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Found 3 results

  1. Judge of the Wastelands

    A Viking Saga - Pilot

    Darn it. As I looked out over the expanse of the ocean, I noticed a ship nearing our shores. I was the lookout for the coast of our little settlement of Skaljarik. It was a terrible post. as I was forced to starve and freeze keeping a lookout. That stupid war cost me everything. I had been assigned to raid the Kaliphlin coast, back when people respected me. But civil war had broken out, and I had lost most of my crew. Upon my return, Jarl Stormbreaker had stripped me of everything. I was barely above scum. May Wulf Stormbreaker die the miserable death he visits upon me. I hated my job, I hated this village, and I was beginning to hate life. Sighing, I started down the path. As I reached the shore, I saw my two friends practicing combat. They claimed to be my friends, once upon a time. But I knew now how hollow those words had been. When Wulf took everything from me, neither of them lifted a finger. No, they were too busy planning pick-nicks and trips to help their dying friend. As I saw the ship keel away from our shores, I wanted to spit on those two. Lydia and Rollo. What pathetic friends. But I just continued on. As the hours wore by, the urge to do something was overcoming me. I wanted to avenge the wrong done, or simply leave before I died. But as night fell, I returned to Wulf's lodge. Because it held the only thing keeping me alive. "Logan," the servant said. "You look like a wreck." "Life will do that to you, Bynjar," I replied. She smiled in return. "Just don't do anything stupid during the night watch," she replied. "And take this." As I took the package, I could feel the warmth within. "You got fresh bread?" "And fish," she replied. "Wulf wasn't hungry this evening." As I took to the night watch, I ate the food Bynjar gave me. It was wonderful. The bread was so warm, it literally melted in the mouth. And the fish was excellent, as usual. That's why I can't leave. I looked out at the sky. The stars were everywhere, and it was very relaxing to look at. I had almost drifted off to sleep when my body sent me a warning. There was a chill in the air. And unnatural chill. The Algus. But that was the question. What was the point? I could let them kill Wulf and his cronies. All my enemies, killed without even knowing what hit them. The thought brought a grim to my mind. But then I stopped cold. Bynjar. Leaping up, I rushed to Jarl Stormbreaker's lodge. I must warn them. We must be prepared for what's coming. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>(Story ends)<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> ^ Furrier ^ Courier ^ Stables ^ Fishery And a final shot of the build. Builder's notes: Well, this took quite a lot of time, but worth it, IMO. I am very pleased with how this turned out. And it's great to be building for GoH again. Also, Happy thanksgiving! Author's notes: As said above, it's great to be back to doing GoH. I've had tons of good excuses, and a few bad ones for being inactive. But I am glad to be writing about the Vikings of Skaljarik once more. For the praise of His glory! ~Andrew Spader
  2. Judge of the Wastelands

    Tension is sparked

    Lydia and I had traveled far, finally reaching the Council of Jarls, which was held in Arkadia, a small Viking town. The council was a needed event, because the Viking villages weren't very tactful in their dealings. Thus, a joint council was held every 6 months. Jarl Arian, and Wulf were here, not 200 feet from the gate.....but then Lydia found her father. Ragnar Redbrook, Jarl of Lydia's home village of Redwood, was there. And so was her father, chained to Ragnar. "So this is your daughter, Mikhail," Ragnar sneered. "I bet she can't wait to see you die. Because that's what I have planned for you," Ragnar continued, an evil glint in his eye. I didn't doubt for a second that he was capable of it. Ragnar was known for his bloody ways, and wasn't exactly popular. But he was dangerous, and that kept him Jarl. Lydia was scared, I could tell. But she drew her bow, ready to avenge her father, should Ragnar kill him. I, too, had no wish to see a murder, but Ragnar was a very skilled warrior, and I knew I couldn't beat him. But then the tide turned. Jarl Arian, Jarl of Skaljarik, and Wulf Stormbreaker, Captain of the Voyageur, burst out the gate. Arian was armed with his sword, and the Shield of his town. I could tell Arian was angry, and wise men stayed away from Jarl Arian when he was angry. "Let the man go, Ragnar Redbrook," Jarl Arian bellowed. "Or I will personally separate your head from your body!" Well, I though, there goes negotiation. But I knew why Arian was this angry. Ragnar had killed one of Arian's friends, and Arian hadn't forgotten. Simply put, nether of these men were people you wanted as enemies. Lydia had an arrow notched. An then it dawned on me what she was going to try. She was going to try and hit Ragnar in the hand. She was an excellent shot, so I didn't think she would miss. But she did miss, a centimeter to the left. Instead of getting Ragnar in the hand, it shot him in the heart. For one second, everyone fell silent. Then Olaf, Lydia's father, rushed to her. "Thank goodness you're alive," they told each other. Meanwhile, I moved to speak with Jarl Arian, and Wulf. "You preformed well," Arian told me. "I didn't do anything," I replied. "No, Logan, you did. You accompanied one of our kin, even though you didn't have to. I appreciate that." Well, I didn't see it that way, but it never hurt to have Jarl Arian's appreciation. "As for you, young lady," Arian continued. "You saved my cleaning my sword." I didn't understand for a second, and then wished I hadn't understood. Arian had a way of putting things as bluntly as possible. But I was happy Lydia had re-untied with her father, but then I wondered... "Lydia, where are you and your father going to live," I asked. I assumed they weren't going back to Redwood, as Lydia had just killed the Jarl of the town. "We're coming to Skaljarik, if we can," Olaf replied. "Certainly you can," boomed Arian. As we marched toward our home, Jarl Arian motioned for me to walk next to him. "Logan," he replied. "I am going to need you in the near future." "Why," I asked. "We may have just started a war," Arian replied. "Certainly, we sparked some tension. And I want you to be one of our war leaders." "But I've only fought one battle," I replied. "You don't understand," Jarl Arian countered. "Back in Skaljarik, who can beat you in chess?" "You," I replied, remembering that Arian was the only one to have defeated me in chess. "But that's the point," Arian replied. "You have a knack for strategy. And we're going to need it." Builder's Notes: Sorry I didn't get an overall picture, but the build turned out pretty well, I think. I especially liked the river....but tell me what you think! Author's Notes: The story is a bit short, as always, but y;all have told me you like it. Thus be it. Also, check out what I just got from Bricklink below.....
  3. Judge of the Wastelands

    The Emergence of Truth

    As Jarl Arian and I sat by the fire, he continued the talk he began when Lydia's father was rescued. “Logan, I have been meaning to tell you something. Something I should have told you three years ago, when you tuned 14. “What?” My curiosity was roused. “I want you on the war council. You inherited your father's mind,” he continued. “And he was an excellent battlefield commander.” “Well, sure. But why me? Wouldn't Wulf be a better choice?” Arian looked around the room, making sure no one was within ear-shot. “I'm going to resign as Jarl of Skaljarik,” he said, dropping the gauntlet. “Why?” I asked, wondering what would prompt such a decision. “Because I'm going to be head of the Jarl Council in Arkadia. And Wulf is going to be Jarl here.” I was shocked. “But what about the Voyageur?” “That will be yours,” he said. But then he suddenly grew grim. “Before I go, there is something you should know.” “What?” “Logan,” he began. “I think there is something you need to know. What do you know of your father?” “Only that he was a hero, and a battlefield commander.” Arian looked at me, and I could almost see his eyes watering. What was this about? Arian dived into the storyhe felt I needed to know. “Logan, your father was an excellent tactician. But back in our war with Nocturnus, your father was on a mission with Lydia's father & uncle. Part of our force was hopelessly cornered, and your father decided to send a force to try and save them. It was a suicide mission, and everyone knew it. Your father offered to go himself, but the command wouldn't let him. You inherited much of his cunning,” Arian continued, his voice growing shaky. “Seeing no alternative, your father sent Lydia's uncle on the mission. No one made it back. And worse still, Lydia's father, Olaf, told yours that he was scum, and hated him ever since. If Olaf finds out who your father is, he may hate you as well.” “But what is your involvement, Jarl Arian?” “I was there. I felt responsible, because I refused to go on the mission. Olaf didn't remember me, I was a boy younger than you at the time.” I looked into Arian's eyes, and saw an ocean of grief. But I saw he wasn't finished. “Logan, your father died saving my life. It seems a poor repayment that I refused to associate with you for a while. But,” he said, brightening considerably. “Your destiny, and Lydia's, and intertwined. I don't know how, but they are. And that means whatever Olaf think of you, you must not abandon Lydia. Her path and yours are together, and the two of you can achieve greatness. But only if you work together. Just then, one of the servants burst in, and said, “Jarl Arian, there's something you must see!” It was laid on his desk, and it proved to be a price on someone's head. It was written in ancient Nocturnian, and only Arian could read it. Who that someone was, I had no idea. “Who's head do they want,” I asked. Arian looked at me, giving me a serious expression. “Yours”. Without figs Builder's Notes: A quick build, but I think I captured the "Viking Great Hall" look quite well. Author's Notes: This was important to write at some point, giving backround to Logan's father. I think the story turned out well. Tell me what you think!