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Found 2 results

  1. Floating on an astroid near the Second Sun of Zygarin, The Sea Trident Tavern was having a usual orbit. The same lonely customers drinking their troubles away, gambling happenings in the booth. Typical Orbit. But catastrophe was inevitable. Far away, in the midsts of Sector 7, the clockworks sector, an airship captain had passed out drinking. She had left the engines on. The steampunk ship, a ticking time bomb, zoomed through dark matter and stars. But then they zoomed no more, when the ship crashed into the Sea Trident Tavern! A customer stood up on the bar and yelled" You've been drinking TOO MUCH RUM! I present to you my entry fro the Space Pirate Contest, "Too Much Rum!" y Here's some other angles. Now let's break it down. Let's look at the tavern just by itself. And from the backside The door in the front slides open. Here is the door view, which allows for a view at the gambling mob boss and fisherman. There's is also a secret painting nook, housing an ancient jewel. Let's look at the bar. And one final image of the booth. Now let's look at the light up fire, lights courtesy of LifeLites! AND NOW THE SHIP!! The ship is designed like a modular, with detachable sections in the modular style. Under the deck: There is a bed for the sea monkey and there is an actual bed for the alien tinkerer. And an ancient scroll sits on the shelf. The alien tinker stands on deck, the harpoon to his right and the captains quarters behind him The Captains Quarters Third Level Aaaaaaaand that's my entry, but before you go, Let's look at some of my favorite accessories and the minifigs and their backstory! Right to Left: Harpoon Gun Jukebox Lamp Head in a Jar Captain's Desk Right to Left: Crow's Nest Booth Chair Bar Stool Barrels and Bottles And the Minifigures and their backstory. The Cyborg Captain The short chef with his hover boots, and the elixir of forgetfulness (the tavern's most popular drink) in his hand An alien mob boss An old fisherman with a long story to tell about his burns and how he defeated Blackbeard! A space siren who seduces the lonely pirates. The most notorious Space Admiral in all of space! The Chained Spirit, who is only one who ever got close to defeating Davy Jones, but tripped at the last second, got captured and got chained up outside the tavern, left to die. He still haunts the tavern to this day. The Crew of The Pirate Airship - the tinkerer and the captain and finally The Lonely Traveler, who was abducted as an adult and became a stowaway on all of the pirate ships in the sector, learned how to survive by himself, and now is a famous criminal all throughout the galaxy. "TOO MUCH RUM!" Flickr Photostream for more photos:
  2. Here's my entry, apologies for the slightly poor images, it was raining quite a bit here in sunny ol' England so pics were taken inside... Anyway: Just when the Galactic Armada had thought they had seen the last of them, Captain IronHeart and his hearty crew of galactic misfits had been sighted again in the South-Eastern Sector bringing chaos and terror from their Frigate-Class Gunboat, the 9-Legged Octopus. Captain IronHeart and his hearty crew of galactic misfits. by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Captain IronHeart and his hearty crew of galactic misfits. by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Fredrick IronHeart was a keen medic in the Galactic Armada. His short carer ended abruptly when he couldn't contain one of his 'experiments' with cloning humans and ended up mutating himself. With the aid of fellow doctor Keith Hazbin, he managed to stop quite a few of his detached organs and limbs from throwing themselves out of the window and built a metal suit to contain himself. Since his throwing out of one of the Armada's capital ship's airlocks, he now proceeds to lead a campaign against human beings being fired out of airlocks. Captain IronHeart and his hearty crew of galactic misfits. by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Second mate, Andy Royd followed his captain's path and decided that cyborg was the way to go. One day he entered IronHeart's 'surgery' a young man with great ideas. He left more machine than man... Captain IronHeart and his hearty crew of galactic misfits. by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Crazy Jim the Unlucky had always been slightly an oddball, from his pet fish he carried around with him with it's own H2O tank, to his strange delusions about world domination. But after being struck by lightening, then losing a leg on a jungle planet, before losing another on board an Armada cruiser, then being struck by lightening again, his strangeness has now reached a whole new level... Captain IronHeart and his hearty crew of galactic misfits. by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Franz Fisher is a near-human the crew picked up on some swampy planet. Nothing else about him is neither worth telling or remotely interesting however. Oh and he likes wearing shades. Captain IronHeart and his hearty crew of galactic misfits. by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr One-Eyed Spike was another alien in the crew. Despite his somewhat blank expression, he is lethal in combat with his Blunder-Blaster, but is far less handy with a blade. Captain IronHeart and his hearty crew of galactic misfits. by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr The last in the crew is medic droid, F1X-YA. As well as aiding the captain in his 'experiments', F1X is also modified with eye-embedded MusketBeams and top-of-the-range Cannon-Bombs, making the droid something to be worried about. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Opinions and feedback most welcome!