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Found 42 results

  1. So almost all of my misb sets are from the 1990 to 1995 period. I have heard about "oxygen sensitive white bricks" and yellowing of sets that are still misb, so I am worried that I won't be able to keep them immune indefinitely. So far none of them have shown any signs of yellowing, even in the oldest ones, do you think that if they were going to yellow, they would have by now? I keep most of them in a dehumidified basement that gets a little sunlight (not directly) and the others in a closest that also gets very little sunlight. Is it possible to keep them new indefinitely or will they eventually yellow regardless?
  2. OK, so recently the 5 millionth topic was opened about storage. Let's keep it all to one sub-forum and one topic. How do you sort your LEGO? How do you store your LEGO? Discuss...
  3. I recently learned that in the general figure collecting world, it is well-known that most plastic bags are bad choices for long-term storage of figures. What happens is a lot of plastic bags, especially the ones for food, are not designed for long-term storage. A lot of them contain acids. In time, entropy does its job, and the plastic decomposes, releasing fumes. In sealed bags, this can cause damage to figures. Now, I've heard a solution is to poke holes in the bag to allow the figure to be ventilated, but I find this to be useless, since I am also trying to protect my minifigs against humidity and mold. It seems that the safest way is to get polypropylene bags, which are designed specifically for collectibles and are the ones used in bags for comic books. I found that info here: My question is, does anyone know if Lego figures are as susceptible to this kind of damage as regular figures? If that is the case, I have hundreds of little baggies to replace...
  4. Hi guys, I am in the US, and will be moving into the house of my dreams next month. I will finally have the basement I've dreamed about. The one where I will have plenty of room for storage, build space, and a large scale city display. This brings me to my point; what should I do about tables? I'm going to need tables for building on, sorting on, etc. And I'll need tables for my display(s). And I'll need a bunch of them. What's my best bet? My most economical option? Do I buy a bunch of tables? Or do I build my own? What have you guys done??? Thanks!
  5. Wigglesworth2

    Lego Collection Sorting

    Hello, I am just getting back into Legos and wondering about the extent of other people's collections. How many Legos do people have? How long does it take to sort your collection? How do you sort your collection? Is there any kind of automated way to sort besides the DIY machines on Youtube? How much space does Lego sorting take up?
  6. A collaboration project with the original concept designer Brick-o-Tronic, my "Time Travel Ep.1 Portable Play Set" (instructions downloadable for free) is fully compatible and part of his modular Mobile City line. You can find more cool MC sets over @ => Mobile City. Hope you like it. Play features: Step by step storage: Yes, it's Back to the Future and yes, it's Micro Machines - but this time in Lego... nearly endless possibilities ;)
  7. There are tons of bins, dividers, and boxes out there that people use for storing or sorting LEGO. But which one of them is the best? Feel free to show us your opinion.
  8. Hey! I did a quick search and didn’t find a topic in these. Got my first BYGGLEK products today. Got actually all of them and an additional kit of the 3 smaller boxes. I really like them. although I won’t replace my sorting system with them. They Will be more for display purposes than for sorting bricks. Anyone got some? Do you like them? I was still expecting something more from this partnership (like many others) but I still like them. I might pimp them up with DOTS. For fun I gathered the piece numbers Of the new “parts” SMALLEST BOX top:#35016 bottom:#35014 sides/frame:#35015 SMALL BOX top:#35019 bottom:#35017 sides/frame:#35018 MEDIUM BOX top:#35199 bottom:#35020 side panels:#35197 end panels:#35195 LARGE BOX top:#35011 bottom:#34993 side panels:#35010 end panels:#35007 don't believe that these pieces will be sought after individually besides the tops which are interesting. Still I wanted to document while building them :) the gaps between the part numbers give me hope that we will see something else. Unless they are attributed to some other parts (didn’t check on BL yet) Edit: just checked and they aren’t on bricklink yet. And Randomly checked a few “gaps” and nothing came up for the ones I checked.
  9. Hi there, I'm going to be moving interstate next month and will have put my collection in storage for a few months. I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas on how to pack/store my building instruction manuals without them getting all crumpled up.
  10. The other day I posted a reply to the Stroage and Sorting LEGO thread showing my plans for a building desk and storage shelves for my LEGO collection. Considering that this is a big DIY project I thought I post a seperate topic showing my progress. Incase you didn't see my post in the other topic and due to some of the details in my other post having changed from my original plans, I figured I would repost the updated details in this thread. The desk will be made from 18mm plywood and will be 1650mm long, 533mm wide and 660mm high. The shelving will be made from 12mm ply and will have 28 shelves, each shelf will be 801mm long and 150mm wide. Total height of desk and shelving unit will be 2262mm. I am also going to build a wall unit to give me extra shelves which will be 825mm long, 150mm wide and 1120mm high. The main shelving unit on the desk will hold 168 plastic food containers and the wall unit will hold another 60 containers giving a total of 228. Each shelf on the desk and wall unit will be angled at roughly 15° and they have an edging strip to stop the containers sliding out. I have added a piece of offcut in the centre of the desk shelving unit at the top that sticks out to fit a worklight as this unit will be in the corner of my living room which isn't that well lite. My Dad had a spare LED batten light fixture that will be screwed to this bracket. I have also added a L-shaped section under the desk for my 1x1 storage bricks that I have all my Power Functions stuff in.  This image shows the SketchUp drawing of what I'm building. Ignore the different coloured textures in this image, I have coloured them like this as the SketchUp file also contains a cutting plan of each sheet and the different colours help me to know which part is what. The desk, shelves and wall unit will be painted gloss white to match my computer and electronics desks. The image shows part of my LEGO collection stored in plastic food containers which will be placed on the shelves and wall unit. Still have loads of parts that still need sorting as you can see to the right of the photo. Hope you don't mind me creating a new topic but this is a big DIY job and I felt it should have it's own thread. Plenty more updates to come.
  11. I did an A3 report of sorting and storing my LEGO. Eliminated rework and did some visual management as a result. Anyone else do this to lessen sort time? What is an A3?:
  12. I suppose it's trivial, but for amateur organizing, I'd like to point out the small container at Pick-a-Brick walls fits nicely between the studs on Lego storage boxes.
  13. Hello, Recently I've ordered new storage drawers which enabled me to store all my parts way better, quite happy how that turned out. All my normal unprinted bricks/tiles etc. are now stored nicely and clear so I can find them easily. However, I now search for a good way to store my printed tiles. I'd like to have them stored in such a way that I can easily see all the prints that are available to me for MOCing. Anybody have the perfect way for doing this? I've tried a few methods already: (for printed/decorated tiles/slopes/bricks) 1. Put them all on a big baseplate. I've found that leaving a row inbetween the tiles makes it a lot easier to separate them. However, this is not the most space-efficient. A concern of mine is that while rearranging and using the tiles I have to keep de-attaching the tiles which is not beneficial for their clutch power. Also, I have better uses for the baseplates. Separating is also a bit irritating. 2. Put them all in zip-loc bags. This is maybe even worse, it is very hard to get a clear view to which are available. if I finally find the tile I'm looking for, then I'm not a fan of always opening the zip-loc and then having all the zip-locs laying around loose, but this is a lesser concern. 3. Put them all on a big flat area. I always accidentally bump into these shelves and cause them all to fall of. Also, I'm afraid that the sunlight will yellow my bricks and cause stickers to peel of, the area is quite exposed to light. 4. Put them in drawers. I'd rather use the drawers for bricks so I can fill the drawers to the top. For tiles to enable a clear view on availability you don't maximise the height availability. Any methods I missed? I was thinking of maybe making a custom solution, with two large wooden plates with tiles wedged inbetween. have the plates on a hinge so I can open the case. Also have a few rows inbetween of wood so the tiles won't easily mix up. But I don't know if my woodwork skills are good enough to make something suitable.
  14. Hi, I'm looking for optimal storage of my Lego brick collection. It is about 40'000 bricks, less than 1'200 different parts, mostly from Creator Expert, Architecture and Technic sets. At the moment most sets are built up, but I'm looking to disassemble most and store the sets, sorted by part (but not color). I would like to estimate the volume per brick type. Does anyone in this forum know of list of volume/size of the bricks by design/part? Also if anyone knows of proper values of the bulk density of of the most common types of bricks, plates and tiles, please post. While were at it, does anyone know of a list with weight per brick? Thanks! Donald
  15. droomangroup

    Lego Room Build

    hey all, thought i'd share my latest build...our LEGO room! so about a year ago I built a lego play area in our basement, which looked something like this... It wasn't much, but it was a start. it was a mostly color sorted system, but still like half of the bins were type sorted. I think it's a good method for kids or casual building, since sorting is a lot easier/faster and at the time it was 100x better than digging through a huge bin...but I soon realized type sorting was the only way to go. Since we were still getting settled into a new house and had an extra bedroom that wasn't getting used, I decided to annex it in the name of Lego. Here's the workbench part of the room and the view you see when walking in. I'm using a 10mm lens so this room looks bigger than it is, it's roughly an 11x11 room. we had an empty room to play with and after a year of pondering what we'd do with it, we decided a LEGO room would be the best use :) The workspaces are for my daughter and I, and the yellow chair is for my wife so she can hang out with us. All the storage bins are IKEA Trofast and I custom build the work bench on a frame of 2x4s and plywood with large trofast bins on each side. I was a bit worried the 7ft span in the middle would be too much but since one end is supported on the wall directly to the studs and the top is pretty solid, it is actually really sturdy. Here's a bottom view of the work bench, I added some 3/4 melamine panels to the back of the bins to stop the bins from going too far back and for adding some extra support for the workbench. Since I hate painting 2x4's I decided to face the front edge using some cut up grey baseplates i had that were partially damaged. I just cut them on a table saw and epoxied them on. I used bricks between them so assure they would be properly spaced and i'm sure someday we'll decorate them, but even as grey plates it looks good. Close up view of the front edge surface... Next up was lighting. The room has crappy lighting so I replaced the fan/light combo with a large ikea light and was going to hang ikea work lamps above the work bench, but then I realized it would obstruct the wall and be generally annoying. so I decided to wire up some LED strips I had left over from another project. These are warm white 3-chip LED flexible strips from that i just adhered to some aluminum L channel. Then I cut more baseplate strips and epoxied them on to the L channel and then covered the entire L channel face with 2x yellow plates (only the already damaged baseplates were kraggled). The lights are 12V LEDs and draw about 1.2amp, so I used an old 3amp 12V converter I had laying around in my pile of converters then wired them to a toggle switch that mounted to this LEGO case. Here you can see the view underneath, I had to cut up some of the edging strips so the light could stay flush which was a PITA. Had I planned to do the LEDs before installing the bin frames I could have done that a bit cleaner. Using some left over L channel, a few screws and some 3M double sided tape I made this little 2x shelf for some of our favorite minifigs (i may need to make this longer :) My little corner, the Simpsons house and the modular are in for repairs... The space man decal was in the plan from the beginning, hence the red wall. here's the first two layers on, the extra squares are for registration. Here's the final decal. I made the illustration myself and used to sell these on etsy in a single color, but even though it was original artwork, the LEGO lawyers still objected to it so it's no longer for sale. :( Some of the small bin labels, it's so nice having a vinyl cutter. Here's a detail of the labels I made, I used this funny shape at the top to help me position the decals easily using the plastic supports in the bin's lip for alignment, it worked out great. Some of the small bin labels. I was a bit concerned about my choices for organization, I agonized over it for a long time, but it worked out pretty well. I have a few changes I'm going to make and I may do another small trofast set in the closet to handle some oddball groups like nacelles, and vertical wing/stabilizers. The one big mistake I made was forgetting about modified plates larger than 1x2. Not sure where those are going yet, for now they're in a loose bin in the closet. Here's the opposite wall which is mostly just straight bricks/plates/tiles. The trick with this side was that I only had room for 6 large bin frames and the small bin frames didn't exactly fit on top of that, so I modified one small bin frame so it was only 2 bins wide then used the cut off scraps to fill the gaps. Then I just covered the tops with some black melamine to make the top nice and usable. Here you can see the modified small bin frame. I also added a backer piece of melamine to keep the bins or bricks from falling back. The bins in this pic still have their old labels on from our first sort which was mixed sort with color/type. You can see how I made spacers from the cut off pieces of the shortened frame to fill the gaps between them. Some of the brick bins are a bit crowded, I may sort some out, or stack em to save space. I had a few PAB cups of some colors I stashed in the closet to keep the bin more manageable, for now they are ok. if they get too full I may go thru them and retire some of the scratched up bricks. My wife's contribution to the room, this awesome embroidery of the girl robot minifig... The closet is a pretty good size too and has some room for bins as well, definitely going to pick some up next time I'm at ikea... The big re-sort was pretty brutal, but seemed to go a lot faster than the previous sort, no doubt because a lot of types had been separated out... sorting the types from previously sorted-by-color piles as pretty soothing to the old OCD though... anwyay, that's it, hope you've enjoyed the pics!
  16. Here is my section of the Cactus Brick display that was put on at the Phoenix Comicon. The club coordinated on making a large diorama depicting the colonial's efforts to battle the pirates for domination of the sea. Enjoy! The storage area The Long Dock There are more pictures available here: Additional Pictures
  17. Hey Guys, I searched around on these forums but didn't find anything on this topic, so I figured I would ask in hopes that some of you have some really good advice for future ladies and gents (as well as myself). I am curious how all of you store your lego sails long term. I have the Imperial Flagships (6271 & 10210) and QAR which both use the thinner crisper type fabric, and currently I store them in a ziplock bag (not sealed) at the bottom of a large book. I recently took them out for a special Halloween display, and they felt a bit moist (I don't close the ziplock bag because I am afraid that they will mold). Originally I wanted to ask if you think I should throw some silica gel packets in with the sails, and whether then to close or open the bag, but instead I figured why not open this up for discussion. So, I am curious how you guys store your lego sails, and what you would recommend overall as best practice. Some other questions I have: - Do the IF and QAR sails require differences in storage due to their difference in composition? - Do you guys keep your sails on display usually, or in storage? If on display, how do you prevent or clean off dust? PS- I feel like I remember seeing a thread that had to do with cleaning sails, but I can't find it. Can someone point me to it? It may have some relevant information on this topic too :).
  18. I'm Tom Alphin, author of The LEGO Architect book. For the past 6 months, I've been working on a new in-depth guide exploring LEGO Storage topics. I'm pleased to announce that my LEGO Storage Guide is ready for people to enjoy (and give feedback.) The guide is extensive, with 10 chapters and around 50 pages of free content: Section I: Organizing, Sorting, & Storing LEGO Bricks — The guide walks you through the process of understanding your LEGO collection, exploring different ways to organize your collection, great storage solutions for a LEGO collection of any size, and additional tips and tricks. Section II: Displaying & Storing LEGO Minifigures — This section explores some of the best ways to show off and protect your favorite LEGO minifigures. The guide is informed by detailed surveys of around 200 LEGO enthusiasts. The data analysis helped me prepare LEGO storage recommendations based on the size of your collection and other factors. The guide is well researched... It contains results from a detailed LEGO Storage survey with about 200 responses, learnings from interviews with top LEGO builders from around the world, and recommendations based on numerous articles, books, and forum discussions on website. LINK: I hope you enjoy reading the guide, and I can't wait to hear your feedback! I will continue improving the guide in the coming weeks, and am tracking your suggestions for future improvements in the acknowledgements section. Sincerely, ---tom P.S. I'm eager to hear - what's your favorite LEGO storage product?
  19. Hi All I have spent the last few weeks designing the perfect Lego Container. It is 19 (L)x 11 (W)x10 (H) Studs (I am a technic person) with enough space to get everything out. It can hold up to 4 81.6x38R Balloon Tires as well as pretty much everything else except the largest of plates. Motors and battery boxes fit very well with the 11 wide container. But I now have a problem; while I have a completed model, I don't really have the expertise to manufacturer it in bulk. I could do a kickstarter or similar, but as I have not done this before, this would be a major risk to both myself and any backers. Another issue is that I have not designed a holder for them. I would make one out of wood, but not everyone can do that or would want to do that. So rather than let this idea die, I will give everyone this file. To 3D print this model would be ~$30 AUD but probably less for someone with a 3D printer. If you have the expertise to do an injection mold, then please let me know. Pictures of both the CAD and paper prototypes: Render: Paper Prototypes: STL and IGES files: Alt link to the STL file:
  20. If anyone has been following my forum posts then you know that I don't make my mocs symmetrical because I don't have enough parts too. I make one side how I want to and then either don't make the other side or just very plain. This is extremely frustrating but I've learned to deal with it. I really want to see the size and layout of peoples Lego setups and displays so I can get inspired and maybe others too. Here's what my display and setup looks like: If you haven't noticed, those beads are stored in an ice cube container...that's how desperate I am :)
  21. I always had a hard time finding the right system to sort and store my LEGO. As a child it was easy, since I did not care about every single piece too much or if I didn't find the right piece immediately. But as an adult I always wanted to build things myself and to store the bricks in a way that I could find everything fast and comfortable. ? I though, maybe it is helpful for some of you guys to see how I sorted my stuff... ? Here are some pictures about my system! My current collection is at around 85'000 pieces, just to give you an idea... ? These are drawers from amazon called IRIS (essy to find) and they come in very different shapes. Mine have 12 drawers but the are also ones with only 10 or less. The smaller boxes are from a local DIY-Store and what I like about them is, that they are made from plastic, which means they are very light. My most used figures are just put onto some 32x32 or 16x32 plates for easy access. And as you can see my "city" and the place where I shoot my pictures is limited but still more than enough. Currently I use my new Foldio2 Lightbox which makes shooting so much easier. ??? If you have any questions or additions, just share them! ? I'm glad to here from you! ? Sacha Edit: Sorry for the missing pictures... ?
  22. Thought I would share a tool I've made for generating lego labels:
  23. I've recently emerged from my dark ages, only to be greeted by my entire collection dismantled inside of a large bin. Because I want to finally be able to utilize all of my resources when building, I've been attempting to organize my collection. However, I don't want to end up completely organizing my collection, only to get lazy and end up undoing all of my work. So, does anyone have a method of organization that would allow me to find what I need fairly easily, but not take me days to accomplish?
  24. This is for discussion of train storage systems (or lack thereof if you are unlucky). I'll start with my storage / transport solution: If anyone has wondered how I get my trains to and fro all over the place, here is my secret: cardboard paper boxes. Fourteen (14) of them from all different places and companies. I tried asking for the empty ones at the Office Max / Office Depot stores (They are all owned by the Staples company now, believe it or not!) but they can't sell or give them away due to some corporate policy. I had been getting them from my dad's work, and more recently, different offices I have been to / worked at. They are them cut-down by Xacto knife and hot glued back together with opening lid and section dividers, which allows for me to store trains a number of different combinations. Most of the passenger cars are 24 studs long, with 1 studs of overhang over each coupler. However, the Spirit of Legoredo is an older 28 stud long design, and most steam locos are longer than 30 studs. Nevertheless, I have maximized space whenever possible. Below you will see several variations on these boxes, and maybe they will help you with your train storage problems. Forgotten GS-6 Daylight 4-8-4 and Meramec river Runner passenger train Alco FA / FB (not shown) and Spirit of Legoredo passenger train Generic six car freight train (not shown - on display on my layout) Mikado 2-8-2 steam freight loco and EMD E-unit cab + booster units American 4-4-0 and early passenger train Now how do YOU store or transport your trains?!?
  25. Okay, so I've got an uncommon Racers set with stickers on the parts. However, I want to use the parts, Technic panels, in creations, and I don't like the stickers. Is it in any way possible to remove stickers and store them in such a way that they could be reused? Or am I foolish for trying, and better off just getting a new sticker sheet if/when I decide to sell the set?