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Found 7 results

  1. Ahoy Mates! Here is my Sigfig and the rest of the story about how I ended up as a rat in the Sea of Theives. The first part of my story is here: The last time you saw me, I was staring at the barrel of a gun in absolute terror of what the future held in stock for me. Well, for a shipwrecked Bluecoat from Oleon who stranded on an island infested by pirates, it was very comprehensible. Then I found myself packed in this cave with the other survivors of that ill-fated voyage who were just as terrified. On the first night of my, I naturally could not sleep, thinking over and over of a plan to escape my doomed fate. Of course, another reason was all that traditional noise only the pirates of the old world were able to produce. By dawn, everybody was asleep in the cave, which gave me the opportunity to do my old tricks. I was a master of getting rid of handcuffs and opening locked doors and this primitive security the pirates had installed was not my match. It took only 5 minutes to find myself in the open air without the jingling of the handcuffs. I was about to run into the forest when I realized that this was a small island. I could run but not far away. There was no vessel in sight to steal, other than my wrecked small boat lying on the shore. Having spent only a few minutes of joy, I was again disappointed. I was waken up from the depths of my thoughts by that bass voice. “So you look like a man with skills!” said the man, whom I realized was the captain of these rascals. “Yes” I said, in comfort. I was surprised to find myself not terrified speaking to the man of whom I was so terrified only yesterday. He seemed like a wise man in this unwise place. “I can kill you right now, right here, you know”. This time, he didn’t sound like a wise man with good manners but like a bloody captain determined to end my life. Now, I was terrified and was able to murmur a few incomprehensible words. Upon this, the Captain gave a loud laughter which woke up the rest of the gang. He took me by the arm and called the rest: “Look at his face carefully, you bloody bastards, and salute your newest matey!” By noon, I had changed my clothes and was enlisted as another pirate in this small gang. I was not given a gun or a sword, though. It was only the instincts of the wise Captain that had let me in and I had a long way to go before I earned the trust of the rest of the gang. Maybe, the Captain had seen the real crook in me or simply needed a man with handy skills to save him and his gang from possible perils of which there was a great deal in this world. One way or another, I had saved my life and was ready to enjoy all the twisted adventures in this new life! Captain Mengish (Prologue) by Mengish, on Flickr Captain Mengish (Prologue) by Mengish, on Flickr Captain Mengish (Prologue) by Mengish, on Flickr
  2. Gideon Saulse de Bothnia Gideon is the fourth son to le comte de Bothnia (the Count of Bothnia). Bothnia is a rather small but fertile county located in northern Oleon. As Gideon’s hopes of inheriting his father’s lands were slim at best, his career options would traditionally have been either in the military or in the Order. Gideon has however spent many years studying various subjects at a couple of Oleon’s most prominent universities, to his father’s displeasure since he has been forced to pay for Gideon’s rather lavish lifestyle as a student. The new horizons which are opening up beyond the seas has opened up new opportunities to break with the boring traditions of the family, and Gideon is now setting out for a new life as an explorer and entrepreneur in New Terra. Gideon Saulse de Bothnia. Closeup of sigfig. The Saulse family uses the following heraldry: Per pale sable and argent, a falcon displayed countercharged, a bordure azure. (source: Secondary characters I created a bunch of different figures when trying to create a sigfig, as I originally thought he was going to be some kind of bluecoat. I have no idea about if or how these secondary characters will appear in my builds, but I figured I might as well post them for future reference. At least the priest has already given me some ideas... I've taken some liberties using titles in French as it seemed to suit the setting, but if the leadership wants to maintain it all in English I can change that. Theodore Saulse de Bothnia, comte de Bothnia and colonel (retired) in the Oleander army. War hero in the fourty-nine years war which he can tell countless stories from, most of them more or less exaggerated. Alexandre Saulse de Bothnia, oldest son and heir to the county of Bothnia. Contre-Amiral (rear admiral) in the Oleander fleet. Hector Saulse de Bothnia, second oldest son. Commandant (major) in the Oleander army. Jayson Saulse, priest in the Order. Devoted to Poseidon. Here shown in both traveling garments and ceremonial garments. (I need to get a white hood to BL!) A small photography tutorial I also took the opportunity to show those of you interested in forced perspective a piece of useful knowledge. If you compare the pictures below, you can see that the amount of background blur increases as the aperture gets bigger (smaller f-number). I've found that tinkering with this can be very useful when trying to create a believable background in forced perspective builds. Of course I had to use more light when using a smaller aperture. The scene with aperture f/4.5, which was the largest this lens could go at this focal length. In my opinion, the background is now too blurry. The scene with aperture f/8. The scene with aperture f/16. Individual bricks are too visible in the background so by now the forced perspective effect is diminished. (It also makes some nasty dirt on the sensor appear more clearly...)
  3. "My dear, no matter where in the world you may be or what you might be doing, whether it's for riches, your king or glory - once a year you will all come home. Because family is all we have, after all." 'Madre' Marietta to her daughter Marja, some years ago Once a year the Fontonajo family comes together for their annual dinner. It's about eating and drinking, about laughing and smiling, about celebrating victories or moaning losses. It's about Eslandola, about wearing green clothes and drinking from golden cups. It's about the past and the future. But more than all it's about a family coming together again, about not losing grasp to the bonds that are most important in this quickly changing world. Román Esteban Fontonajo, the head of the family, standing in front of the big tapestry, lifts his glass and gives his opening words to the family diner, thanking them all for coming. 615 AE will be a good year for the family, a great year. They all cheer and take a sip of their glasses - water for the kids and a good red whine for the adults - and then take their seats. Trout has been served this year, along with some steamed carrots and bread. All family members are dressed in a traditional green, as every year. Román took a bite of his trout, looked around and saw the smile on his mother's face as their eyes met. And he felt happy. All members of the Fontonajo family: from left to right: - Alejandro Baltone, age 14, Román's 3rd son - Isabella Elisa, age 16, Román's daughter - Joaquin Seramon, age 20, Román's 2nd son - Marja Henrietta, age 36, Román's sister - Juan Alfonso, age 22, Román's eldest son and heir - Clarissa Raltessa, age 41, Román's wife from left to right: - 'Madre' Marietta, age 64, Román's mother - Raphael 'El Tío', age 71, Román's uncle (father's brother) - Rialto Espada, age 39, Román's brother - Anna, age 44, Rialto's wife - Heliodoro, age 18, Rialto's 1st son - Franjo, age 15, Rialto's 2nd son Three more impressions of the annual dinner: 1. Marietta checking the room in the morning before the dishes have been served 2. Dishes have been served, the family is about to enter 3. Top-view ------------------------------- I will post further background information about all family members (which I will use as side characters in BoBS) in a future MOC.
  4. I'm trying to come up with my sigfig but finding that perfect face is difficult for me. Do you pick a sigfig that looks you or just one you like that represents you?
  5. IenjoyLego89

    Just a simple Vig

    Just a pic of my sigfig Victor Grayson and his horse Just a close up Credit for the wall goes to DC's building guide. I just wanted to see how it looked before I commit to using it in a Moc I'm in the process of building. Comments and criticisms welcome Also, how do I get the links from flickr to be images? If that makes sense Moc on!
  6. Sir Gideon the half-elf Let me introduce my sigfig, and some small MOCs illustrating his backstory! Sir Gideon by Gideon_83, on Flickr Gideon was born as the offspring of the daughter of a minor Avalonian lord and an unknown elvish father. Some rumors say he was a warrior, others that he was a criminal, and yet others had heard from someone who had heard from someone that... Only Gideon's mother knew for certain. Love in Avalonia by Gideon_83, on Flickr Being regarded as "a filthy half-breed bastard", both by most humans and by virtually all elves, he has all his life had a hard time getting accepted in the world of Historica. Gideon’s mother died in childbirth, and he grew up in the care of his reluctant and sorrow-stricken grandfather, the lord of the small earldom of Norshire in the north-eastern part of Avalonia, not far from the Mitgardian border. Gideon’s early years he spent among the human children in his grandfather’s castle Nordana Hall. Neither his grandfather, nor the other humans in the castle were particularly found of the half-elf, so Gideon learned many hard lessons from children and grownups alike that he wasn’t “one of them”. Training children by Gideon_83, on Flickr When the other boys were sent off to squire for one famous knight or another and eventually earn their golden spurs, Gideon was left to train and serve with the household garrison. The life as a common man-at-arms was a miserable one where he was treated worse than ever, especially since his grandfather had died and his uncle had assumed the earlship. It however gave him ample opportunities to train in all kinds of weapon skills, not only those considered chivalrous enough for a proper knight. Finally, Gideon decided that he had spent enough time in a place where he had never been welcome, he set out to make his own place in the world. Gideons bitterness, well founded or not, towards Avalonians and their feudal society knows few bounds. Being a half-elf however also has its advantages. From his fathers kind, Gideon has inherited both the elvish intelligence and longevity. Even though he is still considered a youngster by elvish standards he is over 150 years old. From his mother, being of Mitgardian descent, some of the raw strength and endurance of the northmen has been passed down to him. To a great extent Gideon's life has been a life of violence, earning hard-won respect and a fair share of gold with his diverse and deadly weapon skills. Caravan by Gideon_83, on Flickr As a mercenary he has travelled all over Historica and served lords, merchant princes, chieftains and kings. He even served as a captain in the Petraean city guard for a while, before growing bored by the dull slow-paced ceremonial lifestyle. Petraean city wall by Gideon_83, on Flickr Gideon still finds Kaliphlin and its vibrant cities to be his favorite place in the world. Its diverse nature means that most people don’t seem to care about his background. In his service to wealthy and sly Kaliphlin merchants Gideon also picked up many of the tricks of the trade. Combined with the numerous useful connections he has made during his travels all around Historica, it has enabled him to earn a fair bit of gold on the trade of rare Kaliphlin goods and artifacts. In recent years Gideon has mostly led a lifestyle of the wandering adventurer, never really trusting anyone but himself. Sir Gideon in full armor by Gideon_83, on Flickr Thanks to his noble descent, Gideon likes to style himself "Sir Gideon” although he never was formally knighted, as such honours are usually not bestowed upon half-breed. The human house he descends from has been extinct ever since his mother's great-nephew was slain in a Drow raid many years ago. Formally Gideon therefore may have inherited the lordship of Norshire, but he has never actually been given the position. Instead the shire has just been left to the care of the castellan of Nordana Hall who in turn passed it to his son and so on, making the present castellan Hedrik Lefteye the de facto earl of Norshire. But a small part of Gideon’s conscience tells him that it is may be his duty to return in the desperate hour when the chaos of Revolword have also reached Norshire... I am posting my sigfig here since it is not clear to which guild Sir Gideon's loyalties ultimately lie, with a legal claim to an Avalonian earldom, elvish and Mitgardian ancestry but Kaliphlin gold in his purse. Perhaps something or someone can give him good reasons to join one of the guilds? Should he return home north to try to save what can be saved of his family’s earldom, or join his Mitgardian brethren in the fight against Revolword? Or even go west to take up arms with the elves, if they would have him? And maybe even learn some more things about his past... Or maybe he will just continue roaming Historica, prosper on the riches of Kaliphlin, explore Avalonias mysteries and who knows what else he might encounter? For a while anyway, Sir Gideon remains a guildless traveller caught in the fray of the Revolword war. Whatever outcome it may have he will surely, willing or unwilling, play some part in the saga of Historica. I am a latecomer to GoH, but I am hoping that GoH will live on past Challenge VI since I have seen how this can be an excellent way of developing ones build and photo skills. After lurking around here for a few months I have gotten a huge amount of inspiration! It remains to be seen however if time and bricks will permit that to be translated into MOCs telling the story of my reluctant hero...
  7. Flare

    [MOC] Self CubeDude

    Hi everyone! Recently I built a couple cubedudes... here is one of them. A cubedude of myself Ben CubeDude (1) by Ben Unleashed!, on Flickr Ben CubeDude (2) by Ben Unleashed!, on Flickr It's pretty accurate, even the shirt Thanks for viewing