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Found 5 results

  1. Garmadon

    [O - E02] Sir, Worse!

    Tags: Spaceship Location: Jurin II (E02) Jedadiah Douglas, signing in from Jurin II! Alrighty headquarters, Jed is back! With a nice moustache... Octan robot: Ahem! Well, same as always I see - not very concentrated, eh? Any sign of M.A.N.T.I.S. activity, Jed? Can't anyone make robots that don't have squeaky voices? Eh? Oh yes, let's see... hm, er, nope! Oh, Yyyaaaaaa! What sir, what is it?! M.A.N.T.I.S.? No, something worse sir, far worse! DUCKS!! Yyaaaaa! Geronimo! Jed vs. - oh, you guessed it, didn't you? Alright, I'm back! Won't be building super consistently I doubt, but hopefully every once in a while! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. Garmadon

    [O - G04] The Duel...

    Tags: Exploration, Military (?) Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from Fractor V: Ah! What a planet! Absolutely perfect! And not a duck in sight! Wait, what was that?! What!? Not again! Well, ducky duck, prepare to bite the dust. Quack! What, you too? Then a duel it is! HA-ya! Haha! Jed, my boy, you've done it once again! No one can stand up to you with a good old rapier! Hey, what's that?! A sore loser, eh! Wait, wait wait! Don't you know the rules!? No, no, we agreed about swords, nothing about pistols! Ha! Rules you say! There's only one rule here, and that is, I WIN! (Well, he actually just said quack, but that was so clearly his meaning that I venture to put it here anyways.) I thought you were an honorable gentleman! No, no! Bad duck! Awful duck! Quack! CHEATER!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaa! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My weekly build for AG, and also an entry to the RPG category of the Colossal Battle Contest, and all LEGO scene subcategory. Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always!
  3. Quack, quack, quack! Galaxy takeover has commenced. Approaching G09 Greater Drigo. Quack-24, signing out. Quack! Without the ducks: Ha, ha, ha! Jed had it coming to him! The SDA (yes, accidentally posted it before it had the D in it!) stands for Space-Duck Attacker. Here's my entry to cat C of the challenge, based off the interior of the Nindroid's spaceship in Ninjago (I've always wanted to build that, so here was a good chance! ). And it's an alien ship, it case that wasn't already evident. C&C welcome as always, enjoy!
  4. Garmadon

    [O - E09] Duck Traps...

    Tags: Spaceship or Land Vehicle, Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, signing in from duck-infested Castral: (whistling) That Wick Nole, bless him! Ha, I'm back in the game now, new vehicle and duck trap, thanks to him and the very considerate (and wise) directors of the Octan corp! There, that should do. Now I just gotta hide behind this rock until one of those wise-cracking ducks appear. Great! Well at least I know it works now! Let's see how you're supposed to get down from here... Quack! What!? Those ducks are always appearing at very inopportune moments! A little late to the party, ha! It seems I have taken your place. No, not going for the car again!? Nasty duck, shoo, shoo! Quack! Wick, Wick!! You probably already know how that ended... The vehicle as a hovercraft: And as a land vehicle: My Andromeda's Gates build for the week, and probably my last one on Castral for a while, so enjoy! Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always!
  5. Tags: Spaceship, Exploration Jedadiah Douglass, on Castral, signing in: Hmm, let's see here. It appears that according to this book (Domination for Dummies) explorers who happen to be on Castral ought to be looking for Biomass. That's odd. I don't believe I have seen any Biomass at all since I landed here... Hmhm, smells like smoke. Probably some Kawashita guy barbecuing. Well, he could certainly use a muffler on his grill, ha! Quack! Ha, I heard that! No way you're getting away this time ducky! Wait a sec, whatever happened to my spaceship. Yaa!! I really, really, hate THAT DUCK!! Hurry! Let's see what the book says to do if a space-duck steals your spaceship while you're on Castral. Humph. It says you should try to stop it or go look for some Bioass. Well, what if you were too busy reading when it happened to not notice 'til too late? Aha, here it is. It says here, that if a space-duck steals your spaceship while you're on Castral and leaves you stranded because you were too busy reading when it happened you should just go and look for Biomass. Well, as I said, this planet seems to be utterly devoid of Biomass. Oh, well, here we go. Figless. I was pretty happy with how the Octan symbol turned out! With spaceship: And the now stolen spaceship by itself: Oh, and the duck! Another build for Andromeda's Gates... and another horrible day for poor Jedadiah Douglass. Hope you enjoy it anyhow! C&C are welcome as always!