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Found 5 results

  1. Agent Kallus

    Lego Shop Queries

    This is a topic for asking questions related to buying Lego direct from the makers. I thought it was a good idea for a topic and couldn't find a similar one. Now I wouldn't have made such a topic if I didn't have a question of my own, and it is as follows: Looking at the store calendars there appears to be an overlap of promos (I'm talking about the UK) and one would be able to get the minifig factory, the easter bunny and the Zane pod in one transaction, however I'm not sure the end and start dates for the promotions/gwp are inclusive or not , and I'm generally not quite sure if I've missed something. I got the information about the store calandars from Brickset and I saw the overlap as shown in the Image below.
  2. kevin8

    Order cancelled

    I'm really upset. What's happening to me in these days, maybe will happen to everyone, so read carefully what I'm experiencing. When May the forth Star Wars sales start, I made my usual order. I make almost one order per month usually. Some days passed and no email with shipping details arrived, so I went on the shop online and check my order. It was cancelled. No e-mail was sent to me and no reason was explained. So I wrote to the Customer Care and ask why this awful thing was happening. In the meanwhile I set another order. The day after Lego sent me an email telling that they had to cancel Poster and minifig bonus because they could not send more than one bonus to each customer. I wrote back that my order was cancelled, so I didn't receive anything. The same day I was phoned by the Customer Care who explained he would have replaced my order. Regarding the cancelled order he said he didn't know why but they would have solved it. My order was finally cancelled the day after, again! So I placed another one and asked the reason. No answer was given and my order cancelled for the last time. Today I sent another email. I'm very upset by this thing, but absolutely I'm upset by no communication at all and no way to solve this problem. But actually, I'm one of the billions of customers, so my problem doesn't matter. And I believe it's true. They called me back, and now, after 10 days, they know why my orders have been cancelled and why I'm on Lego black list! So fasten your seatbelts, I'm going to tell you! Lego told me I didn't pay an Invoice of about 60 euros. The invoice is dated september 2013. September 2013!!! I have NEVER received emails or other communications about it. NEVER. During all this time I placed and bought Lego by the shop every months, I complained when the stickers sheets were destroyed inside the box, I asked about new parts, but NEVER they told me something like this. I didn't have the time to check if it is true, I will. But actually how you can answer to such b******t? My credit card is always okay, I bought everything on e-shops. They never communicated this thing to me. And the usually shipped Lego only when payment has been done. So, I think something happened inside Lego Shop, and I'm paying for their mistake. But the most awful thing is that they don't know how to solve it. They just told me they will see how. I'm really upset.
  3. Hi all, I just received an email form Shop @ Home telling me my order is cancelled, due to exceeded demand. Perhaps this is not the right forum for this post, but I feel I have to share this as I'm extremely amazed and disappointed with LEGO. For the very first time. Apparently the stock status at the Shop @ Home website is not a realtime status! I ordered two NXT battery packs when the were on sale a couple of days ago. They were in stock according to the website. Two days later they sent me a message informing me that delivery is delayed.Ok that can happen. And just now I received a message saying “the demand exceeded the expectations….and the order is cancelled” And any payment will be refunded. This mail exceeded my expectations and experiences with this very strong brand. Unfortunately not in a good way though. It seems ordering online is not a real time transaction :( Anybody had any similar experiences? Is there anything I can do about this?
  4. I decided to purchase the discounted set 'Kingdoms Joust' (#10223), on the USA S@H site the other day. Today it was processed and I got the tracking number, so the VIP Points were added to my account. The only thing is, its for a lesser amount that I was expecting. The set is usually $119.99, and the sale price is $95.99. So I was assuming the points I would get from it would be 95. Well, what shows on my VIP account is 87 points. I also got the set 'City Coin Bank' (#40110) for regular price of $14.99 and I would of thought got 14 points for it, but it shows as 13 added points. Am I missing something? Why would it be that much less? Is there some catch that it was on sale? I am at a loss. If anyone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it! Has this happened to anyone else? I am going to call tomorrow to find out.
  5. This morning, I tried to log in to the Lego website, and it told me my password was incorrect. I was just using it last night and it was working fine. After several attempts, I asked for my password to be reset, and it sent me an email with the link to do that, and I did change it. Trying to log in, it let log in, and I could see my id on the page, but it wasn't really logged in, it still showed "Login" at the top. So strange. So I closed the window and tried to log in again, and it was back to telling me my password was wrong! Is this happening to anyone else? I sent an email to customer service, but think that won't get me any help. I will call, but want to see if anyone else is having a problem too. Thanks!