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  1. samurai-turtle

    Rip Cord Flatting

    After finally getting some Airjitzu sets, I notice that the "rip cord" was curved. I was wondering if their is any advice / tips to flatting them out. I would guess putting them in a big heavy book could work. Plus I have a Speedorz "rip cord" that has a bend in it. And I would like to fix it at some point also. Thank you in advance.
  2. This is not pirates per se, but it's about sail ships so i thought it fits here best. If mods think it should be moved to other section of the site, please do so. But we can pretend one of the ships is actually pirate ship ;) General look: It all started on Pyrkon convention Poznań/Poland in 2014. We got some free bricks and among them there were horse hats (sorry, don't know the proper English word) for old horses that were replaced with new design. Someone said the piece is really useless for anything than putting in on a horse. Someone else joined in and said that the piece is as useless as speedor'z bodies from Chima. O'rly? I wouldn't be myself if i didn't accept the challenge and prove them both wrong. So the Sea Horse steam boat was born: Once i had it i had to build some other sailboats. Then my LUG was in need of sea themed dioramas for our exhibition that is now taking place in Swarzewo/Poland, so i built a scene for it: One of the elements i'm most proud of is the Lightouse:: And the windmills: But the main feature of the scene are ships: And some more detailed look at the ships: For more photos please go to You can also see my other new NPU creation here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107970
  3. I was a little bit bored today, so I ended up adapting the new-style Speedorz I had into these, which I'm actually quite pleased with: Which then, with a little help from the power of Chi hands, turn into these little fellows: Note that these wouldn't have been possible with the old-style Speedorz, the old styles have too few connection points to be able to accommodate all the extra appendages securely. And believe it or not, these still function perfectly well as Speedorz, albeit they run a lot slower. I was going to put claws on the feet, but I seem to have convieniently misplaced all my T-pieces, so here the feet are just plain. I really want to try this with the rest of the new Speedorz, but I only have these two at the moment. Hope you like my unique reinvention of the Speedorz!
  4. REVIEW 70107 – ROYAL ROOST The King of Lions comes along for a Speedor ride. Theme: Legends of Chima Pieces: 105 Price: $14.99 / £9.99 Links: Bricklink / Brickset I can’t press how useful these Speedorz sets are for getting Chima minifigures the easier and cheaper way, and with this wave of sets, it has become much more obvious. Royal Roost presents us with Lagravis, king of the Lion Tribe, who is of course, quite an important character. Whenever you hear ‘king’, you’ll probably expect him to be an exclusive or at least a hard-to-get minifigure available only in a huge set. But here we can just get him for a mere $15, making it a sure deal for those who want him and does not want to get The Lion's Chi Temple (70010) Let’s get on with the review now. Packaging: Front side of the box Like all Speedorz sets, the packaging is compact, nice, and sturdy. Not to mention that it’s very disposable after you ripped it off and get the insides out There’s not much to say about this other than it looks good, especially the close-up of Lagravis’ head on the right side corner…he sure looks old Back side of the box It’s funny how the same two kids show up on the back of every box…Here you can see the small tower of the set; it plays and breaks up almost similarly to Winzar’s Ice Tower (70106) . Unboxing: Everything in the box The contents are the same as in any other Speedor set; there are the cards neatly packed in plastic, the building instructions, two packages of bricks, the ripcord and the Speedor itself. For Royal Roost, we get an additional white box containing Lagravis’ cape. The new minifigure sheet Here’s a look at the new minifigure sheet, which seems to be present in all of the new wave sets. Furty and Skinnet have the Lion Tribe emblem beside them if you look close enough. Sure they’re the allies of the lions, but are they part of the tribe? Don’t they have their own Fox and Skunk Tribe emblems? We can only wait until next year... Rules of the game The game doesn’t differ that much from Ice Tower (70106). The objective is to knock down the tower, and whoever catches the ball gets to draw a card first. If you’re looking for good games, it’s better to look at LEGO Games itself. But then again, this is aimed towards kids, who will no doubt enjoy letting the Speedorz loose and raising hell on the tower again and again. Laying down the cards One thing that’s awesome about these Speedorz sets are the cards. They’re beautifully drawn with great colors and eye-catching action. Just look at Lagravis being all badass! For all art-appreciating LEGO fans, this is surely a treat. Lagravis is seen holding all the weapons in the set too, and I can easily imagine kids playing with the Speedor and imitating these scenes. If only the TV series could be this cool… Contents: Freed from plastic packaging Right out of the packages, the one thing that immediately caught my eye is the colors of the bricks. You can quickly tell that the set belongs to the Lion Tribe. Chima sets do a really good job in making each tribe stand out with their own unique color themes. Bright, cheese yellow, brown and green; it’s easy to say that the tower’s gonna look lively. Lagravis’ mask comes in plastic, which is nice because considering the cramped packaging in a Speedor box. Quick look at cape and mask We’ll get to the minifigure later, but here’s a quick view of Lagravis’ cape and mask. The cape's shade of blue color is a very nice choice, and the mask...well, you’ll just have to wait till we get to the details (More or less) Interesting Pieces: Shiny! Translucent parts are canon in the Chima universe, as you can see with the abundance of Chi-colored (or translucent-blue if you prefer,) parts. With Royal Roost, you get some pearl gold ones too. The axe-head is a definite extra, useful for making more weapons. If for some reason you’re looking to collect Chi (those blue gem-like pieces), Speedor sets give them away as if TLG has a warehouse full of them, just waiting to get rid of the stock. Some misc. parts Bricks ahoy! Like, literal brick-like bricks. Ahem, that was confusing. There are only two of them, but it’s better than nothing. They add a nice detail to buildings. Then there’s the somewhat new inverted bracket (they appear a lot in Chima and new Star Wars sets), quite useful for those looking to build MOCs. The Speedor: Speedor armor and ‘engine’ Coming down to the core of the set itself, the Speedor, you can see that it’s quite different from the others. Lagravis’ Speedor is fancier due to the fact that it comes in pearl gold color instead of the usual yellow or orange that other lions have. The design is neat, and it feels like royalty too, much suited to King Lagravis, although I believe that the armor looks somewhat more eagle-like than lion-like. The wheel is the same as any other Speedor. Here it is in full glory: Lagravis’ claw-weaponized Speedor Like any Speedor, the armor is fixed with two black technic pegs, with the optional weapon attachable under it. Lagravis’ Speedor has a claw-like modification for its weapon. …But seriously, the more I look at it, the more it looks like an eagle. What do you think? The Minifigure: Hail Lagravis, old man! Now, on to the King himself, Lagravis looks great. Just look at him! Dark-blue cape flowing, bearded muzzle, muscled armor (?!) and a shiny crown. This has got to be one of my favorite minifigures…well, all the Chima minifigures look great, so it’s hard to choose, haha. Great price for the set to get this guy, remembering that he's only available in the largest and most expensive Chima set - The Lion Chi Temple (70010). Cape-less and naked Lagravis Lagravis is old, that’s what strikes you when you see his face without the mask. He has wrinkles, a gray bearded jaw and eye bags. But he looks wise, and you can tell a lot just looking at his face. The other side however shows an angry scowling lion. He’s probably mad at Laval again for some random mischief he did. The blue cape extends to the torso, although it looks like a scarf when the cape is off. The Chi medallion looks good, and so do the belt and armor. It’s all very Chima-detailed, and there isn’t much to say anymore other than it’s great. First time that a crown comes equipped with a hollow head and spiky hair… Here’s a full view of Lagravis’ mask and a close-up. You can see the details of his face, especially the crown and beard. The paint is superb, and there are no shaky lines or imbalanced color here. It really feels well-made and it's pretty much perfect. A King needs weapons As in the card images, Lagravis’ axe and knife are there in the set too. It looks royal, again, keeping up with the overall feel of the set, mostly thanks to the pearl gold, white and translucent-blue colors that complements each other very well. Being the boss And here is the King with one of his weapons, looking quite aggravated. Lagravis must’ve fought some crazy-big monster to get that tooth as a blade A King needs no driver, he drives himself! And there you go, Lagravis, his axe and the Speedor. Someday someone will make a diorama with Lagravis riding down the plains in his Speedor, leading a legion of other lions in their Speedorz, armed with spears and all. The Tower: The base Building the tower is relatively easy, and this base is made up of two similar parts, which of course means that some repetitive building is in store for you. Notice the greenish base and the grass that makes it look more jungle-like. Second and third layer For the top of the tower, you get a yellow structure and the ‘roost’ holding the ball. You could replace the pastic ball with a miniature bird or something, so as to make it a real roosting place Completed tower The structure is stacked together like the previously mentioned Ice Tower (70106), since it's meant to be knocked down by the Speedor. The translucent-blue is made to look like Chi flowing in the middle, and the base makes for a nice lush green ground effect. All in all, it’s a solid build. Extras In case you want to know, there’s some extras here. The typical studs and technic peg, along with some good weapon-builders. Conclusion: Everything built and ready... Price: 8/10 For $15, you get Lagravis and other neat things. As said before, the only other way to get Lagravis is through The Chi Temple, which is way more expensive to buy. Design: 7/10 The tower’s pleasing to the eye, and it really has that Lion Tribe vibe to it. No complaints here, although I believe most would break it down for parts after a while (I know I will). Playability: 7/10 It’s boring for adults, of course, but younger kids will like it. I’m not gonna be a critic for such a simple game, but you gotta admit, the Speedor is pretty fun to zoom around with for a while Final Score: 7/10 In conclusion, this set has got a little something for everyone. The play feature is good enough to be entertaining for young ones, there’s good art to be found in the cards, the tower looks nice, and there’s Lagravis. It’s a great set for a great price, and I recommend Chima-fans and collectors to get this set. As for those who’ve never bought Chima sets before, you can’t go wrong with Royal Roost. That's the end of the review Thanks for reading! ...but wait, there's more! A tribe meeting, and Laval is late. As usual. With this set, I finally completed all lion minifigures for now! And boy do they look great together. Leonidas and Lennox comes from Cragger's Command Ship (70006), while I got Laval and Longtooth from Laval’s Royal Fighter (70005). Three great sets, all minifigs complete. In other words, awesome! Here they are side-by-side: Brotherhood of the Lion~
  5. So, here's my first review, I've wanted to do one for so long and I've finally got an unopened set for it! Well, let's get started. Title: Ice Tower Set Number : 70106 Ages : 6-12 Pieces : 101 Price : $14.99 The Packaging: The frontside of the box features a design that's mostly similar to other Speedorz sets, showcasing the un-built Speedor on the left corner, the cards and ripcord above it, along with the cardboard artwork covering the LEGO packages behind. It stands out pretty well on the shelves, nicely designed with the iconic Chima character close-up (in this case, Winzar) staring from the top right corner. Judging from the action-packed feel of this box, you can easily tell that this set is meant for kids and is more directed towards playing than building. The back of the box is also the same as the others, showing two kids playing the game and having fun with it. But none of the images matter anyways, considering that the box is going to be ripped apart to bring out the only thing that matters: THE LEGO SET. The Content: And here we are with the sealed packages of the set! We got two un-numbered packages, one instruction booklet, the Speedor, a red ripcord, and the cards sealed in plastic. It's all nicely packed and organized. The Cards: Let's start with the cards. First off, the art is gorgeous. I don't know about you, but the color contrasts are beautiful, especially the ones between the icy blues and fiery reds complementing each other well in those action-packed scenes. It's easily much better than Equila's cards in Target Practice (set 70101), which were more subtle with the colors and not as interesting. What once was considered as a forgettable gimmick, these Chima cards are actually quite collectible for those who like well-drawn art and cards! The Speedor: On with the Speedor itself now; here we see it as it is from the packaging. A Speedor is really too easy to build - it's simply made up of the armor and the wheel. The armor has a different design for each tribe, and even a different mold for some. Here it is constructed. 'Constructing' it is as simple as attaching two technic pegs to join the armor and the wheel. I'm really digging the metallic look of the wolves' Speedor, with its rugged design and patched-up decors. It's so much better up close than expected when you look at it on the box or pictures online. Every Speedor comes with its own equipment, be it boosters or weapons. Winzar's come equipped with two chainsaws attached to its side. You can see it in action in some of the cards' artworks. The weapons actually look pretty cool on the Speedor, and doesn't really hurdle the process of using it in the game. It can be detached from under the Speedor if not needed. The Minifigure: I think it's safe to say that this is what most of us would buy this set for - Winzar. The only other way to get him for now is to buy Wakz's Pack Patrol (set 70004), so this is really just a cheaper way to get Winzar's minifigure. And sure enough to say...he. Looks. AWESOME. Here is his front and back view in all his glory. His torso is the simplest design among all the other wolves, and it really lends to the savage look and feel of Winzar. He looks like he's ready to pounce at anyone anytime, and is unburdened by any armor that can slow it down. He's unafraid of getting hurt, and...he has a lot of chest hair, it seems. Here's Winzar without the mask. Both his faces look aggresively good; one of them in pain, and the other just plain angry. Winzar's a badass wolf, that's for sure, and he's currently my most favorite Chima minifigure, and might be for a long time. Here's his mask in detail. It's one of the best part of him. It's amazingly well designed with lots of detail. There's the bearded chin (beard on fur? huh...), the uneven fangs and the iconic blood-red scar. Pretty scary for kids, but well, kids aren't afraid of anything nowadays, aren't they? Anyways...I love how the Chima characters have detachable masks, a point agreed by a lot of people by now. It's totally reusable for other purposes in MOCs and of course, creating new characters. ...Herr Wolfen von Fang, anyone? The Weapons: Ice Tower comes with two weapons for Winzar - an axe and a fire staff/torch. Both of them are built from a combination of a short black rod and a black telescope piece, and both look really neat. The axe in particular has a nice bulky design, and can be placed upright on a base plate or brick. The torch itself is one of the best I've seen. Here's Winzar with the torch. Just look at that growl...the minifigure definitely takes the spotlight. ...Right then, let's move on before Winzar burns something or someone down, running around like that with fire. The Tower: The set comes with very nice transluscent pieces (shiny!), including 6 Chi pieces and frost-colored 1x1 slopes. There really isn't anything new or interesting piece in this set, but the colors of the bricks adds up very nicely, as you'll see later. The build is really simple and easy to do. You can finish building everything in under 10 minutes if you're fast. The base of the tower consists of four repeating blocks, as shown in the picture above. Be careful with the grass pieces though; they seem pretty easy to break off it bent too much, and they don't give you spares (which is sad, because leaf pieces tend to break easily). The Tower is comprised of three 'levels' that can 'break' when hit by the Speedor. Here's the first two levels. They more or less slide off each other when hit, thanks to the smooth tiles, but they don't come off that easy in practice. In fact, when you stack them up together, they form a pretty sturdy build and won't budge. The aforementioned frost 1x1 pieces fit very nicely with the tower. The colors look great. Here's the top of the tower. One complaint I have is that the ball feels like cheap plastic, or at least I felt so. It's lighter than it looks in pictures, and I expected it to be made by the same material as the bricks, or at least like the soccer balls in other sets. Anyways, it's just a play piece for the set, and can be removed anytime if you want. Here's the completed tower. Okay, I still don't like how the plastic ball looks with all the solid bricks. Aside from that though, the tower looks great with its complimentary green, white and blues. If you don't plan on playing with this set, the tower itself is a nice display piece, especially when you don't decided to break it off and use the parts for building other things. I tend to keep this on my office desk The game: Well, this set is meant for kids to play, and to say the least, the game works. Sure, I had a hard time breaking the tower in all three pieces, considering how sturdy it is, but I suspect I'm playing it wrong (everybody else seems to be doing it well enough). The Speedorz are really fast when used properly, and sometimes it's just fun seeing it zoom across the room or whatever surface it runs on. It's all a matter of how you let the Speedor go, and the distance you do it from the tower. Oh, and the surface is important. A smooth surface guarantees a fast and effective hit. I think I'm talking too much now about the Speedor that most of you won't even use. Erhm. The rules of the game are described in a comic-strip format in the booklet, and every Speedor set has a different one depending on the game. Here's a picture of it: Overall: Here's the finished product. Well, Ice Tower is a small set, but it does really well for one with its size. Winzar is an amazing minifigure, and that alone is worth the buy for the collectoers and those unwilling to get the bigger set. Not only are these Speedor sets useful for collecting the minifigures, they are actually decent builds themselves, containing mini-sets and accessories for the World of Chima, or simply additional parts for your MOCs. The cards are nice collectibles too. All in all, here's the breakdown: Price : 8/10 Say what you want about the $15 tag for what is a kids' set. The total of a tower, a Speedor, minifigure, accessories (6 Chi pieces!) and 5 cards (don't forget the cards), it's a good price, in my opinion. For Chima fans, it's more than worth the buy. Design : 8/10 The tower is a nice build in itself, displayable with a nice design. The Speedor looks great with Winzar, the cards look good, and everything looks great together. Minifigure(s) : 10/10 Hey, Winzar. What more can you ask? Overall : 8/10 Bottom line is, it's worth buying if you're into Chima and the minifigures. If you're looking to collect just one of the Speedorz sets, this is a good set to get. Some might not be interested in the cards, or just want to get the polybag for Winzar, but frankly, I think this is better than the polybag. You get the complete package with the Ice Tower, and if TLC keeps continuing these small sets, I don't mind getting some of them, cause they are good enough to get, and all the better for gifts for kids. ------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that's the end of my first review. Tell me what you think! Sorry if the pictures aren't that good. I didn't have the white-background 'studio' set when writing this, so I had to make do with a black cloth for the background. Oh, and lousy photoshop jobs in some of the pics. Cheers, ch_ris127
  6. My goodness, it's been a while since I've been on EB. Anyway, I recently purchased the LoC set Ultimate Speedorz Tournament, and noticed a rather amusing error. The instructions tell you to put two buzz saw pieces on Laval's Speedor and two axe blades on Cragger's. However, Laval's "Tratratrax" card depicts the axe attachment that Cragger is instructed to receive, while Cragger's "Grapt" card shows a grappling hook attachment that isn't even included in the set. The buzz saws don't get a card whatsoever. My nephew and niece are both intrigued by the Speedorz gameplay and have made sure that I noticed the error and corrected it fr them - I MoCed up a "Grapt" to attach to Cragger's Speedor and have given the "Tratratrax" to Laval's Defendor XII. This means I get two more buzz saws for MoCing... Too bad I have tons of them and barely any grappling hooks! =P