Scene' vignette which was based on the #40120 Valentine's Day Dinner and #40121 Painting Easter Eggs. This one represents the 'AMC Movie Talk' studio in Burbank, California. The hardest part was to make it accurate as possible due to is contemporary design and curves, such as the table and back wall. This would include three minifigures: John Campea, Jon Schnepp and Dennis Tzeng. I have avoided the graphics on the faces since it's a nightmare to find them on LEGO Digital Designer. It would also include three AMC logo patches and one laptop. This one needs a few stickers and gaphics to make it more accurate such as the screens and the graphics on the walls. I wanted to post this week since yesterday was John Campea's last show. I will definitely will re-upload this when I own the parts and design the stickers and graphics. Render Time: 8 Hours AMC Movie Talk: I really hope you enjoyed this MOC; feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  16. Hi all, It's Brick Studio And this our new MOC "Dwelling with mechanical door "
  17. I finally managed to complete this amazing project, which is to build my own studio. Behold, this is not just another modular building exercise. As an architect (not a LEGO architect but real architect, haha), I want to put what I learnt in school and work to the brick city. I went through the typical architectural process, from sketching to form study to actual building it, and it was fun! The idea comes from the basic LEGO bricks. If we can use the bricks for form study in architectural model, what if it grows and becomes the building? Also, during brick building, we actually just do two basic operations: addition and subtraction. Through these operations, spaces and voids are formed and make openings and skylights. This is what this studio is presenting. The new studio is not just a landmark in the city, but a milestone. It does not just create a building for functions and sit in the brick city, but it sets a new path and inject design culture into the town. Now let's take a look at the contemporary architecture style! (here I use the typical architectural presentation style, please enjoy!) I hope all of you enjoy this architectural project! Thanks! EDITED: My LEGO studio is finally up on LEGO Ideas, and please help and vote for it. Once it has 10000 votes, it will be assessed by LEGO to see if it can be a real product. Support me now, thanks!!!
  18. Kooberz

    Kooberz from USA!

    Hello fellow AFOL's! My name is Alex Kobbs (aka. Kooberz) and I'm the creator of Kooberz Studios. I have made a career out of brickfilming for a while now, and I usually concentrate on the combination of video games and our favorite bricks. My goal is to entertain with the power of animation, while simultaneously teaching new-comers about what I do and raising the bar of brickfilming to a higher/artistic standard. (that sounds a bit pretentious when I read it back, but I just want to do my best and reach as many people as possible) I was featured in this on Lego Art not too long ago, and it basicly covers everything I do.One of the highlights of my career was opening the 2012 DICE awards with a last Feb...with a custom music track by THE Glen Ballard of musical fame.I hope you enjoy what I do! Please consider subscribing to the Kooberz Studios channel as I put all my work on there. I will humbly try to add more value to the AFOL community and help promote this fantastic hobby of ours. I'm also eager to learn and connect with more fans around the world. Happy Building! -Kooberz-