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Found 2 results

  1. After leaving Mooreton Bay on his voyage of discovery to the west, Major Dirk Allcock makes a brief stop in the Corlander settlement of Stormhaven. His visit is to pay his respects to the mayor, Jack Bain, satisfy his curiosity regarding the island (Serentia was his intended destination before he was asked to supervise the settlement of Alicentia) and visit one of his business investments, a medium artesian which was producing quality head wear for the discerning gentlemen. As you may well recall, Stormhaven is unique in that it is situated in a mangrove tidal flat and buildings are built on stilts and connected by boardwalks. A few months ago, Dirk was approached by a women named Martha Harris. Mrs Harris was a widow who wanted to settle in Stormhaven to be close to her son, who served their as a minor civil servant in the administration. She wished to buy a plot of land and set up a hattery to fund her self. Thus Dirk provided the capital, and now he is here to see his investment first hand. The widow Harris already has gained a formidable reputation, producing quality hats and even winning the contract to supply Corlander troops in the region with replacement tricornes. To keep up with the demand, she now has three ladies working for her. Here she can be seen greeting Dirk at the front door of her establishment. Licensed as a medium artesian in Stormhaven. Well, it's been a while in the making, but I finally have finished (sort off) my Stormhaven project (I had planned an interior, but didn't actually finish it - I ran out of tan bricks!). I had ordered the mangrove parts for the Stormhaven minichallenge, but they arrived slightly too late to submit anything. I've tried to match the style set by Mike S in his settlement - Hopefully this should blend in well! Also a smaller version of his and Gideon's mangroves. The slanted panel technique I found on Flickr here. Anyway I really like this build, I think it's probably one of my better ones! Hopefully you agree! C&C are always welcome!
  2. As you might remember, Akatu a member of the Berellian Ténotclaxcan tribe was recruited by Sir James to aid him in the establishment of a series of plantations in the new world. And this move, it turned out was rather prudent, for it took much longer than anyone could have anticipated to tame the dense forests of Serentia. The climate was perfect for the sugar crop Sir James so desired, but the terrain was rather hostile, the mangroves at the perimeter of island were flat, but much of the water supply was saline and the land was not suited to farming, The interior jungles seemed to resist all attempts to clear them and once removed pushed back almost immediately, giving the Corlander labourers and Akatu’s Ténotclaxcans no rest in the war against the vegetation. IrrigationOfTheSugar, on Flickr The freshwater problems were soon solved by Akatu and his people, who were experts in irrigation techniques and before long terraces like those Sir James admired and observed on Berelli had been constructed just beyond the mangroves of Serentia, not far outside of the harbour of Stormhaven. PloughingThePlantation, on Flickr It was Gibson who had been charged with inspecting the first crops of the sugar cane. He came in his usual business manner, appearing to not notice the dense jungle and swamps of the island pressing in around them, he did not even remove his top hat. Quill in hand and papers at the ready, he began scribbling notes, numbers and quantities mostly transcribed from the broken Corlandish Akatu spoke. His grim expression never left his face, with Gibson it was always hard to tell if he was actually displeased or whether he just looked that way. AkatuAndGibsonDiscuss, on Flickr The Ténotclaxcans who came with Akatu seemed to be totally at ease in Serentia, the humid climate and abundant flora of the island seemed not phase them. The Corlanders on the other hand appeared to be suffering a little in the humidity, but their spirits were high all them same. “Well everything seems to be in order here”, Gibson finally spoke up as he returned the papers to his pocket, “We’ll arrange a ship to pick up the first harvest and then we’re in business. I trust your accommodation on the island is suitable, do you have enough supplies?” Akatu merely nodded, Gibson noted his new white breeches, he had already started to change his Ténotclaxcan garb and adopt a more civilised attire. ‘One to watch out for, this chap’, he thought, ‘I hope Sir James has knows what he is doing, dealing with these natives’. PlanviewPlantation, on Flickr A slightly hastily (read lazily) edited planview shot