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Found 7 results

  1. SmoothJazz

    SCM-541: The White Viper

    This MOC is my entry for BBC contest 68 on BZPower. I made it in June. This was voted a finalist, and is currently at Brickfair Virginia 2014. Main image: Back: (Click either of the images above to view the gallery on flickr.) (Also, if any of you are on BZpower or at Brickfair, votes for this entry would be greatly appreciated.) Comments and Criticism appreciated.
  2. The Chosen Minifigure

    Alpha team: Low budget?

    So, I've held back on the HF IFB sets till this wave of sets, because I wanted to assemble the complete set of alpha team minifigures (My name for them.). So, in my hour of need, I turn to the quite frankly awesome EB community with my question: What is the cheapest way to get all the HF minifigures? P.s: I tried to work it out, but I kept mixing stuff up.
  3. Zorglorfian

    MOC: Trio Mech

    Created from the mechs of Evo, Stormer, and Furno, this combiner mech is ready for anything!
  4. After the beasts destroyed his Freeze Machine, Stormer was left mech-less. So, he collected scraps of metal on the battlefield, and created the Scout Machine, designed to battle Jumper Beasts. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in armour and strength. Stormer equipped it with a bladed staff, powerful spinning laser, orange floodlights and smaller, secondary cannon underneath the torso. It is a tight fit for Stormer, however he is well protected once the armour's up. It is just as armoured from the back. This is where the power source to the laser is kept. Now it's time to beat those beasts! Thanks for reading! C&C appreciated.
  5. loremaster1999

    XXL Stormer

    So, um, I call this creation Stormer XXL storm.lxf
  6. After taking many many pictures, it's about time for me to write the first review for an actual set of the second Brain Attack wave, isn't it? Ah yes, Preston Stormer. Stormer is one of my favourite heroes, though mostly for his parts. I guess it's because Kopaka was my first Toa back then, but I have a soft spot for white-coloured sets (the same can be said for blue-coloured sets - and my first Slizer was the Sub/Scuba Slizer). He's also one of the few heroes where I bought every single version so far (the only other hero from which I can say this is Surge). It's been awhile since we got a regular-sized set of Stormer - it was in summer 2011 in the Savage Planet storyline, where he got his rhino armour. In 2012, he joined Rocka in the club of the XL heroes. But now, he's back at normal size to fight the evil Frost Beast (oddly enough, the first bad guy with the same coloration as Stormer himself). But can Brain Attack Stormer fill the (literally) big shoes of his previous incarnation? Let's find out! Set name: Stormer Set Number: 44010 Price: 12.99 Euro Pieces: 70 (+ 2 spare parts) Year of release: Summer 2013 Size class: Deluxe set The bag Unlike the bags of the Breakout wave, the Brain Attack bags from the summer waves are nigh identical to the bags of the Winter wave - they are mostly green, the background is less detailed and the heroes don't pose all that dynamic like they did on their previous bags (I really love the bag of Breakout Surge, by the way), but they just stand there, similiar like they did on the 2011 canisters. The cover of Stormer's bag shows him standing all heroic and cool-looking on an ice-like ground. I scanned the back of the bag since it's so much easier to see all the stuff going on there that way. Stormer get's another name in some language and is called "Tempestivo". Huh. The other stuff is probably already known: Stormer's action features are highlighted, he can combine with Frost Beast, and you get game points for the code on his hero core. Inside the bag - the parts Ho boy, Stormer got plenty of stuff. He comes with 70 pieces (72 in my case because of spare parts). He's mostly white with a fair share of silver and a few trans-blue pieces (it's bright trans-blue, which I believe is new to Hero Factory). He also got a fair share of TECHNIC pieces, which is also appreciated. Stormer's head isn't a new mold, but it comes in a new, super-awesome-didn't-saw-that-coming colour: It's dark trans-blue, apparently the same that debuted in Breakout Stringer's shells! I totally love that blue, it's so wonderfully blue-ish, you know? Stormer also comes with a recolour of the flame piece from the first Brain Attack wave. It's cast in solid white and trans-blue this time, which looks really nice. Too bad it's one of the few pieces he don't share with Frost Beast. Stormer's visor, which got also a nice printing. Ah, and there's Stormer's new helmet. Thankfully, it looks even without the visor pretty neat. It should be noted that his helmet isn't symmetrical like the helmets of Breez and Furno in the past wave. Here's a comparison between Stormer's original helmet, his newest helmet and his 2.0 helmet (which I only included because I had one of my MOCs using that right next to me when I made the comparisons - I excluded his 3.0 helmet since it only shares the bit of armour in front of his jaw with the others). Stormer's new helmet is very close to his original helmet, it's only a bit thicker and narrower. Personally, I like the new helmet a bit more since it also feels sturdier. The new armour piece, which was already introduced with Chi Laval and Chi Worriz. It got a nice shape, which is also not too overspecialized. Man, I'm almost sure these things aren't new, but I can't remember where I've already seen them... They look cool, nonetheless. A few pics from the instructions The cover, where Stormer looks just as good as on the bag itself. Here's another picture of the combiner, together with a link to his building instructions (which brings me to the HF page, which is also kinda glitchy for me). The combiner is essentially Stormer with claw-arms on his back and somewhat chaotic leg armour. The former looks cool to me, the latter... does not. Building the set The building starts with attaching a piece to the back of his torso (Get used to this, because the majority of the sets I reviewed starts this way). Next are his legs, which get also shells (the left one is just empty to show how the legs look without the shells)... ...then his arms. Before Stormer gets his torso and head done, the instructions continue with his shield weapon. The build of this is relatively simple. Then it gets attached. Then we get to build his sword! Or at least the sword hilt. After putting that into his right hand, he gets his torso armour... ...and his head. Now it's time to say goodbye to the hollow back syndrome: Stormer gets his backpack! The backpack contains also the majority of the TECHNIC bits of this set, which also helps to make Stormer's build more interesting than that of most previous Hero Factory sets. Once completed, it gets attached to the piece we put on his torso at the very beginning of the build. The funny construction on Stormer's backpack are missile launchers, so it's time to build the missiles now. It's pretty basic though. Then, Stormer gets finally his epic sword done, and then we have... The finished set Stormer is ready to kick some alien slug butt (do alien slugs even have butts?). (oh yeah, right, spare parts) Design and playability And he looks just friggin' awesome while doing so. I humbly apologize that I actually didn't took any more pictures posing him, because I actually forgot to do so. But let me tell you, Stormer looks fantastic. Oddly enough, Stormer's design looks a lot like a down-sized Furno XL (they both use similiar styled weapons, have both a printed visor and a very strong knight-like look), but Stormer also carries (at least in my eyes) many elements of his past versions with him: His helmet is obviously inspired by his original design, the same goes for the design of his shield weapon, he wields a sword like the XL version, he got the bulk and mass of his 3.0 version and the missile launcher reminds me of the spear cannon of his 2.0 version (though that might be just because I built a Stormer-MOC who got his spear launchers shoulder-mounted). He also got of course the same amount of poseability like most other Hero Factory sets, and he can be posed to most parts any way you like him (his shoulders can get in the way sometimes, but it's just a tiny issue, really). My only complaint regarding his poseability would be the lower tip of his sword grip (the horn thing below his fist), which tends to fall out really easily when I accidently touch it while posing him. It's simply because the horn is relatively large for it's peg, so it comes off when it get bent (it's also made of a slightly softer plastic, similiar to that of the small horns on his chest armour). Thanks to his backpack, Stormer looks also good from behind. The rocket launcher on his back can be swiveled downwards if you like, though I think it looks better up (you can also easily detach it if you wish to do so). It is still pretty neat that it can be moved around, since that does not only makes it easier to pose Stormer's head, but also to aim with the flick-fired missiles as well. If you tilt the launcher a bit backwards, the missiles travel a longer distance. Time for a size comparison! Stormer is clearly taller (and more beefy in terms of parts) than the Scout-sized Breez, but he's slightly smaller than Eris (but I'm not sure in terms of parts, since I don't remember how many parts Eris got). Final thoughts Do you know that feeling when you start looking forward to a set because it looks really cool, but when you get it you realize that it's not just really cool, but totally mindblowing awesome instead? Because that's how I feel about Stormer. Brain Attack Stormer is easily the best incarnation of Stormer we've got so far, and he's also one of the greatest (regular-sized) heroes as well. Be it the parts he comes with, the build, his design, his play features - he does pretty much everything right. The somewhat loose lower part of his sword hilt might be his only issue, but it's one I can easily forgive, because Stormer is just so totally awesome. So as soon as Stormer hits the shelves of your local stores, go and buy him. He's definitely worth it.
  7. Sucessor to Helbrecht's crusaders. Inspired by mobile suits and just a pinch of the marines from Starcraft. I think this and PH-2 (the orange guy from the last pic) are my favorite mocs I've built so far, don't really know why, they're not too complex or large, just really satisfied with them. Anyway, as always, I'd really like to hear your opinions on this guy, cheers! Edit: Whoops, forgot to link the thumbnails, fixed it now