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Found 22 results

  1. Hello there! As I sat the last episode out, I still have to update my story progress to catch up with the events for the new episode, so I'll make way for that now with the release of this new freebuild and the latest part in my ongoing story about Cody Startale. If you like my comic-style narrative, feel free to plow through my previously released chapters for a sense of continuity: Episode 0 – The Introduction Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon XII-I – Sowing The Seed Episode XIII – Quantum Of Sunrise XIII-I - Quite A Mercenary Episode XIV - Day Of The Spectacle Part XIV-I – Welcome To The Rebellion Episode XV – Top Of The Class The last time we saw our protagonists, they were entangled in the ferocious sky battle over Coruscant and Prince Xizor's demise seemed mere minutes away... Please judge, and C&C is always very welcome. You will probably see that with this episode, even more focus than usual was on photography and storytelling, so let me know how that worked out.
  2. Hello everyone! I don't know if I'm allowed to make a topic that's not about a SoNE build. If I am not supposed to I'm sorry. But… I created the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Wiki! Could everyone go and help fill in some SoNE stuff? Thanks in advance! VaderFan2187
  3. VaderFan2187

    Just 1 Figbarf

    Hi everyone! For my Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka avatar, I created this character: What do you all think?
  4. "Agent VK-318, Imperial Security Bureau, Enforcement Division, reporting to the ISD Avenger as ordered. I understand my orders have arrived?" "Yes, Agent. Please report to your quarters - the debriefing packet is located on your terminal." "Yes, sir. For the Empire!"
  5. Grahaym tracks podracers while practicing to gain information on their speed and equipment before the next race.
  6. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: Operation Outlaw Once inside the building, it was a fairly simple matter to locate the rigged safe deposit box, open it, and retrieve the tapes. The bank was remarkably elegant for an institution frequented by Hutts - even the wood floor was spotlessly clean. But now there was a ... problem. The door we had entered the bank by was locked again, and someone had jammed it. "Looks like we'll need to find another way out," I said after Raven had given up trying to open the door. "Um ... I don't think that's going to be our biggest problem," Raven said, looking around. I took the first thug down quickly, but there were more behind him. They were probably the bank's security force, and we must have triggered some sort of alarm without knowing it. We took cover behind the heavy wood and leather couch. "We're going to have to get out of here before one of them signals for help," Raven said. "I think I have an idea," I replied as I stuck my head up and shot at one of the Weequay guards. I would like this entry judged, please.
  7. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: Operation Outlaw "What's taking so long?" I asked. We were standing in a dark alley in the newer quarters of Nar Eurbrikka. "I'm working on it, okay?" Raven hissed. There was a little flash and an unhappy tone. "Confound it! This wasn't so hard a week ago!" Judging from the piles of garbage, one would have thought we were deep in the Eurbrikkan slums, but in fact this alley ran up against the back of a newly-completed bank. It was here that Raven had hidden her data, and, after donning more suitable outfits for the task, we had come here to attempt to break in and recover the tapes. Again, my thanks for the speedy processing of my materials requisition - the armor used by the Shadowtrooper corps is far more suitable for the work of an ISB operative than is standard-issue armor, being less conspicuous than combat whites and offering far greater protection than ISB grays. I will refrain from asking how you managed to obtain it. "Where exactly are these data tapes?" I asked as I stood watch. "In a safe deposit box," she said. "You mean you just deposited it in a box here?" "Sort of. I didn't exactly tell the bank. Their vaults open in response to electronic keys, and I've recalibrated one of the locks to respond to my tool." She waved the glowing-tipped silver rod. "They don't check the vaults regularly, so the tapes should still be there." "Well, hurry up and unlock that door before someone finds us here," I said. I would like this entry judged, please.
  8. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: [NONE] During our last contact, we were unfortunately interrupted. At the time, I was involved in an extremely sensitive operation, and could provide no details due to the risk to my sources. I am pleased to inform you that this incidental operation has been successfully concluded. I submit that it should be recorded as "Operation Outlaw," and will refer to it as such in further dispatches until orders to the contrary are relayed. Subsequent to my promotion into the Imperial Security Bureau, I was stationed, as you are aware, on Nar Eurbrikka, pending a more permanent posting. Shortly after my arrival, a message was delivered to me by the local ISB station chief. It consisted of the name "Raven Williams," the address of a Nar Eurbrikkan club, a date and time, and a memo from the station chief or his yoemen, which said that this note had been delivered through an Imperial agent in the local Rebel underground, and that I had been identified as the intended recipient by my name and operating number. The name "Raven Williams" was far from unknown to me, and it is unlikely to be unknown to you. Williams was born a Corellian of low to middle class, and was shanghaied by a space freighter at age fifteen. She disappears from known records until age seventeen, when she emerges as captain of said freighter in the salvage documents - the freighter was destroyed by pirates, and, the documents note, she survived by taking cover in a mining facility on a nearby mega-asteroid. She joined the Rebellion at eighteen, and today is an information broker and occasional operative in Alliance Intelligence. What the record does not state, and what has likely been until now unknown to anyone but myself and Raven, is that the facility in which she hid from the pirate attack on her vessel was my own mining base, during one of my early mining expeditions into the Outer Rim. She sheltered there until the freighter with whom I contracted my supplies of consumables made its next visit, and then bought passage away. Evidently, Raven still remembered my name, and seemed to have something worth communicating. I judged the risk acceptable, since I as yet knew little of critical value to the Empire and thus could reveal little of value to the Rebels should this prove to be a trap. Accordingly, I proceeded to the club, and was there at the appointed time, 2300 Imperial time. I wish to pass along my thanks for the timely processing of my materials requisition. My ISB armor would hardly have been suitable for a rendezvous of this sort, nor indeed would have my uniforms. I was, at any rate, sufficiently inconspicuous, even in a nearly-empty room, that it took Raven a moment to recognize me. She was precisely on time, and over a hand of cards she quietly explained why she had arranged to meet me. As an officer in Alliance Intelligence, she was painfully aware of the stark price the Rebellion exacted from its supporters, and the lack of protection it offered in return. She, like myself, had no interest in supporting a lost cause. But the Rebellion polices its own forces as effectively as the Empire, and her dissent was discovered. When she learned of this, she passed a message through a known Imperial agent (in light of this data, I recommend a complete analysis of all data produced by Nar Eurbrikkan infiltrators in the Rebel ranks), hid her data in a secure location, and made her escape. Now, here she was, seeking political asylum. As an officer of the ISB, I had the authority to grant this if it would further the goals of the ISB and the Empire. So, we made a bargain. We would need to recover her data in order to render her useful to the ISB. So, if she would assist me in recovering that data and delivering it safely to the ISB, she would be granted asylum and a full pardon in accordance with the Bureau's war powers. She was quite willing, and now all that remained was to retrieve the data. I would like this entry judged, please.
  9. Commander Smith

    [SoNE Freebuild] AT-PT

    Hi- Today I'm posting a new 1-seat walker. Here it is with the cockpit open: Smith and Tix created this walker out of parts after their gunship crashed on their planet in the outer rim. They're going to use it to return to base. ---fmmmlee--- P.S. My photo studio was a roll of butcher paper, a table, and a smartphone!
  10. Hi all- Since I joined SoNE I decided to give a bit of a backstory to my character. Here it is: After the closure of the Clone Wars, Mar, Rane, Smith, and Tix (sorry for the crazy names) felt their duty was done. Smith realized they were being used. They weren't getting their rights as humans. So they determined to strike out on their own, take down the Empire and set their brothers free. So they deserted. After procuring their old armor from an Imperial base, they departed to the mid-outer rim and built their own. Here is a small guard-house: That's all for now. One of my first MOC posts! Bye. --fmmmlee--- P.S. Sorry for the bad backgrounds and pic quality. Can't exceed 100 kb, and I don't have really good background materials. P.P.S. Oh, yes, should this go in the main SW Forum because it's a freebuild? I've heard about freebuilds being in Watto's Junkyard, though. Clue me in.
  11. After the grueling action of the last several weeks, the long stint over Endor was a blessing to the crew of the Avenger. Finally there was time for a little R&R. And finally HR had time to look after shellshocked troopers. Only trouble was, they were a little low on men. So, guess who get picked to lend a hand. Me, of course. VK-318, enlisted psychiatric specialist. Whatever. I'm not entirely sure how much help I was, but this duty stint did do to great things for me. First, it gave me the opportunity to sit down in a comfortable chair. And second, it gave me a lot of time to think about the war. But not as much time as my last patient seems to have had. Officer VeR had plenty to talk about, and thankfully HR doesn't like to bug psychiatric sessions, since doing so tends to be counterproductive. And me? What do I think? Good question. VeR and I, I discovered, have more in common than one might at first suspect. Like him, I detest the cost of this war, both in lives and property lost and suffering caused to all whom it touches. But there, I think, the resemblance ends. While VeR seems to seek escape from the war, I long ago realized that the war would not end unless someone made it end. To make it end would require fighting. I am not a raving fan of the Empire. There can be little doubt that it is heavy-handed, intolerant, and indiscriminate. But it is also efficient, durable, and consistent, and for the galaxy to recover from this war it will need that kind of leadership. While I can respect the democratic ideals espoused by the Rebel Alliance, the Republic they seek to restore was bureaucratic, sluggish, internally divided, and short-sighted. Those traits will never lead to a quick recovery. So I fight for the Empire. And I do, indeed, fight. VeR's inaction, while understandable, in the end will do his cause no good. He must choose a side. And I hope, for the sake of the galaxy, that this talented and, if he so chooses, dangerous man chooses to fight for the Empire. OoC: After wading through several of BEAVeR's philosophical musings, I felt the need to give an answer. I have great respect for BEAVeR's building ability, and while I feel my character would not agree with BEAVeR's approach to the problem of war, this post should in no way be taken as an attack or condemnation. This is intended to be an idle dispute akin to BEAVeR and Goatman461's semi-collaborative build ideas.
  12. Felucia Ord Mantell During the hunt for Boba Fett, Jacob Nion reaches the blue planet of Mon Calamari. The planetary security has reported the infiltration of one of the countless medical institutes across the planet. The Bothan decides to investigate this case. "You reported an infiltration of this area. What happened?" "Yes sir. We checked the security holograms. It was definitely Boba Fett. He didn't even try to cover up his track." "But what was he looking for? Has he stolen something or killed a patient?" "Sir, he just used the medical detection systems. I can search for his medi protocol at the FX unit." "Proceed." "It seems that he was infected with felucian Blood Fever. The FX Droid reports that the Fever was successfully defeated with the available serum of this facility." "Well that's an interesting detail of Fett's journey but it doesn't help me. I have to go to Bothawui." Finally I could upload my first entry. Thanks for your attention! Down with the empire!
  13. Yup, that's me. Today, I'm not a specialist. I'm a scout. My job is to watch a disused road. Steel Tiger, Fuppylodders, and myself have been placed at the disposal of Officers VeR and An, and we are standing guard on the three main approaches to a ruined site where, An suspects, Boba can be found. Once we found the ruins, I rode my speederbike down the road and hid it in a cornfield. I would need something to conceal the bright blue formal livery of the Scout Service. In the last few months, many of our regular bikes had been damaged or destroyed, so we were having to deploy these seldom-used, formal conveyances. I had had to smash some corn in order to get in, but I wasn't too concerned. After all, rodents would do more damage to this harvest than my bike. My concern was to stay hidden and watch the road. After all, it was in part due to the intelligence I had gathered on Ord Mantell that we were out here, searching these ruins. If anyone would find Boba, it would be VeR and An. I would wait, and watch. Sooner or later, I would be promoted, and someone else would be standing guard while I did the hard work. Until then, I had a job to do.
  14. So what does this make me, mail-delivery specialist? Add to that that the best way to find Boba Fett is to find his ship, the Slave I. Normally, this would be a great idea and really rather simple, once you know which planet he's on, and we did, more or less. But finding a ship on Fondor is a challenge akin to finding a Jawa on Tatooine. It's the proverbial "needle in a haystack." So, instead of trying to find Fett's ship, I've opted to look for the man himself. That's why I'm wandering around the back streets of Fondor, trying to find one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy ... and give him a thank-you card. Pathetic, no? Oh, and did I mention, the Rebels are looking for him to? Probably for a reason other than giving him thank-you notes. At least, some of them are. I really must try to find out how it is that Rebels can slip so easily past our customs system. And evidently not all Rebels are very attached to their mission, since these three came out of a grungy casino, proceeded by the odor of hard liquor. The clone armies crafted by the Kaminoans were given pure white armor as a symbol of their fearlessness. The white was a challenge to the enemy, since by its high visibility it insinuated that the enemy lacked the skill to hit even the most obvious targets. These Rebels wasted no time in taking that challenge. But they were, I judge, green recruits, and quite inebriated, while I am a combat-seasoned fighter and stone-cold sober. Final score: Rebs 0, Volker 3. Two of them would have their hangover headaches somewhat amplified thanks to my armored fists, and one might well never wake up at all. I didn't take the time to set for stun. Now. Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was trying to find Fett. OoC: I made some modifications, after receiving posted advice from BEAVeR, MstrOfPppts, and others. The original post should be in spoiler tags below. Edited 9-26-14 to correct a typo (proverbial for provervial) and adjust a too-small font size.
  15. After my dust-up on Fondor, I decided that a new outfit was in order for my next mission. It didn't matter much what, so long as it didn't scream "IMPERIAL!" at the top of its lungs. Rather than waste time with the tedious process of requisitioning an outfit from the Scout Service supplies, I raided the wardrobe of the Avenger Enlisted Drama Club. A few minutes work and I had a get-up that, if somewhat lacking in protective material, was certainly less obvious than my armor. I was deployed to a barren region of Ord Mantell, a desert whose once-fertile soil had been ruined by toxic fluids that leached from the debris deposited here decades ago. Streams ran here and there, and the temperature was not intolerably hot, but there was hardly a plant to be seen anywhere. There were Rebels, though. And, unfortunately, they didn't really care whether I was an Imperial, a bounty hunter, or a bit of shriveled bush that had gotten tired of the place where it was growing. The opened fire, and of course I returned the favor. The Rebel training regimen is not especially effective, I think. I was easily able to down one Rebel as I approached their position behind an old thruster pylon, and the other fled after sparing a shot for a bundle lying under the large wing that was propped up as a sort of sunshade. I finished off the other Rebel, then went to investigate. The bundle was in fact a body. A Mandalorian, though fortunately (or perhaps not so fortunately) he was not Boba Fett. He still bore a thank-you note, one of the many notes that the Avenger was distributing and carrying, trying to get them to the elusive Fett. But his hands were in binders, with the gauntlets removed. As were his fingers. A pool of blood was gathered on the hard, sandy ground, and severed fingers lay steeping in the dark fluid. Close by lay the tool with which this mutilation had been done: a large wire-cutters whose blades were crusted with blood. I studied the bodies around me grimly. Torture, then. There could be no other explanation. The Rebels had caught one of our messengers, perhaps the contact obtained by Behemoth, and had sought to torture him into revealing Fett's location. And when I arrived on the scene, they sought to silence the poor fellow by killing him. And, whether for good or ill, they had succeeded, and put the man out of his considerable misery. There was no opportunity to bury him, and I had not the tools. Neither could I have buried the Rebels if I had wanted too, though I didn't. Killing in battle is one thing, and some defend it as an entirely moral and ethical action. But torture is something else. Whatever the officers may do, no soldier who tortures a prisoner is worthy of the name of warrior, and by the unwritten code of war his life is forfeit to any who may capture him. Let these two rot, and their flesh be devoured by flies; it would be a fitting end for such Rebel scum. But my encounter with these scoundrels was not entirely unproductive. The Rebels had dropped their datapad. And even without taking the time to search it carefully, I could plainly see that it contained a trove of potentially useful intelligence. Nothing to win a war with, to be sure. But we would give the Rebels a hot time of it now. So, despite my distaste at the scene I had just discovered, I was smiling when I left the spot to return to the rendezvous point. OoC: I made some modifications, after receiving the posted advice from MstrOfPppts, BEAVeR, and others. The original should be in spoiler tags below.
  16. It's always a good sign when my commanders take the time to find out what "enlisted specialist" means. I knew things were starting to look up when I got picked for Operation NOSECONE. First, some background. In the weeks and months following the Battle of Hoth, the Rebel Alliance launched a breakout attempt targeting the Imperial prison facility on the planet Sullust. Imperial resistance proved stronger than they had expected, and what had evidently been intended as a hit-and-run mission turned into a knock-down, drag-out battle for control of the facility. As Rebels flocked to the assault from the neighboring systems, the Avenger was posted to provide reinforcements for the beleaguered defenders. Our position was strong; an Imperial Star Destroyer carries enough troops to subjugate most star systems, and while we would not have access to our vehicular weapons platforms, we would still have the rebels heavily outnumbered. The difficulty would be communications; specifically maintaining contact with the Avenger and coordinating our efforts with her fleet and the forces acting outside the prison. For that, we would need a secure communication channel. The prison was quite old, and a communications encryption module had been installed in a hidden bunker in a small, sandy valley on the surface, far from known lava flows, to communicate with the outside and (via secure cables) with the prison underground. The Rebels had seized that module, and the first step in Captain Erdbeereis and Commander Brickdoctor's plan to retake the prison was to regain control of this communications facility. Since it had been retrofitted on the surface of the planet, there was no entrance from the rest of the base; we would have to get in by the main surface entrance of the small, shielded bunker. My job was simple. I was supposed to open the door. A few well-placed directional charges, set off at same time, took down the door without giving the Rebels inside the slightest notice of what was going on outside until the door came apart. One of the Rebels was knocked back by the force of the explosion, and all of them were caught completely by surprise as we burst in. Our captain burst in, and I was right behind him. This was fortunate, because the Rebels had posted a guard just inside the door, to the right. He was a little quicker to react than his companions, and as I entered the bunker the barrel of his weapon was rising quickly. There was no time to aim and shoot. I shoved myself in front of him and struck the Rebel with the butt of my pistol, and he fell without a sound. Finally, the Rebels began to react, but by this time most of us were already inside. The rebels fought bravely ... ... but two of their number had already fallen, and by now they were hopelessly outnumbered. In a few seconds, it was all over. Suddenly, I heard rapid footsteps behind me. We all whirled around to see the man whom I had clubbed sprinting out of the open door and across the sand. In the heat of battle there had of course been no time to be sure that he was dead. In a firefight, one does not waste shots on people who aren't pointing their weapons at you. We fired at the Rebel, but he quickly disappeared behind the rocks and escaped. It didn't matter. We had accomplished our objective, and the Empire would settle accounts with him later. We cleared away the bodies and the damaged droid and propped the door up again, held up as a barricade by the two heavy fuel cylinders that fed the bunker's backup power supply beneath our feet. The final tally was: one stormtrooper dead, six alive and uninjured; one Rebel escaped and five dead. With the station thus secure, the engineering specialists who formed part of our team began transmitting the first signals from our newly-recaptured facility. "Come in Base One, come in Avenger, this is Communications Station 109-E. Mission accomplished."
  17. Yes, the Galactic Empire has committed atrocities, but what government hasn't? The Empire provides a stable political and commercial environment for her citizens, and that is something worth fighting for. That's why I joined the Imperial Armed Forces. I didn't join because I particularly liked the work, or because I had any particular respect for the way the army is administrated. I have even less respect for that aspect of the organization now. I squandered a few years of my youth prospecting in the Outer Rim, and in so doing I learned a great deal about the use, abuse, and value of explosives.It was enough to enlist as a demolitions specialist when I joined a new battalion being formed on my homeworld of Correlia. At the time, I was proud to see the title there, on my ID cards: Vladimir Volker, Operating Number VK-318, Enlisted Specialist. I am rather less proud of it now. I was quickly transferred out of that battalion and into a unit that had no need of an explosives expert, so the "enlisted specialist" became more or less meaningless. What it meant now was that if a job came up that nobody was stupid enough or brave enough to volunteer for, I got picked. Take my first deployment. Following an attempted escape on the original Death Star battle station, we were deployed to help accelerate the completion of that vessel. But do you think I got a security-guard posting? Oh, no. Not even a heavy-equipment operator. Guess what I drew. Tech support. It didn't take me long to get bored out of my mind. It's not to hard to see why. For one thing, I don't know what species they had in mind when they designed those computer terminals, but as far I as can figure they must have been built for Wookiees. The chairs were no good, either; they felt like sitting on a slab of sheet metal. And you would think that the troopers who got assigned to drive, say, a hovercrane, would have some idea how to power it up every morning, but nope. I had to tell one specific soldier how to do that every morning. Every. Single. Morning. But, hey, that's what I enlisted for. I stayed there for a few months, then they started drawing down the extra troopers. I was redeployed for my next assignment about a week and a half before the Battle of Yavin. Pretty good timing, I think. My first free build done! I would like this judged, please (Looks like I forgot to put a commlink back after removing minifigs.) (Again, no commlink. ) I attempted to construct the signature Death Star wall pattern from memory in in a way that I could build with the parts available to me, and I think I actually did pretty well. Anyway, here's my first free build. Enjoy! Edited Wednesday the fifth of March to correct grammar.
  18. After the disgraceful events on Bespin, the star destroyer Avenger has stopped at the Hutt moon of Nar Eurbrikka, awaiting its next mission. I found this brief time perfect to drop by the Imperial Outpost on the moon, and spend the credits I earned upon my promotion in the Imperial navy. Imperial Officer: Welcome, pilot. We have heard of your brave actions on Bespin, it's a shame that the battle was lost. I also should congratulate you on your promotion. Artizan: Thanks, officer. It is a shame indeed. I am here to make some modifications on my TIE fighter. Imperial Officer: Ah, I have to tell you that we cannot do such modifications here, it is against the imperial regulations. You may, however, want to check the local junk dealers around here. I bet they have the parts you are looking for. Artizan: That will do. Toydarian: An outlander! How can I help you? Tell me what you are looking for, I have everything!! Artizan: I am looking for a hyperdrive to upgrade my TIE fighter. Toydarian: TIE fighters are not designed to carry hyperdrives, you know, but I have something special here. It is a class-2 hyperdrive, which will fit on your starfighter. I have to tell you, it is pricey. Have you got the money to pay for it? Artizan: I have enough Imperial credits. Toydarian: Credits!? Imperial credits are no good out here. I need something more real! Artizan: Look, take these credits, or I'll have your pitiful shop closed by the imperial garrison. Toydarian: Ok ok, take it easy. Credits will do fine. As the junk dealer went on to prepare the hyperdrive parts, I overheard two Rodians talking about imperials. They must have assumed I did not know Huttese, as they were not very careful with using their tongue. Rodian 1: These imperial scum make me sick, they are everywhere! They make the business go bad. Rodian 2: I agree, brother. I lent a stormtrooper some money, he said he would pay it back after he returns from a mission on Tatooine. Rodian 1: You fool, what have you done! He won't come back, I tell you, don't make any deals with the ones going to Tatooine, they are all going to perish. Rodian 2: What do you know? Rodian 1: I have an associate on Nar Shaddaa, he works for the Black Sun. He said something about a trap on Tatooine, which will devestate both Imperials and Rebels. In fact, I am going to see him today. I have to go now, I have a meeting with him in a Nar Shaddaa bar, I don't want to be late. The Toydarian returned with the parts, I paid him the money, and quickly followed the Rodian thug's ship to Nar Shaddaa. I don't know what awaits me there... (I want this freebuild to be scored, thanks for looking!)
  19. Jacob Nion

    [SoNE] The Junkyard

    This is part II of my story. If you like, have a look at part I (link) I would like to have this one judged. Jacob's story Part II: strange meeting at the junkyard After escaping the imperial mining installation Jacob arrives at one of the countless junkyards on Nar Eurbrikka, rusty witnesses of the galaxy's industrial lavishness and technical progress. At this inhospitable place he will have a fateful encounter... "Hello there. On the run?" "Indeed. What about you? I wouldn't have guessed to find someone both organic and sentient out here." "And I didn't expect a visitor. Well, you are the first in more than twenty years. I once was called Hunter." "Jacob, pleased to meet you. You lived here alone for two decades in this garbage? The only plausible reason for this self inflicted exile would be to have the full attention of the empire." "Oh no. I don't consider myself to be that important. Unless the Empire still wants this ancient piece of scrap back." "An Alpha-3 Nimbus! Can't believe it! And it's in catastrophic condition." "Pipe down! It's not as impressive as it was. But I spent the last 20 years keeping it in good repair. Nevermind. You seem to know a thing or two of such vessels. Do you fly?" "Yes, I once was a pilot. In a former life. You were a pilot during these clone wars, right? "Right. See, I'm much like this junk around you. Produced for war, then thrown away when war was over. Now I'm weighed down by age acceleration and the poisoned air of this junkyard." "So you are maybe the last living clone! But how did you get here?" "After the fall of the Republic, most of my brothers served the Empire without a doubt. That was the only thing we knew. We were reared to be soldiers. To obey every order we may conceive. But for all that I suddenly made my decision. I ran away. Oh, and I wasn't alone at all. That's my old Astromech. My only true friend, R2-W7, but I call him Wilson." "1001001010001" "Don't feel offended, but why would you do that? Leaving everything behind and live in this junk? I thought clones were loyal." "Because I knew what freedom means, unlike most over clones. Maybe it's a thing only a pilot can understand...But for now I guess you need a ship. Wanna take my old V-Wing? You can also have my old flight suit." "And you should take Wilson with you. He has proven himself in many battles. And he's a very interesting droid to talk to." "01001001000100101" "I know, Will. I will miss you, too. But unlike me, your time hasn't come yet. I believe there's still something to do for you. Any idea where to go now?" "Not really. I think at first I'll just enjoy flying again. After all these years." "Yes, that's a funny thing to do. But you will have to choose a destination. If possible a destination that doesn't need a hyperjump. And more important, you'll have to find something that's worth flying for." "Let me guess: freedom? Fighting the Empire? Shall I crush the whole imperial fleet with your invincible oldtimer? That's pointless. I thank you very much, but I can't change the system." "Perky idiot!That's the most stupid crap I ever heard. Of course one pilot can change everything! At war, when whole armies weren't able to enforce a planet, one pilot on the right mission could turn the tide. Look: the only freedom I could claim was on this junkyard. But you could reach so much more. Even on this trashyard I heard rumours of this Rebellion. I'm sure they could need a guy like you." "*sigh* I keep it in mind. Good bye, old oddball. Thank you." "And if you ever meet a surviving Jedi...tell him that not all of us just obeyed order 66. Some were strong enough. And Wilson: I'm sorry! I'm sorry Wilson!" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Over all:
  20. "We were positioned above the Prisoners and Evacuees, who would walk down with all their possessions, (precious few things at that) , to be moved to a less dangerous sector. Of course, they have to get past the Empire on Bespin first, but everyone knows that Stormtroopers can't shoot so if I were leaving I'd be more worried if they were aiming for the ship next to mine. Still, we've captured a few Imperial officers; they're off for questioning I think. No resistance. Jon McEncy. End log" My entry for episode 1 . I can't really make anything big, so I decided on a chunk of corridor. The lighting isn't good but I couldn't help that. I'm going to make a few free builds after this.
  21. Jacob Nion

    [SoNE] The Runaway

    Here's my first free build for Nar Eurbrikka. I had to wait a week for Master Splinter to kitbash my character, so I couldn't start earlier. I would like to have this free build judged. Jacob's story Part I: the runaway "Every member of the Alliance joined for a reason. A story. Something that made them hating the Empire...not very difficult. And my story? Like always the Empire attacked and everything changed. Many Bothans died on that day, but I survived and was brought to Nar Eurbrikka. The Empire always needs workers for their mines and facilities. Five years of slavery, without sunlight. Five years of surviving only to see the next day. But I didn't lost hope. And one day I had a chance. And I used it." To be continued...
  22. After a some historic builds, I decided to enroll in the new SW RPG. So here is my first SW build... not very impressive, but for a start... you judge.