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Found 4 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Darraor Castle

    Credit for the tree design goes to Brother Steven. This is my second largest build ever at 64x48 (plus the border), and weighing over 21 pounds. It was built over a period of 8 days. There's a full interior, and the castle doors work. Sir Glorfindel attends a feast held at Darraor Castle, a Mitgardian fortress located near the Avalonian border, the feast was supposed to promote diplomatic relations between the two guilds, but not all of the guests seem pleased about this: View from a tower window: Check out all the details here: http://brickbuilt.or...raor-Castle.php Your comments and constructive criticisms are always appreciated
  2. MKJoshA

    Traveling Partners

    See the previous parts of the story: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 After the incident in Teridyan, Wyndor and Glorfindel headed back towards Valholl. They walked through the hospitable landscape of Mitgardia. They walked past refreshing rivers. They helped those they found that could not help themselves. They faced some fearsome beasts... and handled them each in his own way. And soon found themselves nearing Valholl. Thank you to SK for starting this collab. It's been a lot of fun. I look forward to the conclusion! I wanted to try something a little different for this post. The smaller builds gave me some freedom to try some different ideas. This was also my first attempt at using colored backgrounds. Let me know what you think. Edit: I've listened to the feedback and made some changes and took some new pictures. The old pictures are in the spoiler.
  3. MKJoshA

    The Council Meeting

    See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10: A New Home Part 10.1:Blunted Edges Part 10.2: Cramped Spaces Part 10.3: Enthusiastic Worker Part 11.0 Part 11: Mysterious Death Part 12: Dark Meetings Part 13: Warm Yourself Part 14.1: Sisterly Visit Part 14.2: Proud Farmer Part 14.3: Mitgardian Household Part 15: Another Mysterious Death “I demand that this conspirator be removed from this meeting!” shouted Lief. “You’ve been demanding that for the past hour every time he says something you don’t like” replied Pjeter. “And still you have not heeded me!” was Lief’s response. “For the past months that Wyndor has lived amongst us, has he ever done anything to arouse suspicions that he has anything but good intentions in his service to our city?” asked Pjeter. “He continues to blatantly support the Blue Wolves in the armor he wears!” Lief continued. “We’ve been over this before” answered Wyndor. “My armor has been with me across all 4 guilds. I am not about to give it up simply because some band of ruffians happens to share my taste in armament style!” “Is it not true that your very wife, Valanice, saw one of the Blue Wolves wearing the exact same armor just this morning and that she had to be reassured it wasn’t you attacking the villagers?” asked Lief. “You are twisting the details, but yes. There was an unfortunate attack this morning that left my wife shaken,” replied Wyndor. “Shouldn’t that tell you that I have no sympathy for these rebels?” “And yet you still insist on showing support for them!” said Lief. “This is getting out of hand Lief” said Pjeter. “You were asked to join the council today at the request of Grimbar because of your financing of their new quarry. But your good standing with the dwarves of Dalig Ulv does not give you limitless rights here today. As I have reminded you before, you are not a full member of this council.” “It’s alright Pjeter, I think I have a compromise” responded Wyndor. He then turned towards Lief. “If I change the color of the jerkin I wear under my armor to be something other than blue, that will allow me to keep my armor and for you to keep your insults of treason to yourself.” “Listen Wyndor” started Lief, “Pjeter may have asked you to move here and become part of the council, but the city of Dalig Ulv did not. You are not wanted here. We can keep our own council without the help of some foreigner who has spent more time outside his homeland than in it!” “It certainly does seem as though you are keeping your own council” interrupted Pjeter. “Is it common practice to bring an armed guard with you to meetings amongst fellow Mitgardians?” “These are dangerous times in Mitgardia. Not all of our fellow men can be trusted, as I can see I am not trusted here!” exclaimed Lief. At that moment a squire came up to Pjeter and whispered in his ear. “What?” inquired Pjeter. “Oh, yes, please show him in.” He then turned back to those at the table. “We will have to postpone the rest of this… fruitful meeting until later today. It seems we have a very important visitor.” As the stranger walked in he was announced by the squire as, “Sir Glorfindel of Daydelon and architect regent of Mitgardia!” “I’m sorry to burst in on your meeting like this” said Sir Glorfindel. “But I bear news from Valholl. As you know there has been much unrest in Historica recently. Mitgardia has not been immune from the squabbles that have torn Nocturnus apart and divided Avalonia. I am bringing this message to as many cities of Mitgardia as I can in the hopes that if conflict should arise, we will be able to stand united!” “Thank you Sir Glorfindel,” said Pjeter, and eyeing Lief he responded, “I hope we all take this to heart.” “Now,” said Glorfindel, “If I may have a few moments alone with you Pjeter?” “Of course,” answered Pjeter, “Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse us.” As the two leaders left Lief stood up to go as well. “Do not think that this changes anything Wyndor” he spat. “You are still not wanted here.” “I would hope my actions would speak my worth for me” replied Wyndor. “What say you we let time tell that tale?” Lief just sneered and walked out.
  4. Infernum

    Yeti Hunt!

    As the Mitgardian spring begins Sir Infernum and Sir Glorfindel agree to go on a yeti hunt. Yeti hunts are a popular sport for Mitgardians in the spring, as the ice that made their lairs previously inaccessible begins to melt. The two Mitgardians (as well as two of Sir Infernum's friends) begin tracking a fair sized yeti. On the third day off the hunt they catch up to the beast, but not before the yeti finds his friend, a larger Bull Yeti. This will be a difficult battle... Sir Glorfindel! Sir Infernum The two together! Hope you liked the build, especially you SK! This is my first freebuild for Book II. It was a quickie, only taking an hour or two.