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Found 4 results

  1. The dwarfs needed to be stopped from infiltrating Avalonia, and what better way to distract giving them permission to dig somewhere no dwarf had ever mined before? So I went to meet the dwarfs with a comrade and gave them permission to mine the ice-flows. "Gold, treasure, diamonds, the possibilities are endless!" exclaimed the dwarfs. "I was thinking more like cold wat- ouch!" said my companion (I elbowed him before he finished his thought). "Let's off to mine the ice-flows!" yelled the dwarfs, and ran off in a very excited state. (I did take the precaution to appoint ice fishers to drag out the dwarfs if they took the bait... both figuratively and literally!) Under the ice-flows: The fisher: I would like to receive UoP credits for: Landscape Design - snow and ice Hydrology - underwater and Agriculture and Zoology - fishing Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. Garmadon

    Homeward Bound!

    After receiving a notice from Sir Uridius Dratiphe to return to Mitgardia, I started thence with a light and joyful heart. Upon reaching the border I reined in for a moment to gaze at the awe-inspiring sight. Who that has seen those rough plateau and snow-clad hills can but sense a thrill of joy on returning? Then, breaking into a gallop, I started for the mountains - homeward bound. Mitgardia! - Sir Douglass Winzer Figless: Just a quick little build to get Sir Douglass back from Avalonia. I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Landscape Design: (trees 2) General Building: (forced perspective) Geography: (mountains or cliffs) C&C are welcome!
  3. My very very last minute entry A rare species of bird found occasionally in Mitgardia, the Giant White is actually quite docile and easy to tame - if you can catch one. They are extremely fast, and can even run faster than an ordinary person. However, using a trap specially created for them, it is possible to catch them, and they are very loyal if well trained. I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Brick-Built Animals - (Agriculture and Zoology) C&C are welcome!
  4. Once we arrived in Avalonia I joined myself to a body of Avalonians and began at once to scout out the position of the drow and try to find out what they were doing. One day, about a week after we stared, I noticed that one of the men appeared to be missing. A few hours later he came running into the camp were we had stopped for the day without his horse and obviously extremely excited. “Sir,” he exclaimed, “we have finally found them!” “I suppose that explains why you did not arrive here at the same time as the rest?” I questioned dryly. This seemed to put slightly him out of ease, and he shifted about before answering. “Well sir, you know that I was told to follow you at a little distance and make sure the drow were not following us. Anyhow after a while – ahem – I, well, I fell behind a bit,” and seeing that I was going to question him he quickly added “Never mind why.” I was not positive, but I had a very shrewd guess as to what had happened. “And?” “After extracting myself from that ridiculous saddle I proceeded to attempt to clean myself off a little when I heard someone else coming down the road. Knowing that in these days it is always well to remain concealed, I hastily hid, after disposing of the saddle. In a few seconds a couple of figures came along, one a Drow and the other apparently a Varlyrian. ‘You know,’ quoth the Varlyrian, ‘I do think I rather uncivilized of you all to try to simply overwhelm you enemies by sheer numbers. Strategy, my friend: that is the way to proceed.’ “As his comrade did not seem to disapprove he continued, ‘For example that fortress on the hill over there that we were reconnoitering,’ and he point up toward a fork in the road, ‘I know that you could just through five thousand Drow at it, lose half, and take the castle, but you could save almost all of them by using a little stratagem. Listen carefully. We shall only – Ahhh!’ and at that he tumbled into the mud puddle, as he had not been paying the slightest attention where he was going. After his friend had dragged him out he exclaimed suspiciously, ‘Someone has been mucking around in this.’ ‘Besides you?’ laughed his companion. ‘Never mind,’ he said testily, ‘As I was saying, we shall only use a small force to entice the defenders out of the castle. The rest of the men shall lie in ambush behind, and when they come out, the ambush can enter the fortress and help the other force destroy those who have sallied out. Only one thing, mind you, I shall be going with the ambush, not with the small force that will in all probability be annihilated. Still it will be far better than losing a few thousand troops.’ And they proceeded to walk on, while I came here as fast as possible.” “Thank you for the information. And now you will go find your horse sir. Once you have found it come back to me and I will give you a message for Lord Simon. Just don’t be falling into mud puddles with it if you please.” - Sir Douglass Winzer I would like to recieve UoP credit for Landscape Design: trees (1) C&C are welcome!